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Big Gee’s Blog has fallen foul to the draconian censorship that has cropped up across the popular social media and video streaming platforms in recent times – more especially since the hoax pandemic has crippled the globe. Videos posted on this Blog have been taken down with no warning, simply because they expose the corrupt and wicked Cabal driven system we live in.

The mainstream media – which is owned by a tiny handful of global companies, that all sing from the same song sheet, is now, not only censoring anything which is not the official line of the government establishments, but anything which goes contrary to what the Cabal wants the people to view, listen or talk about.. The same holds true of the Silicon Valley dominated social media and video streaming platforms. This proves – without a shadow of a doubt – that our freedoms of speech and expression are being taken away from us.

If anything the mainstream (false news) media promotes is questioned, then it gets stifled, ignored or removed. The ones that decide what is truth or not is the MSM. They though are given free reign to publish anything they wish – mostly of a propaganda nature. The organisations that are supposed to control the MSM are given their orders and directives by the Cabal. This is like putting a rat in charge of the cheese larder! We the people are the ones who decide what is false and what isn’t. To do that, we need the freedom to hear both sides of any debate. Factual evidence is the acid test and should be the sole judgeof any news broadcast, and the public can determine it’s validity – not the authorities. It is plainly obvious that there is a covering up by the MSM of news stories that expose their corrupt nature, they alone decide what gets reported and what doesn’t. Surely this cannot possibly be right.

What You Need To Do:

Move your viewing source to a platform that is dedicated to free speech. Creating an account with Brighteon allows you to subscribe to your favourite channels and easily see NEW videos from your followed channels when you log in. You can also “Like” your favourite videos. You can view all uploaded videos on any channel without creating an account.

Unlike Google and YouTube, Brighteon do not shadow-ban new videos from channels you subscribe to. If you subscribe to a channel, you will see ALL of the new videos from that channel on your home page when you log in. You can unsubscribe from any channel at any time.

As a Brighteon user, you may also upload your own videos to your channel. The more views your videos receive, the more you UNLOCK permissions to upload even more videos.

In the near future, you will be able to message other Brighteon users using short text posts. As a channel owner, you can broadcast these text posts to all your subscribers, and they will see your posts on their home page when they log in.

Brighteon does NOT track users to build user psychological profiles like Google, YouTube, Facebook and other evil tech companies. As a result, they do NOT monetize user profiles in any way. Their sole source of revenue comes from the ads displayed on video view pages and your purchases through the Brighteon Store.

Brighteon does NOT display ads based on user profiles. They choose ads to display entirely based on the content of the video where the ads appear. Thus, they are not profiling users, but rather matching ads with content. This is how they respect your privacy and anonymity.

If you choose to upload videos to your channel (it’s your choice), please note that while Brighteon supports free speech, this platform is not appropriate for pornography, how-to terrorism videos or other videos which may directly call for violence or violate the law or violate intellectual property (you cannot, for example, upload full-length Hollywood movies or TV show episodes). However, they welcome videos on political speech, vaccines, natural medicine, science, history, culture, entertainment and more.

Join Brighteon now and start subscribing to the channels you wish to follow. New channels are joining Brighteon each day, especially as the evil tech giants escalate their censorship of free speech.


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