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The RED HOT Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview With London Real TV

Second In a Series

This is the second interview with EXPLOSIVE impact conducted by Brian Rose of London Real TV. The first was with another doctor – Rachid Buttar. Due to their content these videos are being censored widely by the main stream media (MSM) – more especially the video streaming platforms like You Tube, Vimeo etc.

Scroll down to the foot of the page for the actual main video

The videos recorded so far have all gone viral – attracting MILLIONS of views – hence the reason they get wiped, because of their popularity, and they fly directly in the face of the official propaganda dialogue. In so doing they are revealing the truth, and that is the last thing that the establishment want. If people are triggered to watch, listen, and THINK, then eventually the game will be up for those deceiving us with this diabolical hoax, which is already costing lives – but NOT from COVID-19 infections.

The HUGE Wakeup Call

Doctors and scientists in the medical field especially, and also people in the legal profession are starting to come out of the woodwork, because they feel they cannot let this nonsense that has caused panic, fear and stress across the globe go on any further. It is designed for ruination, of not just the economy, but people’s health and even more evil – people’s lives. We have given up our freedoms for a totalitarian regime of house arrest in countries across the earth. Along with other ‘citizen’ journalists (because the Cabal owned and controlled MSM will not give them a voice) Drs like Andrew Kaufman  the sane and highly educated people are being heard through platforms like London Real and this Blog.

The original unedited recording of Dr. Kaufman’s interview is only available in full from this Blog-site (plus a  few others) and directly from London Real’s website. We will not be beaten. As You Tube and others try to suffocate this information, more and more publishers of blogs and genuine alternative news media outlets, are increasingly turning to other private free speech streaming platforms to protect the content and to ensure that the message gets out there. We are winning in that war – who needs the likes of You Tube anyway? They have no magic when it comes to their video streaming platform, and whilst we may not have the cash to splash around, we DO have the expertise and the knowledge to side step these gross globalist elites.

This Latest Video

This version that I have is the original. Because of the hurry to get it out there it’s a bit rough around the edges. The sound quality via the video link with Dr. Kaufman is not great, and the video does not start to play for around 45 second – so be patient! This is being streamed from the private platform that Big Gee’s Blog uses. There are other versions on You Tube, but they are cut down and do not contain the full interview, being a diluted version they may stay on You Tube slightly longer. This one however is safe!

Enjoy, and digest thoroughly what this great physician and researcher has to say:

For further information about Dr. Kaufman’s research:



Predictions: What Will Happen Next in the Corona Crisis?

Article written by James Corbett April 2020.

Predicting The Future

Sometimes it isn’t all that hard to predict the future. All you have to do is listen to what the social engineers are telling you they’re going to do.

For example, when the neocons tell you that we need a “new Pearl Harbor” to justify a transformation of America’s military, you can bet a new Pearl Harbor is going to arrive as soon as they get into office.

And now, after years of Bill Gates warning us that a pandemic was going to strike and utterly transform the world as we know it. He even went so far as to “simulate” the exact scenario we’re living through just before we started living through it.

So, you see my point. Sometimes seeing what’s coming next is just a question of listening to what the planners are telling us. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at four predictions for how the coronavirus crisis is likely to proceed from here.

1. The “Second Wave” Will Be Blamed on the Protesters

There is a second wave of Covid-19 coming in the next few months. We don’t have to speculate about this. Not only have we heard this from all manner of politicians and health “authorities” over the past few months, but it was an integral part of MIT Technology Review’s now-infamous “We’re not going back to normal” article, which revealed how the waves of lockdown and release were going to restructure our lives and condition us into the Corona World Order. And, lest there be any doubt that this is an important part of the plandemic narrative, Bill Gates just reaffirmed it in his latest “GatesNotes” on “The first modern pandemic.”

In fact, the pandemic planners have warned the public of a second (and third and fourth and fifth . . .) wave of this crisis so many times now that we can virtually guarantee that such a “second wave” will occur. Now, such a second wave of sickness could actually occur, if only because—as Dr. Dan Erickson notes in his recent Covid-19 briefing—people emerging from their lockdown isolation will have lowered immune systems and thus be more susceptible to pathogens of all kinds. But this dreaded “second wave” doesn’t even have to take place in reality; the statistical chicanery of the fraudsters can always be relied on to conjure up the impression of a fresh round of infections in the minds of the public. Heck, if the Japanese government can magically conjure a “surge” of SARS-CoV-2 infections into existence the very same day they announced the postponement of the 2020 Olympics (precisely as I predicted), you better believe governments around the world can deliver on the “second wave” narrative regardless of how many people may or may not be ill.

Here’s the rub: Whatever happens, the plandemic agenda-pushers are going to blame this second wave on those evil, dastardly protesters who complained about being put under house arrest. You know, those horrible, heartless grandma-killers who dared to oppose the orders to shutter the business they’ve spent their entire lifetime building up and those detestable, disgusting disease-spreaders who refused to meekly accept their sudden enforced unemployment.

You can see the outlines of this narrative already being planted in the type of coverage surrounding the growing lockdown protest movement. It’s those stupid, ignorant yokels who are out there protesting to “open Fuddruckers” who are putting the lives of those valiant medical heroes on the line by daring to exercise their right to peacefully assemble and demand a redress of their grievances!

So when things are opened up eventually (even just a little bit), you better believe that “second wave” is going to hit full force . . . at least in the media. And every single death in the daily death tally is going to be blamed on people who complained about their house imprisonment and forced unemployment.

2. The Alt Media Are Being Given the Rope to Hang Themselves

This next prediction is based on some observations:

  1. About a year ago, YouTube instituted a new system for displaying subscriber counts that corresponded with a flatlining in new subscribers for many alt media channels (including mine).
  2. Around the same time, they began implementing changes to the recommendation algorithm ensuring that “harmful content” (read: alt media) would not be recommended to viewers nearly as often.
  3. Around the time that the corona crisis really began to kick off six weeks ago, these restrictions seem to have been lifted, with my own channel’s subscriber count surging and my work being routinely recommended by the YouTube algorithm.

Now, I have no insider information about any of these changes here. I can only work with the observations that I (and some of the other alt media figures I’ve talked to) can confirm from my own experience. But there is no doubt in my mind that some of the filters that were artificially suppressing my channel and alt media content in general have been removed.

Yay! Score one for alt media truth, hey?

If only. No, I believe that what we are seeing is actually a push by YouTube and other tech companies to ensure widespread promotion of certain views questioning the official Covid-19 narrative precisely so that they will have the excuse to move ahead with the online purge, probably during that second (or third or fourth or fifth . . .) wave of the crisis. My theory is that we are being set up for a “deadly second wave” not only in the “viral pandemic” narrative, but also in the “deadly infodemic” narrative, and this sudden “flowering” of online conspiracy theorizing is going to be used as an excuse for purging any and all information that does not comport with the official government narrative of the pandemic.

Think of it as an information warfare false flag: push all sorts of “conspiracy” content—from the well-grounded to the utterly outrageous—so that it is a very visible presence in people’s online experience of this crisis. Then, as the pain deepens and things go south, the conspiracy theorists can be blamed (much like the lockdown protesters) for having muddied the waters with “misinformation.”

