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2019 – 2021 & Beyond – The Raw Analysis Of The TRUTH

A Trilogy Of Videos

Not too many words from me in this post. Just three BGB reproduced videos; to give you a clearer view of what’s happening at different levels.

1. Follow The Science:

This first video is a documentary by Mark Hallett titled ‘Follow The Science?’ It maps out the development of the hoax pandemic narrative from 2019 to the present. With clips of what the pseudo science mob have said, their retractions, their lies and more importantly comments by the world’s genuine, principled and brave, recognised leaders in their scientific fields. The evidence of a fraud is overwhelming.

2. Monopoly – When You Hold ALL The Card:

Secondly, here is a video titled ‘Monopoly – A Forensic Review Of The Great Reset’. How many foundations own and rule EVERYTHING in this world? Be prepared to be surprised as this forensic investigation connects the economic dots for you. It is also the same group that is aiming for the Great Reset.

3. So Over Coronavirus:

And finally, the last word goes to one of my favourite researchers – Polly St. George (Amazing Polly) from Canada; along with others I follow – and you should – like James Corbett of The Corbett Report they do a fantastic job. In this video Polly puts her capstone on the Covid-19 scam. Her incredible work rate in turning over every stone is truly  phenomenal. Over and over, her investigative work has been proven to be so accurate and stunningly revealing over the years.

Expecting any site visitor to sit down and absorb three videos in one session is a big ask! Can I suggest that you view as much as you can, and when tiredness or boredom may set in and your concentration powers wane – why not click on your personal ‘Bookmark’ icon at the foot of this article? So rather than abandon what you haven’t seen, you can return later, and click the ‘Your Bookmarks’ tab in the main menu at the top of the page to revisit the page you bookmarked earlier to take up where you left off.

View all of BGB’s videos by visiting our archive channels at:


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It’s Main Ingredient Is Not Secret Anymore

It’s Bad News – REALLY Bad

As many of the more awake in our midst have suspected from the start of this hoax ‘pandemic’ – there is evil intent at work on an agenda that is vile and far worse than we suspected in it’s intent.

We suspected from the start that the ultimate goal was to use an excuse for a vaccine in order to inoculate the whole population of the earth for malevolent purposes. What has been revealed by a team of professional research scientists in Spain is probably beyond the comprehension of most people – including those who have kept their eyes on the ball from the start.

We have kept relatively quiet about this research, because we needed to know more about it, before publishing it’s content; the same applied to the reports of humans becoming magnetic after their injections. Because we base the information on this blog on factually correct and evidentially waterproof material, we’ve exercised some restraint.

However now that we have access to the research results from Spain (see the embedded PDF copy of the report in English below), we are sufficiently convinced of the validity of the findings.

Interview With Ricardo Delgado Martín

In the BGB reproduced video below – originally recorded by Global Research Canada –  Professor Michel Chossudovsky conducts a full interview with Ricardo Martín. It’s an excellent interview, with Prof. Chossudovsky’s own subject material knowledge, he asks all the right questions, including the recent research that also shows the presence of graphene oxide in face masks. Ever wondered why the obsession with face masks, before the mRNA injections started to get rolled out? The explanation is as clear as day in this video.

The connection between graphene oxide poisoning and supposed Covid-19 symptoms is now making sense, as is the phenomenon of magnetism after injections are administered, that contain graphene. 

For those reading this blog for the first time here is a run down of who  Professor Michel Chossudovsky and Ricardo Martín are and what their educational background is:

Professor Michel Chossudovsky

Is a Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Ricardo Delgado Martín

Graduated in Statistics from the University of Seville. Master of specialization in Biostatistics. Postgraduate in Health Biology: Clinical Microbiology, Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Immunology from the Miguel de Cervantes European University. University Expert in Clinical Genetics from the Antonio de Nebrija University. Certificate of Scientific Contribution by the University of Seville.

The Video

We bring to the attention of BGB readers and subscribers this important interview with Ricardo Delgado Martin, Founder and Director of Quinta Columna. Ricardo is responsible for co-ordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide Nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine.

The Study Of The Contents Of The mRNA Gene Therapy Injections

It should be noted at this point that the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the contents of these injection had not released a full list of the contents. Hence why we have repeatedly pointed out that recipients of the jabs could not possibly make informed decisions before accepting the injections, because proper information was simply not available. This puts those administering the injections in a very precarious position, under the Nuremberg Code of 1949, which is still in force globally. INFORMED consent HAS to be obtained before injecting anyone with an unknown substance.

The original vial of injection content was transferred to the team’s laboratory by certified secure transmission through law enforcing personnel (to avoid any future accusations of tampering). On arrival, the vial was witnessed independently as the original vial’s seal was opened.

The results of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy are far-reaching. Graphene oxide is a toxin which triggers thrombi and blood coagulation. It also has an impact on the immune system. Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs can have devastating impacts.

The results of the Spanish study (yet to be fully confirmed when the paper is published and peer reviewed), suggests that the recorded vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” (e.g. published in the US by the CDC and in the EU) are attributable to the presence of graphene oxide Nano-particles contained in the Covid vaccine vial.

Not Just In The Injections

Of significance, (acknowledged by national health authorities) graphene oxide is also contained in the face mask.

Graphene has electromagnetic properties which have been detected in people who have been vaccinated. These effects have been amply documented and confirmed. See the study conducted by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

Ricardo Delgado Martin is specialized in biostatistics, clinical microbiology, clinical genetics and immunology.

For further details on this project see the report by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, specialized in Chemistry and Biology, Escuela Superior de Ingenería, University of Almería.

Here is a summary of their full study report entitled Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension, Observational study in Optical and Electron Microscopy.

Graphine-Oxide_detection_in_vial_of_Pfizer_vaccine_OFFICIAL_INTERIM_REPORT_IN ENGLISH

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Dr. Mike Yeadon: “WE Are Staring At The Gates of HELL”

Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD

Is a leading, renowned scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer.

Now you don’t need to listen to the likes of BGB, for fear that you may think I’m a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist with a vivid imagination – which incidentally I’m not, and never have been – I deal in researched facts only. But it’s a very ‘yesterday’ slur from the sixties, by many mainstream media watching conformists, who do absolutely no research of their own and believe everything they are fed by the mainstream media (MSM), to dodge having to debate anything, and to escape the risk of being seen as a closed minded, ‘statist’ chump! If being open minded, curious, a questioner and someone who is proud to be a critical thinker who doesn’t take ANYTHING that ANYONE says at face value – regardless of their perceived status – then I’ll gladly go along with the tag of ‘conspiracy theorist‘. Guilty as charged! Do the likes of Dr. Yeadon fall into the same category? Facts and scientific evidence always trump beliefs, which are more like a blind adherence to a religious cult – without challenge.

Courtesy of the film ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (1994)

So instead perhaps, you’ll listen and believe Dr. Yeadon – unless you’re a real dyed in the wool chump, and think he’s a conspiracy theorist as well!

