• Germ Theory (including viruses)
  • Terrain Theory
  • Viruses (are they external pathogens passed on from being to being?)
  • Exosomes (produced within cells and expelled to clear toxins that kill cells?)

More information on the above in these previous posts:

Have You Considered COVID-19 May NOT Be a Disease Caused By a Virus?  Has Mainstream Science Gone Up a Blind Alley When It Comes To Viruses?

I’m not going to 100% endorse or decry one theory over another. However, as all sensible, open minded people should do, I will listen to evidence from both sides, then make my own mind up based on the weight of evidence. The key to getting to the bottom of things and revealing the truth is by personal research. It’s extremely misleading and really dangerous to absolutely believe everything we are told by our governments, their advisors and those who control and finance them.

Another Medical Scare Lie In The List Of Many

We should ponder on how many times we’ve been lied to in the past, and how much false information has been pushed as pseudo scientific ‘fact’ on us – before this latest scam erupted. Remember HIV Aids, SARS Cov-1, MERS, Swine Flue (big vaccine hype, followed by big pay-outs for damages), Ebola, Avian Flu etc. etc. The main tell tale indicator  in all these past fear campaigns being the blatant use of fearmongering to scare the people out of their skins, thereby making them totally malleable and compliant to any suggestion that is presented as a life saver for them.

Does the government really care about you and your health? Think of the current millions of provable deaths from unnecessary lockdown policies, that far outnumber the Covid-19 deaths (which are no greater than average deaths every year from seasonal respiratory infections), then realise how far into the future these unnecessary deaths will continue, as a result of the Government’s Emergency Covid-19 Act, that was passed without proper parliamentary scrutiny.

Exploring The Bigger Picture

To help you get a wider angle view of what the reality is, then please listen carefully to this discussion with David Parker & Dawn Lester co authors of the book “What Really makes You Ill?” In which they write about their decade long research into the nature of viruses and disease.:

All you need is an open and  analytical mind coupled to critical thinking.

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