We’re already seeing the beginning of this narrative playing out. The social media giants have already committed to “combating fraud and misinformation” regarding Covid-19, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has just outlined exactly what they mean by “fraud and misinformation,” namely, anything that challenges the pronouncements of the World Health Organization.

Personally, I’m going to take advantage of this brief window of opportunity to reach as many new people as I possibly can, but I’m under no delusion that the promotion of truth-related information on the controlled Big Tech social media platforms will continue for very long. As I predicted back in New World Next Year 2020, this is likely to be the year that the internet as we’ve known it ends for good.

3. China Will Be Blamed

Isn’t it funny how just a few weeks ago it was a verboten thoughtcrime to suggest that this novel coronavirus could have anything whatsoever to do with the biosafety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan, and now such theories are mainstream headline fodder? Why do you think that is?

I’ll tell you why: It’s because this is World War III.

If that assertion sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what I wrote in these pages last month. I know you’ve heard me say it before, but it bears repeating: Historians of a future age may just mark the great “coronavirus crisis” of 2020 as the first salvo in the Third World War.

As I’ve also said before, those historians would be wrong. At least, assuming they are writing about the surface-level 2D-chess version of “WWIII,” the one involving “China” vs the “US.” As I laid out here last month, the real World War III is already underway and it’s a war on free humanity by the oligarchs who seek to rule over us. But one can rest assured that if and when those oligarchs decide to truly plunge the world into chaos and let slip the dogs of war, the mis-leaders will use a “coronavirus-was-made-in-a-lab” narrative to justify that war.

The war of words is already underway. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has already raised the possibility that the US Army brought the virus to Wuhan during last October’s Military World Games. In return, Senator Tom Cotton is suggesting that the virus is a leaked Chinese bioweapon, a claim that is now being doggedly pursued in certain parts of the American mockingbird media.

Now, a number of lawsuits are proceeding on the theory that this is a Chinese biological weapon and that the Chinese government should be held liable for all damages caused by Covid-19 and the ensuing shutdown of the global economy (a cool $20 trillion in one suit’s estimation). Naturally, no one is expecting that Beijing would (or would be able to) fork over $20 trillion on a US judge’s order, but if such a ruling were ever made, one can bet that it would add significantly to the case of the China hawks dwelling in Trump’s swamp.

For the millionth time, let me hasten to add that any such China-US war that develops will be a contrived and manipulated conflict, much like the contrived and manipulated Soviet-US conflict of the 20th century. But the lives lost in such a squabble would be all too real.

Make no mistake, you have not heard the last of the squabble between Beijing and Washington over who is to blame for this mess.

5. The Real Bioweapons Are Waiting in the Wings

Speaking of bioweapons, let us not rule out the possibility that we aredealing with a bioweapon of some sort. In fact, there are compelling reasons to believe that, and the knee-jerk dismissal of the idea from the usual crowd is easily debunkable as unscientific claptrap.

Yet another interesting clue along that particular cookie-crumb trail is emerging in the work of Li Lanjuan at Zhejiang University, who is now reporting the discovery of 30 separate strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some of these strains, including the one prevalent in parts of Europe and in New York City, are capable of producing 270 times the viral load of the weaker strains. The research also uncovered an unusual development in one of the patients studied:

The researchers also found three consecutive changes—known as tri-nucleotide mutations—in a 60-year-old patient, which was a rare event. Usually the genes mutated at one site at a time. This patient spent more than 50 days in hospital, much longer than other Covid-19 patients, and even his faeces were infectious with living viral strains.

Take this research—along with everything else we’re hearing about this virus—with a hefty grain of salt. But, if true, it certainly could add more weight to the theory that we are not dealing with a naturally occurring virus.

Whatever the case, we know that every major military power has spent vast amounts of money developing biological weapons of various sorts. Officially, these biological weapons programs are always done under the pretense that they are for “defensive” purposes. After all, if we don’t develop these weapons then how will we ever be able to defend ourselves against them . . . you know, if the enemy also develops them? (Don’t think about it too hard.)

Of course, Corbett Report listeners know better. The truth is that biological warfare programs are pursued for offensive purposes, too. The fact that the anthrax that terrorized America in the fall of 2001 came from Fort Detrick is just one indication that these programs exist. Heck, the Project For A New American Century even put race-specific bioweapons” on their wishlist in the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses document (see page 60).

The sad truth is that the possibility of a bioweapon being released—and, inevitably, used in a bioterror false flag event to blame on an enemy—has always been there. But now that we are transitioning from the “age of terror” into the “age of bioterror,” that possibility has become orders of magnitude more likely.

So, on that note, I leave you with this bone-chilling observation: Remember that latest “GatesNotes” that I mentioned way back up in Prediction #1? You know, “The first modern pandemic“? Well, here’s how Bill  Gates talks about this current crisis in his conclusion:

Melinda and I grew up learning that World War II was the defining moment of our parents’ generation. In a similar way, the COVID-19 pandemic—the first modern pandemic—will define this era. No one who lives through Pandemic I will ever forget it. And it is impossible to overstate the pain that people are feeling now and will continue to feel for years to come.

Yes, not only does he liken this “fight” against the “invisible enemy” to World War II—as every politician and pundit seems to be doing these days—but he even goes so far as to call this Pandemic I. Yes, “Pandemic I.” As in part one. The obvious implication here is that, just like World War I was followed by World War II, so, too, will Pandemic I be followed by Pandemic II.

Kind of makes you wonder what else he has up his sleeve, doesn’t it?


A Fascinating MUST WATCH Video.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous videos that I’ve posted on here – you REALLY need to watch this. Make a nice cup of tea for yourself and settle down to watch it all the way through. It’s rather long, but at the end of it you’ll realise why those of us who have not been duped are kicking up such a fuss about the hoax pandemic.

It’s no mean feat to gather this information, and present the findings to the public at large. I’m not a panicker by nature, but believe me, my panic is not whether I personally catch this mysterious ailment – it doesn’t bother me. But I do worry who is behind it and for what purpose. I also worry about what world my children and grandchildren will inherit. I’m not even sure if any great grandchildren will actually make it to life on this earth- unless something drastic is done about the precipice we are heading for.

If anyone is confused about what I, and others, (especially those within medical and legal circles, who are not complicit in the conspiracy, or are not just doing their job blindly, but rather are prepared to open their eyes to what is going on around them – and speaking out with no fear); then after viewing what Dr. Buttar says in this video, you will be well aware of what is happening, whilst everyone else is kept in the dark, under house arrest.



There is hope, because it’s not too late yet, for the masses to wake up and say “enough is enough”. If they don’t it’s game over. The Cabal of elites will have succeeded with their centuries old agenda.

This video will explain to you how the dots connect with regard to:

  1. Who are the main players in this hoax pandemic;
  2. The source of the outbreak (wild or weaponised – it doesn’t really matter);
  3. Where it started why and how;
  4. The way it’s connected with past ‘dry runs’ of a pandemic (SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu etc.);
  5. The effects of past vaccines, pushed on the populations of the earth and what it was truly meant for;
  6. The current threat that if you refuse to get vaccinated you will have your personal freedoms taken away totally, unless you succumb;
  7. How this outbreak links to 5G roll-out, and the effects that pulsed frequency radiation at higher frequencies have on health and our own susceptibility to the effects of any viral (or exosome) behaviour;
  8. The despicable part that the propaganda pumped out by the mainstream media has had on vast swathes of the world’s population. Propaganda that is blatantly bloated with bare faced lies;
  9. The reason why any information that goes contrary to the lies officially put about are harshly censored. Surely if it was the truth that the MSM were spreading, they should not have any fear of dissenting voices.