The Full Interview

Let Dr. Michael Yeadon explain the rest – in detail – in this BGB reproduced full interview video below. This  good and principled PhD qualified doctor from the pharmaceutical industry is at the end of his tether – regarding what has been happening over the last year and a half, but planned a very long time ago. Hence the reason that he solemnly and seriously says that unless we, the people, do something to stop this genocidal attack on humanity very quickly, in the VERY near future, then we will be staring at the gates of Hell.

Whether your personal religious doctrines teach you about Hell or not (personally, I’m a non religious person and don’t believe in a literal Hell as depicted by man made religions – although I would describe myself as deeply spiritual in the wider context), what is meant by ‘Gates of Hell’ by Dr. Yeadon is a post current ‘pandemic’ existence that would be worse than death, whether here or elsewhere in another realm – depending on your beliefs. What is a definite given is that the mRNA injections are certainly not about treatment of a fake/phantom virus. People are going to be suffering and REALLY dropping dead in the streets, either shortly after receiving the death jabs or up to years afterwards. It’s what’s called a ‘soft genocide’. If everyone dropped dead or suffered permanent debilitating effects immediately after getting a jab the game would be up; with this technique it will be more difficult to pin it on a certain categoric cause. And there’s always the ‘variant’ factor to blame for deaths in the future – rather than an implemented depopulation programme through a hypodermic needle.

If your trust is in governments that are proven to continuously lie, are corrupt and complicit in what’s happening, along with the pharmaceutical industry that lines the pockets of key placed politicians, who  in turn, are controlled by higher dark authorities that pull the strings – like puppet masters – who own or fund the mainstream media globally, then go ahead – ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE! Nothing to worry about is there? You only heard the truth from ‘conspiracy theorists‘!

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Time For A Roundup – Now That The Initial Generated Fear Has Receded a Little

The Race Against Time

Generating mass fear, insecurity and through that, the control of the masses is not particularly difficult. Humans are nervous beings, easily spooked, and they also have the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ trait. In a state of insecurity, they  look around and react by doing what everyone else seem to be doing. The result is a frightened mass acting within  a herd mentality.

Those behind schemes to control, exploit and depopulate humans have discovered from long ago that a weakness in the human psyche is an irrational fear of disease, pain and death. Give them a scenario where an invisible organism can attack, cause mass infection, pain and death, then the reaction is almost immediate – panic breaks out, logic goes out of the window and the reptilian brain (the basal ganglia – which is outside our conscious awareness) kicks in and we go into survival mode. We cling to anything we are told or offered by e.g. the WHO, ‘experts’ and politicians. We  cling to any chance of enhancing our chances of survival. That would be fine in a perfect world, where you can be confident that your wellbeing is being genuinely cared for, but we all know that is not the case. The world is riddled with corruption and evil intent, by those who are unimaginably rich, powerful and influential. So influential in fact that they control governments. Worse still, they in turn are controlled by a Cabal that has planned and schemed for millennia to enslave and control the human race.

However there is a caveat – you can’t keep humans in a state of fear and open to manipulation indefinitely. The truth eventually seeps out, people calm down and start using their conscious intelligence once again. Consequently, those who have generated the false fear and panic only have a limited window of opportunity to get to their goal. In this latest ‘pandemic’ chaos, the end game is to inoculate everyone on earth with a deadly injection, to realise the Cabal’s depopulation reduction programme. If the people recover consciousness before the deed is done, then there’s a real risk of failure. So it’s a race against time, before the patient (victim) starts to recover from the anaesthetic before the operation has been completed. This is the reason for the HUGE push to get everyone inoculated, before that window of opportunity closes again.

So lets have a recap, so that we can look back at how this hoax pandemic was formulated and executed. The fulcrum point has been the governments and mainstream media – all bought, owned and paid for from the incredible monetary and resources rich Cabal. Bribery and corruption with eventual control buys you a lot of resources to scare people.

The remainder of this article has been written by The Daily Expose, with minor editing and formatting changes by BGB. Our gratitude to them for all their hard work.

Your Government has committed Democide since March 2020 by using fear, deception, and Midazolam . . . .

Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, senicide, and mass murder. Her Majesty’s Government, its scientific advisors, medical advisors, and NHS chiefs have committed all of these acts since March 2020, but they couldn’t do it without convincing you Covid-19 was to blame. Here’s how they did it. . . .

Firstly they created mass hysteria. You were shown images such as this on programmes such as BBC News, or on the front pages of newspapers:

Infamous images of Chinese medical officials in hazmat suits collecting bodies off the pavements of Wuhan, where we were told they had collapsed and died in the street because of a new strain of coronavirus, now known as COVID-19.

Have YOU ever seen anybody die in the street because of Covid-19?

It wasn’t until Covid allegedly hit the Lombardy region of Italy that people really started to pay attention though.

On the 19th March 2020, Sky News released a documentary entitled ‘The Shocking Centre of the Covid-19 crisis’:

This is probably the point at which  millions fell for the con, allowing the Government to implement policies which would ensure thousands of elderly and disabled people were euthanised.


Here’s some of the things they told you in that documentary –

They’re fighting a war here and they’re losing.”

The sheer numbers of people succumbing to the coronavirus is overwhelming every hospital in Northern Italy.”

This killer pandemic is virtually out of control.”

The doctors say they’ve seen nothing like it before, and are warning other countries – especially the United Kingdom that they will see it as well.”

But some could see what was coming, the problem is their voices were not heard on what has become a pathetic, propaganda arm of the UK government – the mainstream media.

Advocates spoke out prior to the debate of the coronavirus bill on March 29th 2020, insisting the bill would lead to the ‘genocide of disabled people’.

A statement from Greenwich Disabled People Against Cuts outlined the following concerns:–

Should this Bill pass as is, disabled people will be forced to rely on family or volunteers to provide the support that is currently provided by trained, paid, Personal Assistants, care agencies, or residential home workers.

This will undo decades of campaigning for Independent Living and Disabled People’s rights – potentially causing virtual imprisonment of disabled people, harm or death (through neglect, self-harm, insufficient support and / or suicide).”

The bill passed, as you will know, but the actual outcome over the past year and a half was much worse than anyone could have predicted.

The following is everything the Government implemented in March 2020 that allowed them to commit democide –

The Government changed the law under the guise of the coronavirus act on certifying deaths.

This change of law meant that any doctor could certify a death, even if they were not the attending doctor.

The law also stated, and still states that Covid-19 could be listed as a ‘direct’ or ‘underlying’ cause of death for the purposes of the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD).

The law also stated, and still states that Covid-19 deaths do not need to be reported to the coroner, despite Covid-19 being listed as a notifiable disease.

Did the doctors need proof under the new law that Covid-19 was the official cause of death? Of course not. The law stated, and still states that –

Medical practitioners are required to certify causes of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief”. Without diagnostic proof, if appropriate and to avoid delay.

The law also allowed, and still allows the cause of death to be verified remotely. The guidance explains that the person physically attending the body of the deceased need not be a medical professional but that they should ‘usually and normally’ be independent of family members. This is precisely what happened in care homes, as GP’s refused to visit.

