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Frontline Doctors Start Litigation Against US Government & The Emergency Use Authorisation Act

Lawyers File Temporary Restraining Order Against FDA Emergency Use Authorisation  Of ‘Vaccination’ For Children.

Lawyer Thomas Renz

Lawyer Thomas Renz discusses why he and a group of lawyers have filed a temporary restraining order against various government agencies in an Alabama court to halt vaccinations of children.

Among their reasons for filing the order: FDA Emergency Use Authorization in (EUA) this case is illegal; children have virtually zero chance of getting or transmitting Covid; the ‘vaccines’ are experimental and children should not be experimented upon, the vaccines already have an inordinately high rate of serious adverse reactions and deaths.

Petition for Temporary Restraining Order

I. Summary

Plaintiffs bring before the Court today a request for a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and the relevant subagencies and personnel including but not limited to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), the DHHS Secretary, the DHHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, and the DHHS Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, seeking temporary injunctive relief against any existing or further authorization for use in children under the age of 16, of any of the COVID-19 “vaccines”1 that have been approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) provided in 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3. In this Motion, Plaintiffs ask only that the status quo be maintained – that the EUAs not permit the use of COVID-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16, and that no further expansion of the EUAs to children under the age of 16 be granted prior to the resolution of these issues at trial. Such relief would protect the lives and safety of millions of children in the American public for whom serious illness and mortality from COVID-19 represent a zero percent (0%) risk statistically, but who face substantial risks from these experimental injections.

Plaintiffs not only face the imminent threat of irreparable injury of various types absent a TRO, but they also represent a diverse cross-section of the American public. They are doctors and other medical professionals. They are parents and children. They are coaches and mentors. They are healthy, and they suffer from underlying conditions. They are from various states. They are from various walks of life. They are individuals and organizations. They are experts and they are lay people. Most or all have been fully vaccinated in the past. And they all have one thing in common. Absent the requested relief, each of their lives stands to be inexorably and irreparably altered forever.

Plaintiffs will bring suit in the near future. The case will challenge the EUAs for the injections on several counts. It will be made clear to the Court in that case, based on the law and well-founded scientific evidence, that: the EUAs should never have been granted, the EUAs should be revoked immediately, the injections are dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the COVID-19 disease itself, and numerous laws have been broken in the process of granting these EUAs and pushing these injections on the American people.

In the specific instance of minor Plaintiffs under 16, the Court must consider that an:

EUA requires that an intervention address a serious or life-threatening condition

 and for known and potential benefits of the intervention to be balanced against the known and potential harms.”

There is not even a pretence of a factual basis that COVID-19 represents a serious or life-threatening condition for children under 16, since the CDC acknowledges they face 0% risk of mortality from COVID-19 statistically.

The Complaint will include claims for, inter alia (1) a declaration that the extension of the EUAs for the COVID-19 vaccines making them available for use in children under the age of 16 violates 45 CFR § 46.401, et seq., which applies to:

all research involving children as subjects, conducted or supported by [DHHS]”

(2) an order enjoining the use of COVID-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16, until such time as the DHHS Secretary has complied with 45 CFR § 46.401, et seq.; and (3) claims for civil money damages against individual government officials within DHHS, in their personal capacities, for violations of the Constitution, under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.

On May 11, 2021, without any prior notice, the FDA extended the EUA issued for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in 12 to 15 year-old children. Given the extreme exigencies, Plaintiffs are seeking the temporary relief set forth herein even before filing their Complaint. Studebaker Corp. v. Griffin, 360 F.2d 692, 694 (2d Cir. 1966); United States v. Lynd, 301 F. 2d 818, 823 (5th Cir. 1962) (“The grant of a temporary restraining injunction need not await any procedural steps perfecting the pleadings”); National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws v. Mullen, 608 F.Supp. 945, 950 n. 5 (N.D. Cal. 1985) (“[o]wing to the peculiar function of the preliminary injunction, it is not necessary that the pleadings be perfected, or even that a complaint be filed, before the order issues”).

II. Plaintiffs

1. America’s Frontline Doctors (“AFLDS”) is a non-partisan, not-for profit organization of hundreds of member physicians that come from across the country, representing a range of medical disciplines and practical experience on the front lines of medicine. AFLDS’ programs focus on a number of critical issues, including:

  • Providing Americans with science-based facts about COVID-19;
  • Protecting physician independence from government overreach;
  • Combating the “pandemic” using evidence-based approaches without compromising Constitutional freedoms;
  • Fighting medical “cancel culture” and media censorship;
  • Advancing healthcare policies that protect the physician-patient relationship;
  • Expanding COVID-19 treatment options for all Americans who need them; and
  • Strengthening the voices of front-line doctors in the national healthcare conversation.

AFLDS’ core beliefs, shared by each of its member health care professionals, include the following:

  • That the American people have the right to accurate information using trusted data derived from decades of practical experience, not politicized science and Big Tech-filtered public health information.
  • That critical public health decision-making should take place away from Washington and closer to local communities and the physicians that serve them. They are steadfastly committed to protecting the physician-patient relationship.
  • That front-line and actively practicing physicians should be incorporated into the nation’s healthcare policy conversation.
  • That safe and effective, over-the-counter COVID preventative and early treatment options should be made available to all Americans who need them. They reject mandatory government lockdowns and restrictions not supported by scientific evidence. They support focused care for the nation’s at-risk population, including seniors and the immunocompromised.

AFLDS, through its member physicians, is deeply committed to maintaining the physician-patient relationship in the face of government encroachment.

Each of AFLDS’ member physicians is also deeply committed to the guiding principle of medicine, “FIRST, DO NO HARM”. They take gravely their ethical obligations to their patients. It is axiomatic that a physician’s duty is to his or her patient.

AFLDS has recommended that the experimental Covid-19 vaccines be prohibited for use in the under-20 age category, and strongly discouraged for use in the healthy population above the age of 20 through the age of 69. These recommendations have two sound and broadly scientific foundations upon which they are based. First, there is the undeniable fact that the Covid19 vaccines are experimental and either lack clinical testing or have presented serious risks for young people in the 12 to 15 age group. The risks and safety evidence based upon such trials as there are, cannot justify the use of these vaccines in younger persons. Because AFLDS has taken the science-based position that it is unethical even to advocate for Covid-19 vaccine administration to persons under the age of 50, its and its membership cannot administer it or support any agency that attempted to do so for juvenile persons in the 12 to 15 age category.

It should be noted here that AFLDS is NOT against vaccines generally as a class of medical interventions. It has praised the speedy progress of the vaccine development program. It has taken care to ensure clarity in its position regarding support of the proper use of approved vaccines and the proper application of emergency use authorizations. It holds sacrosanct the relationship between doctor and patient where truly informed decisions are to be made, taking into consideration all of the factors relating to the patients’ health, risks, co-morbidities and circumstances.

Given these considerations it would be grossly unethical and therefore impossible for AFLDS members to stand idly by while their patients and their patients’ families are subjected to the imminent risk of experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections being administered to minor children. If the EUAs are allowed to stand unrestrained and extended to young children in the 12-15 year age group, AFLDS member physicians will be forced into further untenable positions of unresolvable conflict between their ethical and moral duties to their patients, and the demands of many of the hospitals in which they work.