People need to stop, observe, question and act on what is happening in front of their eyes.



The Dengvaxia Disaster Was Twenty Years in the Making—What Will Happen with a Rushed COVID-19 Vaccine?

The original source of this article is Children’s Health Defense

Whilst obviously targeted at the American audience, it has grave implications for all countries around the world.

Children’s Health Defence is headed by Robert Kennedy Jr. Those not old enough to remember, his father was the US Attorney General in the sixties. He and his brother President John. F. Kennedy – I’m firmly convinced – were both assassinated by the CIA. Robert Kennedy Jr. I believe is incredibly brave to go up against some of the most evil and powerful people in the world – those he calls the ‘bullies.His father and his uncle paid dearly for doing just that.

Here is a short video giving his message to warn parents about the danger of vaccinations.

Isn’t it strange that the world’s biggest advocate of vaccination also happens to be someone who has gone on record publicly, to declare that he wants the population of the earth to be culled. He is a known eugenics advocate – like his family before him. He is also a psychopath, with IMMENSE wealth and power, he is one of the Cabal’s leading henchmen – his name is Bill Gates and he uses his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund and empower Big Pharma to carry out his agenda. Another coincidence – in the long line of ‘odd’ coincidental happenings around the globe? The Sheeple would say so. Others with more critical thinking are joining up the dots. Will you meekly surrender to mandatory vaccination, with the pathetic excuse that it will stop a phantom Corona virus ‘pandemic’, or will you fight this evil? If the Jews had rebelled when they were lyingly invited into the showers, whilst being led to the gas chambers, perhaps fewer would have been murdered. Or perhaps their friends and family said “they wouldn’t do that”. OH YES THEY WOULD! AND THEY DID! there’s a harsh lesson from history there.

An Insight Into What Fauci and Gates Are Up To



For several weeks, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have been beating the drum about a COVID-19 vaccine, seeking to keep the world’s coronavirus optics focused on a medical intervention that Gates acknowledges to be risky enough to require indemnification against lawsuits. The two are casting a COVID-19 vaccine—which they speculate could be ready in as little as 18 months—as the passport for a return to “normality.” The two opinion leaders’ gambit seems to be backfiring among people savvy enough to understand that Fauci’s and Gates’ organizations, pocketbooks and agendas are driving the rush for an indemnified vaccine. Other Americans may be too distracted by the historically unprecedented lockdown, however, to think through the safety issues raised by a potential COVID-19 vaccine.


The Philippines’ mass dengue vaccination program—implemented with undue haste—not only killed children but provoked protests, criminal investigations, indictments, revocation of the vaccine’s license in that country and a plummeting of parental confidence in vaccine safety from 82% to 21%.

Americans would be well advised to revisit a virus-and-vaccine cautionary tale that briefly captured front-page attention a year ago. In April 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia vaccine, joining 19 other countries in granting regulatory approval to the world’s first dengue vaccine. The FDA gave its green light not long after the Philippines—the first country to roll out the vaccine widely—witnessed hundreds of distressing hospitalizations and deaths in 9-16 year-olds, representing a clear safety signal.

Dengvaxia’s fallout was so dramatic that it even overrode the U.S. media’s customary white-out of vaccine safety problems. As summarized by National Public Radio (NPR), the Philippines’ mass dengue vaccination program—implemented with “undue haste—not only killed children but provoked protests, criminal investigations, indictments, revocation of the vaccine’s license in that country and a plummeting of parental confidence in vaccine safety from 82% to 21%.

… in some individuals, subsequent infection with a different dengue virus can increase the risk of severe outcomes—a phenomenon known as “disease enhancement.”

Viral vaccines and “disease enhancement”

Given that an estimated 40% of the world’s population is at risk of mosquito-borne dengue infection, it is not surprising that the vaccine industry has had a dengue vaccine on its list for decades. There are four types of dengue virus that can trigger infection, albeit with a highly variable trajectory that  ranges from asymptomatic infection or “mild and non-specific febrile illness” (together representing about 75% of cases) to “classic dengue fever” and, in an “occasional” subset, more severe outcomes such as plasma leakage, bleeding, shock or death. In children, experts believe the majority of dengue infections are subclinical. Researchers note that environmental and host immune factors play a significant role in shaping both susceptibility and outcomes.

Natural infection with one type of dengue virus provides long-lasting protection against the same type but only short-term protection against the other three varieties. The vexing result is that, in some individuals, subsequent infection with a different dengue virus can increase the risk of severe outcomes—a phenomenon known as “disease enhancement.” In a 2018 review, researchers listed reports of “enhanced illness” resulting from influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Zika, West Nile virus, dengue and coronavirus—and emphasized that either infection or vaccination could produce this response.

Why Are Legislatures Now Imposing “Vaccine Mandates”?

In 2018, the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety reviewed some of the deaths associated with Dengvaxia but stated that it could not determine whether the vaccine was causally related to the “vaccine-related immune enhancement.” This disingenuous conclusion flies in the face of decades of evidence showing some viral vaccines to be capable of “subverting” the immune system and provoking “exacerbated illness.” It is doubtful that WHO or Sanofi are unaware of this phenomenon, which numerous publications acknowledge as a “major obstacle” for the development of safe dengue and other viral vaccines. After the problems in the Philippines, however, Sanofi’s global medical director asserted that “In hindsight . . . Sanofi wouldn’t do anything differently.”

A dengue expert who develops vaccines for the U.S. military issued warnings about Dengvaxia’s risks ahead of time—vainly cautioning that vaccinating 9-16 year-olds who were “seronegative” or “dengue-naive” at baseline (that is, had never before been exposed to dengue) was likely to significantly augment their lifetime risk of severe disease when later exposed to dengue. (About 21% of vaccinees were seronegative.) Why did this industry insider—who has been a paid dengue vaccine consultant to Takeda, Merck, Sanofi Pasteur and SmithKlineBeecham—voice these concerns and condemn international health institutions for unethical, unscientific and “contorted explanations that “fail[ed] to identify breakthrough dengue disease in vaccinated subjects as serious adverse events”? As he pointed out in numerous letters and articles, the potential for vaccine-enhanced dengue disease was readily apparent in Dengvaxia’s clinical trials, but both Sanofi and WHO chose to ignore the evidence.

Belatedly—a year and a half after the launch of the Philippines’ disastrous vaccination campaign—Sanofi announced that “new information” was prompting the company to declare that “vaccination should not be recommended” for seronegative individuals of any age. Repackaging Dengvaxia as a vaccine solely for individuals who have had at least one laboratory-confirmed bout of dengue is easier said than done, however, because many mild dengue infections go undiagnosed and undocumented.

