Under Modern Electron Microscopes Viruses Are Like Identical Twins To EXOSOMES

You probably hadn’t heard of exosomes, until you started to do some research – in the wake of this so called ‘pandemic’. And why should you? Because up until fairly recently, it has been assumed that disease has been caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites. However, the theory of how disease arises, and gets transmitted through the population via viruses has been assumed to be based on Germ Theory. What if that Germ Theory is flawed? What if scientists have gone up a blind alley on this one? It’s happened many times before. The problem is that scientists are very reluctant to go back on wrong theories – for obvious reasons. No one likes to be proven wrong, but when your professional reputation lies in the balance, because of what you’ve written, and peer reviewed papers you’ve had published on the subject in the past, are proven wrong, then your whole world could rapidly come collapsing down around your years, when new evidence suggests that the arguments put forward are flawed. The same applies to the hyped up man made climate warming theories.

Examples Of Flawed Theory

This does not only happen in medicine, it happens in many areas. For years it was thought that electrons flowed from positive to negative poles, until it was realised that they actually flowed from negative to positive potentials – the total opposite to convention. A great example is in archaeology.  Theories have been promulgated about history, civilisations, ancient technologies etc. For example in Egyptology, theories have been put forward and accepted as mainstream  facts, when in reality, it is increasingly becoming evident that there is much more to pyramids – not just in Egypt, but around the world – than was first assumed. Even their age and their purpose has been brought into question. To assume that they were just elaborate burial tombs is ludicrous. These new ideas based on more modern techniques for research and calculation, has blown many of the old theories from the 19th century, out of the water. But still they are stubbornly held on to by the mainstream scientific sphere – for the reasons stated above.

The same happens in the health and medicine fields. Nowhere is this more evident than the theories regarding saturated fats in the diet of the western population by prominent and influential people of their time – like for instance, Ancel Keys in the fifties. He was a person who had close ties to the Big Food and Pharma industries and was amazingly influencial. The result is that tens, if not hundreds of millions of people have become obese, suffer with diabetes and cardio vascular problems (death by heart attack) – because the food industry has pushed processed muck on us, that includes high levels of sugars and refined carbohydrates. Followed closely by Big Pharma who provides poisonous remedies to fight symptoms, whilst everyone turns a blind eye to the CAUSES of our illnesses. But still, the masses listen to these powerful and influential sources of information. People have been programmed, and groomed, into believing what authorities and institutions tell them – as witnessed by the numbers of healthy people currently parading around outside, wearing face masks, and standing 2 metres away from each other, without questioning the reasons why. They just blindly conform, with no knowledge or understanding. That level of state trust and compliance is dangerous.

It REALLY IS time to wake up, and to start thinking for ourselves, instead of acting like mindless, controlled zombies. Just because the media tells us there’s a consensus of ‘expert‘ opinion (who decides on who the experts are anyway?). The mainstream mass media with an unenviable track record of corruption (e.g. the BBC receives 53 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and deliberate lying, should by now have been realised and noted by the masses. Sadly they still get fed the propaganda and they still swallow it without question.

Below is a video that casts light on the contrast between Germ Theory and what is called TERRAIN theory – fascinating – you’d do well to listen through to the end.

Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

More information published HERE & HERE in previous articles on BGB.


The Terrain theory, also involving the study of exosomes has opened a wide door into knowledge about disease, but more importantly, it has also exposed the possible deadly flaws in slavishly following the Germ Theory, that has beautifully served and has been masterfully exploited by the Cabal over the last six months – for ulterior motives. Not least the theory of how vaccines have saved and will save millions of lives in the future – handily provided by the grotesquely profit-rich pharmaceutical industry, who have a psychopathic relationship with billions of innocent  people. Money and control first, humanitarian principles last.

We have lived and survived as a species for millions of years without a procedure that has only been in existence for a hundred years or so, and has failed to produce any plausible evidence of it’s benefit – in fact the opposite holds true.

Now that everyone is sold on a myth that we live in an invisible  viral and bacterial soup that is just waiting to attack us at any moment. An invisible enemy that is waging war against us and our very existence; the tools promoted as a weapon against that theoretical ‘enemy’ nonsense is now about to be used against us in the real war – us against the tiny few, often referred to as the Cabal, that has been scheming for years on ways to cull the masses and have the remainder under total slavish control.

Too incredible to be true? Just look around you and listen to what they are telling you. It’s in front of your nose, assuming you are sensible and awake enough to see it.




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