Many of AFLDS member physician’s employers subscribe to and follow the recommendations of the American Medical Association (“AMA”). In a special meeting in November of 2020, the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, updated a previously published Ethics Opinion in the AMA Code of Medical Ethics as opinion 8.7, “Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians.”

In this updated opinion, the astonishing position was taken that not only do physicians have an ethical and moral obligation to inject themselves with the experimental COVID-19 vaccination, but they also have an ethical duty to encourage their patients to get injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccination. The ethics opinion repeatedly uses the phrase “safe and effective” as a descriptor for the experimental COVID-19 vaccination.

The AMA’s ethics opinion goes on to state that institutions may have a responsibility to require immunization of all staff!

Physicians and other health care workers who decline to be immunized with a safe and effective vaccine, without a compelling medical reason, can pose an unnecessary medical risk to vulnerable patients or colleagues,” said AMA Board Member Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA. “Physicians must strike an ethical balance between their personal commitments as moral individuals and their obligations as medical professionals.”

The ethical opinion adopted by the AMA House of Delegates says that doctors “have an ethical responsibility to encourage patients to accept immunization when the patient can do so safely, and to take appropriate measures in their own practice to prevent the spread of infectious disease in health care settings.

[. . .]

“Physician practices and health care institutions have a responsibility to proactively develop policies and procedures for responding to epidemic or pandemic disease with input from practicing physicians, institutional leadership, and appropriate specialists,” says the updated opinion. “Such policies and procedures should include robust infection-control practices, provision and required use of appropriate protective equipment, and a process for making appropriate immunization readily available to staff. During outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease for which there is a safe, effective vaccine, institutions’ responsibility may extend to requiring immunization of staff. 3 (emphasis added)

It is clear from this ethics opinion that AFLDS member physicians would be considered by their employers to be both morally and ethically bound by a duty to encourage 12-15 year old minors to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccination injection.

The AMA even offers a “COVID-19 VACCINE SCRIPT FOR PATIENT INQUIRIES”.4 Despite being styled as a script for inquiries, the script clearly intends for phone messages and office websites to lead with the following message for every caller, not simply those who wish to inquire about vaccines.

The proposed script reads: “We are encouraging our patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available and offered to them.”5

To the extent that the AFLDS member physicians either lack control of their office website or telephone system, or are simply unaware of the message that has been placed there absent their knowledge and consent, the member physicians will have been forced unwittingly into an utterly untenable position. Such would create an unresolvable conflict for the member physicians, and deep confusion for their patients, who would thereby be receiving irreconcilable and contradictory messages from the same office.

To illustrate just how unresolvable these conflicts are, it is necessary to consider the massive power of big pharmaceutical companies over the institutions who employ the physicians and the ease with which a physician’s career can be destroyed through widely unregulated reporting which opens an investigation that can and often does render the physician virtually unemployable. Not only do physicians have to choose between their ethical obligations to their patient to do no harm and their current job; the reality is that many of them will be choosing between their patients and their medical career.

It is critical to point out that for AFLDS member physicians, the practice of medicine is not simply a job. Neither is it merely a career. Rather, it is a sacred trust. It is a true high calling that often requires a decade or more of highly focused sacrificial dedication to achieve. The depth and the horror of the bind that this ethics opinion places the member physicians of AFLDS in, simply cannot be overstated.

To grasp the irreparable nature of the harm they face, one must consider the ease with which even an anonymous report can be made that may injure or haunt a physician’s career.6 The National Physicians Database (“NPDB”) was created by Congress with the intent of providing a central location to obtain information about practitioners. However, as Darryl S. Weiman, M.D., J.D. pointed out:

The black mark of a listing in the NPDB may not accomplish what the law was meant to do; identify the poor practitioner.”

7 Weiman goes on to point out that:

It is the threat of a NPDB report which prevents the open discussion, fact-finding, and broad based analysis and problem solving which was the intent of the meaningful peer review of the HCQIA.”

8 The gross imbalance of equities between an individual physician and the various large institutions and pharmaceutical companies which exert tremendous sway over his or her professional calling has many physicians fearful of pushing back against such ethical binds as have been described above.9 Many physicians have a family and medical school debts to consider and should never be forced into such a bitter double bind.

The types of harm the AFLDS member physicians are inevitably subjected to by this extension of the EUAs to inject 12-15 year old minors with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine is truly irreparable. Such harm strikes at the moral and ethical underpinnings of their calling as a physician and drives irreparable wedges into the sacred doctor-patient relationship that cannot be healed and certainly cannot be addressed with monetary damages.

2. Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, (MD)

is a board-certified family medicine physician of 40 years. Dr. Jensen resides and practices in the state of Minnesota, where he was honoured as the “Minnesota Family Physician of the Year” in 2016. Dr. Jensen is well aware the children in the 0-16 year old age group have a 0% chance statistically of dying from COVID. As to the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Jensen is keenly aware of the risks and benefits of these investigational agents as well as the current vaccine schedule for other diseases. Given that the statistical chance of death for children ages 0 to 16 is 0%, Dr. Jensen believes it would be reckless to subject anyone in that age group to the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. To recommend something that he considers reckless would violate his oath as a doctor and place him in an untenable position. It would place his young patients in that age group at risk and create similar conflicts to those described in the preceding paragraphs relating to the AFLDS member physicians. In addition, and based on the facts and statistics set forth in Dr. Jensen’s Declaration attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit A, Dr. Jensen believes the use of coercion in the 0-16 year old age group that is not at risk of harm from COVID-19 would irreparably undermine public trust in all vaccines. He therefore requests an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of the EUAs of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine for any and all ages under 16.

3. Ellen Millen (Ellen)

is a resident of Huntsville, Alabama. Ellen is the Guardian of three siblings ages 5, 4 and 4. These children have been entrusted to her by Child Protective Services and she is responsible for making medical decisions for them. Ellen has obtained a medical exemption for vaccines and neither she nor their biological parents wish the children to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccination. Ellen stands not only for the children currently in her care but for those who may be placed in her care in the future. She stands for her 22-year-old son and four other children who are unable to stand for themselves in opposing the application of the experimental COVID-19 vaccination to children of all ages who are at NO statistical risk of death from COVID-19. Without a temporary restraining order as requested in this motion Ellen knows that the children in her care will face overwhelming pressure to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccination injection from friends, parents of friends, sports organizations, summer camps, schools and colleges. The fear and pressure that this fragile at-risk population of children will be subjected to if the temporary restraining order is not granted is greater than that which is often faced by children from intact nuclear families. The nature of their placement outside of their home and away from their biological family leaves them particularly susceptible to the pressures and the fear mongering that they will receive from peers and authority figures. The harm that they will undergo emotionally, mentally, and/or physiologically is precisely the type of harm considered irreparable by the law in this case. The trauma that is created in this type of a situation will quite likely be carried for life, and no amount of damages can possibly erase the effects. Ellen’s Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated here by reference as Exhibit B. Ellen seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 15 years old and younger.