The dengue vaccine pipeline

Sanofi reluctantly revised its recommendation to provide Dengvaxia only to individuals with evidence of past infection, which “leaves a substantial unmet need” that other dengue vaccine developers appear only too eager to exploit. Although Sanofi’s formulation—which took two decades and two billion dollars to develop—is the first dengue vaccine ever to make it out of the pipeline and into the marketplace, two other vaccines (TAK-003 and Butantan-DV) are currently undergoing late-stage clinical trials in Asia/Latin America and Brazil, respectively.

Dengue vaccine development has been marked by strong for-profit industry involvement. In addition, there has been “wide participation and co-ownership” by U.S. government institutions in dengue vaccine research and development, even though dengue disease poses little threat on the U.S. mainland. With dengue-endemic areas limited to Puerto Rico and a few offshore territories and protectorates, HHS—the umbrella agency for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the CDC and the FDA—owns 65 dengue-vaccine-related patents, dwarfing the 19 owned by Sanofi and the 12 and 4 owned by GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, respectively. All of the private companies involved in dengue vaccine development share patents with U.S. government agencies; meanwhile, very few patent applications have been filed in developing countries.

CDC scientists designed and constructed the TAK-003 vaccine and then licensed it to Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Asia’s largest pharmaceutical conglomerate. However, preliminary analyses of the clinical trial results suggest that TAK-003 may suffer from similar problems as Dengvaxia, providing “unbalanced protection among the four types of dengue” that could “increase the risk of severe disease after exposure to a second type of the virus.” Takeda plans to apply for approval in dengue-endemic countries anyway.

Some experts are placing their bets on the third finalist, Butantan-DV, developed by none other than NIAID. NIAID has sponsored Butantan-DV clinical trials in Brazil since 2013, licensing its vaccine technology to Brazil’s Butantan Institute and launching the most recent trials in 2016. Not content to lurk in the background, NIH and NIAID have taken pains to call attention to their role in the vaccine’s development; publications presenting clinical trial results have titles referring to the “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases tetravalent dengue vaccine” and the “National Institutes of Health dengue vaccine.” In studies published to date, investigators only monitored adverse reactions for 21 days.

Mosquito versus needle

The Dengvaxia experience—involving a skewed immune response and enhanced risks—raises questions “applicable to all dengue vaccine candidates” and a number of other viral vaccines. One not-often-discussed consideration pertains to the “considerable differences between a wild-type [dengue virus] delivered by a mosquito versus needle administration of a vaccine,” which have the potential to elicit different immune responses. Instead of acknowledging these vaccines’ potentially unconquerable risks, why not focus on training health care workers in the provision of the supportive care known to be “very effective when delivered by experienced practitioners”? Even in severe cases of dengue characterized by vascular permeability and fluid loss, practitioners who “accurately and rapidly” replace fluids can stabilize patients’ condition—“and rather quickly”—with the result that “the vascular permeability phenomenon abruptly disappears.” In addition, fruitful avenues of research could include studying the environmental and immune system factors associated with the minority of cases that involve more severe dengue outcomes.

With vaccine damage occurring in association with many different vaccines, it is unclear why so many individuals and organizations jumped on the anti-Dengvaxia bandwagon last year, but—with a rushed COVID-19 vaccine in the works—their words of warning are worth heeding. As NPR noted, “the debacle in the Philippines offers a key lesson for governments and manufacturers when it comes to approving and selling new vaccines: Slow down.” The dengue expert who presciently warned about Dengvaxia’s dangers put it this way:

Dengvaxia-enhanced disease has created a major ethical dilemma for the vaccine community, an enduring public health management crisis, and legal nightmare. Vaccines should not harm recipients, directly or indirectly. WHO and the manufacturer owe the customer a safe product.

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk?


All Roads Lead To Gates In This Fiasco

SO – would you roll up your sleeve to be injected with an unknown and untested vaccine for someone like the known psychopath – Bill Gates? I CERTAINLY wouldn’t! But I’m not a Sheeple (thankfully).


An In-depth Exposure of The Lies and Statistics You’ve Been Peddled

Who Is The ‘Father of The Lie’?

Well for those adherents of man-made religion, especially those who have The Bible as their text book – it is SATAN:

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lie.

John 8:44 – New International Version (NIV).

For the rest of us, who do not follow any man-made religions, you could easily attribute the tag to the Cabal who wishes to usher in a new, fascist-like totalitarian global government, absolutely controlled by them, where the lower level population has no freedoms, no independence and are treated as slaves.

Too amazing to be true? Look around you and see how this ancient goal has just taken a huge leap forward. Still believe it’s too far fetched to be true? Think again, as you look out wistfully through the window of your self imposed house arrest, and separation from your fellow humans – which you’ve enacted voluntarily. The draconian acts that have been passed, where the power to do this again at any time has gone into the Statute Books of so many countries – including the UK. It’s as clear as the light approaching at dawn.

What has this whole lockdown been based on? Lies and manipulated statistics – panic and fear – brought to you by the mainstream (false) news media at the behest of those in control – the elites near the top of the pyramid. It’s no longer warnings by those of us who could see it coming – it’s here for you to physically sample daily. For those who are still naive enough to think it’s temporary, and keep believing the propaganda story, then keep your head in the sand, and take it out when the game is over. It’ll be too late to do anything about it then.

So On To Statistics

Here’s a brilliant video produced by James Corbett. It analyses in detail how the statistics – or lies as Mark Twain labelled them, that have fuelled the panic and hysteria. Those peddled statistics make absolutely no sense – even to a lay person who is not a statistician.

The video also highlights how the most eminent professors, scientists, doctors and past medical advisors are increasingly coming out of the woodwork in their droves, to question the madness of this whole episode in our history. Are they all conspiracy theorists? Hardly when you look at their credentials. However they are being kept well away, and sometimes demonised by those who fear their deceit is about to be exposed. Who does the work of blanking out their faces and silencing their voices? Well our old ‘friends’ the lackeys of those who have perpetrated this scam. The MSM.

As for those who are keeping quiet, although they realise what is going on, then it’s an interesting exercise to see why – follow the money – e.g. Imperial College London, along with organisations like the WHO, who have received huge funding from no less than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I dealt with that monster in my previous post.

James Corbett:

Full report notes and reference links to participants featured in the video


I hope you watched that all the way through. Anyone in their right mind and not harbouring a closed mind, should by now start to realise what is going on.

As I keep on repeating:

Believe NOTHING and question EVERYTHING you see and hear from the MSM. As with ALL information, don’t accept it at face value, unless it provides evidence and proof of TRUTH.


The Man Behind The Current Hoax Pandemic

Stop For a Minute and THINK

Would you trust this man to put a needle in the arms of your children and inject them with a vaccine that you are not told what it contains? Would YOU be happy to have your government bring in a law that says you cannot leave your house, cannot work and cannot eat, unless you submit yourself to a mandatory vaccine, and accept an invisible tattoo to prove you’ve been inoculated? The tattoo was developed by Gates his vaccine was researched, produced and promoted by an EUGENICIST.

The Plan

The whole hoax pandemic plan has this man as it’s chief planner. The same psychopathic monster that is one of the  CABAL’S SENIOR HENCHMEN. Then after scaring everyone witless (well the Sheeple at least) who are in a continued panic, he comes to the fore to suggest that HIS vaccine will save humanity from the disease. So why does someone who has repeatedly gone on record as saying we need to REDUCE the world’s population suddenly want to save the world’s population from dying?

