The Roots Of The Organisation

The United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945 – just after the Second World War. It morphed from the earlier organisation – The League of Nations – that was formed immediately after the First World War that ended just about twenty years before the outbreak of the Second World War. Both wars were planned, contrived and financed by the Globalist Élites (also known as billionaire  oligarchs. the illuminati and the Cabal, although the ‘Cabal’ is further back in the shadows and directs control via it’s front stage henchmen in the World Economic Forum (WEF) based in Davos, with Klaus Schwab at the helm. I don’t want to go off on a tangent here; If the reader would like more information on the origins of the Cabal, you can view a past article on this Blog that explains more on the origins of the Cabal

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Treachery Of War Financiers

Up to our present time, the UN has again morphed – this time it is run from Davos under the banner of the WEF. The UN mission statement from 1945, that it was set-up to bring peace to the world is a heinous and outrageous lie. In the inverted world of the’ Globalists  ‘peace’ means ‘war’. The UN’s central mission has been the proliferation of war, and all the evils that follow after those wars. War is profitable peace is not.

In the same fashion as the Napoleonic wars were financed by the biggest banking family of that time period –  the Rothchilds.  So too wars have been fermented by the UN – as we see in the current  Ukraine (proxy) war driven by NATO and fuelled by the Davos clique through the banking system and their control of penetrated governments of the world – (Schwab’s words not mine). However, the hand played by the  the UN goes a lot further, as their agenda for mankind, working alongside one of their instrument of devastation – The World Health Organisation (WHO) the lock-step-agenda  is becoming clearer by the day as people are waking up to reality.

The Rothschild family have funded the losers and the winners of all wars since the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815. They fund both sides so that whichever side wins, they profit. In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte is campaigning against Wellington. Jacob Rothschild, in Paris, funds Napoleon while Nathan Rothschild, in London, funds Wellington. Soon, the family decides that it is more profitable if Britain wins the war as the British royal family is indebted to the Rothschild family: thus, Jacob limits the funds to Napoleon’s army.

Knowing that Britain is winning the war, Nathan starts selling off his British bonds in lump sums. Other traders conclude that France must be winning and Britain losing. They also dump their British bonds in large sums. As a result, the price of the bond plummets and becomes very low. Once Nathan sees that the other traders have sold all their bonds, he begins buying them back at ridiculously low prices. When the news reaches the ordinary citizens that Britain has won the war, the value of the British bond rises so high that Nathan makes a huge profit. Ever since, the Rothschild family use their money and power to design the economies of other countries in the world. They also create economic crashes to make a profit out of them, just like they do in Britain in 1815.

From The Mouth Of A Whistle-blower

You can choose to ignore the findings of myself and many hundreds of thousands of other researchers – who are routinely and disparagingly labelled “conspiracy Theorists” by the corrupt and paid for mainstream media, along with so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ who are also influenced by those currently in control of world events. PLEASE don’t take our word for it, but you should take heed of what you hear and learn from those who have broken ranks, to help us wake up the public to the situation.

BGB at all times makes the effort to bring you the information from the horse’s mouth. Our goal is to expose the truth and spread the word to everyone who is not aware of the situation that humanity finds itself in today. Time is short – we desperately need to educate those amongst us who are naïve, gullible and innocent. Eventually, everyone will see through the lies, and the perceived reality that these powerful elites have led us to believe.

Calin Georcescu

Dr. Calin Georcescu

You may not have heard of him previously, but he is a former, high ranking Romanian executive director at the UN (he was previously the EU representative president at the infamous ‘Club of Rome)’.

In the following BGB reproduction of a ‘Stop World Control’ video, we are treated to a conversation between Dr. Calin Georcescu and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who now heads up the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC Law). He was formerly involved with the Berlin Covid  Investigation Committee, collecting evidence for a trial against those involved in the Covid scam.

This is a big shell shock for many who  see and hear this video for the first time. It opens our eyes to what the UN’s dark secrets are. It also helps us to see the connections between the UN, WHO  and the WEF and all others involved at the highest level.



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A Bit Of Dessert After The Main Course . . . 

If you fancy a bit of afters, here is a little video from The People’s Voice, that further exposes what the Cabal have in store for us via the WEF. Individually, we need to rise up against this contrived insanity:


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