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Vaccinated Adults Under Age 60 Are Dying At TWICE The Rate Of Unvaccinated . . . The vaccine DOUBLES The Deaths From All Causes

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), a U.K. – based government reporting agency, has published new data showing that “fully vaccinated” UK adults under the age of 60 are now dying at twice the rate of their unvaccinated counterparts.

On his Substack, Alex Berenson published a graph showing the difference between the two groups. While unvaccinated deaths are actually decreasing over time, fully vaccinated deaths are on the rise.

The original dataset from ONS clearly shows this for anyone willing to look at it honestly – because we all know the mainstream media will never report on it.

I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct,” Berenson writes. “Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal.”

I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality,”

he adds.

Heart Problems Skyrocketing Due To mRNA Injections

One of the reasons why these shots are killing people like crazy is that they destroy cell tissue, particularly in and around the heart.

The mRNA (messenger RNA) jabs are particularly offensive in this regard, Berenson notes. Several months after getting injected, a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack or other severe coronary problem more than doubles.

“Patients had a 1 in 4 risk for severe problems after the vaccines, compared to 1 in 9 before,” Berenson writes.

Sound familiar? That same doubled risk for death in the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated also applies to heart problems. It would seem as though getting jabbed is a quick and easy way to fast-track one’s risk of dying early.

At the recent annual conference of the American Heart Association (AHA), Dr. Steven Gundry, a Nebraska physician and retired cardiac surgeon, presented a study showing this massively increased risk of heart problems post-injection.

The shots greatly increase endothelial inflammatory markers, he explained. Based on these markers, a patient is assigned a score that ranks how likely he or she is to develop an acute coronary syndrome within the next five years.

“Acute coronary syndrome is a term used to describe a range of conditions associated with sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart,” the Mayo Clinic explains about this classification.

“One such condition is a heart attack (myocardial infarction) – when cell death results in damaged or destroyed heart tissue.”

In Gundry’s own patients, he observed a risk increase from 11 percent to 25 percent on the acute coronary syndrome scale. This increase persisted for a least 2.5 months after patients received the second dose, he says.

“We conclude that the mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination,” he explained.

“Clearly there is a chilling synchronicity between the DOUBLING OF ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME RISK that’s shown in this study and the data charts showing a DOUBLING OF OVERALL DEATHS in the UK that you discussed in your post yesterday,” wrote one commenter about Berenson’s two articles.

“It’s going to take a lot more of these studies and stories before the Medical Nazis at the FDA and CDC back down because of ‘mild myocarditis,’” wrote another, referring to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s false claim that “mild myocarditis” cases post-injection are “rare.”

“Their goal is depopulation and they are enjoying the results right now because there is no pushback. Their livelihoods aren’t threatened, and they’re protected within their political circles. Nothing short of total non-compliance going forward on any Covid mandates is going to budge this tyranny.”

Multi-jabbed Fit & Healthy Athletes Are Dropping Dead Everywhere – COINCIDENCE?

Check The Figures For Yourself. Data Taken From The UK Government’s Own MHRA Database 

Note: The MHRA publicly declares that only between 1 & 10% of cases are reported. That means that the actual number of deaths and adverse effects could be between 10 & 100 times greater that those published. It is also estimated from VAERS data in the US that 80% of injections are benign and absolutely ineffective (saline or a placebo). 20% are DEADLY. Do you want to keep on playing Russian Roulette?

See my previous post ‘The Injection Toxicity Numbers Game’

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Concentration Camp Horror – Australia 2021

If You Have Any Compassion This Will Break Your Heart

I am not given to emotional outbursts, but this disturbing and shocking video, recorded by June Mills, an Aborigine Elder from the Northern Territories in Australia rendered me to tears.

The army has been deployed to forcibly round up the indigenous people, drag them out of their community, forcibly vaccinating children and carting them and the adults off to purpose built ‘quarantine centres’ (concentration camps in other words).

They are picking on the most vulnerable and defenceless people who make up only 3% of the inhabitants of Australia. This is an old story of attempted genocide, an attempt to wipe out the people whose land they have occupied for 233 years. These indigenous peoples have lived on this continent for at least 40,000 years, they are the oldest surviving culture in the world today. When the colonisers started, they hunted them down like animals, on the ridiculous pretext that they were not humans but a form of monkey. The ones that were not killed, or ran away into the bush were enslaved and starved. In 2021, they are completing the task under the pretext that they are protecting them from a phantom new virus that does not exist.