4. Jody Sobczak (Jody)

of Huntsville Alabama, is the father of two minor children ages 15 and 17. Jody has researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and fiercely opposes their use in healthy children of any age. He knows that his own children are placed at immediate and irreparable risk of harm by extending the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to adolescents. Jody is well aware that there are safe and effective alternative treatments readily available, and he adamantly opposes the suppression of those treatments in favor of experimental and potentially life-threatening agents. Jody’s Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit C. Jody seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension order of EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 15 years old and younger.

5. Deborah Sobczak (Deborah)

of Huntsville Alabama, is the mother of two minor children ages 15 and 17. Deborah has researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and also fiercely opposes their use in healthy children of any age. She knows that her own beloved children are placed at immediate and irreparable risk of harm by extending the EUAs of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine to adolescents. Deborah is well aware that there are safe and effective alternative treatments readily available and she adamantly opposes the suppression of those treatments in favor of experimental and potentially life-threatening agents. Deborah’s Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit D. Deborah seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 15 years old and younger.

6. Lyle Bloom (Lyle)

of Huntsville, Alabama, is the father of two children ages 10 and 16, and the father of one young adult age 21. Lyle has researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and fiercely opposes their use in healthy children of any age. He knows that his own children are placed at immediate and irreparable risk of harm by extending the emergency use authorizations of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine to adolescents. Lyle is well aware that there are safe and effective alternative treatments readily available and he adamantly opposes the suppression of those treatments in favor of experimental and potentially life-threatening agents. Lyle’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit E. Lyle seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of EUAs of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 15 years old and younger.

7. Julie Bloom (Julie)

of Huntsville Alabama, is the mother of two children ages 10 and 16, and the mother of one young adult age 21. Julie has researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and also fiercely opposes their use in healthy children of any age. She knows that her own beloved children are placed at immediate and irreparable risk of harm by extending the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to adolescents. Julie is well aware that there are safe and effective alternative treatments readily available and she adamantly opposes the suppression of those treatments in favor of experimental and potentially life-threatening agents. Julie’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit F. Julie seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 17 years old and younger.

8. Andrea McFarlane, RN (Andrea)

of Huntsville Alabama currently works as a trauma/ICU nurse at Vanderbilt. She is the mother of 4 children, 10, 12, 14 and 16. As a nurse, Andrea has seen tremendous pressure placed on staff to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Even medical staff that have had COVID-19 are pressured relentlessly to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. It is well known among the staff that taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccines will leave you sick for days, and they accommodate for the expected sick reactions in their staffing plans. Andrea is also in school and as a student she is pressured and incentivized to get “vaccinated”. As a mother, Andrea knows only too well the tremendous pressure her boys will be under to get “vaccinated”. They will be under social and school pressure and Andrea deeply fears for their safety. She has studied the vaccine. She knows that it is experimental and that it has proven harmful in many cases. She knows that her children are not at risk from COVID-19 and believes it should be illegal and that it is immoral to give an experimental and untested vaccine to children who are not at risk. She believes that if the TRO is not granted, not only will her children be at grave risk of irreparable harm, but she will be subjected to pressure in her profession to comply with an immoral policy. We know that the AMA through their ethics opinion set forth above in this Motion has already opined that institutions will likely have an obligation to require that their staff get injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations. Should this happen, Andrea will be unable to work because she will not follow a policy that she believes is immoral. Andrea’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit G. Andrea is asking that this Court immediately impose the requested TRO in order to protect her children as well as herself from the grave risk of immediate and irreparable harm.

9. Jennifer Greenslade (Jennifer)

of Remlap, Alabama, has an autoimmune disorder for which she takes medicine on a daily basis. She has researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and is aware that to take it would be to inject herself with an unknown agent that is largely unstudied but which carries risk to anyone with an autoimmune disease. She fears deeply for her own health and the health of her children, ages 9 and 12. The type of disease she has can be hereditary and nobody knows how it might interact with her children’s health, whereas COVID-19 itself poses no risk of death to her children whatsoever. Jennifer has two cousins who did allow themselves to be injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. They were both healthy prior to the injection. They became extremely ill after being injected and spent weeks on the brink of death in the ICU. They are now out of the ICU but neither of them can walk and they require care from their children. This type of vaccine related injury constitutes irreparable harm. Her cousins were in good health and now they are unable to walk even though they survived the initial onslaught of the vaccine related sickness. Jennifer’s health is not strong and her children may have inherited her autoimmune disorder. If they are pressured or mandated to take the vaccine and experience reactions similar to Jennifer’s cousins’ reactions, she and her children might not survive. For a mother of two small children it is a stark and terrifying concern to think that they may be killed or paralyzed or that she may be rendered unable to care for them or worse. Jennifer’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit H. She is seeking an immediate temporary injunction on behalf of herself, her children, and other similarly situated parents against the extension of the EUAs for children 15 and younger, who are at no risk from COVID-19.

10. Steven M. Roth, MD (Dr. Roth)

of Alabama, has been a practicing emergency medicine physician for 13 years. Aspart of his practice, Dr. Roth sees patients of all ages. He is aware of the risks and benefits of these investigational agents as well as the current vaccine schedule for other diseases. Based on the most recent numbers from the CDC from May 5, 2021, anyone under the age of 16 has statistically NO risk of dying of Covid-19.

Dr. Roth has not seen a COVID-19 patient in many months, but he is currently seeing many patients who come to the emergency department as post-COVID-19 injection patients. All of these patients came in with COVID19 like symptoms that occurred within 48 hours of the injection. All these patients required hospital admission. Several of these patients progressed to death, caused by the vaccine.

Dr. Roth’s concern is that based upon what he is seeing in the community, and because of the schools asking that students take the experimental COVID-19 injections and putting obstacles around those who do not take it, young people are being pressured to take an experimental injection, and many are succumbing to that pressure. This is deeply disturbing to Dr. Roth, because it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot. This means that there is not only no benefit, but also an increased risk for children who receive the experimental COVID-19 injections. Also, with all prior viruses and vaccines, it has been accepted in the medical community that natural immunity is superior to vaccination, and there is no basis to believe that would be different with SARS-CoV-2. Because of these factors, it is actually not preferable to give the vaccine even if it was definitely safe, which these are not.

In addition, Dr. Roth is extraordinarily concerned that there have been no animal studies, nor long-term studies, of the COVID-19 vaccines, especially since prior coronavirus vaccines all caused death in the animals subjected to them.

Dr. Roth is aware of many thousands of physicians who agree with him, but who are under great pressure to say nothing. Dr. Roth has chosen to speak out now, at great personal cost to himself, because the alternative is unbearable. Dr. Roth could not live with himself if he stood by and allowed these experimental COVID-19 injections to be inflicted upon children universally, resulting in death and destruction over the years. He considers it immoral and unconscionable that this experimental therapy will be given to children. Not only are children NOT at risk of death from COVID-19, but they are also NOT mini-adults. Their organs are still forming, and they are even more vulnerable than adults to developing auto-immune disease in this situation.

Dr. Roth would be deeply and directly affected by a change in FDA guidelines regarding vaccines for young people, and as a result he is imploring this Court to grant an immediate TRO to halt the approval of the infliction of the experimental COVID-19 injections upon children. In addition to the direct threat of irreparable harm posed to Dr. Roth’s young patients, an additional unwelcome consequence of using coercion to mandate or pressure the participation of healthy young people who are statistically at NO risk is the risk of sharply reducing the public trust in all vaccines. This would also create what can only be described as irreparable harm to the public generally. Dr. Roth’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit I.