The law on cremations also changed 

The coronavirus act removed the need for a confirmatory medical certificate (form 5) for cremations. It also removed the need to examine the body after death as long as the deceased was either seen after death by a medical practitioner or attended within the last 28 days – in person or by video consultation.

The law on indemnity for health service activity also changed –

The new law meant that any person providing caring for or treating a person wo was just “suspected” of having Covid-19 would not be held liable for their death.

The final law change that was critical in allowing the Government and it’s circle of scientific and medical advisors to get away with mass murder was the ban on visiting loved ones in care homes.

Family members—many of whom perform essential care giving roles—were either banned from visiting their loved ones or faced very significant limitations on their ability to be with them.

Whilst all this was happening Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty instructed hospitals to discharge as many patients as possible into care homes, the very place the patients loved ones were now banned from visiting, the very place a doctor was not required to visit to certify a death, the very place carers could not be held liable for a death as long as it was just suspected to be Covid-19.

The very place where care home managers refused to call out a doctor to treat an illness. The very place that care home managers refused to call an ambulance to take a resident to hospital. The very place that any patient with the first signs of just a sniffle were put on do not resuscitate orders without informing the patient or their family.

The very place where those do not resuscitate orders were used as permission to begin end of life care. End of life care which involved the refusal of medical treatment. End of life care which involved the withdrawal of existing medication. End of life care which involved the injection of lethal amounts of midazolam. End of life care which involved the deprivation of food and water, leading to the residents dying of drug overdose, starvation, and dehydration.

Is it just a coincidence that midazolam causes the same symptoms as serious complications due to Covid-19?

Is it just a coincidence that end of life care guidelines for Covid-19 involved the injection of lethal doses of midazolam?

Is it just a coincidence that the Care Quality Commission found that 34% of people working in health and social care were pressured into placing ‘do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation’ (DNACPR) orders on Covid patients who suffered from disabilities and learning difficulties, without involving the patient or their families in the decision?

Is it just a coincidence that an amnesty report found more of the same?

Is it just a coincidence that the UK purchased a two-year supply of midazolam in March 2020, and then went back to France for more?

Is it just a coincidence that a two-year supply of midazolam was depleted by October 2021?

Is it just a coincidence that prescriptions for midazolam doubled in April 2020 compared with April 2019?

Is it just a coincidence that the amount of Midazolam solution produced each month match the spikes in alleged Covid deaths?

Is it just a coincidence that the number of prescriptions for midazolam in 2020 and early 2021 precisely precede the number of deaths due to all causes in the over 65’s during 2020 and early 2021?

THAT is an AWFUL lot of coincidences

– even if you believe in them.

Hospitals beds in April 2020 were 30% down compared to the previous year.

A&E attendance was 57% down in April 2020 compared to the previous year.

Care home deaths were 205% up in April 2020 compared to April 2019.

The vast majority of alleged Covid deaths are people over the age of 85.


And three in every five alleged Covid-19 deaths occurred in those who suffered learning difficulties and disabilities.

In relation to deaths of people with learning difficulties the ONS said:

The largest effect was associated with living in a care home or other communal establishment.”

Can you not see a strong correlation here between the over prescribing of Midazolam and the seemingly premature ending of life, with the associated deaths being put down as Covid-19?

At the beginning of World War II, individuals with mental or physical disabilities were targeted for murder in what the Nazis called the “T-4,” or “euthanasia,” program.

The Euthanasia Program required the co-operation of many German doctors, who reviewed the medical files of patients in institutions to determine which individuals with disabilities should be killed. The doctors also supervised the actual killings. Doomed patients were transferred to six institutions in Germany and Austria, where they were killed in specially constructed gas chambers. Infants and small children with disabilities were also killed by injection with a deadly dose of drugs or by starvation. The bodies of the victims were burned in large ovens called crematoria.

Despite public protests in 1941, the Nazi leadership continued this program in secret throughout the war. About 200,000 people with disabilities were murdered between 1940 and 1945.

Certain people within the UK Government, certain scientific advisors, certain medical advisors, and certain NHS chiefs are complicit in orchestrating democide in the United Kingdom, just like the Nazi’s did during World War Two.

Except this time, they didn’t use gas chambers. They have instead used fear, deception, and Midazolam.

Sobering isn’t it? And yet when confronted with this information, we hear silly, naïve & gullible people say:

Surely they wouldn’t do that in the 21st century . . . . it must be a conspiracy theory.

Oh yes they would! And they are in the middle of doing it RIGHT NOW. Just wake up, open your mind to the facts that are staring you in the face. None of this is made up. We are not here to write science fiction.

But the worst is yet to come. The aftermath of the ‘death jabs’ are still to be seen. How will YOUR body react in the future to an armful of graphene oxide that you have volunteered to have injected into you – without informed consent, without any liability by the ‘death jab’ manufacturers and all on the say so of those bought and paid for by the Cabal.

Think about it. How many times have you been lied to in the past, but now believe everything you are being told from the same source. What did Einstein say? “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”. How many times do you need to be lied to before the penny drops?

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The Deceit, Fraud & Corruption – The Dam WILL Burst – But What Will Be The Trigger?

From Little Acorns Big Oak Trees Can Grow

It’s amazing how small, apparently insignificant, token gestures can be a watershed moment in the fight against injustice.

Pictured – Rosa Parks with Martin Luther King Jnr in the background

A historic example is Rosa Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) who is historically best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott.

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks rejected bus driver James F. Blake’s order to vacate a row of four seats in the “coloured” section in favour of a white passenger, once the “white” section was filled. Parks was making a simple point, but it mushroomed to the point where, the federal Montgomery bus lawsuit (Browder v. Gayle) resulted in a November 1956 decision, that bus segregation is unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Through a court challenge – after her arrest for civil disobedience  after violating Alabama segregation laws –  Rosa helped inspire the black community to boycott the Montgomery buses for over a year (‘blacks’ were the overwhelming users of the bus service). The case became bogged down in the state courts, the rest is history. Those of us around in that decade remember the civil rights protests of the sixties – a huge bonfire for justice that was triggered by a tiny spark, in the guise of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

Amazingly, that pattern has been repeated many times over in the past. Despite a lot of effort, by many people, it’s sometimes an apparently small trigger that actually brings things to a head (like the photo of that little naked Vietnamese girl – on the left – running in terror with the skin burnt off her back from a napalm attack by the US military – it changed the public’s view of the Vietnam war and ended up with the US withdrawal with their tail between their legs). Similar to Parks’ act of defiance and the Montgomery bus boycott they became important symbols of a movement for change in the name of justice. Rosa Parks became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation, and organized and collaborated with civil rights leaders, including Edgar Nixon and Martin Luther King Jr.. At the time, Parks was employed as a seamstress at a local department store – who would have believed it?

Where is the trigger going to come from when it comes to exposing the cruel hoax in the name of a ‘pandemic’?

Coming up to the present . . .

