From feedback I’ve received, it seems that some Blog users are slightly confused about the difference between site REGISTRATION and SUBSCRIPTION


When you register an account with BGB you are included on the general mailing list. So when there is something of importance that account holders (members) need to know about, then a message can be sent to all registered accounts in one go. This does not obligate you in any way, however being a registered account holder you can:

  • Log in to the blog, using your registration details and a password of your choice.
  • Once logged-in you can comment on any  posts published on the blog.
  • You will receive occasional information that involves BGB e.g. site changes, or new information that I think will be of interest to you.

Even if you do not register an account you can still browse all the site without any restrictions whatsoever, but you will have no input into the site’s content, and you will not receive any information from the site.

To REGISTER an account right now (or to log-in if you’ve already registered), just click on the button below:


There is a facility on the site, for any visitor (whether they are a registered BGB account user or not) to receive New Post Notifications. When a new post is published, you receive an e-mail notification to tell you that a new post has just been published, and a link will be provided in that e-mail message, so that you can go straight to the new content.

By just being a REGISTERED account holder, you will not automatically receive New Post Notifications. If you’ve registered an account, then you will need to further subscribe to the New Post Notification service. They are separate services. If you have not registered a personal account you can, if you wish, just subscribe to the New Post Notification service. You  can unsubscribe at will – a link to do that is provided at the foot of each notification mailed out.

To SUBSCRIBE right now, just fill in the following:

Please enter your details below and click 'Subscribe'

I hope that has been helpful for you . . .



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