11. Matt Schweder (Matt)

of Lexington, Kentucky, is the father of one minor daughter, age 15, and an adult son, age 25. Matt’s son is in the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Program at Vanderbilt University. Matt’s daughter is an active student and plays soccer for her high school. Matt has, until recently, coached girls select soccer for a number of years and he is very aware of the extraordinary power of peer pressure in the life of young adolescents. Matt’s daughter is subjected to a barrage of peer pressure regarding vaccinating, which is a constant source of conversation for her friends, who have been taught to fear that which should hold no fear. In addition, her school system bombards her with weekly emails, pressuring and shaming her and her family into allowing themselves to be experimented on with the experimental COVID-19 injections. The pressure is so intense that one of Matt’s daughter’s friends was forced to take the injection by his own mother, against his will, at the age of 16, and Matt’s daughter had to undergo the trauma of knowing that her friend had become part of this dangerous human experiment even though he was adamantly opposed to doing so. Matt has conducted his own research into COVID-19, and he is well aware that children under the age of 16 have a 0% chance statistically of dying from COVID-19. Matt knows that safe and effective treatments for COVID-19 are available and he fiercely opposes the suppression of these treatments in favor of using untested and potentially life-threatening agents against children who are not at risk. As a father, Matt has witnessed the growing concern his son has, that his school or potential employer might decide to make the experimental agents mandatory, which would put his education to waste. The damages that Matt and his family face are irreparable if this EUA is permitted to be inflicted upon minor children, whose only risk of death comes from the vaccine itself. Therefore, Matt urgently moves this Court to find for his children and the children of America and immediately grant the TRO sought by this Motion. Matt’s Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit J.

Read the full document here.

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The above article is based on information from Whistle Blowers Newsroom and originally published by Global Research. Some editing & format changes by BGB.

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Keep Smiling!


John Lennon was spot on when he said that what the ‘establishment’ can’t cope with is HUMOUR!

I would add to that by saying that they don’t understand SATIRE or POETRY either. They can’t deal with it, because it’s sophisticated and they don’t know how to respond.

As it’s the weekend, we need to lighten our hearts. What better way to do that, than listen to ‘Whathername’ (her pseudonym on video platforms) perform for you in this short video:

Not only a skit at the tyrannical powers that are currently attacking us, but a sideways swipe at the ‘clowns’ who have swallowed this hoax – despite the information put in front of them. I suppose “where it ain’t – you can’t put it“!

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Open Your Mind To The Horrors Masked By Ignorance

“Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Trampled By The (Human) Lemmings Running To The Cliff”.

In fact, real life lemmings – unlike ignorant humans – head for the cliff edge due to an inner urge to do so on occasion – an instinct if you will – they are excused for their individual actions as part of the lemming masses. Lemmings have become the subject of a widely popular misconception that they are driven to commit mass suicide when they migrate by jumping off cliffs. It is not a deliberate mass suicide where the animal voluntarily chooses to die, but rather a result of their ingrained migratory behaviour.

On the other hand, humans, who volunteer for experimental injection trials, (and who hideously also put their children into such trials), and then, before the trials are exhausted and well before the results are independently analysed, they roll up their sleeves and queue up for a deathly injection. They can only say as an excuse that – unlike lemmings – “we were ignorant of the facts”; they are actually extremely stupid, taking just the word of certain ones labelled as ‘experts’ for their actions. Worse still, ‘experts’ who have ulterior commercial interests at heart, and who have in the past been prosecuted for such actions, paying billions out in compensation for their greed and unethical actions. That puts humans well below lemmings in the intelligence league. Lemmings have a reason for their actions, stupid humans have no excuse, except as stated earlier – gross ignorance and gullibility, coupled to an irrational belief in a vaccination cult.

Anyone who puts an innocent child into a trial should not be allowed to have the responsibility of care for a child. Any parent who allows others to experiment on their child, and in so doing possibly causing the death of that child should be tried and executed for such a heinous and depraved, evil action, whether in educational ignorance or not.

Experimental Injections

mRNA injections are not fully tested, not fully trialled and are only fast tracked for use under special emergency government rules. They are still experimental, and are being used in contravention of the Nuremberg Code (1947), as all those injected are part of a global trial experiment – without the informed consent of the individual.

In the video below Dr. Christiane Northup, a recognised expert on vaccine and vaccinations, explains all this in detail, at a lecture she recently gave at the the Health & Freedom Conference 2021in the US.

The figures quoted in the above lecture for deaths and adverse effects is now well out of date. Since the recording was made the figures have increased dramatically, and will continue to do so as more people are injected with these Luciferian inoculations. However there is no let-up in the media led government propaganda or the coercion to get everyone injected. Why? Perhaps a clue is in what has been said by those behind this evil project. The word ‘depopulation’ jumps to mind, which is tied into the goals of the Agenda21/ 2030 UN Sustainable Development programme.

Whatever you do – don’t take my word for it – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

So What’s Behind It All?

Let Dr. Vernon Coleman explain, he’s so much better at it than me.

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Journalistic Integrity at the BBC (Open Letter to Director General and Editor in Chief, BBC Broadcasting House)

The Correspondence Journal

View volumes 1 & 2 of our Correspondence Journal.

As those who are frequent visitors to BGB will be aware, hundreds of articles of correspondence have been sent out by us over the last sixteen months, to various governments, organisations and individuals involved in the Covid-19 hoax pandemic. Many are Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) others have been pointed and probing questions – it is called “Holding Officialdom To Account”. If you read the responses, you will have noticed the ducking, weaving, misleading and often blatant lies that have been sent back as responses to BGB’s correspondence – from many of the scoundrels involved in this fraud. Some are just doing their robotic job in batting away awkward questions (the “I’m only following orders” – Nuremberg 1947 excuse). Others further up the compartmentalised triangle know exactly what they are doing, and issue orders from those further up again in the corrupt pyramid. Those are the ones who have been orchestrating the actions of corrupt governments, organisations and filling the pockets of the gigantic Big Pharma and Big Tech global companies.

Open Letter To Tim Davie The Director General Of The BBC

The latest correspondence (CJ 141) that was distributed yesterday via e-mail was to Mr. Davie. As it’s one of the more important, and key correspondences that we have sent out, it’s felt that it needs to be included in a post, rather than just hidden in our Journal. Many who rely solely on the likes of the BBC for their information, will realise that the source of their false news, is the fear propaganda mainstream media. They need to be halted and exposed for what they are. People need to wake up to what is really going on.

Index No.


To:  Open letter to: Director General and Editor in Chief, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London.

Subject: Journalistic Integrity at the BBC


Director General and Editor in Chief
BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place

Date: 24  05  2021

Dear Tim Davie

Subject: Journalistic Integrity at the BBC

The question of journalistic integrity at the BBC is currently in sharp focus following publication of the report by retired supreme court judge Lord Dyson. While you, in your role as “Director General and Editor in Chief“, reflect on Lord Dyson’s findings, I would be grateful if you could consider commissioning another investigation to establish whether factually correct information has been presented to the general public by the BBC during the coronavirus crisis. Areas of particular concern are listed below.

