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[End The Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!]

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[MSN Lies & Propaganda]


Flyer – 01

[Fight Hoax Pandemic/ Penny Drops on reverse]

Poster – 02

[Vaccine Poster Featuring Dr. Mike Yeadon]

Leaflet – 02

[20 Truths About Covid-19_That Your Government Won’t Tell You]

Flyer – 02

[A Stand In The Park Local Advertising Flyer for Aberaeron. Ceredigion]

Poster – 03

[You say BAAH – I Say NAH]

Leaflet – 03

[What You Need To Know About Covid-19 Injections]

Flyer – 03

[A Stand In The Park Advertising Flyer – General UK wide]

Leaflet – 04

[Why The Corona Virus Hoax Is A HOAX]

More to follow as time allows to design & produce them.


It’s good to talk, but talk is not good enough on a one to one basis. Having websites like this is also good, but not everyone from amongst the public will visit. We need to get the information out en masse in our communities.

We have to muster up the organisation of groups of leaflet droppers that go from door to door. We need to hand information out on street corners through informative leaflets/ papers (an example is the The Light News Paper that needs to be distributed widely). We also need to stick up posters in high visibility areas – over official notices if need be (toilets are a good place to start doing that – it’s private away from CCTV cameras, and everyone has to go for a wee in a public toilet from time to time!).

Flyers can be put through letter boxes by the thousands; many will get binned, but many will trigger Joe Public to have a second think, and start researching. They are the ones we need to get through to, otherwise we’ll just form groups that land up preaching to the church choir. It’s critical that we meet up – as with the Stand In The Park groups that meet every weekend, it builds us up and we recharge by being around others who are on the same wavelength. However, the REALLY important group within society that we need to connect with are those who are currently sitting on the fence.

We need to draw the attention of the public away from mass mainstream media and to what is REALLY happening. The public need to be educated. Sticking up posters, handing out leaflets and using flyers is a time tested and efficient way of reaching many people. Why do you think that political candidates still revert to this technique during election times? It’s because it is proven to work!

So get downloading and printing!

To get the message of hope out there. This is a war, don’t worry about petty rules and laws about fly posting – have you noticed how fly posters spring up for concerts? How many do you know that are prosecuted? We have to think of the greater good here – who doesn’t want to possibly save a life? Our collective responsibility is to our fellow man, not adherence to petty rules and bylaws at a time of crisis. It’s called peaceful civil disobedience – the most powerful tool in the hands of the public. Just look back in history every single successful uprising against tyrannical rule has been through disobedience. Don’t shy away from it.

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If anyone wants large quantities done by a professional printer, please use the form below, and I will get a quote to you. If you’re happy with the quote, I’ll get them delivered to your door after clearing payment. Short of distributing them for you I can’t do much more!

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If you would like to design a poster/ leaflet or flyer for publication on this page, then please send BGB a copy and it will be considered. Graphic files should ideally be in Portable Document Format (PDF), or JPEG /PNG format. Wording (including embedded graphics) can be in any word processor format.

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