I had been toying with the idea of creating a blog-site for some time. It’s main function was to be of a political nature, with no holds barred and no punches held back regardless of what the majority of either the ignorant or the misinformed thought. With the principal goal of publishing the truth on all matters, most of which are either under reported, hidden from public view or worst of all, fabricated news, in line with establishment propaganda. The revealing of corruption was high up on the agenda. When I refer to the ‘establishment’ I don’t necessarily mean whichever government is in so called power, rather the real power in the shadows that dictates the direction of governments, regardless of what popular label is attached to them.

Then the hoax ‘pandemic’ broke out, with all other news on stop and with the mainstream (false) news media going into hyperdrive to fan the flames of panic and fear across the globe. You could immediately smell a rat, or at least the more alert and less gullible did.

Whilst the focus for this blog was originally to focus on matters pertaining to my home country – Wales – it’s role as a subjugated colony of the British Empire – dictated to from Westminster – along with the actions, of the puppet vassal government in Cardiff Bay, who partly rule us as a proxy arm of Westminster, after the disastrous devolution project was put in place twenty years ago by a Bliar (no not a ‘typo’) government to ensure that the Union is kept in tact.

We have suddenly been flushed down the pan like a spider trying to escape the shit in it’s own little world, when the powers in the shadows flushed the chain on a global level and we have the Covid-19 (hoax) pandemic to cope with, whilst a huge swathe of the global population is under what can only be described as house arrest.. Now we have a momentous problem on our hands as the world around us is being shattered and people are in real danger of being herded into a single Global totalitarian state. If you have the stomach, watch the Hunger Games film, because the 1% have made their move, and it’s a quantum leap, to accomplishing what has been on their agenda for a long time. So it’s time to focus on the much bigger picture, and to put the local nationalist agenda on the back burner, we can return to staring at our own navel later. IF and it’s a very big ‘if’ we do get back to some normality, then the baton will be picked up again, and the struggle will continue for our freedom, and the fight for independence will once again pick up where it left off. But, sad to say, I’m not holding my breath on this one.

So rather than twiddle my thumbs during this crisis, I have brought the blog forward and into life, as my little contribution to helping others fully understand what is going on. As far as I’m concerned this is a war for freedom and basic human and civil rights across the world, and not just here in a little corner of the British Isles called Wales. That is ultimately important, but there’s no point putting furniture in place if your house has been demolished by a bomb!

There is a lot to reveal, especially for those who may not be capable of seeing the whole canvass for themselves. If you don’t agree with me, then by all means register an account and post your comments – conversation is good. If you have information that you think I should be made aware of, or you want to put your thoughts in print, then you can send me your work, for consideration and publication on here.

Stay healthy and well – but above all else – stay awake and alert. And remember the golden rule:

Question everything and believe nothing – unless you have proof of the truth.

Big Gee

(Gwilym ab Ioan)



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