  1. The failure to report, in daily news bulletins, the number of severe adverse reactions [including death] following roll-out of the experimental gene-editing treatments [vaccines] for Covid 19. The latest information published on UK Government website [administered by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency {MHRA}] and European Medical Regulator is set out in Annex 01 below. This information is readily available to your Health Editor Hugh Pym and Medical Editor Fergus Walsh. Factually correct information would enable the public to take informed decisions.
  2. The failure to report in news bulletins the current position in respect of ongoing litigation regarding the management of the coronavirus crisis in the UK and around the world. The current position with regard to Coronavirus-related global lawsuits is set out in Annex 02 below.
  3. The funding received by the BBC from the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” [B M G F] believed to be in the region of £53 million. The B M G F has substantial investments in pharmaceutical companies developing and delivering experimental gene-editing treatments for Covid 19. Any investigation should aim to establish whether there is a conflict of interest that could impact on the BBC’s impartiality in presenting information to the public.

I look forward to your observations at your earliest convenience and confirmation whether you consider an internal or external investigation is now necessary to establish whether factually correct information has been provided to the general public in BBC news bulletins during the Coronavirus crisis. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Wynne Jones

(BGB Correspondence Journal Editor)

Stakeholders [for information]
cc   UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee
cc   National Audit Office
cc   Rt Hon Steven Baker MP – Steering Committee – Covid Recovery Group

Annex 01

United Kingdom MHRA “yellow card” monitoring system: data to 6 May 2021
Total adverse reactions 826,350 with 1,143 fatal outcomes, itemised as follows
AstraZeneca 662,176 adverse reactions, 756 deaths
Pfizer 159,219 adverse reactions, 370 deaths
Moderna 3,056 adverse reactions, 2 deaths
Unspecified 1,899 adverse reactions, 15 deaths.

EudraVigilance European database: data to 8 May 2021
405,259 injuries, 10,570 deaths: following receipt of Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen mRNA / DNA based experimental gene-editing treatments.

Annex 02

Chronology of Coronavirus-related global lawsuits
19 May 2021

Martin Ackermann, head of the Swiss Covid 19 Science Task Force [the equivalent of SAGE in the UK] indicted by five organisations and seven private individuals for criminal attempted and actual intimidation of the people contrary to the constitution. Criminal charges include:

  • repeated bogus prognosis
  • systematic manipulation of intensive-care bed data
  • false pronouncements on hospitalisation and death rates
  • constantly changing measures as best suits the narrative.

15 May 2021
“Statement of Case” alleging pandemic fraud against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson was filed electronically at Westminster Magistrates Court on 19 March 2021, along with a covering letter informing the court that the substantive evidence bundle would be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery the following week, including hard copies of the “Statement of Case” and the covering letter. On 26 March 2021 the three case files were received and signed for by the court. The judge purported to dismiss the case on the emphatically unsustainable ground that not enough prima facie evidence had been presented for the case to proceed. When it became clear that the judge’s decision was based on the 126 page “Statement of Case” and that he had not had sight of the supporting evidence of 800 pages which included 11 expert witness statements in support of the serious allegations made, the judge indicated that he would be reconsidering the case upon all the evidence adduced at the end of next week, with his final decision to follow shortly afterwards. The judge’s second decision is awaited.

11 May 2021
The legal team representing America’s Frontline Doctors is filing cases in court to prevent the Food and Drugs Administration [FDA] from issuing an “Emergency Use Authorisation” [EUA] for the experimental Covid 19 gene-editing treatment for 12 to 15 year old children. The FDA proposes to expand the EUA for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to enrol adolescents, ages 12-15. Scientists around the world have noted extreme danger and believe the danger is even greater for young people due to their stronger immune systems. There are now over 4,100 deaths associated with the experimental Covid 19 gene-editing treatments. By comparison, an experimental vaccine rollout in the USA in 1976 was permanently halted after just 25 deaths. Critical testing and clinical trials were bypassed. The average length of time required to approve a vaccine is 10-15 years but now, barely six months in, the FDA is poised to test it on children and then request universal approval. Independent scientists from all over the world are protesting, but they are being ignored. The lives of America’s youth are now at grave risk over an experimental injection for a virus which is 99.97% survivable. Children are not affected by Covid, so why should they receive an experimental gene-editing treatment. Parents, teachers, doctors, and all others who can attest to harm, injury, or death from vaccines already administered will provide the evidence to save children from being injected with these dangerous and unnecessary biological agents. Further updates will be provided as litigation now progresses.

20 April 2021
In a 27-page submission, a ‘Request for Investigation’ of the UK Government and its advisers, for genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, was issued to the International Criminal Court [ICC] at the Hague. Compelling reasons as to why the UK Government and its advisers are guilty of the above charges was submitted. The ICC will review the ‘Request for Investigation’ and assess whether they believe there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into a ‘Situation’, pursuant to the criteria established by the Rome Statute. The ICC does not provide a timeline regarding acceptance, nor is there any guarantee that they will ultimately accept the ‘Request for Investigation’ due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are limited in their capacity to conduct investigations.

19 April 2021
Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] alleging pandemic fraud is set to be listed for hearing at Bromley Magistrates Court. Effectively, this means that the case files contained enough prima facie evidence of pandemic fraud for Westminster to transfer the case to Bromley, for the purposes of performing the final legal checks [the initial checks having been done by the south London court’s legal department] and listing the first hearing of the case at the Kent court.

24 March 2021
The Vienna Administrative Court judgment VGW-103/048/3227/2021-2 ruled on a complaint filed by the Freedom Party of Austria [FPO] against what it considered a grossly illegal ban on a registered rally. In its ruling, the court rejected the Corona policy of the federal government. Citing internationally recognized experts, studies and the World Health Organization, the court found that the Minister of Health, Anschober’s, disease definitions were wrong and that a PCR test for Covid-19 diagnosis was unsuitable. The PCR test is destroyed as a credible determinant of Covid illness. Antigen tests are also deemed not credible. Certified medical doctors alone are able to determine specific cases of illness. The Vienna Administrative Court examined closely the basis for the Austrian federal government’s policy and found that definition of illness from the Ministry of Health alone is completely wrong and baseless. Confirmed Covid 19 “case” is defined 23 December 2020 as:
1]  Any person with detection of SARS-CoV-2 specific nucleic acid [PCR test], regardless of clinical manifestation, or
2]  Any person, with detection of SARS-CoV specific antigen, who fulfils the clinical criteria, or
3] Any person, with detection of SARS-CoV specific antigen, who fulfils the epidemiological criteria.

None of the three “confirmed cases” defined by the Minister of Health meet the requirements of the World Health Organisation [WHO] term “ill / infected person.” The sole reliance on the PCR test (confirmed case 1) is rejected by the WHO. The Health Service of the City of Vienna uses the words “case numbers,” “test results,” “case incidence,” as well as “number of infections.” This jumbling of terms does not do justice to a scientific assessment of the epidemic situation. For the WHO, the decisive factor is the number of infections / illnesses and not the number of people tested positive or other “case numbers”. This is similar to a ruling made by a Portuguese appeals court in November 2020 that the tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based on test result. The verdict can still be appealed to the Constitutional Court or an extraordinary appeal can be filed with the Administrative Court.