If you are not moved by this video, then you have no heart and you have lost all traces of humane consciousness.

More Information


Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th January because it is the day that Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet, made up of eleven convict ships, landed at Sydney Cove in Australia and raised the British Flag, marking the beginning of British sovereignty over Australia. Phillip took possession of the land in the name of King George III, a land that had been declared terra nullius (uninhabited by humans).

In schools and in most history books, Arthur Phillip is described as a kind man who had a “friendly attitude towards the Aborigines”, and for a short period of time he did. However, what is not taught is the fact that Phillip’s tolerance was short lived. After his game keeper, John McIntyre, was killed by Aborigines (John McIntyre was a brutal man who hunted Aborigines as well as animals), Phillip ordered the capture of any two Aboriginal men found in the region, and that ten more should be killed. The heads of the slain were to be cut off and brought back to the settlement for public display. In his own words, he was “determined to strike a decisive blow, in order at once to convince [the Aborigines] of our superiority, and to infuse a universal terror.” He also later ordered his men to shoot at Aboriginal people to keep them away from the British settlements. This is the ‘hero’ who is now honoured with a statue in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.

Today, similar terror tactics are being deployed against the Aboriginal people. It serves two purposes:

  1. To further attack and decimate the remaining indigenous people
  2. To send a message out to the rest of Australians to terrorise them into taking ‘clot shot’ injections.


In the words of the MANIC STREET PREACHERS song:

If you tolerate this your children will be next”

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The Pressure Cooker Effect – THEY Are Coming Apart At The Seams

Why Are They So Afraid?

Because the net is closing in on them. The people are at last becoming aware of their foul objectives, and the people are reacting with increasing speed and intensity. Protests are gaining momentum like a giant rolling snowball gathering snow. The Cabal’s henchmen are beginning to feel as if they are in a pressure cooker, with the heat rising and the explosion imminent!

Lying Is A Two Edged Sword When The Truth Is Revealed

The official narrative is falling apart, and people are noticing that the emperor has no clothes. Everywhere you look, they are desperately trying to hold things together. The panic to get the job done has increased to the point where they will throw the kitchen sink at people to get them injected with vials of deadly substances. However that exercise has stalled spectacularly, as people are waking up; the inoculated are marching side by side with uninjected fellow humans (it’s called vax regret) . I think most of us have twigged that the figures they quote for ‘vaccinated’ people are further lies, just like the trail of lies paraded out by governments and the mainstream media from the start of the campaign to cull the human race and usher in the ‘Great Reset’.

The Pincer Movement By The Keenest Legal Minds On Earth

Then we have the likes of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team who have been diligently gathering expert evidence, and are now nearly ready to zero in on the psychopathic criminals. How they will manage to get their hearings in a compromised legal system, designed for this system is another matter. At the same time our legal friends on the Common Law front have not been dragging their feet either.

Babbling Gibberish Due To Stress

Here is a short video of Boris Johnson giving a speech at a CBI meeting. Watch it and decide for yourself if he is fast losing the plot. It would not surprise me if he throws a long term ‘sickie’ soon, or lands up in a mental hospital following a nervous breakdown!

From day one, he has given a good impression of a scared rabbit caught in the car headlights. He is being pushed to the front by the global puppet masters in the background, either through blackmail, bribery or corruption. Although he comes over as a buffoon, he is intelligent enough to realise that if this eugenics attempt at genocide does not work, there’s a nasty end in store for him. Hence the sheer panic as things start to fall apart.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It won’t be over in a flash, sadly – just like with a fever – it has to run it’s course before it gets better. The really distressing thing is that the roadsides will be laden with victims of this war – many killed by the bioweapon in a syringe, many others as a consequence of the knock on effects. For those of us who can struggle through, there is a promised land that awaits us.

BoJo and his fellow crony henchmen of the Cabal will pay dearly – they have very good reason to be wetting themselves through fear.

In conclusion.

There is a shortcut to end this fraudulent scam that will kill millions – possibly billions, and that is non compliance.

Stop obeying and acting on what you’re told, stop listening to lies. Finally DITCH your ‘smart’ devices. The biggest weapon used against you is that ‘smart’ phone in your pocket. Without people carrying these devices around on their person, the whole structure of their electronic surveillance network collapses and the game is over in weeks. Think about it.