In the case of Dr. Sam Whyte, an outspoken critic of the Covid-19 scam pandemic, he is about to be summoned before the almighty General Medical Council. Now, is this going to be a bear trap for the GMC? Because if they go ahead and find Dr. Whyte guilty of some trumped up and lying accusations, the cat may come out of the bag, and to the attention of the masses. A lot of truths will be revealed, much to the chagrin of not just the GMC, but all the minions and henchmen of the Cabal, which is behind this phoney plannedemic nightmare. You just can’t hide the truth forever, sooner or later a little crack will burst the dam. Could this possibly be a trigger?

Now let Dr. Vernon Coleman fill you in on the intriguing case of what could become a David & Goliath epic – in this war that’s being waged against all of humanity, by a small group with evil intent.

Graphene Oxide, Hydrogel and Nanoparticles/ Bots

Here is another BGB reproduced video of Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD talking on the Stew Peters show. She gives us a further glimpse into the horrors contained in the ‘death jabs’ and the technology that we are just becoming aware of. There’s much more information to come. What people don’t realise is that up to date technology is far ahead of what we see, but is kept well away from us – especially in the fields of Nano technology and radio wave development (bio telemetry). Sadly most people think that the latest technology amounts to just software for social media, and the latest Android OS and ‘apps’ for their mobile phones. So little do they know!

Informed Consent

It is illegal to conduct experiments on humans, as laid out in the Nuremberg Code, which has been in force globally since 1949. It is also illegal to inject anyone with any substance without their INFORMED consent. Do these gullible people who roll up their sleeves and stand in a queue for a jab ever ask what is actually in that vial of fluid that is injected into them? Sadly no, but even if they did ask, the pharmaceutical companies have not divulged what their various concoctions contain, or the risks involved – including death in many cases.

BGB has recently published a Fact-Sheet about informed consent and what it means. To view it, please

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A Deadly Pandemic? It Was Planned A Long Way Back With ‘Practice Runs’

Hard To Believe?

Probably – for those who don’t listen to the evidence, don’t do personal research, just watch/ listen and believe the MSM & have a hard time dealing with cognitive dissonance. They are also ‘statists’ who totally trust the governments and authority, and in their state of perceived reality they believe that this isn’t happening and could never happen.

The more critically minded and less gullible and naïve have warned about what was coming down the line, not just in the last eighteen months or so, but TWELVE YEARS AGO! How could these people have been so unnervingly accurate in their predictions? Easy – they were paying attention to “the writing on the wall” a long time ago; backed up with deep research and accompanying documented facts and evidence. Few listened back then, many more are listening now.

Suddenly, it’s not just those disparagingly labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’ in the past, that spotted what was going on. In the video below, Dr. (at law) Reiner Fuellmich is in discussion with; he explains his ongoing litigation which is based on evidence collected by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee over the course of this ‘Plannedemic‘. He also gives an update on his legal work to date and how he has concluded from all the expert witness statements and the many hundreds  that he  has interviewed, that the pandemic was pre-planned  a long time ago and is a stepping stone scam for the real goal – mass inoculations for the whole of mankind to facilitate depopulation as publicly stated by those who are controlling the fraudulent ‘plannedemic’. See ‘information on The Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21/ 2030.

There are none as blind as those who do not want to see, nor those who can hear but don’t want to listen. They are the ones who will reap the harvest of their ignorance and irrational closed mindedness.

Big Gee’s Blog

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One Of The Evil Players – How Many Children Will Die Because Of This Ignorant Woman?

So – Who Is Devi Sridhar?

Two peas in a pod? Neither with any medical qualifications who parade as ‘experts’ and are the ‘go to experts’ for MSM propaganda

She’s an anthropologist by background (anthropology is the study of aspects of humans within past and present societies – absolutely NOTHING to do with ANY field of medicine). She has no academic training in medicine, virology or immunology. This is very much in keeping with others – like Bill Gates – who goes around calling himself a vaccine expert and is presented as an ‘expert’ by the propaganda gushing MSM with – like Sridhar – zero qualifications in any medical field (in fact it’s unclear if Gates has any higher education qualifications at all – he flunked university to set up Microsoft; with the aid of his mother who came to his rescue. She was a board member of IBM. At the time, she got the then chairman of the board at IBM to supply all the programmers for her son’s pet project, and flew them all down from New York to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a chartered Boeing 727, to a struggling Bill Gates who was getting nowhere. The rest is history).

Back to Devi Sridhar. She has become a go-to person (like Gates) for the mainstream broadcast media (MSM) during this fake pandemic, where she is allowed to pronounce unchallenged on all things to do with Covid, vaccines and lockdowns. Last week, expert group HART has taken her to task for her misinformation about the safety of vaccinating children on Good Morning Britain. She told viewers categorically that:

. . . zero children have died because of the vaccine side-effects”

A claim at odds with the multiple reports on VAERS (the official US Government website) of fatal adverse events in children in the U.S. It’s obvious that the woman is not only out of her depth on the subject – she’s an evil liar who cares nothing about putting children’s lives at risk. Again very much like Billy Gates.

Recently, she told the BBC that vaccines give more robust and longer-lasting protection than from infection:

We’d rather people get immunity through a vaccine, as studies are showing that vaccine immunity is longer-lasting. You will have a more robust immune response from a vaccine than you do from natural infection”

She doesn’t specify which studies are showing this, but it is contradicted by the findings of researchers examining differing immune responses from infection and vaccination. A paper (not yet peer-reviewed) from a team at New York University in April, looked in detail at the different types of immune response from vaccines and infection and found marked differences that did not generally reflect well on the vaccines. Here are some excerpts:

While both infection and vaccination induced robust innate and adaptive immune responses, our analysis revealed significant qualitative differences between the two types of immune challenges. In COVID-19 patients, immune responses were characterised by a highly augmented interferon response which was largely absent in vaccine recipients . . .

Critically, induction of [interferons] by viral infection can radically reshape antigen presentation, cellular trafficking, and terminal differentiation of lymphocytes. Infection with SARS-CoV-2 potently induced [interferon] responses, but we did not observe evidence of [interferon] induction by the BNT162b2 mRNA [Pfizer] vaccine.

We observed the presence of cytotoxic CD4 T cells in COVID-19 patients that were largely absent in healthy volunteers following immunisation. . . . These features are indicative of protective immune responses and resolution of infection.

Other studies have indicated that the vaccines, unlike infection, do not produce mucosal IgA antibodies, which have been shown to play a crucial role in combating infection in the early stages.

Devi Sridhar also told the BBC that the Delta variant “makes Alpha look easy”. Again, this is untrue. According to Public Health England, the secondary attack rate (SAR, the proportion of contacts an infected person infects) of the Delta variant is currently 10.7% (meaning around 90% of contacts do not become infected), and it peaked at 13.5% at the beginning of May. By contrast, the Alpha variant’s SAR in December hit 15.1% and was still around 11% in March, though has declined further since. The idea that the Delta variant is far more infectious than the Alpha variant ever was and “makes it look easy” is thus a complete misunderstanding of the data.

There are so many well qualified scientists who could talk some sense and balance about COVID-19. Why do broadcasters insist on keeping on inviting inviting back the under-qualified and repeatedly wrong Professor Sridhar?

