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TAKE ACTION! The Proposed WHO Pandemic “Treaty” Is A Major Threat To Global Health And Human Rights –

Write to your MP or other ministers at devolved government level.

Click on the image above to find out who your MP is and what their contact details are.

Don’t view this as a chore – it is vitally important for you to take less than half an hour of your time to make your government representative aware of how you want them to represent you in the World Health Organisations’ (WHO) proposed treaty to allow them to override your government’s decisions on health matters (i.e. pandemics) in the future.

By downloading the zipped folder to your device, you will have access to the letter template in multiple word processing formats, simply choose the one needed for your letter writing programme. Then just edit the letter to suit your details. It really is quite simple but REALLY important that we get this message out to all the politicians that are supposed to represent our interests. The truth of the matter is that a small percentage of them are compromised (like the ruling party’s cabinet) the rest are just as confused and under educated as the rest of the public in these matters – so they need to be directed and educated by the likes of you!

Help Is Urgently Required

You can not be blamed for allowing what is happening to slip under your radar. You have been exposed to so much information and propaganda that many of you are suffering from information fatigue, and may have switched off. However, ignoring the latest move, which is the most audacious power grab yet witnessed on behalf of the Cabal, by the WHO, is what will seal our fate in the near future. If this treaty is ratified by the governments who are in collusion with those implementing this power grab to centralise decisions of governments by the WHO, then a big leap forward  will have been achieved by those who are sworn to finalise the introduction of a New World Order (also marketed as The Great Reset’ or ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ by the likes of Klaus Schwab and his cronies at the World Economic Forum).

Objection to the proposed pandemic treaty of the World Health Organization

by Dr David Bell, MBBS, PhD


The proposed International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness builds on the growing reach of the International Health Regulations, in transferring more power to the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare emergencies and then require countries, under treaty obligations, to follow WHO instructions.

The WHO is a branch of the United Nations, set up in the late 1940s to support countries in managing various aspects of health. It was intended to be subject to control by member states, taking its instructions from the World Health Assembly which is made up of health ministers of member states. However, although it was originally funded by member states, it has become increasingly dependent on funding from private foundations, and corporations, particularly those heavily involved in, or invested in, the pharmaceutical industry.

In parallel with the increase in private funding, the WHO’s focus has shifted increasingly from community-based interventions to pharmaceutical-based interventions. Sister-organisations tied closely to the WHO, including the Gavi Alliance and Cepi, are also concentrated almost solely on pharmaceutical approaches. Like the WHO, they are also partly funded by tax-payers through aid budgets but heavily influenced by Pharma.

WHO staff are recruited according to national quotas, technical qualification but also personal networks. The Director-General is appointed by the vote of the health ministers, subject to international lobbying, every 4 years. As WHO staff receive relatively high rates of pay and benefits for the health sector, many spend the bulk of their career in the organization and so gain minimal external experience.

While the WHO itself has noted that pandemics are rare, recognising only 4 in the 120 years before 2020, Cepi is devoted entirely to pandemics. Funding within the WHO has also shifted increasingly toward a pandemic focus, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical (vaccine) approaches. A permanent international industry has been developed, at considerable cost, to deal with a rare problem that now depends on the declaration of new ‘pandemics’ to justify its existence.

In the context of Covid-19, it is clear that vaccine-based interventions are having a limited impact on overall outcomes, while other unprecedented interventions promoted by the WHO, against their own former pandemic guidance, have had major negative impacts on all aspects of society, including economies (massively increasing poverty), healthcare and education.

This proposed treaty raises a number of fundamental concerns that we believe should lead to its immediate abandonment:

1. Countries (people) will lose sovereignty over major aspects of daily life to unelected international bureaucrats, who are subject to significant conflicts of interest from private individuals and industry.

2. These WHO bureaucrats will decide on the criteria for and timing of such take-overs.

3. The track record of the WHO in managing international outbreaks is poor. It is inherently dangerous to delegate control over complex issues that heavily impact the economy, society and public health to individuals in a distant location with no community or relevant national affiliations, and no direct stake in the outcomes.

4. Such centralization is contrary to the fundamental pillars of community-based, locally organised healthcare, and antithetical to the principles of individual rights and autonomy upon which the WHO’s constitution is based.

5. The increasing emphasis on pandemics instead of on the actual major causes of human illness and mortality is inappropriate, and the diversion of funds and activity will have hugely negative impacts on overall population and individual health.

The world needs international forums for sharing data, for concentrating technical expertise to support countries lacking these and to facilitate discussions between countries concerning health issues, including emergencies. Such organisations must be in service of member countries and their people, not act as unelected authorities, funded and influenced by conflicted, non-national interests that attempt to direct and control the lives of free citizens.