You can still have older ‘flip’ or ‘slider’ phones that are basic phones with texting ability. Do you REALLY have to have the eye candy and gimmicks that are integrated into that computer surveillance device that you take everywhere with you? If you haven’t got a device to read QR codes and can display vaccine passports around with you, or the ability for Big Brother to know where you are and who you are in contact with for track and trace capabilities, then they are snookered. Their power over you is a chunk of ‘smart’ electronic equipment that they have got you addicted to and that you stay close to twenty four hours a day. That is the weak link in their chain, break that link and they are defeated.

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The Injection Toxicity Numbers Game

I’ve Had Two Jabs and I Feel Fine . . . I’m Going For My Booster Jab Soon . . . “

When I hear people I know, old friends and those that are dear to me, (but thankfully none of our closest family members), coming up with statements like that – I have mixed feelings. Firstly, I’m relieved that they have dodged where the ball has landed on their Russian Roulette wheel. Secondly I’m saddened that they will blindly have another spin of that wheel, and next time, their ball may land on a batch of the death jab contents that, leaves in it’s wake, over a thousand times more deaths and serious life long chronic health problems requiring hospitalisations. That’s around 20%. The other 80% is quite benign. Clever. That’s implementation of a killer injection to produce the results they aim for, without waking too many people up to what is actually going on.

What Am I Talking About?

It’s the cunning way that the genocide plan by the globalist Cabal to depopulate the earth is being augmented. Not everyone keels over and dies or gets hospitalised from every gene altering mRNA injection delivered. That would immediately stampede the herd – when realisation kicks in. No, you do your killing and maiming a bit at a time and randomly. The unwary have their first jab, then their second, followed by a ‘booster’ shot, followed by further booster shots for an indefinite period. All done in the guise of eradicating a deadly phantom virus that never existed. Each time the death dealing inoculations are carried out, another section of humanity is wiped out, or lingers a slow process of dying through induced illness from the point of a needle. All of course blamed on the theoretic SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes the hypothesised Covid-19 disease, or of course those mad anti vaxxers, who are spreading the disease by their selfishness, despite the fact that the hospitals are now filling up with the victims of poisons contained in the 20% killer batches used for the Covid-19 injections.

Where Is The Evidence For These Statements?

From analysis of the United States VAERS database, that stores the information collected from the reports of deaths and adverse events following the Covid-19 injections. Like the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system in the UK. It should be further noted that both of these reporting systems have officially declared that only between 1 & 10% of deaths and adverse reactions are reported. This means that the actual events (including those not reported) could be between ten and one hundred times greater that the official data published by these two reporting systems. A sobering thought.

A Startling Statement By A Recognised Expert

Dr. Michael Yeadon is a foremost, renowned scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer. So it’s not panicky hearsay nonsense from a conspiracy theorist.

Dr. Yeadon is probably the most qualified person to give his expert opinion on the mRNA gene therapy injections, researched and manufactured by a company that he led for years, so he can hardly be labelled an anti vaxxer. However you will not see or hear him on mainstream media – like the BBC. Instead you’ll incessantly hear from cherry picked government ‘experts,’ and all others, who are prepared to publicly regurgitate the government and Big Pharma propaganda narrative. Strange that isn’t it? No balanced debate, or the opportunity to provide other arguments. That on it’s own should compel critical and balanced thinkers to hear alarm bells going off in every corner of their brain.

Below is a quote from Dr. Yeadon. He exposes who is behind the facade of this hoax; what their intentions are and how  he himself would carry out such a plan. In his opinion, that is exactly what he thinks they are doing with their obsession to get everyone injected for absolutely no scientific reason whatsoever.

The key that opened the door to their actions was a scare propagated about a deadly new virus that was sweeping the earth. That resulted in emergency Covid-19 acts, that allowed them to release experimental mRNA gene altering therapy injections on the whole of humanity. That was the plan from the start – to get freedom to introduce what can only be called a bio-weapon in the form of poisonous inoculations that would bring the world population down to a manageable 500 million from the present 7.8 billion. The survivors being totally controlled by the New World Order, and connected to artificial intelligence. See this Neurolink website. Covid-19 vaccines is part of the journey to this eventual goal.


Modus Operandi

It would appear that the modus operandi is not to inject everyone with a deadly injection at the first wave (as Dr. Yeadon has pointed out). Instead, a percentage of the injections are relatively benign (having little or no detrimental effect; virtually harmless), however the other twenty percent are distributed at random across the globe. Their effect is that people die within hours of being injected, or are maimed. It is also suggested that the result of being poisoned may be delayed for longer periods, so that no connection with getting injected and dying or becoming victims of debilitating health effects is minimised and denied. Following on with the second jab and subsequent multiple boosters, again at random, increases this process of culling at each stage. Whilst an injection recipient may have no effects manifest themselves, they will inevitably run into a killer batch at some point.