He is by now the main contributor to the World Health Organisation (WHO). He was the second biggest contributor to that organisation and has continually worked hands on with it – controlling the ‘head honcho’ who calls the shots – the proven corrupt Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the UN World Health Organization, (until the US pulled away and stopped funding the hideously corrupt organisation – the gates Foundation is now the main funder). He has a vested interest in Big Pharma (who will produce his vaccine). So, he controls the WHO who gives advice to governments around the world. He headed the Event 201 simulation, he then promised to come out with a vaccine in breathtakingly quick time – never before witnessed (or did he already have it prepared before the scam was perpetrated?

Gates Will Be Known As The Most Evil Man To Have Walked The Planet

Hitler and Stalin have been considered the most evil men in history – they killed millions. This evil, psychopathic eugenicist is poised to kill BILLIONS! Why? Because he and his family (especially Bill Gates Snr. are committed eugenicists whose goal it is to cull the world population down to around 500 million from the current nearly 7 billion.  This is a figure openly admitted in the Agenda 21 document produced from the Rio Sustainable Environment Summit in 1992). You’re welcome to read through this PDF copy for yorself:



Vaccination Is The Goal

Make no mistake, the end game goal is to force this vaccine on everyone on the globe. No one will drop dead immediately (although I heard today that the first volunteer for the trial that started three days ago in Oxford has died – but that story needs to be properly verified).

This is not possible without totalitarian control of the masses in many countries. That is currently coming into force – just look around you.

And of course this ‘pandemic’ will also have a domino effect of collapsing the current, unsustainable, debt generated economy. How convenient – the COVID-19 scam will tick lots of boxes for the dark suits in the shadows, not least be blamed for the collapse of a doomed financial system, which will bring the masses to it’s knees. Later the cull will start to manifest, assuming you’ve been stupid enough to take your miracle shots from the evil Gates.



Richie Allen Show Podcast Sunday 26/04/2020

As is our wont every Sunday, the Richie Allen show podcast is published here at Big Gees Blog. Click on the play button to hear what he said on his show this morning. Especially at the end.


Our Celtic cousin is the most listened to independent radio show in Europe. More power to his elbow – he’s a treasure. It’s so refreshing to hear someone who doesn’t stick his little finger in the air whilst sipping from a china teacup. Like most of us Celts, and especially so our friends from across the Irish Sea (or Ceredigion Bay if you live here in Aberaeron). They say it as it is, from the heart, with exciting enthusiasm and sincerity. If you have an aversion to the language of the street, well you have a choice, you can choose to listen or not to listen – but the truth remains the same. You see unlike the insincere majority, us true Celts believe in that freedom of the individual, and we will NEVER be silenced – unless our breath is taken away from us.


The Big Question – ‘What Is It?’ – My Conclusions


Read more detailed info on what you should know about communicable diseases

I have been diligently following the outbreak of this supposed COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ as it’s unfolded. From day one I have been diligently researching and investigating what is really going on. I’ve been extremely vocal, not just on this blog, but elsewhere on the internet, suggesting “there is something totally wrong” about all this. Facts don’t stack up, numbers don’t make sense, and the mainstream news media (MSM) have gone ballistic with the official line, I have yet to see a story run for so long, where the MSM has been obsessed with just one thing – Corona virus (COVID-19).

Answering An Objection

I was challenged by someone on another blog, saying that I had changed my story regarding this conspiracy, and that I’d started off saying it was a ‘wild’ virus that had caused the outbreak. He went on to say that I had then changed my mind, and said it was a weaponised virus, that had probably escaped from the Wuhan bio lab in Hubei province in the People’s Republic of China, (BSL-4 status – the highest international designation for bio research safety – designed for work with the deadly and easily transmittable class of pathogens known as P4), and that finally, I had said it was not a virus at all. Suggesting that I am making it up as I go along, and swaying in all directions!. What I had actually said was that whether it was a ‘wild’ naturally occurring virus, or an engineered  man made virus it did not matter a jot. The fact was that it was crippling the world and causing mayhem amongst the population, who were shaking with fear, panicking and submitting to house arrest, whilst their freedoms were being taken away by stealth – under false pretences.

It was later suggested by a leading New York medical doctor and scientific researcher – Andrew Kaufman that it may not be a virus at all. Here is a video on what his theory is:

The shut down of about a fifth of the population of the planet – that’s approximately 1,555,500,949  (around one and a half BILLION) people who have been under house arrest since the outbreak. That happened virtually overnight – something on a scale unprecedented in human history, Never before have so many people volunteered to give up their basic freedoms. Tens of thousands have lost their incomes, lost their businesses, travel has been stopped and the world’s (debt based) current fragile and unsustainable economy will collapse – guess what will get the blame? All on the say so of a handful of people, computer models and false predictions. We’ve seen this official line challenged and shattered by many highly qualified, official experts in the medical profession and statisticians who have been shadowing the figures put out by the MSM. However the story, the panic and the fear it’s caused has been repeatedly stoked by the MSM. Unlike me – as has been suggested – they have been caught lying over and over, doing ‘U’ turns in their predictions and quite simply lying to us. Thank goodness there are principled, critical thinkers challenging this, but you never hear their voices on the MSM – they are kept well away from a microphone or a camera, for fear of pointing out that ‘the Emperor has no clothes’!

In The Beginning

We were fed the story that a Corona virus (later labelled COVID-19) had appeared in Wuhan China, with grave predictions about the outcome for mankind. We were told that MILLIONS would die, unless measures were taken to stop it’s advance. Some accepted this at face value, especially given the majority’s total ignorance about viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal infections. Others, who are critical and open minded thinkers, were suspicious from the start, . The story was then ramped up, when it was announced that the source of the outbreak had been pinpointed to a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan. A typical market with incredibly low hygiene levels, everyone is aware of that. We were all aghast (being westerners from a different culture with different eating habits). Had this been a microbial (bacterial) outbreak, it could be understandable. However we were fed the line that it was a VIRUS! We were told that the virus had leaped from a bat, to a pangolin and eventually entered the human species. UNBELIEVABLE.

Pictures of bats being cooked in a broth were widely circulated, subliminally suggesting that eating bats, as the Chinese have a habit of doing in some regions of China, had magically caused a virus to invade humans. This was an insult to the intelligence on a massive scale. Perhaps the echo chamber journalist of the MSM – who are generally not particularly intelligent (their job is akin to that of a parrot, they put out what they’ve heard, with no investigation or general background knowledge of these things) – may have believed it. I, and a large swathes of others certainly didn’t! A host of others in the medical field didn’t, in fact they were aghast as such ridiculous suggestions.

Fact: Viruses have NEVER been proven to jump a species. It has never been accomplished in a laboratory, and the suggestion is groundless, when it comes to scientific evidence. You will not find  ONE scientific paper that concludes that this has ever been observed in any experiment or in any trials. However this is a recurring theme. Remember ‘swine fever’ and later the ‘bird flu’? Both scaremongering stories that softened the public up nicely for this latest garbage about the ‘bat virus’ – COVID-19. And the other common strand to this myth is that it would kill MILLIONS of people – because it was ‘new’ and we had no resistance to it. All hogwash, but sadly hogwash that is eagerly believed by an uneducated and easily frightened public, who have never been taught anything about viruses or how they are transmitted.