19 March 2021
Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] papers alleging pandemic fraud were laid electronically at a south London Magistrates Court, against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson. The Court will receive a 1,200 page bundle of evidence, which includes expert witness statements from two professors, three doctors, a dental surgeon, a probate solicitor, a mathematician, a retired nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and a former CID fraud detective. In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, in material breaches of sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, the action [instigated by Michael O’Bernecia] is informally applying for a declaration, under the inherent powers of the court, which states that autopsies are to be carried out for all alleged Covid deaths, which will be held as evidence in the forthcoming trial, on the ground that expert witness testimony is available of the falsification of death certificates, as per UK Government policy. Additionally, a request is being made for a moratorium on the UK influenza and Covid ‘vaccinations’ programmes to be declared for period of at least 90 days, in order to definitively establish whether it is Covid 19 or ‘vaccines’ that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate of 377 per 100,000 healthy adults, as per the leaked WHO approved ‘vaccine’ safety study which is being included as evidence. The court previously requested more prima facie evidence when the last application in late 2020 was made, seeking the arrest of Matt Hancock for fraud by non-disclosure over the declassification of Covid 19 by the ACDP.

11 January 2021
Legal proceedings under Class Proceedings Act 1992 initiated on behalf of plaintiffs at Ontario Superior Court of Justice alleging, inter alia, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Court reference CV-21-000085478-00CP. Defendants include: Pope Francis, The Holy See, The State of the Vatican, The Society of Jesus, H M Queen Elizabeth II, The Order of the Garter, The House of Windsor, Global Vaccine Alliance [GAVI], the United Nations World Health Organisation, Public Health Organisation of Canada, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dr Theresa Tam, Premier Doug Ford, Christine Elliot, Mayor Jim Watson, Attorney General of Canada, Attorney General for Ontario. The action alleges, inter alia, that the defendants are vicariously liable for knowingly and wilfully advancing, promoting, adopting and manufacturing Covid 19 protocols, task force response, and medical protocols which violate terms and provisions of the “Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act“. Under the action the plaintiffs and Class Members seek damages for breach of domestic torts such as negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, malfeasance in office, unlawful confinement, and conspiracy. The plaintiffs and Class Members also seek damages for breaches of customary international law, prohibitions against crimes against humanity, cruel, inhuman or degrading behaviour, and torts of genocide and apartheid.

15 December 2020
“Cease and Desist” papers served on Dr Christian Drosten regarding the fraudulent content of the “Corman – Drosten paper” on RT-PCR tests, by Dr Reiner Fuellmich [Dr in Law] who leads a team of 34 lawyers prosecuting global officials over Covid 19.

25 November 2020
First lawsuit in a multi-lawsuit strategy filed in Germany. Fact checkers are being sued regarding validity of RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus. Dr Reimer Fuellmich working with the “Coronavirus Investigation Committee” in Germany. Cases also filed in U S Courts as they have better separation between the legislature and the legal system than courts in Europe.

11 November 2020
An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the RT-PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2 (the purported cause of the Covid-19 disease [which has not been isolated or identified with a compiled genome available], and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful. Further, the ruling suggested that any forced quarantine applied to healthy people could be a violation of their fundamental right to liberty. Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection.

2 September 2020
191 – page lawsuit filed by “Rocco Galati” against multiple levels of the Canadian Government regarding their management of the alleged pandemic. The following are named in his lawsuit: Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, Doug Ford, John Tory, and a host of other federal, provincial and municipal government officials. The lawsuit seeks several official declarations from the courts that pandemic measures are neither scientific or medically-based, that they are extreme, irrational, and unwarranted and that they breach multiple sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is also seeking damages from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC].

141 Response

Awaiting reply.

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The Immanuel Project: Corona Crisis Explained

In this video I would like to introduce Project Immanuel, which critically examines the scientific background of the so-called “Corona Crisis.” With the help of the German virologist and scientist Dr. Steffan Lanka PhD, all fundamental publications on SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it is purported to cause – COVID-19 are closely scrutinised and scientifically examined in a series of publications.

The main objective is to make science understandable to everyone. All the necessary technical terms and scientific procedures of virology and microbiology that one needs to know and understand are explained in a way that is easy for everyone to comprehend and is illustrated with many examples.

This is a scientific project.

This means, for one thing, that although I have been very critical of all that has been done and has happened during the Corona crisis, I always remain open-minded and neutral. I do not take sides with anyone, nor do I condemn anyone at face value, but only on provable facts. I analyse everything from a purely scientific medical point of view. Nothing is accepted unless it is backed up with facts that survive the ‘acid test’ of scrutiny. I also emphatically ask you, the viewer, not to simply believe any of MY statements! On the contrary, doubt, be critical and question me (see the challenge at the foot of this post). Anyone who can refute my statements, I hereby cordially invite everyone to do so, but it should be done with tangible, verifiable facts – not mainstream/ government hearsay. If I have made mistakes, I am happy to correct them – but the burden of proof lies with you that what I have published for the last sixteen months is fake or inaccurate.

Behind Project Immanuel is a small group of independent filmmakers who want to help bring into the public domain scientific facts that are ignored by the majority of people – only because they do not conform to the predominant world view and are blindly accepted as a consensus – without question. Consensus is not always correct – we have all heard of the time that the consensus was that the earth is flat and the whole universe revolves around it. People were burnt at the stake for not accepting that consensus!


Before delving further into that subject, we need to take a step back, and first establish the facts about a so called ‘viral’ infection, whether viruses exist as living communicable organisms, and if they do, which is very much a debated subject among some leading medical scientists, why has the Covid-19 outbreak been labelled a global pandemic? Find out more about that HERE.

If the corona (novel) virus cannot be confirmed, and the manufactured pandemic hysteria not dismantled, then where is the purpose of a vaccine? Lesser still, the experimental use of a gene altering mRNA concoction, That is NOT a VACCINE – although portrayed by those pushing the agenda – like the mainstream media – as a vaccine. Let’s crawl first, before we start running.


To share or embed this video in your own web pages please view the video at Bit Chute:

Note: one of the website addresses quoted in the above video is incorrect. It should be:


(1) “A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China”
PUBLICATION: “Ein neues Coronavirus im Zusammenhang mit menschlichen Atemwegserkrankungen in China” [Englisch]
AUTHORS: Fan Wu, Su Zhao, Bin Yu, Yan-Mei Chen et al.
MAGAZINE: “Nature” – AUSGABE: Band 579, (online Veröffentlichung am 03. Februar 2020) 12. März 2020 (S. 265-269)

(2) “A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019”
PUBLICATION: “Ein neuartiges Coronavirus von Patienten mit Lungenentzündung in China, 2019” [Englisch]
AUTHORS: Na Zhu, Ph.D., Dingyu Zhang, M.D., Wenling Wang, Ph.D., Xingwang Li, M.D. et al.
MAGAZINE: “New England Journal of Medicine” – AUSGABE: Nr. 8, Band 382, 24. Janaur 2020 [aktualisiert am 29. Januar 2020] (S. 727-733)
SOURCE: “N Engl J Med 2020;382:727-33. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2001017”

(3) “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR”
PUBLICATION: “Nachweis des neuartigen Coronavirus von 2019 (2019-nCoV) mittels Echtzeit-RT-PCR” [Englisch]
AUTHORS: Christian Drosten, Olfert Landt et al.
MAGAZINE: “Eurosurveillance” – AUSGABE: Nr. 3, Band 25, 23. januar 2020 (S. 727-733)
SOURCE: “Euro Surveill. 2020;25(3):pii=2000045.