Upsetting An ‘Old Man In Chair’

As you can imagine, this absolute madness and evil intent has upset Dr. Vernon Coleman greatly. It must be worse for him than lay persons like us, due to his half century experience as a QUALIFIED doctor, and his compassionate nature.

It’s extremely moving to see someone like Dr. Coleman get so upset at the drivel from a young medically unqualified upstart on a subject she knows NOTHING about, but even more amazingly is touted as a “health expert” even though she holds no medical qualifications. We are deeply concerned at the lack of balance shown by MSM and the fact that someone who is neither a virologist, immunologist nor expert on the subject of vaccination is repeatedly given airtime to talk about vaccine safety. But the public are not aware of that and are particularly naïve and gullible. They have a tendency to believe everything thrown at them from the box in the corner of their living rooms. So the likes of Sridhar flies under the radar, tells her lies and gets away with it – thanks to the BBC coupled with harsh censorship by other media of the real experts and truth sayers, and there’s tens of thousands of them globally – but the MSM keeps them well hidden for fear of waking people up to the true reality.

REAL experts – like e.g. Professor Dolores Cahill (see below), Dr. Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer vice president) or Prof . Sucharit Bhakdi (the most cited scientist and writer of peer reviewed papers in Germany), Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD, and many others too numerous to list here, but they are ALL leading – world renowned experts – like prof. Luc Montagnier who is a French virologist and joint recipient, along with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen, of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus.  They are kept well away from public broadcasts as if they have leprosy or a plague attached to them, whilst the same MSM broadcasts lies and misinformation from the likes of the disgraceful Devi Sridhar, who is offering her insights on the best course of action over Covid.

She also has a role on the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 advisory group – where the hell did they dig her up from? And who the hell decided to engage her as an advisor on Covid-19 issues? Talk about ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’!  I fear our cousins from north of the border have also gone off their rockers – but nothing amazes me anymore in this topsy-turvy mad world where everything is inverted and embroiled in lies. Where truth is seen as lies and lies promoted as truth.

They WILL Pay For Their Actions

There are prison cells, patiently waiting for these people, many of whom are clinically insane; due – I believe – to them suffering from psychopathy and social psychopathic ailments. Only an uncaring, person (like Devi Sridhar) with no empathy or conscience could callously lie through their teeth, thereby encouraging harm to  innocent little children.


Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.

Psychopaths can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack any semblance of conscience. Their antisocial nature inclines them often (but by no means always) to criminality.

Psychopaths spark popular fascination and clinical anguish: Adult psychopathy is largely resistant to treatment, though programs exist to treat callous, unemotional youth in hopes of preventing them from maturing into psychopaths.

Virtually all Cabal henchmen are psychopaths, or engulfed by greed for money, status or power, and wide open to bribery, corruption and/ or blackmail. The likes of Devi  Sridhar and Bill Gates are classic examples, along with all the others like Klaus Schwab, Tedros Ghebreyesus (another medically unqualified ‘doctor’), Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and not forgetting the war criminal Tony Blair etc. etc. etc. There’s only a few thousand of them, but they aim to control the billions of humans on earth.

Now A Word From A REAL GENUINE Expert

Professor Dolores Cahill 

Brief Overview:

Dolores is an Inventor, Founder and Shareholder of Companies, has been Granted & licensed Patents in Europe, USA & worldwide with applications in improving the early accurate diagnosis of disease (auto immune diseases & cancer). Click here to visit her University College Dublin School of Medicine public profile.

Her latest business ventures include the World Freedom AllianceFreedomAirwayand Custodean.

Here’s an unending list of her qualifications and achievements over a prolonged period as a world renowned and accepted foremost authority in the fields of virology and microbiology:

  1. More than 20 years expertise in high-throughput protein & antibody array, proteomics technology development, automation & biomedical applications in biomarker discovery, diagnostics & personalised medicine
  2. Selected experience as Expert in EU over past 15 years: EU Future & Emerging technologies (FETOPEN) Innovation Launchpad; EU Innovation Radar Expert, EU Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges 1 (Health).
  3. Holds several granted and licensed international patents (EU, USA, Japan, Australia) (1995 – present) and peer reviewed publications, and reports,
  4. Professor, University College Dublin (2005-present)
  5. Group Leader, Max-Planck-Institute, Berlin, Germany (1995-2003)
  6. Supervisor of completed PhD & Masters’ degree students in Germany and Ireland.
  7. Co-founded Protagen AG in Dortmund (1996-2019) as a spin-out of the Max-Planck-Institute, Berlin to commercialise her diagnostic, companion diagnostic and personalised medicine applications of her discoveries. Protagen has screened and profiled the autoantibody repertoire of over 20,000 patients.
  8. Protagen Protein Services a spin-off company of Protagen since 2013 – expertise in protein, antibody, proteomics and peptide contract services to the pharmaceutical industry and health care sectors.

Policy and Strategy: Developing Research Infrastructure Sustainability & Integrated Healthcare Systems: 

  1. Over 15 years supporting initiatives to integrate research, biobanking, electronic health records in the health care sector, including integration of Biobanking & Biomarker Network,  and a long-term supporter of Biobanking Ireland, led by Prof. Eoin Gaffney ( ) and Clinical Research Development Ireland .
  2. Scientific Review Board Member of the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) (2016-2020) evaluating research funding grant applications for Cancer research, including Clinical Trials in Germany. (
  3. Member of the German International Science Advisory Review Board of the German Translational Medicine in Cancer (2010 – 2017) Strategic Programme funded by the German Department Health and the BMBF/DLF in Germany (
  4. Member, Irish Government’s Advisory Science Council (ASC) Member (2005-2013) for Science, Technology & Innovation.
  5. Dolores was an ASC Task Force member on ASC Policy Reports on ‘Promoting Enterprise-Higher Education Relationships’ (2009) & ‘Sustainability of Research Centres’ (2012).
  6. Dolores chaired the ASC Task Force for Government Policy ‘Towards a Framework for Researcher Careers’ (2008).
  7. Seconded National Expert (SNE) (2013-2014) to the European Commission Research and Innovation Directorate, in a Strategy and Policy Development role for International R&D&I Cooperation.
  8. Award from the Federation of European Biochemical Societies Award in Norway Research and its significance.
  9. Awarded BMBF BioFuture Prize by German Minister of Science.
  10. Recent Article on the recognition and prevention of medical errors and adverse events: Medical Errors & Adverse Events: leading cause of death and disease burden. Dolores J. Cahill. (Health Europa Nov 2018: 7:42-43) (

Research, Scholarship and Innovation: Recent Keynotes and Conferences organised: 

  1. Member of the Organizing Committee of the Annual World Proteome HUPO Organisation 2017 meeting held in Dublin in September 2017, chaired by UCD Prof. Stephen Pennington. Conference Gala dinner was opened by USA Vice-President Joseph R. Biden.
  2. Invited to give Lectures and Keynotes at conferences including in USA, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, South America. Recent lectures include at Companion Diagnostics & Biomarkers Conference 2019 in Porto, 13th and 14th February 2019; 5th Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders’ Summit, Munich, Sept 2018 & Chair Roundtable on Personalised Medicine & Adverse Events.