Read more detailed info on what you should know about communicable diseases

A Variation Of Where To Point The Finger

As the initial story of the ‘virus’ originating in a ‘wet market’ started to lose credibility, due to it’s ridiculous supposition, some keen observers started speculating that this mystery new ‘virus’ may actually be linked with the Wuhan bio lab in the city. It seemed quite a coincidence that there was such a lab on the immediate doorstep of where people started showing symptoms of sickness. Whether the ‘virus’ escaped is highly unlikely. The bio lab in Wuhan is of as high, if not of better standard of security than other similar labs in other countries. It has BSL-4 status – the highest international designation for bio research safety – designed for work with the deadly and easily transmittable class of pathogens known as P4. It could be an accidental release, but highly improbable – considering that these labs are experimenting with absolutely deadly materials, the risk of a release of a deadly pathogen would be extremely risky and far far too indiscriminate – hence why the level of security. Could it be a purposely released pathogen? That is far more likely, it could be a relatively benign pathogen, designed to cause the panic and the lock down for reasons that I have advocated in previous posts. Corona viruses are generally benign, although they cause things like the common cold – very benign from a mortality aspect, or flue, which is less benign but does represent a higher mortality risk factor. Seasonal flue is a permanent feature of the cyclical infestation experienced during most winters. This hyped up so called ‘new virus’ COVIC-19, which has not been isolated and identified is more likely to be a Corona virus strain that has been dressed up as a deadly pandemic, with the result we have observed – right in the middle of the seasonal flue time of the year. The deaths from usual seasonal flue is huge in comparison to the deaths from this ‘new virus’. The average mortality rate worldwide from all diseases does not reflect the figures expected from a new ‘virus’ that would have added greatly to those figures.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has speculated that this new strain of Corona virus is tied up with documented collusion between the Chapel Hill bio lab in North Carolina, and the bio lab in Wuham, with Dr. Shi from China taking information back to the Wuhan lab, after the US government stopped funding the joint research, but Dr. Fauci (the US chief medical advisor) was secretly, still funding the project after it was stopped by the US government in 2014. There is currently an investigation in progress to investigate Dr. Fauci’s involvment in this and the misappropriation of public funds.

This is Dr. Buttar’s views on this situation. Whilst he believes it could be a released, weaponised virus, but he is not adverse to the theory that no new virus exists. His main concern is how the whole episode has been managed:

For those  of you who may have been bewildered at what the TV host was pointing at, towards the end of the video – the video is an obvious target for take down by the likes of You Tube and others. So it’s been safely copied, uploaded and stored on the free speech streaming platform that Big Gee’s Blog uses. Consequently the links he was pointing at do not show up on this streaming source. No, he wasn’t losing his marbles, and have no fear that you may be losing your eyesight!

My Personal Conclusions

1. The original story was that a new virus in the ‘wild’ starting in a Wuhan wet market had mutated and leapt from an animal species to the human species; that it was threatening to spread death and destruction across the world, because our immune systems had never encountered it before was TOTAL claptrap. A lie so big and foolishly propagated that it failed to convince anyone who had at least two neurons awake and on active duty!

It was absolutely ludicrous, but that didn’t stop the MSM from declaring it in a sombre and convincing way, presented in that serious, educated middle class accent used by the BBC, by a person wearing a business-like suit (you just know that they always tell the truth – don’t you?). The only thing anywhere near it for audacity would have been a bulletin that Santa’s grotto had actually been discovered in Lapland and that from now on all adults should look carefully for his sleigh, drawn by reindeer streaking across the night sky during the next Saturnalia celebration. Of course many of the Sheeple would actually believe that as well, and would be out looking, similar to the way that they stand on doorsteps clapping for the NHS and watching programmes like The Choir: Britain In Lockdown – where choirmaster Gareth Malone is getting people singing – uniting the nation’s best shower singers to bring “uplifting joy amidst these uncertain times”. Excuse me, I’m off to the bathroom to throw up!

2.  A virus released from the Wuhan bio lab? Possible, but highly unlikely. However it doesn’t matter where it originated – assuming it IS a virus. The concern is that the world has changed, people are under house arrest, we are being constantly lied to, we are being manipulated through our own unfounded fears and we’re heading for economic collapse. People will die of suffering through job losses, lost homes, a lack of other medical attention and eventually starvation. At present, here in the UK, we are tending to wallow in the novelty factor of not having to work, getting paid, and having time on our hands to play with our electronic toys. We’re also enjoying the peacefulness with no people or cars about. The reality is just around the corner.

We have taken a gigantic leap towards the removal of freedoms, freedom of speech, and an inevitable stride towards a totalitarian New World Order regime. One government, one military, one police force and finally the establishment of a fascist hierarchy ruled by the elites and controlled by the Cabal in the shadows. So whether it is a virus or not, the important thing to consider is the eventual outcome.

3.  There is no virus? In the above videos, Dr. Andrew Kaufman gives compelling evidence that this is the case. Whilst Dr, Buttar hints at a likely conspiracy between Anthony Fauci and the Chinese government, he is concerned about that – quite rightly – but he also tends to believe that this is not a new virus, but in reality, a ruse to make people believe that they are in grave danger of death from a hoax. Many others echo what both Kaufman and Buttar are saying, those echoes are coming from the medical and scientific fields, and at high levels in their profession.

So at this point I am of the belief that all the talk and hype about a ‘new’ virus is basically a smoke screen. Existing disease like the seasonal flue epidemics we see cyclically are probably responsible for many of the deaths observed, and then only the deaths of the elderly and those with underlying health issues who may have died anyway, whether they contracted anything or not. However those deaths are being recategorised on death certificates as COVID-19 deaths. You only have to check the total death rates across the world and compare them to previous figures to realise what the scam is. There is no rise in those average figures for any recent years.

So what is the purpose?

  1. A move towards a totalitarian New World Order coming into force.
  2. The culling of the population of the earth (see Agenda 21/ 2030)
  3. The mandatory vaccination of everyone on the planet (refer to the previous point)
  4. The final chapter in the move to take everything away from everyone except the 1%
  5. A need to reboot the economy, as the present world financial system is on the verge of collapse
  6. The need for a scapegoat to realise all of the above – enter COVID-19 an undefined, non isolated specific virus that has not been identified in any lab – but amazingly there a vaccine for it in the pipeline.

And our grandchildren will be able to say that we fell for it!


TUTORIAL – How to Create Your Very Own Fake Pandemic

So you want to create a fake pandemic, eh?

You’ve come to the right place! Today we offer all budding control freaks, fearmongers, warmongers, Machiavellian social engineers, psychopaths and Satanists a wonderful and elaborate step-by-step guide for how you can create your very own fake pandemic. Before we begin, please ensure you own some portion of the mass media/MSM – you’ll need it to relentlessly broadcast the narrative I’m about to reveal. Other prerequisites include owning stocks in vaccine companies and having access to ‘soul-for-sale’ scientists whose brains you can buy to publish whatever results you want (Gates Foundation gives $79 million to Imperial College in England). You know – the kind of scientists and shills who will reliably ‘find’ the right result that bolsters your propaganda. Got those in place already? Then you’re all set! Let’s begin.

