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Month: February 2022

Courts Of WE THE PEOPLE Will Bring Justice

Courts Of WE THE PEOPLE Will Bring Justice

The Time For Talking And Educating The Public Is Past – Now The Action(s) Starts As mentioned in an earlier post, BGB believes that the time for talking is past….

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When The Going Get’s Tough – The Tough Get Going

When The Going Get’s Tough – The Tough Get Going

Strategies For Fighting A Real Attack On Humanity We got hit with a ‘sucker punch’ when the World Health Organisation declared – out of the blue – that a brand…

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Clot Shot Carnage: The Evidence Is Everywhere

Clot Shot Carnage: The Evidence Is Everywhere

Just a Quick Post Including a Short Video Clip Today. So, everyone (like BGB) who warns you about the damage and mortal dangers of the mRNA injections (and provable other…

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The Naming and Shaming Starts

The Naming and Shaming Starts

Our Patience Has A Limit Unlike the mainstream media – especially the press –  we never do character assassinations. We believe it is important to judge people in office by…

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