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You shall know the TRUTH and the truth WILL set you free from this HOAX 'planned-demic' (supposed new virus) SCAM – Distrust The Government – Avoid Mass Media – Fight The Lies

Spread The Word – Letter Templates

Spread The Word – Letter Templates

It’s important to get the message out to politicians.

To get the contact details for your MP

Despite the popular assumption, politicians are NOT up to running speed regarding this hoax pandemic. They are a cross section of society, and are therefore a reflection of the public. Generally, the public are uneducated about the facts concerning reality and the truth of maters. They rely solely on the mainstream media for their information – which is corrupt and is actually unadulterated propaganda. Globally, the MSM is bought and paid for by the Cabal, who are also the puppet masters of the governments.

Doubtless, the majority of politicians are compartmentalised and are not privy to what is going on behind the scenes – they are as much in the dark as the majority of the public. There ARE however a number of politicians who are fully aware and complicit in the ‘Great Reset’ – hatched by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum which reflects the New World Order plan, which has been talked about for years, but is now out in the open. The government advisors are fully complicit and they guide the government. In other words we are being ruled by technocrats, who are bought and paid for by those who are part of the Cabal, which consists of the World Health Organisation, which in turn is funded by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (see the download ‘Bill Gates Funding’ document, which you can enclose as an attachment to your letter) – if you so wish, along with a RT-PCR Fact Sheet which you can also include.

YOU have a duty to make your MP aware of the facts.

If enough constituents provide the information to the rather clueless politicians, they may start to wake up in numbers. At present they are – in stunning numbers – sitting on their hands, and there is no parliamentary scrutiny (especially from the opposition parties). They are in a mindset that we are in an emergency situation and all decisions lie with the Government Cabinet, as happens during a war crisis. Little wonder why the PM keeps drawing parallels to the last World War, when his idol (Winston Churchill and his war cabinet) made decisions in dictatorial fashion.. We need to help restore this situation by rising the awareness of our MPs. They need to understand what the reality is, and where the government has gone off the rails.

Writing letters a chore?

It’s a daunting task for many to sit down and compose a letter on their own. That’s why BGB has done the job for you. Templates have been prepared that you can download (our thanks to Rachel Elnaugh, for kindly providing the contents of a letter template that she had compiled previously). You can  edit it as you wish, and then you can send it off to your MP. This can be done via e-mail or by postal delivery. Sometimes a written letter, delivered by ‘signed for’ service, can have more chance of being read – but that’s up to you. Why not send one by e-mail and print the other out and put it in an envelope?

Examples & Downloads

Here are examples of the letter and the two documents mentioned above:


Download Links

No. Template/ Document Format(s) Download
1 Letter To MP  Template PDF
Zipped Folder Containing:

Open Office (.odt) file

MS Word (.doc) file

MS Word (.docx) file

2 RT-PCR Fact Sheet PDF
3 Bill Gates Funding PDF




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