Research, Scholarship and Innovation including Policy and Strategy:

  1. Expert in EU European Commission for 15 years, including Future & Emerging technologies (FETOPEN); Innovation Radar Expert;  H2020 Societal Challenges 1 (Health); European Research Council.
  2. Previously participated in evaluations for BMBF/DLR in Germany; UK BBSRC; Vinnova in Sweden; IWT in Belgium.
  3. Examples of Science Advisory Boards Membership over past 15 years: Human Protein Atlas, Sweden; ProNova Research Institute Sweden; Complexinc, Switzerland; Atturos Ltd, Dublin.

Policy and Strategy – Seconded National Expert to the European Commission, Brussels:

  1. Seconded as a National Expert in Policy to Brussels to European Commission Research & Innovation (1.10.2013- 30.9.2014) – International Cooperation for Strategy and Policy coordination.

How can you compare the above to what Devi Shridhar has achieved – not to mention her medically unqualified status? It’s like comparing Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla with an undereducated chimpanzee. Yet who gets wheeled out as the poster girl for the BBC and other MSM outlets, to promote propaganda and blatant, brazen lies based on ignorance? Think about it. If I needed to choose someone to accompany me on a sinking ship, I know who I would choose!

Finally, here’s BGB’s latest video of a recent interview with Prof. Dolores Cahill talking to Mike Ryan of Asia Pacific Today:

BGB has published a Fact Sheet about the subject of vaccine coercion and pressure. Below is an embedded copy for you to read. If you would like to download a copy for your  private use then please click on this download button:


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Is A Scared Canadian Province Going To Lead The Way Out Of This Nightmare?

Are They Feeling The Heat And Wilting Or Preparing Their Exit Strategy?

Emergency Program Act Ministerial Order No. M275

I, Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety, and Solicitor General, order that, effective at the end of the day on June 30, 2021, the attached declaration of a State of Emergency throughout the whole of the Province of British Colombia, made on March 18, 2020, and subsequently extended, is cancelled.”

. . . .

The Province of British Columbia formally extended the provincial state of emergency, allowing health and emergency management officials to continue to use extraordinary powers under the Emergency Program Act (EPA) to support the Province’s COVID-19 pandemic response. 

The state of emergency is extended through the end of the day on July 6, 2021, to allow staff to take the necessary actions to keep British Columbians safe and manage immediate concerns and COVID-19 outbreaks.”


In other words, the State of Emergency in British Colombia, as a possible precursor for the rest of Canada, is no longer valid.

People in BC are free to move around, without wearing masks, without social distancing, without any of the restrictive measures imposed by the Trudeau Government on 18 March 2020. Coerced vaccination is over. And no more vaccination certificates.

Planned Tyranny Agenda

This is the approximate date (mid-March 2020) of the general lockdown throughout the world, in all of the 193 UN member countries at once. A sudden tyranny imposed by an entity that shall remain unnamed, “high-above the UN system”, has been cowardly accepted by the UN system and by all its co-opted member governments.

Yes, all 193 UN member governments have been coerced, by threat or reward, to follow this nefarious criminal and deadly agenda – a depopulation and life-digitization agenda to be implemented under the guise of a pandemic, actually, a plannedemic. It is virologically impossible that a virus, deadly or not, spreads throughout the world as a pandemic at once, within days.

And even less so, a virus, like the Corona virus which is essentially a flu virus – with mortality rates from about 0.3% to 0.8%. This “new” Covid virus is not a new version. It is an updated version of the SARS virus that was directed at the Chinese genome in 2002 / 2003.

In retrospect, the 2002 / 2003 SARS virus was like a trial balloon. Both the 2002 / 2003 and today’s versions were laboratory-made – certainly not in China, as the west keeps claiming. Readers may have noticed, western lies are endless, repetitive and ever viler and more vicious.

Today’s Covid-lie version which is supposed to invade and lock down the entire world, has been renamed as SARS-Cov-2, and in January 2021 renamed again by WHO as Covid-19. This worldwide plannedemic was planned for decades before. See also the 2010 Rockefeller Report.

The Rehearsal

The master “trial” i.e., simulation before launching the virus globally, was Event 201, a computer simulation in New York City on October 18, 2019. It was sponsored by the World Economic Forum – WEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which, by the way, is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. May it be noted that the Gates and the Rockefellers are among the most notorious ecumenists on the planet.

The Event 201 was attended by professionals with links to UN agencies, especially WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank, the IMF, and more, (the usual suspects) as well as renowned national health agencies including the CDC. See this.

The 201 simulation produced some 65 million deaths and a gutted world economy – massive unemployment, famine, misery and more death from famine and desperation – does that sound familiar to what we have experienced for the last seventeen months? Oh! Just coincidence say the mainstream media addicts and the other closed minded and gullible members of the public!

The Covid-19 Plannedemic

In reality, the worldwide damage done during these last 17 months is unfathomable.

As of today, this plannedemic has already affected at least 2 to 4 billion people throughout the world – and more – many more – will be affected within the next five to ten years – “coincidentally” the so-called UN Agenda 2030, or Agenda 2021 – if, and this is the Big IF – We, the People, do not wake up and stop this crime of epical proportions in solidarity.

Part of this agenda is an extreme, well-planned food shortage throughout the world.

Reports are coming out of India that the government buys up food crops from farmers at preferred prices – just to let it rot and destroy. Millions of tons of food crops are being devastated, expected to be leading to massive death by famine.

These food shortages in India and elsewhere may also affect Europe, the US and other parts of the world. In the US, Bill Gates has recently become the largest single “farmer”, as his foundation bought up more than 269,000 acres of farmland throughout the United States (about 110,000 hectares).


Is this land being used for producing food, or for preventing food production? The Gates farmland purchase was reported by NBC – but strangely, the NBC reference to their report has been deleted from the internet. Fortunately, it is still available on different other websites, i.e., on this one.

As it stands, Canada may be leading the way for the rest of the world to peel off the criminal Covid restrictions and – most importantly, Canada is legally pursuing and prosecuting the perpetrators of these human rights infringing Covid measures.

They are supported by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the German-American lawyer, and his team of lawyers, and the large German Investigative Committee. Dr. Fuellmich’s claims of crimes against humanity have already been accepted by Canadian’s Highest Courts. In Canada the highly successful Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati is also preparing a huge case against the Canadian Government and is suing individuals within the administration. He has a glittering past record in this field of prosecution, including successful judgements in the past against the likes of Stephen Joseph Harper a Canadian politician who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada from 2006 to 2015, and now every layer of the Canadian Government including ‘Baby’ Trudeau (Justin). The net is tightening, thanks to our high profile and extremely talented legal friends. Time for an exit strategy for the bad boys – before the brown stuff hits the whirly thing? Incidentally where’s ‘Billy Boy’ Gates these days? He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth – like the stealthy drug dealer who quietly slips out of the back door when a police raid is in progress at a crack house (or should that be a ‘vaccine’ house!).