Far Fetched Nonsense?

Hardly. Scientists, doctors and macroscopics in many countries have analysed the contents of these vials and discovered horrific contents that range from graphene oxide, poisonous metals, nanoparticles and even a laboratory conceived Hydra parasite. More information HERE, HEREHERE .

Proof Of Toxicity From Official Data 

In this BGB reproduction below, of a spread sheet presentation by Craig Paardekooper, you will see concrete proof gleaned from the US  VAERS database, that 80% of the death jabs are benign. The other 20% in-dispersed in the total number of jabs delivered are from batch numbers that are deadly, as analysis of the the data proves:

Why is this? To hide the process of genocide. It’s a Russian Roulette exercise. Sooner or later, you will hit a deadly batch if you continue to be ‘vaccinated’. Each time there is a roll-out another 20% are affected. Please don’t take this information lightly – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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Holding Officialdom To Account

Keep Their Noses On Your Grindstone!

If you’re a regular BGB follower, you will probably be aware of our Correspondence Journal that contains copies of all of BGB’s freedom of information (FOI) requests; requests for clarification, letters to the governments of England and Wales, individual letters to various MPs/ SMs (Welsh Assembly Members) and correspondence to all committees, organisations and agencies involved in Covid-19 matters. This is our effort to hold officialdom to account.

To date, we’re on the third volume of our Correspondence Journal; each volume contains 100 entries see:

| Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | you’ll discover some interesting material there.

The ‘Dance’

A common theme that runs through this correspondence exercise, is that the recipients have a familiar ‘dance’ that they use to duck, weave and dive. They either provide vague responses, provide inaccurate information, direct us to irrelevant material – on other websites – or simply try to ignore us – when they encounter difficult subjects that require more than a generic brush off.

Because this ‘dance’ routine has become so familiar to us, all their dance steps are known to us! Consequently, the recipients can’t wriggle off the hook. Although it is only our original enquiry and the responses we receive that get logged in the journal, there is often a great deal of correspondence in between. If we recorded all of the messages we send out in the process of one enquiry, our journal volumes would reach epic proportions. We adopt the tactic of ‘many taps break the stone’. It takes a mammoth amount of time and effort, as we repeatedly send out reminders if we are not satisfied with the information we receive (or don’t receive at all) – but it works. We have noticed that certain organisations and bodies that we have been in constant contact with over the last eighteen months, have visibly changed their attitude towards us, and have pulled their socks up – when it comes to the speed and accuracy of response. Nevertheless we still have stubborn ones, but we’ll continue to nag them to death!

An Example

Mark Drakeford – Welsh Parliament’s First Minister

Customer Contact Centre
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQDate: 12  November  2021

Dear Customer Contact Team,


Subject: C J 137 – Validity of Covid 19 RT-PCR test – external peer review by 22 international virologists, microbiologists and related scientists. [LINK]

I refer to the above subject and my correspondence with the First Minister as set out in the email thread below and summarised hereunder.

11 May 2021
First letter to the First Minister attaching documentation relating to the RT-PCR test.

12 June 2021
Reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply.

11 July 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting target date for reply.

14 August 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

15 September 2021
Further reminder letter to First Minister requesting reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

15 October 2021
A further reminder letter to First Minister requesting a reply. A courtesy copy was provided to Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament.

It is disappointing that no effort has been made to respond to my letter dated 11 May given the importance of the subject. To avoid the need for further monthly reminder letters, I regret I must now request that you process this as a “Standard of Service complaint“. I would be grateful if you could forward this correspondence to your Complaints Team to assess whether the failure to respond falls below the standard of service that Welsh Government aims to provide to its customers.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with a copy of your corporate complaints process setting out your target timeframe for processing my complaint. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Wynne Jones
(BGB Correspondence Journal Editor)

Stakeholders [for information]
cc   Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament

Another Great Result For Us  This Week!

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] received an enquiry from us on the 8th of March 2021 [CJ-122]. However they over complicated their usual ‘dance’ steps, and furbished us with a FOI response which stated that under specific sections of the FOI Act they were not obliged to give us the information we requested. This was a blatant lie and an obvious ploy to dodge their statutory obligation. Their ‘dancing’ was about to make them hit a brick wall, with a resultant big embarrassing lump on their forehead!

We requested an internal review – to be conducted by the MHRA. They eventually came back to us stating that their compliancy team had upheld their original decision not to provide information [LINK]. We then lodged a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO).