Don’t delay by putting this off to another time. Click on the download button RIGHT NOW! To get your letter template. Thank you in advance – it really is much appreciated.

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Succeeding In Holding Officialdom To Account

Another Stunning Victory For BGB!

This time against the big fish in the Westminster Cabinet. As our regular visitors and followers will know, since the beginning of 2020 a big part of BGB’s work has been persistent correspondence with officialdom, with Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests, queries, questions and the educating of some of the morons involved, by informing them of the scientific evidence and facts that have been revealed by foremost professionals in their field – the ones that are not allowed within a hundred miles of the mainstream media!  This correspondence to officialdom –  including everyone from local government, to the Welsh Government in Cardiff and the UK Government in London, and also everyone else involved in the Corona Scamdemic – from injectable poison manufacturers to Jane Rainer the head of the Yellow Card Reporting System (the MHRA) and her staff. No one gets let off the hook.

This huge task has been run by the person I call my ‘Wingman’ – Wynne Jones. His diligence and persistence is legendary, and we get results. One famous one was announced in a past article (click HERE). Now we have the latest success, when the Cabinet Office was forced to bow down, following an Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation, instigated by us, we had been refused information from Westminster with a lame excuse. We don’t accept that nonsense. A dog with a bone jumps to mind!

Correspondence Log For CJ58 in Our Correspondence Journal

You can read all the correspondence involved in this case in the following embedded PDF file. It’s in date order so the juicy bit is at the end. But it’s not totally over, terrier Jones is now stuck to their windpipe and demanding more blood!

Some of the print is quite small, so use the zoom facility to enlarge where necessary.


It pays to correspond with officialdom, and it upsets them no end. Why not do a bit of letter or e-mail writing yourself?

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The Naming and Shaming Starts

Our Patience Has A Limit

Unlike the mainstream media – especially the press –  we never do character assassinations. We believe it is important to judge people in office by their efficiency and the work they do. Should that level of competency, efficiency or basic ability to serve the public fall to an unacceptable level, then we feel fully obliged to highlight those deficiencies and further expose the failings to the public.

As an example we could – as the mainstream media and his political enemies do – focus on Drakeford’s family affairs and questioned suitability to hold the office he does. If you want to know more you can visit this link, but BGB will not broadcast that material.

The same applies to Mair Eluned Morgan (Baroness Morgan of Ely) the current minister for health and social services in the Welsh Government. With a privileged background (the daughter of Revd Canon Bob Morgan and Elaine Morgan). She was educated at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, winning a scholarship to the United World College of the Atlantic, all hand-picked establishments (see here) contacts aplenty and especially being one of Tony BLiar’s former ‘Babes’ and prodigies, (like Jacinda Ardern the premier of New Zealand). It’s no surprise that they arrive in their positions at young ages – not due to talent, but by a leg up the greasy pole, by adopting and adhering explicitly to the machinations of those who dwell in the dark corners and influence them.

Holding Officialdom To Account

As many of the followers of BGB are aware, one of the main planks of the work we do is holding officialdom to account.

Whilst our Correspondence Journal (now in it’s third volume with 100 entries per volume), records and publishes the enquiries/ freedom of information requests or direct correspondence with government corporations and individual ministers and committees in government; and then the eventual responses from both governments and bodies in England and Wales, but that is only a fraction of the correspondence work we engage in.

In between the initial contact and the result there is sometimes reams of of correspondence in between that is not published here in our Correspondence Journal. Responses are often wishy washy  ‘chaff’ that is of no meaningful substance. Then there’s the waffle – which is often just the regurgitation of official lines. They use elaborate manoeuvres in the art of ducking, weaving and hiding. Then there’s the classic refusal to respond tactic – we get no response. In some cases we get refusals to divulge information under the Freedom Of Information guidelines, internal reviews are requested and on occasion we complain to the Independent Commissioner’s Office and only then – based on their conclusions – we more often than not get a result. Here’s an example:


Now For Those To Be Named and Shamed

Some high ranking ministers like Drakeford and Morgan, adopt the tactic of no response to us. They both seem to have conveniently forgotten that it is the dog that wags the tail and not the tail that wags the dog. Humorously the Welsh Government was known as WAG (Welsh Assembly Government). How appropriate! But the dog is us the people, the tail is our government.

Sadly, some have forgotten that. These ministers believe that they ‘rule’ the people, as witnessed over the last two years especially, forgetting that it’s the people who have put them in their positions, to act as our servants. Many of ‘us’ (the people) have forgotten that as well sadly. When the master requires information from his servant, the servant is obliged to respond.