All of this – or most of it, especially the abrogation of the nefarious Canadian “Declaration of the State of Emergency”, may not yet be known to the wide Canadian public, because mainstream media do not report it. Therefore, people may still be subject to – totally illegally – pressure and coercion of mask wearing, vaccination and constant and dangerous PCR-testing.

Good News 

May this refreshingly good news – the abrogation of the Emergency Law – soon be surfacing for all to see and understand – so that a massive solidarity move can bring back Canada to normal along with the rest of the world..

May Canada become a shining example for the world, in overcoming this deadly psychopathic attempt by a few dirty-rich “non-humans” – to drastically reduce world population and digitize the survivors into “robotic humanoids”.

Whether you’re reading this as a casual visitor to this site, or a dedicated subscriber (as a perpetually increasing huge number are)  –  YOU NEED TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION to keep on waking people up.

The above article has been written by BGB. It is based on an original article written by Peter Koenig for Global Research. He is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. All excerpts reproduced above, from his original article are copyrighted by him. The editing and formatting, including additional writing/ videos/ graphics etc. have been added by BGB.


11.00 p.m. Saturday, July 10th 2021:

Since the above post was published by BGB this morning, I have been directed to the following video, which supports the information previously published in this post. Not only does this video reiterate what has been written above, there is even more information contained in it. Please view it to the end:


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Special Announcement: Spanish Research Team Confirm What Is Actually In The Covid Injections

Change In Our Publishing Schedule

It had been intended to publish an article today entitled “Is A Scared Canadian Province Going To Lead The Way Out Of This Nightmare?”. A very interesting announcement by the British Columbia Province in Canada that they propose to do away with lockdowns, the wearing of face masks and imposed social distancing later this month, along with forced inoculations and everything that entails – in a nutshell the end of the scam in BC. But that post will have to wait, because yesterday, BGB was sent information regarding the contents of the Covid-19 ‘death jab’.

Spanish Researchers Have Exposed What Is In The mRNA Injections

This latest information ties in very closely with the articles recently published by BGB. Including:

The Magnetic Humans – Credible? Or Just Another Video Platform Joke?

and  Dire Warnings That You MUST Listen To

Perhaps – if you haven’t already done so – you should browse those above articles before you read on.

Stunning Discovery

This news only recently broke. In this first BGB reproduced video below, you’ll hear an interview with Dr. Jane Ruby. She discusses what this team of researchers in Spain have discovered and are about to publish. They managed to get hold of a non interfered  with vial of the contents of mRNA injections. What they found is horrifying, but what many of us had suspected for quite some time.

Leading scientific researchers and doctors have repeatedly asked for a full list of ingredients, which the pharmaceutical companies have refused to divulge. Professor Dolores Cahill has repeatedly requested one vial out of every hundred in batches of the injection contents – so that the contents could be analysed over the whole period of production, but like all others, she has been snubbed.

Now this highly regarded team of professors and leading researchers in Spain have managed to get their hands on it for detailed analysis. What they discovered does not make for comfortable reading.

Supplemental Information On Magnetic Nanoparticles

Irrefutable Evidence Of Graphene Nanoparticles In The ‘Jab’

In this second video which is in Spanish but translated and verified for correctness into English, a spokesman for the team of researchers explains what they have found. The video contains sub titles, but for those wishing to read the transcript, we’ve reproduced it below the video for you:

A Transcript Of The Above Video Content In English:

Today, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people as possible, especially those involved in health and legal services, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.

In program nº63, the team showed some photos of the analyses carried out, specifically results obtained by optical and transmission electron microscopy observation, reserving the results of other techniques used for future programs. They also announced that the report based on all the techniques performed, which allowed determining the presence of graphene oxide, will be made official by the researchers who performed the analyses very soon.

Orwell City, as always, has translated the message from La Quinta Columna and subtitled the video they shared a few hours ago on their official Telegram channel.

Hereafter La Quinta Columna shall provide you with information vital to your health, physical integrity and that of your environment.

The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This has been the result of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used by various public universities in our country.

The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the new anti-flu vaccines and the new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they are preparing also contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.

Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs generates bilateral pneumonias by uniform dissemination in the pulmonary alveolar tract. Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste. Perhaps this is starting to make sense to you now. Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.

Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the organism. This is the explanation for the magnetic phenomenon that billions of people around the world have already experienced after various routes of administration of graphene oxide. Among them the vaccine.

In short, graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new coronvirus provoked before the disease called COVID-19. Therefore, we never had real isolation and purification of a new coronvirus, as recognized by most health institutions at the highest level and in different countries when they were questioned about it. COVID-19 disease is the result of introducing graphene oxide by various routes of administration.

Graphene oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols, as is the alleged SARS-CoV-2. Like any material, graphene oxide has what we call an ‘electronic absorption band‘. This means a certain frequency above which the material is excited and oxidizes very rapidly, thus breaking the equilibrium with the proliferation in the organism of the toxicant against our natural antioxidant glutathione reserves. Precisely this frequency band is emitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology. That is why the deployment of these antennas never stopped during the pandemic.

In fact, they were among the few services that were maintained, apart from a special surveillance by the State Security Forces and Corps to these antennas. We suspect in that the 2019 anti-flu campaign graphene oxide was introduced in these vials, since it was already used as an adjuvant.

With subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, COVID-19 disease developed in interaction of external electromagnetic fields and graphene oxide now in their bodies. Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot sample city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019. It’s a coincidence in space and time.

Both the pangolin and bat soup versions were simply distracting elements. The purpose of the introduction of graphene oxide is even more obscure than you might imagine. Therefore, it is more than enough for you to assimilate this information and ‘reset’ the knowledge you had of the disease up to now from the highest governmental institutions telling the population to protect themselves and even forcing them with that which will potentially make them sick with the disease itself. Logically, now that we know that the cause or etiological agent of the disease is precisely a chemical toxicant and not a biological agent, we know how to attenuate it: by increasing glutathione levels. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that we present in reserves in the organism.

A few details will help you to understand perfectly everything that has been reported in the media. Glutathione is extremely high in children. Therefore, the disease has hardly any impact on the child population. Glutathione drops very considerably after 65 years of age. Therefore, COVID-19 is especially prevalent in the senile population. Glutathione is at very high levels in the intensive sports population. This is why only 0.22% of athletes had the disease.

You will now understand why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients. Plain and simple because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide.

The discovery made here by La Quinta Columna is a full-fledged attack of State bioterrorism, or at least with the complicity of governments to the entire world population, now constituting crimes against humanity.

It is therefore absolutely essential and vital that you make this information available to your medical community. General practitioners, nursing and health services in general, but also local and regional media and press, as well as all your environment. La Quinta Columna estimates that tens of thousands of people will die every day. In our country alone when they make the new and upcoming 5G technological switch-on.

Bearing in mind that now it is not only the elderly in nursing homes who are vaccinated in that flu vaccine with graphene oxide, but, as you know, a large part of the population has been vaccinated, or graphenated, with gradual doses of graphene oxide.