This week we received a reply from the ICO. They FULLY upheld our complaint and further made stipulations on the MHRA, that have to be carried out in the next 35 days.

You MUST read the ICO report to appreciate what a result this was for us. Which all goes to show how worthwhile our efforts have been, in holding officialdom to account.

But it doesn’t end there. We are a small outfit, punching well above our weight. The correspondence work we do can also be done by individuals who are reading this. It is a known fact, that the sheer volume of letters and e-mails received by politicians can have a great influence on their thinking and their actions. When they realise how people feel about this hoax pandemic, and the way it has affected our lives and freedoms – they WILL stop and think.

Writing Letters/ E-mails To Your Own Political Representatives.

Click on the above image to access the template page on BGB

Writing letters is not something that everyone relishes. Some lack confidence, others may be shy of the task. Still others feel that they are not competent to write a letter off the top of their head.

BGB has come to the rescue there as well. We’ve prepared a letter template for you to download and edit at will. You can also find the contact details for your MP on that page. So get writing – we depend on you to make your voices heard in the right quarters! “Many hands make light work”. You may not be able to go to protests, you may not be able to do leaflet drops or make stirring speeches, but you CAN make your voices heard via the written word.

Many thanks for your continued interest and support.

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Support For The Truth From Unlikely Sources

Just For Clarification

As I’ve repeatedly stated throughout my writings on this blog, I do NOT follow or subscribe to ANY man-made organised religion.

I do however consider myself to be a fundamentally spiritual person in the wider context, open and critically minded, but with  with absolutely NO affiliation to ANY flawed man-made religion.

In this BGB reproduction below, Dr. Robert Moynihan recently interviewed outspoken Italian Archbishop Carlos Maria Viganò, on the current developments in the Catholic Church, the New World Order, the Cabal (and their control agenda), Freemasonry, the Covid-19 hoax, the attempted genocide and the infiltration of henchmen of the Cabal into key positions – including within the main organised religions and secular authorities – over millennia.

Whether you are religious or not, a catholic or a Protestant worshipper; this video will shake you down to the ground. Practising Catholics – who believe that the Pope is God’s infallible representative on earth – may need some smelling salts after hearing this interview!

The Full Length Interview:

The above is also confirmation from someone who was once, only a few rungs down from the Pope. He underpins what the awakened and critical thinkers have been saying all along. And he’s absolutely right. This is not from secular sources, but from an 80 year old Archbishop who is wide awake and shoots from the hip. He is amazingly up to the minute in his knowledge of what is going on at all levels. It’s a shame that more people within his religious world don’t heed his wise words.

FASCINATING and COMPELLING – maybe they are not ALL rotten, bad and compromised at the Vatican then!

Further Contemplation By Those Who Are Followers Of A Religion

As an addendum to the above, Catholics in particular, may be interested to read the following (sent to me recently by Jon Rappoport):

Unless fear and comfort are the true pillars of the Church

by Jon Rappoport

Let me start by saying, everybody acts from faith. Faith in something, no matter what it is. A billion Catholics are not the Vatican. The Vatican, through the Pope, has made its position clear: take the COVID vaccines.
But then there are the consciences of a billion of the faithful.
In prior articles in this series, I’ve made it clear that COVID vaccines have, in fact, relied on a fetal-tissue cell line, HEK 293, for testing, and the cell line was originally obtained via an abortion. Moreover, the evidence points to an abortion in which the infant was delivered from her mother’s womb, alive, and then was killed by a doctor removing her kidneys for foetal tissue. Infanticide. Murder.
Does it matter whether the abortion and the murder were committed yesterday, or in a room in a hospital in the Netherlands, in 1972? Are a billion Catholics willing to say:

It was so long ago, it doesn’t have meaning anymore”?

Is that a reasonable position of Faith?
My understanding is this: Catholics believe Jesus commanded the founding of His Church, which is their Church. Does that count now? Is it wrong to contemplate what He would advise? As opposed, for example, to what Anthony Fauci would advise?
I also understand the Pope, in telling Catholics to take the vaccine, was not claiming to speak from a position of infallibility. Doesn’t that leave the door open to the consciences of the billion members of the Church?
Is it archaic to speak about conscience? Is religious membership really an elaborate charade, a social stage play?
Suppose a high member of the Vatican said to the world:

There are many medical experiments that are used to develop and test vaccines and drugs. In these experiments, which have been performed for a hundred years, doctors remove an infant from his mother’s womb, ALIVE, and then take his kidneys or make a hole in his skull and vacuum out his brain, or cut out his heart. These killings are very real. Those of our faith should think deeply about whether they want to receive the medicines and vaccines associated with these murders . . . ”

What would happen?

