I’m Healthy – So I’m Virus Free

Just because you don’t have the flu doesn’t mean that you aren’t teeming with viruses. But what are all these viruses doing, if they aren’t making you sick?

If You Think You Don’t Have Viruses, think again.

It may be hard to fathom, but the human body is occupied by large collections of microorganisms, commonly referred to as our microbiome, they have been with us since man first appeared on this earth. Scientists have only recently begun to quantify the microbiome, and discovered it is inhabited by at least 38 trillion bacteria. More intriguing, perhaps, is that bacteria are not the most abundant microbes that live in our bodies. That award goes to VIRUSES.

It has been estimated that there are over 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us at any given time –  no you didn’t misread that 38 TRILLION! It’s a community collectively known as the human virome. But these viruses are not the dangerous ones you commonly hear about, like those that cause the flu or the common cold, or more sinister infections like Ebola, Dengue or the much maligned COVID-19 virus, which has not actually been isolated or identified in a laboratory anywhere in the world at the time of writing this article. So how on earth a vaccine can be touted to protect us from it heaven knows. In fact is it a virus? That sounds like a strange question – a hot topic, because many scientists are starting to think outside of the box when it comes to viruses, which they theorise may actually be exosomes, created within our bodies to clean up the toxins that we encounter, which has caused cells to become poisoned or toxin laden. So is it a question of virus production of the body as a response to toxins? Including EMF i.e radio waves at frequencies in the millimetre wavelength band – like Wi-Fi, telecommunications transmissions, microwave devices and the evil one – 5G which is capable of transmitting at up to 300 Gigahertz. These frequencies are known to be detrimental to ALL life. I won’t go into that in depth in this article, but it merits some research digging by you the reader.

For The Purposes Of This Article, Let’s Dwell On Conventional ‘Germ Theory’

Bacteria were discovered as far back as Louis Pasteur’s day. A transitional period began in the late 1850s with the work of Louis Pasteur. This work was later extended by Robert Koch (of Koch’s Postulates fame) in the 1880s. By the end of that decade, the miasma theory was struggling to compete with the germ theory of disease. Viruses were initially discovered in the 1890s. Very little was known about them, due to their size, all that could be done in research work was based on assumptions. Those assumptions were based on the characteristics of bacteria, which are easily seen with a lens microscope. It was not until the invention of the electron microscope that viruses could be seen properly, and only then with samples outside of the body. There was a powerful lens microscope developed by Fritz Zernike in 1930. He discovered he could view unstained cells using the phase-contrast microscope, stained cells would kill viruses prior to that. This discovery did throw a lot of light on false assumptions about viruses, but it fell mostly on deaf years. By then, the Rockefeller Foundation had started influencing the way medicine was going, by funding medical schools to promote their corporate interests, with increased dependency on chemical solutions. Most of those pharmaceutical preparations were rooted in the oil business.

However with the development of newer technology – like the modern electron microscope, William Farr’s miasma theory may have been nearer the mark than realised at the time. The problem seems to arise when scientists assumed viruses work in the same way as bacteria, of course they are a totally different animal. However the science applied to viruses has been woefully inadequate, because the application of treatment has been based on germ theory applicable to bacteria. This is glaringly obvious with the incredibly clumsy and problem driven application of vaccines for viral ‘infection’. Put simply they don’t work and never have. Conversely many scientists insist that vaccination is actually more problematic that helpful. Research papers have indicated that vaccination has accelerated death rates, and not reduced them in many cases like Polio for example. There is increasing evidence that people innoculated with seasonal flue vaccines appear to react far worse to this latest seasonal flu outbreak labelled COVID-19.

Whilst viral and bacterial illnesses may not be associated with ‘bad air’ as set out by Farr, the fact that the illnesses reside within bodies, and and are not contracted from outside the body makes a lot of sense. Human bodies react to toxic environments, whether by polluted air, water or food. It is now theorised by many prominent scientists that humans and other animals produce specific viruses to help detoxify the body at a cellular level.

More interesting eye opening information on this subject is contained in the video below:


Exosomes vs. Viruses

It has been discovered that exosomes are released by toxic cells when they become contaminated by substances that people come into contact with in everyday life. When viewed under an electron microscope, exosomes appear identical to viruses in every aspect. In the following video Dr. Andrew Kaufman demonstrates this when exosomes are compared to slides of Coronavirus ‘viruses’.


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