The body has a natural capacity to eliminate this toxicant, which is why we propose you up to a third dose per year for all the years to keep the graphene in your bodies.

We have each and every one of the proofs of what has been manifested here. Meanwhile justice is trying to act, people will continue to be pushed off a bottomless cliff. If you are watching this audiovisual material, you will understand that for more than a year you have been totally and naively deceived from the highest institutions. Only now will you understand all the incongruities that you observed on your television news.

To complement this valuable information you can access or our Telegram channel: La Quinta Columna TV, where more than 100,000 people are already aware of the truth and are not part of the massive deception to which they were subjected. Please make this video viral all around you and let’s stop among all of us. The destiny that is in store for us, fruit of the Agenda 20/30 roadmap, depends only on us.

Thank you for your attention.”

End Note

This is probably the most devastating discovery to date, when it comes to the covid-19 gene altering injections [misleadingly pushed as a ‘vaccine].

If you’ve had the jab, then it’s a cause for worry, because once injected with anything like this, there is no turning back, it cannot be reversed or removed.

If you’re still thinking of getting injected, then make sure you give INFORMED consent (it’s a legal requirement – although few bother to get properly informed). The first question you need to ask the person injecting you is:

What is in the injection contents, can I have a full list of ingredients, along with the results of clinical trials and what are the statistical risks involved?”

To get some idea of the number of deaths and adverse effects to date in the UK, following inoculation, please click on the MHRA link in the right hand panel. Also bear in mind that the actual number of reports are between 1 & 10% of actual occurrences. The rest is up to you, if you’re a fan of Russian Roulette.

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Legal Precedence – A Timely Reminder


As regular visitors to our site will probably have noticed, we have a section called ‘Legal Journal‘ (LJ). We also have a ‘Correspondence Journal‘ (CJ) where all correspondence BGB sends out and all responses we receive from government departments, official organisations and government agencies etc. are entered into the CJ. Many of these are Freedom Of Information Requests (FOI) under the provisions of the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.

Both the Legal Journal and the Correspondence Journal  are live documents that are updated regularly. Whilst the CJ records correspondence, the LJ is a reporting news journal of legal activities that revolve around the fake Covid-19 pandemic both in the UK and other countries. We believe this feature of the site is extremely important, as this information is completely blanked by the mainstream media. Consequently the public are not made aware of what is happening on this front. A good example of the work that is afoot amongst both legal and leading doctors and scientists can be seen in this video:

Weimar Family Court (Germany)

On April the 8th 2021, a historic judgement was passed down in this court. Here is an excerpt from our LJ reporting on this case news:

8 April 2021

In summary proceedings (Ref.: 9 F 148/21), the Weimar Family Court in Germany ruled prohibiting two Weimar schools with immediate effect from requiring pupils to wear mouth-nose coverings of any kind (especially “qualified” masks such as FFP2 masks); it further prohibited the schools from demanding compliance with AHA minimum distance-keeping; and also prohibited them from demanding that pupils

undergo SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests. At the same time, the Court ruled that classroom instruction must be face-to-face [i.e. not remote].

On the subject of the PCR test, the Court writes: “The expert witness Prof. Dr. med. Kappstein has already pointed out in her testimony that the PCR test can only detect genetic material, but not whether the RNA originates from viruses that are capable of infection and thus capable of replication (i.e. capable of reproduction). The expert witness Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Kämmerer confirmed, in her testimony on molecular biology, that a PCR test – even if it is carried out correctly – cannot provide any information on whether a person is infected with an active pathogen or not. This is because the test cannot distinguish between “dead” matter, e.g. a completely harmless genome fragment as a remnant of the body’s own immune system’s fight against a cold or flu (such genome fragments can still be found many months after the immune system has “dealt with” the problem) and “living” matter, i.e. a “fresh” virus capable of reproducing.

A full PDF copy of the judge’s comments and details of the case are available for download. 

Those heard in the court case – as expert witnesses – were:

  1. the public health doctor Prof. Dr. med Ines Kappstein,
  2. the psychologist Prof. Dr. Christof Kuhbandner and
  3. the biologist Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Ulrike Kämmerer.

Basically they proved that:

  • The RT-PCR test is not fit for purpose and should not be used to determine the diagnosis of Covid-19.
  • The wearing of face masks is totally unfounded and without scientific evidence of their efficiency – they should not be worn for prolonged periods as they could prove detrimental to general health.
  • The social distancing guidelines issued by the government are totally baseless and unfounded in scientific facts.

To support the statement in bullet point 2 above, here is a very short video released on the 4th of this month by Ivor Cummings:

The Implications

Slowly, but surely, the wheels of justice are turning. Despite the fact that some in the judiciary in most countries are undoubtedly corrupt and crooked – however there ARE enough of those who have principles and morals around, they just need to be identified. The Weimar Court judge is evidently one such person that can be trusted.. We’ve already seen shenanigans in the process of bringing actions by others to courts, with ludicrously crude attempts to scupper such actions with purposely mishandled procedures on the part of those who work for the courts, in an attempt to keep those filing actions from being seen and heard before a judge or jury in courts. We’ve also seen dismissals of cases by certain judges, but it doesn’t end there – appeals against those actions are already in the pipeline. The more they attempt to block justice, the more exposed they become.

The important thing is that precedencies are being set by court judgments like the Weimar case. These are numerous battles that will eventually win the war for us. At that time we will see Nuremberg type trials, and the perpetrators of this horrific hoax, that has already killed countless people, be put behind bars and their immeasurable financial gains confiscated for their crimes against humanity.

Looking Forward

Government ministers (on the whole) are as clueless as the public, and are led in their information deliberations by the wholly corrupt mainstream media. A media which is owned and controlled by a tiny number of global corporations who are orchestrating what is being fed to the public through lying propaganda, designed to control the narrative, and to keep the scam going. These are the bought and paid for henchmen of the Cabal in the shadows.

Some ministers are awake to the truth of what is going on, a far larger number are responding in ignorance and then you have key members of the government who are totally on board with the scam.

It is BGB’s intention in the near future to arrange a mail-out to ALL members of the UK parliament in Westminster and ALL members of the Welsh Government (MSes). When that is done, a copy will be published in our CJ so that it’s in the public domain.

We feel it is crucial to do this, with copies of the Weimar Court judgement (although that is now three months hence), it is important right now, as they are coming for our children with imposed restrictions in schools, involving face masks and distancing, and even more critically, the enforcement by coercion and emotional blackmail to get children injected with the ‘death jab’ before they are allowed back in school next term.

This situation is being facilitated by ignorant teachers, parents and the teaching unions who are totally devoid of proper knowledge about this hoax pandemic. The truth needs to get out there.

Why not write to your own MP or MS? We have prepared a template that you can use, which will make the task much easier for you – our government ministers need to know what you think. Your children need to be rescued from this evil madness.


After writing the above article, but before publication we received a response to our recent request for clarification on the latest white rabbit that’s been pulled out of the hat from: Animal Disease Policy Branch, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Welsh Government. We have now replied to that response.

To view the correspondence (Index No. 153) in our Correspondence Journal.

Here is further information:


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