Suppose this esteemed member of the Vatican made this announcement, replete with details, every day for a month?

What would happen?

Suppose this esteemed priest decided to keep making the announcement until sufficient members of the congregation, worldwide, stepped forward, visibly, and made their voices heard and refused the vaccine?

What would happen?

As some people are reading this, they will answer:

This esteemed priest would be murdered.”

Yes? And? So?

Don’t the sacred vows of a priest go beyond loyalty to this world? Isn’t his conviction to his faith a thing larger than his life on Earth?

Would you expect or want a priest, who serves as a pipeline to God for his congregation, to be a materialist, a person inextricably bound to his comforts and duties here?

If by joining the Church as a member, a person comes closer to God, is he asked to pay no price for that gift? Is he asked to incur no risk in his life?

The Church is, in fact, founded on matters of life and death. That is where faith encounters a reckoning. And this is true of all religions.

But at their most profound pinnacle of teaching, where ‘the outer garments’ are cut away, religions guide the individual soul to come to his own decision about what his faith means, and how far he will go in standing with it.

One person, a billion people.

The Power is always there.

One step across the threshold.

George Fox, the fiery 17th century preacher who founded the Quakers movement in England, travelled the countryside exhorting thousands of people to find Christ and God for themselves:

Why should any man have power over any other man’s faith, seeing [that] Christ Himself is the author of it?”

At the time, there were laws forbidding “unauthorized worship.” Fox constantly broke them. He was frequently arrested—at least twice for blasphemy, and on one of those occasions it was suggested he should be sentenced to death. Parliament intervened on his behalf.

He performed many healings and wrote a book listing and describing them. The book disappeared, and no copies ever surfaced.

Thinking about George Fox and his courage as background and example…

Now, in 2021, should believers grasp a destiny that outdistances the fear of being banned from Facebook; being “attacked” online for expressing an opinion about an election audit; being fired from a job; being “cancelled” for telling a joke?

Has the need for security and comfort expanded to such a degree that people of faith are willing to abandon their beliefs on a moment’s notice?

If today you picked a few thousand people of faith and sent them back to the time of Moses, to live as Egyptians under the Pharaoh; it’s quite possible that when God loosed the 10 plagues against them—“water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and the killing of firstborn children”; the Pharaoh would simply say:

The only adverse effects are minor pain and swelling at the injection site and transient fatigue”; and these people would believe him.

How much faith is required in order to open one’s eyes?

And having opened them, to have a voice and make that voice heard?

And to endure against the consequences, because faith is not ultimately invested in material things?

Book of Revelation:

And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks…”

For those who believe these words, the majestic scope of these words, who take them as truth—

What will they do now?

Will they sit still, or will they rise up and take action?

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Moving On – Setting Up A Parallel Lawful System To Live Under

Following On From The Previous Post

(The Biggest Question Of All

The part that Common Law can play in moving on to a rebirthed society, constructed from communities that place themselves outside of the present ‘legal’ and administrative systems, (currently delivered by corrupt governments) is certainly something that qualifies for further attention.

Up until now we have been concentrating on getting truth and scientific/ medical accuracy – based on factual evidence – out there to the people who have fallen foul of the disgraceful hoax that has been played on them.

BGB has been doing just that for nearly two years come March 2022. It’s now felt that the window of opportunity may be closing, although we DO see encouraging signs of a massive pushback. But what happens when you push hard against a door and it suddenly bursts open? You fall flat on your face. When that door flies open, the current infrastructure of our present world will suddenly collapse at all levels. We need to be aware of that, and more importantly we need to be fully prepared for it. It will be no use (after the exposure of the evil ones behind the destruction of this current system and the chaos and attempted genocide through death jabs of a huge swathe of the population) to stand there vacant eyed and mutter:

What do we do now? What are we going to do tomorrow and in the following days, months and years, when it comes to food, shelter and all the other things we need to survive and not die? How are we going to care for those falling sick around us when the contents of the death jabs fully kick in?”

