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If this is your first time here then I hope you’ll enjoy my views, musings and commentary on what’s happening in the world around us, how it effects us and what I believe we need to do about it.

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For you to get a ‘taster’ of what this Blog is about, please view and listen to the basic truths spoken by Professor Dolores Cahill in this video:

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Also the spokesperson in the video below who is a lawyer licensed to practise in Germany and California. He is Dr. Reimer Fuellmich who puts forward a blockbuster of a presentation rich in data, scientific analysis and legal interpretation. I consider this presentation to be the most incisive analysis to date of what must be done to hold the culprits accountable for “the biggest crime against humanity ever.”

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We have reached a momentous point in world history, which has come into sharp contrast over a very short period, where there has been a quantum leap in developments, that have impacted on virtually every person on the planet. What will be the outcome, no one can accurately predict. What we do know is that the world economy will undoubtedly collapse and things will not be the same after this period.

It is however up to us the people to WAKE UP, understand the truths behind this policy of house arrest and resultant loss of businesses, jobs and income by planning what WE personally and collectively do about this worsening situation.

This blog site was originally planned to cover current affairs of a political kind, to expose corruption and to reveal truths. Due to the so called pandemic, and the resultant actions of the governments and the mainstream media that propagates the establishment’s propaganda, the only news and actions available revolve around this crisis. As a result of the critical situation that we have found ourselves in, the main subject material on this blog at present is the only story in town – the ‘pandemic’ – so you’ll find that I have focused nearly all the posts on this blog on that subject. We all hope this madness will decline, and hopefully we’ll be able to get back to a modicum of normality.


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