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Experimental Injection Deaths – Proof From The US PLUS NHS Whistle-blower Interview – The Harsh Facts

What Makes This Personally Hurt Me Even More . . .

I lost my dear brother-in-law this week to cancer. He was more like a son to me than a brother-in-law, as he was a lot younger than me, and had lived with me and my wife (now deceased for many years) who was his older sister, in fact she was more like a mother to him than a sister – being almost old enough to have been his mother. We lived under the same roof from the  time he was in school, up to the time that he got married. I hope I never have to see someone suffer and pass away like that again for as long as I live.

What REALLY hurt was that he has died of a condition that he personally had no hand in and could do nothing about. Had he been healthy during this fake pandemic, he would never have worn a face nappy, social distanced or followed any of the ridiculous government directives, because he was intelligent, did his own diligent research and used his own mind rather than be told what to do by devious sources for ulterior motives. He would not under ANY circumstances have volunteered for an experimental gene altering injection which could have killed him.

How ironic that he has died anyway but not because he was daft enough to get injected with one of the current experimental injections. The sickener for me is that I see daft, ignorant and under educated masses queuing to roll their sleeves up for a treatment that is obvious to all (except the utterly blind and deaf who only listen to mainstream media propaganda for all their information), that a part of the global inoculation programme is a feature of the planned agenda by the evil Cabal – that dictates to most of the governments of the world –  to carry out their planned genocide programme to depopulate the earth, as they’ve been saying they want to do for decades and decades. That time has arrived, the masses have been sleep walking into it, whilst accusing the ones warning about this catastrophe that they are ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘tin foil hat’ wearers. It is totally surreal, with more than a hint of herd mentality and insanity.

News And Evidence From America.

The experimental mRNA injections are killing and maiming swathes of the population by the hundreds of thousands. That information is being kept well away from the people whose research and “educational studies” of these things goes no further than the box in the corner of their living room. Here’s a glimpse of what is actually happening:


You can download this video from Bit Chute using the ‘Share’ feature on there:

Or you can download a full (zipped) version from BGB’s server for saving on your device by clicking on the download button below:

Download it, then reupload it on to a video streaming platform of your choice (apart from You Tube – who will probably sensor it immediately to stop the facts and truths from getting out). Or just forward the link to all your friends, family and other uninformed people you care for.

Closer to Home

Here is an interview conducted by James Delingpole with a NHS whistle-blower employee (called ‘Nina’ for anonymity, and with voice altering technology to hide their identity). Quite an eye opener. Listen to it through to the end, and you’ll realise what the reality is behind hospital and GP surgery doors.


In Conclusion – “Let The Dead Bury The Dead”

Let the dead bury the dead ” is an expression used either to encourage someone to put humanitarian spiritual responsibilities first – above all else; or to encourage a person not to dwell in the past – to move on from old indoctrinations, brainwashing and senseless conflicts, for the sake of their own well-being. The idiom ‘let he dead bury their dead’ appears twice in the Greek Scriptures of the Bible.  In the context of this article, it’s a case of letting the brain-dead blind, who will not listen to the science about Covid-19, or the evidence of what is happening bury their dead – whilst others keep on enlightening people about the reality and the ultimate seriousness of what is happening globally around them.

As I’ve stated many times on this blog, I do not follow or believe the doctrines and teachings of ANY manmade organised religion, they are all corrupted and flawed – but the wisdoms of enlightened texts from ancient times always shine through, and I’m not just referring to the Bible. With regard to the frame of reference to ancient wisdoms, one should not throw the baby out with the bath water, by understanding the difference between corrupted organised religions, including governments, dictated to by evil influences and the sources of truth and wisdom that is available, regardless of where that truth and wisdom originates.

This is a planned, fake pandemic that statistics show kills ONLY 0.03% of those with the symptoms of the illness, and almost all of them have serious comorbidities, the vast number being over 80 years of age.  99.97% make a total recovery with no ill effects. It takes very little thought to realise that there is no valid reason for injecting everyone, especially with an experimental mRNA/ DNA gene altering treatment that has never before been tried on humans. Surely this should prompt people to ask why. It has been officially admitted that the injections do not stop infection, it does not stop contagiousness – so what is it for?

On the other hand, we know from past statements from various sources like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger et al that there is a concerted effort to depopulate the earth down to around 500,000.000 (half a billion) from the present 7,800,000,000 (7,8 billion) in existence. Ask yourself how do you do that? Think syringes and an excuse in the form of a hoax pandemic.

Click on the above image for more information

From day one, I, and others have been warning what the intention is. It was never anything to do with a ‘viral’ pandemic, it was all to do with inoculation. Sure enough, that’s what has transpired – but people, due to cognitive dissonance and the effects of corrupt media lies and government propaganda simply put their heads in the sand, hoping it would soon pass as long as they are compliant, wear their masks, social distance, stop travelling and acquiesce to voluntary house arrest . Perhaps when enough have been affected by this untried, untrialled and  non approved inoculation programme has killed and maimed enough people then the penny will drop. Sadly by then it may be too late.

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PSYCOVIDOSIS – It Should Be Put In Future Medical Encyclopaedias

From My Mate Down Under

Max Igan’s video needs no introduction. Thank heavens for sensible, grounded and intelligent people that are still left in this insane world!

As a bonus before he gets to the ‘PSYCOVIDOSIS’ there’s a little roundup of what is currently happening in Gaza, and tit bits from other stories around the world.


What a glimpse into what is in store for us – unless we wake up en masse and snap out of this mass Psychosis.

Footnote: Psychosis is a condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not real.

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The W.H.O. the Centres for Disease Control the World Economic Forum & Big-Pharma: The New Nuremberg Trials of 2021. Their Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity

BGB now has a new page titled ‘Legal Journal’ on this site. It is a running journal that tracks all the legal work that is going on worldwide to fight against these crimes against humanity that have been instigated by the Cabal. Updates are posted there as and when new information is received.

Who Is Involved.

One of the leading lawyers in these lawsuits is Dr. of Law – Reiner Füllmich. Here is an interview with Dr. Füllmich where he explains what the background is to these lawsuits that have been filed, and the probable ensuing Nuremberg style trial that will eventually come about:

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Füllmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO, the Davos Group (the World Economic Forum) and others (like Christian Drosten) for crimes against humanity.

Füllmich and his team present the known erroneous Drosten RT- PCR test as evidence which was a test adopted by the W.H.O. knowing it was a fake test, and the order given to doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud.

Fake Test

The RT-PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is over 90% faulty at 35 cycles.

All the PCR tests issued by the CDC are rated at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any test over 28 cycles are not admissible for any positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged Covid infections tracked by the use of this faulty test.

mRNA Injections

In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the experimental injection (not a ‘vaccine’) itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention.

Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.