A Need To Prepare Now

Now is the time for preparation for what is to come. We can all envisage it – we’ve all seen the Hollywood depictions of what a post apocalyptical world could look like. Amazingly, because fact is often more strange than fiction, we may be staring at that scenario sooner rather than later. I feel incredibly sorry for those that believe they can make the most of their ‘normal’ lives now, and when the madness blows over things will return to normal. That is a pipe dream, played out by some very silly souls who have not been paying attention – with their heads deeply buried in the sand, and in a state of cognitive dissonance, still trusting in their lying and scheming  government to save  them from catastrophe – because their government cares for their welfare.

Knowing What Common Law Is About

One expert in the field of Common Law is Christopher James, who was mentioned in the previous post that was published here on the 2nd of November. In the video below he is in discussion with Mike Adams and explains the fundamentals of Common Law:


Hopefully The Way Forward

Rocco Galati & Dr. (at Law) Reiner Fuellmich

It is on the basis of Common Law that we may see a quicker way forward. Others who are in the process of applying themselves to recourse in the present ‘legal’ system are, having a hard time getting their cases heard in the existing law courts. As Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has stated, he is not confident of having his lawsuits fairly heard in any court in Germany, because he thinks the legal system there is too compromised. That is the reason he is probably going to have to lodge his lawsuits in the the United States (as he did with his famous victories when he took Volkswagon and Deutsche Bank to court and won). We certainly hope he can get a fair hearing there. Rocco Galati the famous constitutional lawyer from Canada is also languishing, with his lawsuits proceeding at a slow pace in that country. The legal systems that have been compromised by the Cabal will do all in their power to slow things down and do everything in their power to keep the likes of Galati and Fuellmich out of their courtrooms.

So maybe the Common Law advocates will have a better time of it – let’s hope so – if the conventional route is blocked off. On the Common Law front, there is the added advantage of kindling a completely new system, not just in public courtrooms with juries of their peers, but also the launching of whole communities with micro nation status. That is what the Universal Community Trust is all about. Either way, the time has come to bring the perpetrators of this hoax pandemic and attempted genocide to justice. After that we need a fresh start with a completely new system and a different outlook.

Vaccination Pushing CEOs

In this next video, Dr. David Martin is in conversation with Mike Adams. He is renowned for his encyclopaedia like knowledge of the patents involving Covid-19 that have been filed many years before the supposed  ‘new’ disease called Covid-19 (borne out of the ‘new’ deadly SARS-Cov2 virus) was announced!

He has also given expert statements to the Berlin Corona Committee in preparation for Dr. Fuellmich’s lawsuits.

We are so fortunate to have experts and renowned professional people in their individual fields, on the side of truth and justice, fighting the evil Cabal. It is for this reason that we WILL win this war, with some of the keenest, sharpest and brightest people on this planet fighting our corner.

In the meantime there will be a lot of suffering, but the end result will be well worth all the effort and hardship ahead of us.

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The Biggest Question Of All

Planning For The Inevitable Collapse.

It is now approaching two years since the Cabal made it’s move and unleashed the start of the horrors that come with the birth pangs of the transition to a tyrannical world order (NWO, great reset, fourth industrial revolution, new normal – or whatever you want to label it); ushered in with an attempt at genocide to bring the world’s human population down to a manageable 500,000,000 (that’s right – half a billion – from the current approximate 7.8 billion). That is what has been openly stated for years by those now behind this attack. It’s not a secret, but people have not taken those statements seriously. But how could they achieve that goal? Through a programme of unnecessary injections, under the guise of inoculation against a phantom killer disease pandemic that never was. As Dr. Mike Yeadon (a leading, and renowned foremost scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer) has said on record:

Time For A Gear Shift

Some of us who are more open & critically minded – who warned about the eventuality of world affairs in advance, and then stepped up our campaign to warn others, have been doing just that since December 2019. This blog-site was first published in March 2020 to help with that work. Tens of thousands have been doing the same for nearly two years – since the fake pandemic was first announced – the stepping stone to mass inoculations under the cover of emergency powers – as a result of the fear unleashed about a deadly pandemic disease that would kill everyone it came into contact with – a hideous lie espoused and continually repeated by the treacherous and corrupt main stream media.

As a consequence of our work, an army of people globally, have woken up to what is happening. Sadly many more are still fast asleep, and probably will not wake up. They don’t realise that they cannot comply their way back to freedom (although true freedom was not apparent before this crisis). That is a reality, that we, the awakened, have to come to terms with unfortunately.

The main damage has already been done but worse is to come. This autumn, winter and spring things will rapidly deteriorate. It will be too late to go looking for a log burner and garden spade,  after the fuel has run out and the power grid is switched off. If you don’t think that’s what’s going to happen, then watch this space – assuming it will be available in the wake of a policy to ‘clean up’ the internet. Everything predicted so far by the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ has come to fruition on time like a Swiss train time table.