Drakeford and Morgan, in their arrogance, obviously believe that they are above the Goyim (cattle). Quote from a Jewish Chronicle:

Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world . . . .

The Hebrew word goyim is the word that the Jewish people use in Hebrew to refer to non-Jews. The unclean cattle or ‘Gentiles’.

Perhaps Drakeford and Morgan believe that we are so far below them that we do not warrant a response – who knows? To be kind to them maybe they have no answers – although they have plenty of advisors and staff to commandeer for the task.

The Following Is a Compilation Of Correspondence That Awaits a Final Response

Note that correspondence to Drakeford & Morgan are highlighted in yellow. As the two most powerful members of the Welsh Government, they should set an example to their minions. It seems that both are hiding under their desks as we hammer on their doors – hoping we will go away – that won’t happen. The longer they take to respond the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves.


This is just a little ‘name & shame’ exercise. There is now a letter of complaint on it’s way to their standards committee.

Whilst we are working hard with this correspondence, you the readers also have a part you can play. Strong letters from a single source don’t work so well, a mass of letters has a huge effect on these parasites. Make your views known to them, wherever you are in the UK.

To write to your own MP, MS or SP click HERE and use the templates we have prepared for you.

Many hands make light work!”

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Holding Officialdom To Account

Keep Their Noses On Your Grindstone!

If you’re a regular BGB follower, you will probably be aware of our Correspondence Journal that contains copies of all of BGB’s freedom of information (FOI) requests; requests for clarification, letters to the governments of England and Wales, individual letters to various MPs/ SMs (Welsh Assembly Members) and correspondence to all committees, organisations and agencies involved in Covid-19 matters. This is our effort to hold officialdom to account.

To date, we’re on the third volume of our Correspondence Journal; each volume contains 100 entries see:

| Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | you’ll discover some interesting material there.

The ‘Dance’

A common theme that runs through this correspondence exercise, is that the recipients have a familiar ‘dance’ that they use to duck, weave and dive. They either provide vague responses, provide inaccurate information, direct us to irrelevant material – on other websites – or simply try to ignore us – when they encounter difficult subjects that require more than a generic brush off.

Because this ‘dance’ routine has become so familiar to us, all their dance steps are known to us! Consequently, the recipients can’t wriggle off the hook. Although it is only our original enquiry and the responses we receive that get logged in the journal, there is often a great deal of correspondence in between. If we recorded all of the messages we send out in the process of one enquiry, our journal volumes would reach epic proportions. We adopt the tactic of ‘many taps break the stone’. It takes a mammoth amount of time and effort, as we repeatedly send out reminders if we are not satisfied with the information we receive (or don’t receive at all) – but it works. We have noticed that certain organisations and bodies that we have been in constant contact with over the last eighteen months, have visibly changed their attitude towards us, and have pulled their socks up – when it comes to the speed and accuracy of response. Nevertheless we still have stubborn ones, but we’ll continue to nag them to death!

An Example

Mark Drakeford – Welsh Parliament’s First Minister

Customer Contact Centre
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQDate: 12  November  2021

Dear Customer Contact Team,


Subject: C J 137 – Validity of Covid 19 RT-PCR test – external peer review by 22 international virologists, microbiologists and related scientists. [LINK]

I refer to the above subject and my correspondence with the First Minister as set out in the email thread below and summarised hereunder.

11 May 2021
First letter to the First Minister attaching documentation relating to the RT-PCR test.

12 June 2021
Reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply.

11 July 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting target date for reply.

14 August 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

15 September 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

15 October 2021
A further reminder letter to First Minister requesting a reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

It is disappointing that no effort has been made to respond to my letter dated 11 May given the importance of the subject. To avoid the need for further monthly reminder letters, I regret I must now request that you process this as a “Standard of Service complaint“. I would be grateful if you could forward this correspondence to your Complaints Team to assess whether the failure to respond falls below the standard of service that Welsh Government aims to provide to its customers.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with a copy of your corporate complaints process setting out your target timeframe for processing my complaint. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Wynne Jones
(BGB Correspondence Journal Editor)

Stakeholders [for information]
cc   Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament

Another Great Result For Us  This Week!

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] received an enquiry from us on the 8th of March 2021 [CJ-122]. However they over complicated their usual ‘dance’ steps, and furbished us with a FOI response which stated that under specific sections of the FOI Act they were not obliged to give us the information we requested. This was a blatant lie and an obvious ploy to dodge their statutory obligation. Their ‘dancing’ was about to make them hit a brick wall, with a resultant big embarrassing lump on their forehead!

We requested an internal review – to be conducted by the MHRA. They eventually came back to us stating that their compliancy team had upheld their original decision not to provide information [LINK]. We then lodged a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO).

