Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email is a  polymath. He holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, India’s First Outstanding Scientist and Technologist of Indian Origin, Westinghouse Science Talent Honours Award recipient, and a nominee for the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation. His love of medicine and complex systems began in India when he became intrigued with medicine at the age of five as he observed his grandmother, a farmer and healer in the small village of Muhavur in South India, apply Siddha, India’s oldest system of traditional medicine, to heal and support local villagers. These early experiences inspired him to pursue the study of modern systems science, information technology and eastern and traditional systems of medicine to develop an integrative framework linking eastern and western systems of medicine.

In 1978, as a precocious 14-year-old, after completing a special program in computer science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at NYU, Ayyadurai was recruited by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) as a Research Fellow, where he developed the first electronic emulation of the entire interoffice mail system (Inbox, Outbox, Folders, Address Book, Memo, etc.), which he named “EMAIL,” to invent the world’s first email system, resulting in him being awarded the first United States Copyright for Email, Computer Program for Electronic Mail System, at a time when Copyright was the only protection for software inventions.

Ayyadurai went on to receive four degrees from MIT, including a bachelors in electrical engineering and computer science, and a dual master’s degree in mechanical engineering and visual studies from the MIT Media Laboratory. In 2003, he returned to MIT to complete his doctoral work in systems biology within the Department of Biological Engineering, where he developed CytoSolve®, a scalable computational platform for modeling the cell by dynamic integration of molecular pathways models. Following his doctoral work, he returned to India on a Fulbright, where he discovered the systems theoretic basis of eastern systems of medicine, resulting in Systems Health®, a new educational program that provides a scientific foundation of integrative medicine. While at MIT, he also developed a pioneering new course called Systems Visualization which integrates systems theory, narrative story telling, metaphor and data visualization to provide visualization of complex systems.

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, with his vast academic knowledge and know-how is one of the foremost, outspoken critics of the Covid-19 hoax, and the implications for the whole of mankind. He is not alone in this push back against the ridiculous measures that have been undertaken by governments across the globe, who have been taking advice from the Gates Foundation controlled World Health Organisation, and their other prominent activists, like Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US and Prof. Neil Ferguson in the UK, along with other plants in many other countries, who are directing the actions of clueless politicians in those governments.

Dr. Shiva is also standing as a Senate candidate in the upcoming US elections. There he hopes to expose the corrupt Cabal that are attempting to take full control of the human race, and who currently have influence over every aspect of control of industry (especially Big Pharma), governments and organisations like the W.H.O.


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