Moving Forward

The time has arrived for us to direct our energies in a different direction for the future. Two years of warning; the presentation of evidence (from those whose voices are silenced)- and providing proof of what is happening is coming to an end. Those who stubbornly oppose, make fun of and refute what has been said by us are going to have to be left behind. That is a heart rendering decision for many of us, whose sole motivation is to save as many as possible from the fate that awaits them. The effort we put in to educate the public is purely for the sake of humanity as a whole. It is a labour of love.

Far-sighted Warnings & Options

Some echoes from the past, were written down in ancient manuscripts that warned of an eventual  final battle between humanity and evil forces. We see this kind of warning from many sources:

All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from the extravagance of her luxury. Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues’. For her sins are piled up to heaven, And I heard another voice from heaven saying . . . . . “

The above prophecy is from the book of Revelation, but similar warnings can be found in most ancient writings used by major religions. If you are a religious person (which I am not incidentally – but I do take note of the wisdoms of ancient writings), then you recognise the significance of that above text, that depicted the end of the current system of things – as we know it. Interestingly ‘She’ is depicted by some scholars as referring to Babylon The Great – the world empire of false religion – interesting that – when you consider how organised religion has gone along with the Covid scare during this period. It’s been a source of mystery to many religious adherents, why their leaders have been so quiet about the closing down of their places of worship.

Enough of the lesson about religion. What I am really drawing attention to is the process of fleeing from the system, before it collapses altogether. We are fast accelerating to that point. ‘Prepers’ are busy squirreling things away in the hope of escape. Unfortunately many of those people have not thought things out – to their logical conclusions. People in the towns and cities especially, have romantic fantasies of going out to remote places and surviving on their own. Many are woefully untrained in these matters, some still think along the lines of continuing to have access to modern technology. Apart from shelter, what about food, warmth and drinking water? The reason humans originally developed communities was the strength and protection that a community provided. The Amish community is probably one of best example of a community that can survive on the fringes of our modern system, but even they have a toe in the present system in order to survive on a practical level.


Click on the above image to explore the UCT website

Long before the Covid madness, back in 2012, Michael O’Bernicia and others applied themselves to putting into action a method of surviving outside of the system, not as total separatists but within a system based on the Universal Community Trust (UCT) treaty, within a Common Law (or Natural Law)  environment. The narrow remit of this article does allow me to go into the finer details, but suffice to say the whole concept revolves around the fraudulent practice that has to be stopped, of the state registering babies at birth, thereby converting them into a contractual asset under maritime law. This means that each man or woman born in freedom has that freedom taken from them by written diktat – at birth – which is not lawful. That ‘entity’ is then used to set up a trust and can be used and traded as a commodity by the state. Little known about, this practice can be reversed by a body like the UCT.

Here is a BGB reproduced video introduction to the Universal Community Trust:

Here is another BGB reproduced video featuring the  UCT TREATY:

The Way Forward

Whilst many of us have reported on the fraudulent ‘pandemic’ and exposed lies, few of us have presented a way forward from this crises. Protests, video presentations and myriads of articles have been produced in the attempt to wake as many people up as possible. That phase I believe is now coming to an end. Instead we need to prepare an exit strategy from this nightmare by setting up a parallel system, based on documents like the UCT treaty, this requires intelligent people who think outside the box – lateral thinkers (who are half a dozen moves ahead of the pack), the far sighted ones, who concentrate on solutions – rather than just being ‘war correspondents’ in this war that has been thrust upon us. There is more than one way of skinning a cat (sorry cat lovers, it’s only a common idiom). We have to concentrate on using guile, cunning and intelligence, rather than direct confrontation, by producing something that will be an independent alternative to the current, corrupt Cabal’ run system.

The whole banking system has already collapsed, but is still paraded as still being  in existence. Economies are, and will continue to collapse totally, there will be famine and huge hardships, everyday life will be totally different. There is no return to the ‘old normal’ pre 2019. Sadly, some are still hopeful of that scenario, waiting for normality to return. Little do they realise that what we’ve witnessed so far is just the beginning of cruel hardship and death.

Before you collapse a building you have to make sure that you have pillars in place to prop up the old building until the new one is in place. That is exactly what UCT is all about. Now is the time to put those pillars in place – before the old building collapses altogether. Time is short, but I’m confident there are enough of us out there who can accomplish this task. Finding out more about UCT may be the first step on that journey.

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