1. Choose a Time for Your Fake Pandemic When There Are Already Many Diseases

The first guideline here is that you can’t literally make up a pandemic out of nothing. There has to be something going on in the background that causing some deaths. For this reason, I recommend choosing winter time, when the seasonal flu is going around and people are already getting sick.

2. Make up a New Disease with an Unknown or Scary-Sounding Name

The average person had never heard of a coronavirus before, and would have had no clue that ‘coronavirus’ is defined in medical encyclopedias as the common cold. The average person would also never know that, according to doctors like Wolfgang Wodarg, coronaviruses make up approximate 7-15% of all viruses found in cases of acute respiratory disease, and therefore many people already have trillions of them in their body at any time, given the human virome is 380 trillion.

Choosing something new that people know little to nothing about with a scary or cool-sounding name is best, so they can’t contradict you when you tell them how infectious, contagious and deadly it is.

3. DIY Bioweapons

This next step is not essential, but if you have climbed up the psychopath ladder far enough, it will surely appeal to you and come in very handy. Use your resources to fund scientists and bioweapons labs around the world. Get them to make new pathogenic strains – do-it-yourself bioweapons – then arrange for it to be ‘accidentally’ released in a country you despise. That way, you can score geopolitical points by harming that nation and you can increase the likelihood of your own fake pandemic taking off. However this is only a side idea not an essential element, because Problem-Reaction-Solution works just as well as Perceived Problem-Reaction-Solution as long as you control people’s perception, which you will via the MSM. If people ask where the virus originated, play it off as a big coincidence. Just say it came from some animal and then crossed species, or use some other unlikely story, just so long as no one could possibly blame you for engineering and releasing the virus from your bioweapons labs.

4. Frame the Context of How Bad This is Against Background Deaths

Right from the start, you need to use the MSM to frame the context. Control the narrative by telling people this is way worse than anything that’s ever happened before. Hype, hype, hype. Most people are intellectually lazy. Even with the internet at their fingertips, they won’t check the figures or do the thinking required to put your fake pandemic into proper context. They want the MSM to spoon feed them and tell them how to think about this new thing. So have your MSM reporters, news readers and anchors use dramatic faces and tones to impart fear. If necessary, this may even involve going back in time to manipulate past figures to aid your current propaganda, i.e. changing history as Orwell laid out in 1984.

5. Bring in Fake ‘Experts’ with Exaggerated Simulation Models Predicting Doom

The next phase requires that you bring in ‘science’ on your side, to bolster your ‘evidence-based’ and ‘data-driven’ image. It’s all about perception control. Introduce new buzzwords and buzzphrases like flatten the curve, social distancing and the new normal and ensure all your paid lackeys repeat them ad nauseam. Keep repeating how your approach is evidence-based despite the fact that phrase is meaningless when the numbers are so easy to manipulate. Bring in a legion of fake experts on your payroll who are paid science shills to say whatever you want. Choose the ones with the most dire and end-of-times computer simulation models, and loudly proclaim this new virus is extraordinary and unprecedented. Predict lots of deaths (recall during the 2005 H5N1 bird flu, the Senior UN System Coordinator predicted it could kill 5 to 150 million people, yet it only killed around 100). By the time the whole thing is over, and the actual number of deaths only turns out to be way under 1% of your predicted number, no one will remember, and if they do, just use Big Tech to censor the truth tellers and the MSM to distract the masses with diversions so no one will pay attention.

6. Manipulate the CFR (Case Fatality Rate)

Some people will begin to ask about the CFR, so here’s what to do. You can manipulate it in 2 main ways: increase the numerator (attribute other deaths to this new disease, even if this disease was present in their bodies at death but didn’t cause it) and decrease the denominator. To increase the numerator, relax the laws everywhere to allow doctors to ascribe the cause of death to the new virus, even if it had nothing to do with the actual death. Heart attack? He died from the virus. Lung collapse? She died from the virus. Hit by a truck? Another virus death. To decrease the denominator, calculate it from the number of confirmed infected cases rather than the estimated infected (that way the number is sure to be lower). Using only confirmed cases will give you a much higher CFR or death rate, around 10 to 100 times higher. Then, compare apples with oranges discussing the seasonal flu CFR (around 0.1%, based on estimated infected) juxtaposed with the new killer virus CFR (try to get it as high as 10%, based on confirmed infected). Magic! Naturally, there is no need to ever share the fact that the death rate for the ordinary seasonal flu from confirmed cases is around 10%. Make sure people never hear of this number.

7. Balance Increasing CFR with Increasing Cases to Show Fast and Dangerous Spread

You have a delicate juggling act to perform. You have to get the CFR as high as possible to scare the living daylights out of people, getting them to believe this new killer virus is catastrophic, with a never-before-seen kill rate. However, if you make the denominator too low, people will see there’s not many cases. That won’t work, because you also need to create the impression this thing is spreading quickly and uncontrollably.
So, here’s what you do. You increase the rate of testing as time goes on to create the perception of fast spread. Remember, the media will use your testing figures, so start testing slowly, then gradually increase it as the fake pandemic begins to take hold of people’s minds. Consequently, the rate of confirmed cases will match the rate of testing; the more tests, the more confirmed cases. This will make it look like the virus is spreading faster than it actually is. For example, at the beginning you could test 100 people and find 10 new cases; then the next day you could test 200 people and find 20 new cases; then you could test 800 people and discover 80 new cases. The virus is not necessarily spreading; you are just testing more people. However, people will believe the virus is spreading. You can also test in a selective way. If you want to get more cases, then just test people you are confident already have the disease. Control which stories, which nursing homes, which districts, which cities, which states and which countries to focus upon with the MSM to mold perception.

8. Make the Symptoms Vague, Broad and Ill-Defined

Cough? Mucus? Fatigue? Trouble breathing? Fever? These kind of symptoms could mean any one of countless diseases. Keep the symptoms of the new virus unrealistically broad, so people think they have contracted it when they innocently get tired, cough or get a cold. A really great fake pandemic takes anything and incorporates into the narrative. You must siphon up all the deaths that are happening anywhere in the world and use them for your cause. A fake pandemic doesn’t require just 1 disease or just 1 cause. Horrible air pollution? 5G radiation? Poor hygiene and sanitation? Chemtrail aerosols causing poisoning? Heavy metal contamination? Industrial pollution? Microplastics causing disease in people’s bodies? GMOs leading to organ damage? Blame anything and everything upon the new killer virus. Plus, this will let your corporate and military friends off the hook for their pollution and secret operations which are destroying the planet.

9. Say the Pathogen Spreads Easily Via Air, Food, Body Fluids and Surfaces

Fear is the currency of control. People will be more afraid if you say this new virus can spread from anything – air, food and body fluids. Tell people it can survive on surfaces for days, weeks even. See what you can get away with. Stretch the bounds of incredulity. People don’t think clearly, rationally or intelligently when they are in fear. Make people anxious about basic natural and social activities. Make people completely OCD about everything in their lives, including touching cash.