This week we received a reply from the ICO. They FULLY upheld our complaint and further made stipulations on the MHRA, that have to be carried out in the next 35 days.

You MUST read the ICO report to appreciate what a result this was for us. Which all goes to show how worthwhile our efforts have been, in holding officialdom to account.

But it doesn’t end there. We are a small outfit, punching well above our weight. The correspondence work we do can also be done by individuals who are reading this. It is a known fact, that the sheer volume of letters and e-mails received by politicians can have a great influence on their thinking and their actions. When they realise how people feel about this hoax pandemic, and the way it has affected our lives and freedoms – they WILL stop and think.

Writing Letters/ E-mails To Your Own Political Representatives.

Click on the above image to access the template page on BGB

Writing letters is not something that everyone relishes. Some lack confidence, others may be shy of the task. Still others feel that they are not competent to write a letter off the top of their head.

BGB has come to the rescue there as well. We’ve prepared a letter template for you to download and edit at will. You can also find the contact details for your MP on that page. So get writing – we depend on you to make your voices heard in the right quarters! “Many hands make light work”. You may not be able to go to protests, you may not be able to do leaflet drops or make stirring speeches, but you CAN make your voices heard via the written word.

Many thanks for your continued interest and support.

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They Will Crack – The Secret Is Nagging – to Demand Answers

BGB Correspondence Journal Volumes 1 & 2

Click on the graphic to view Vol 2 of the journal, which is now up to nearly 200 entries

Reading correspondence can be a bit taxing on people’s attention span – we understand that; consequently the work we undertake on that front can be overlooked by visitors to the site, as it can be a bit of a job to keep up to running speed for the reader.

It is also work that can be irksome for BGB at times! As anyone who has indulged in letter writing to officialdom will be acutely aware. They are experts at giving you the run-around, give gibberish answers to specific questions – or they simply ignore you – in the hope that you’ll give up and go away. This has very much been the case during this false pandemic period. The questions asked are like fire on their skins, primarily because they need excuses, as they don’t have answers, and it’s quite a task for them to return with feasible bull faeces!

Politicians are an added burden, they are, on the whole totally in the fog. Their ignorance of the subject material is breath-taking, hence the need to educate them about the truth regarding this big Cabal influenced scam. Their source of information is from (so-called) hand-picked experts. Their other source is the mainstream media, bought and paid for by the corporate elites who are conducting this attack on humanity. Consequently, many MPs are in the same boat as the hypnotised masses. Higher ranking government ministers are however totally in on the scam and take their orders from a central global source that hides in the shadows; we only see the machinations of their henchmen, sprinkled throughout the governments of the world. Back bench MPs in the UK have been frozen out of parliamentary decision making, the ‘Government’ is now a small circle of dictatorial tyrants enjoying the power freedom extended to them via a phoney emergency act that was waved through parliament without a debate or any scrutiny!

So, it’s often a case of banging one’s head against a brick wall. However persistence is the key and is eventually rewarded.

BGB has been tirelessly corresponding with all levels of government, their departments, organisations and influential individuals for about eighteen months. A great debt of appreciation for this aspect of our work is down to our ‘correspondence editor’ – Wynne Jones, whose tenacity and persistence is becoming legendary.

It’s not just a case of making written enquiries and freedom of information requests etc. and publishing them, along with the recipients’ eventual and final responses. In between there’s a stream of correspondence that we do not publish, like reminder letters that is a constant flow that we bombard the ones who try and ignore us with. Eventually they relent and respond – nagging DOES work!


Here is an example of a long term series of letters that we have sent to the Cabinet Office, each one followed up by monthly reminders. We have been totally ignored, but eventually the pressure gets too much and they are forced to acknowledge us.



This e-mail thread shows that they do eventually start to take us seriously, but it’s often a heavy slog and a long wait!



So as you can see writing letters and persistence does work.

Strength In Numbers

Please click on the above graphic to go to the letter template page

Don’t think that this is a task for the likes of BGB or UK Column News or similar people alone.

Another factor is the number of letters received from as many people as possible. Please put your shoulder to the wheel, and get writing yourself.

If you’re a bit hesitant about what to write, a letter temple has been prepared for you. Download it in your preferred format and edit it to suit your needs. The more pressure we can apply, the sooner this evil fiasco will be over.

Thank you all for your appreciated help. The biggest oceans in the world are made up of tiny drops, but put together they are a mighty force. Remember that those who wish to impose their will on us are the 1% of the 1% of the world’s population, WE are the 99% – we just need to forget our divisions and get together and act in unison if we are to save our species on this planet.

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