10. Hype Serious Cases and Young People Dying

Make sure people don’t wake up to the fact that this new pandemic is only affecting the elderly or immuno-compromised people. You need to hype any deaths of young and healthy people. You have the whole world to choose from. Magnify all the serious cases. Focus on any peaks in the statistics. If things calm down in certain regions, ignore them.

11. Show Pics of Mass Graves and Forklifts Loading Dead Bodies for Effect

Add a touch of Hollywood special effects to your fake pandemic. Show alleged mass graves and forklifts loading alleged dead bodies into trucks to amplify the fear in minds of the population.


12. Use Your Big Tech Friends to Censor Anything that Counters your Narrative

Unfortunately, there will be some sane and level-headed people that will see through the fake pandemic propaganda. Some of them may even be scientists or doctors who will want to publish papers doubting the official narrative. Use your friends at Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter and even smaller players like Vimeo) to censor anything that runs counter to your information. They have carefully-crafted policies already in place to protect their users from uncomfortable opinions. Dominate the narrative by flooding it with editors and websites on your payroll, or celebrities and public opinion molders who are too stupid to realize what is happening. Conduct some fake polls to show the majority of the population supports the draconian measures taken. Cause economic distress to independent journalists so they are laid off, so you can gain even more narrative control.

13. Spin the Fact it Wasn’t That Bad by Claiming Your Measures Saved the Day

When the fake pandemic eventually winds down – as it must – you must claim credit for it. You must deflect attention away from the fact it wasn’t really that bad, and didn’t actually kill that many people, by claiming it was only your great leadership, intervention, regulations, economic shutdown, lockdowns, quarantines and house arrests that saved the day. Otherwise, it could have been a lot worse. Of course, that is an empty hypothetical claim that could never be disproven, so you’ll be able to get away with it unchallenged.

Now You’re Ready to Go Out and Create Your Very Own Fake Pandemic

So there you have it. We have covered the steps you need to know to manufacture your own fake pandemic. If you pull it off, you’ll have become a master manipulator and will graduate with honours to our inner cult, so expect an invitation from us in the future to worship under a 40 foot owl. And remember, it’s all about perception control: taking what exists already and creating the crisis in people’s heads. As a bonus, with the utter mess and chaos you’ll create, a real crisis or two is bound to appear somewhere, so then you can use that as well to further your power and agendas even more. What’s not to like?

Hat tip to Mandatory Intellectomy.

Original article published in The Freedom Articles


Aldous Huxley and George Orwell – Knowledgeable Visionaries or Coincidence?

Two names that come up regularly these days are Aldous Huxley and George Orwell and a phrase named after Orwell: ‘Orwellian’ or ‘Orwellian Vision’.

Both wrote books, that unerringly depicted a future world – a world that spookily mirrors our own world in 2020. Although Orwell was a few decades out with the cover title of 1984, you can forgive him for that, as he died in 1950. However both books are incredibly accurate in their depiction and prophesy of what we could expect to see at the end of the 20th, and beginning of the 21st century. Amazingly, the threshold of those visions are with us right now.

They may have been incredibly keen observers, and been able to predict the outcomes of what they observed in context with the general character of human nature. However that is unlikely, given the time span between the publishing of their books and the era we now live in. Most of the technologies they described would not even have been thought up at the time of their writing. On the other hand, they may both have had separate access to information that has been kept hidden from mankind. A knowledge of what was a planned agenda for the ‘end days’ for free humans.

Both were born into and educated within  classes that might certainly have mingled with powerful and influential circles. Circles that were closely associated with a power behind the governments, and who had a plan for mastery of the earth. Circles that have guided the way that humans have been manipulated up to this day. I err on the side of the second theory. The saying “Know the outcome SEE the journey” could have great relevance in the way they so accurately wrote of the future.

Apart from the gullible and malleable ‘Sheeple’ on this earth, who do not question anything and believe everything they are fed, the more astute and critical thinking among us would immediately recognise that we are being guided by an evil nucleus of people that do the work of their masters, the Cabal’s henchmen. Gates, Musk, Sorros etc. etc. These are the ones often referred to as the 1%, then there’s a 1% of the 1% – the trillionaires, we don’t even know their names, what we DO know is that there is an elite 1% that own 50% of the world’s wealth – as I write this post. When you have more money than hundreds, possibly thousands of your future generations can squander, what is left to achieve? Power, control and rulership of course.


Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963)

Was an English writer and philosopher. He wrote nearly fifty books — both novels and non-fiction works—as well as wide-ranging essays, narratives, and poems.

Born into the prominent Huxley family, he graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with an undergraduate degree in English literature. Early in his career, he published short stories and poetry and edited the literary magazine Oxford Poetry, before going on to publish travel writing, satire, and screenplays. He spent the latter part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death. By the end of his life, Huxley was widely acknowledged as one of the foremost intellectuals of his time.He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature seven times and was elected Companion of Literature by the Royal Society of Literature in 1962.

Huxley was a humanist and pacifist. He grew interested in philosophical mysticism and universalism, addressing these subjects with works such as The Perennial Philosophy (1945)—which illustrates commonalities between Western and Eastern mysticism—and The Doors of Perception (1954). In his most famous novel Brave New World (1932) and his final novel Island (1962), he presented his vision of dystopia and utopia, respectively.


Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell.

Was another earlier English novelist and essayist, journalist and critic. His work is characterised by lucid prose, biting social criticism, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

As a writer, Orwell produced literary criticism and poetry, fiction and polemical journalism; and is best known for the allegorical novella Animal Farm (1945) and the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). His non-fiction works, including The Road to Wigan Pier (1937), documenting his experience of working-class life in the north of England, and Homage to Catalonia (1938), an account of his experiences soldiering for the Republican faction of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), are as critically respected as his essays on politics and literature, language and culture. In 2008, The Times ranked George Orwell second among “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945”.

Orwell’s work remains influential in popular culture and in political culture, and the adjective “Orwellian”—describing totalitarian and authoritarian social practices—is part of the English language, like many of his neologisms, such as “Big Brother”, “Thought Police”, “Two Minutes Hate”, “Room 101”, “memory hole”, “Newspeak”, “doublethink”, “proles”, “unperson”, and “thoughtcrime”.


Have You Personally Read Their Books?

Probably not, most of us would be familiar with their names and the titles of their books. Many have a scrappy knowledge of what’s in their books, but relatively few have read them, even less have digested and thought deeply about their contents, and then put that information in context with the world we are currently living in.

Let Me help You Out With These Two Videos

Below are two videos that quickly précis the contents of the two books in comic book illustration fashion. Whilst they do not show the full contents of the books, they give you a precise story line that’s contained in the books. Perhaps they’ll encourage you to read tyhe books in their entirety and let you telve a little deeper into the warnings they contain.

First ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ by George Orwell:



And second ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley:


Sobering aren’t they? Now if you can’t see the incredible similarities of the contents, and the world we are currently living in, during this ‘Scaredemic’ and later, post the ‘Scaredemic’ – after the scaremongering and panic have done their job, as it herds us to a place we’ve never been before; or you think it’s coincidence or the mutterings of derogatory termed ‘conspiracy theorists’ then I fear you have been hypnotised into a world of slumber and eventual slavery.



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