According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

The mRNA “experimental” injections are in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

Provides immunity to the virus

This is a ‘leaky’ gene-therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with Covid infections.

Protects recipients from getting the virus

This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

Reduces deaths from the virus infection

This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.

Reduces circulation of the virus

This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

Reduces transmission of the virus

This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

The following are violations of the Nuremberg Code:

Executions following the Nuremberg Trials (1947)

Nuremberg Code #1: Voluntary Consent is Essential

No person should be forced to take a medical experiment without informed consent. Many media, political and non-medical persons are telling people to take the shot, it’s safe and offer no information as to the adverse effects or dangers of this gene-therapy. Countries are using lockdowns, duress and threats to force people to take this vaccine or be prohibited to participate in free society under the mandate of a Vaccine Passport or Green Pass. During the Nuremberg trail, even the media was prosecuted and members were put to death for lying to the public amongst many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Nuremberg Code #2: Yield Fruitful Results Unprocurable By Other Means

As listed above, the gene-therapy does not meet the criteria of a vaccine and does not offer immunity to the virus. There are other medical treatments that yield fruitful results against Covid such as Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and boosted immune systems for flu and colds.

Nuremberg Code #3: Base Experiments on Results of Animal Experimentation and Natural History of Disease

This gene-therapy skipped Animal testing and went straight to human trials. In mRNA research that Phizer used a candidate study on mRNA with rhesus macaques monkeys using BNT162b2 mRNA and in that study all the monkeys developed pulmonary inflammation but the researchers considered the risk low as these were young healthy monkeys from the age of 2-4. Israel has used Pfizer and the International Court of Law has accepted a claim for 80% of the recipients having pulmonary inflammation from being injected with this gene-therapy. Despite this alarming development Pfizer proceeded to develop their mRNA for Covid without animal testing.

Nuremberg Code #4: Avoid All Unnecessary Suffering and Injury

Since the rollout of the experiment and listed under the CDC VAERS reporting system over 4,000 deaths and 50,000 vaccine injuries have been reported in America. In the EU over 7,000 deaths and 365,000 vaccine injuries have been reported. This is a grievous violation of this code.

Nuremberg Code #5: No Experiment to be Conducted if There’s Reason to Think Injury or Death Will Occur

See #4, based on fact-based medical data this gene-therapy is causing death and injury. Past research on mRNA also shows several risks that have been ignored for this current trial gene-experiment. A 2002 study on Sars-Cov spike proteins showed they cause inflammation, immunopathology, blood clots and impede Angiotensin 2 expression. This experiment forces the body to produce this spike-protein inheriting all these risks.

Nuremberg Code #6: Risk Should Never Exceed the Benefit

Covid-19 has a 98-99% recover rate. The vaccine injuries, deaths and adverse side-effects of mRNA gene-therapy far exceed this risk. The use of “leaky” vaccines were banned for agriculture use by the US and EU due to the Marek Chicken study that shows ‘hot-viruses’ and variants emerge making the disease even more deadly. Yet, this has been ignored for human use by the CDC knowing fully the risk of new deadlier variants emerge from leaky vaccinations.

Nuremberg Code #7: Preparation Must Be Made Against Even Remote Possibility of Injury, Disability or Death

There were no preparations made. This gene-therapy was approved under an Emergency Use only act, skipped animal and human trials and forced on a misinformed public.

Nuremberg Code #8: Experiment Must Be Conducted by Scientifically Qualified Persons

Politicians, media and actors claiming that this is a safe and effective vaccine are not qualified. Propaganda is not medical science. Many retail outlets such as Walmart, drive-through vaccine centers are not qualified to administer experimental medical gene-therapies to the uninformed public.

Nuremberg Code #9: Anyone Must Have the Freedom to Bring the Experiment to an End At Any Time

Despite the outcry of over 85,000 doctors, nurses, virologists, epidemiologist the experiment is not being ended. In fact, more attempts to change laws to force vaccine compliance, mandatory and forced vaccinations are being pushed through, and experimental ‘update’ shots are planned for every 6 months without any recourse to the surmountable amount of deaths and injuries already caused by this experiment. Hopefully this new Nuremberg Trial will put an end to this crime against humanity.

Nuremberg Code #10: The Scientist Must Bring the Experiment to an End At Any Time if There’s Probable Cause of it Resulting in Injury or Death

It is clear in the statistical reporting data that this experiment is resulting in death and injury yet all the politicians, drug companies and so called experts are not making any attempt to stop this gene-therapy experiment from inflicting harm on a misinformed public.

What can you do to help put an end to this crime against humanity?

Share this information.

Make your politicians (see the ‘Write To Your MP’ letter template on the Home page), media, doctors, nurses informed that if they are complicit in this crime against humanity they too are subject to the laws set forth in the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg code and can be tried, found guilty and put to death. Legal proceedings are moving forward, evidence has been collected and a large growing body of experts are sounding the alarm.

Visit the Covid Committee website here and if you have been affected by this crime, report the event, persons involved, and as much detail to this website.

Crimes against humanity affect us all. They are a crime against you, your children, your parents, your grandparents, your community and your country and your future.

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The above article is based on an original written by ‘Blazing Press’ and reproduced by Global Research. Addition material and edits in the above article have been added by BGB.

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Confusion Of The Uninitiated

This Is NOT About a Virus

Are you confused in this swirl of contradictory information, that’s been unleashed on the public, over the last year or so? Bewildered? Frustrated? That’s exactly where they want you. Because this is not about a virus or a pandemic – it’s a calculated technique to herd us into the Great Reset – the much talked about New World Order that has been planned from very long ago.

Others outside of the Cult of evil and secrecy have – if you like – cracked their code and understand what the ‘pandemic’ is about. It is the last stepping stone in the centuries old agenda for total control and human massacre – sanitised as depopulation via devious means, and blamed on a non existent virus. Of course the ‘code crackers’ are brushed aside as nutty conspiracy theorists. A BIG mistake, as we are seeing all around us.

Why do some of us who have cracked their secret cult double-speak get such flak? It’s pretty obvious . . . the only others who are in the know are those who have been initiated into the cult.

Amazing Polly Explains It All In This Video

All you need to understand this is some basic research, a pair of ears and an open critical mind. The evidence is all out there in front of you, from the mouths of those who are behind this evil. It’s not what the likes of myself say, it is what THEY openly admit to, and have consistently warned you about.

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Louis Pasteur & Antoine Béchamp – A Revelation From History – For Our Covid-19 Modern Era

This is a very long, full article for serious researchers. Compiled with excerpts rom various previously published sources – including videos. Please bookmark this page  (see the foot of the page) or print it for future reference. So that you can return to it if it’s too much to absorb in one sitting.
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Sections In This Full Length Article

Quick Links:

1. –  Prologue

2.Introduction To This Article.

3 Germ Theory / Terrain Theory – Pasteur, Béchamp & Bernard.

4.What Are Viruses? What is Germ Theory? Myths of Contagion.

5.Experiments & Studies.

6. Vaccines + Germ Theory Refuters

7.Illusion of Contagiousness – what is occurring.

8.5G Roll-out & Associated Illnesses.

9.Testing for COVID-19 – The RT- PCR test – The Key to the Scam?

10. Concluding Thoughts

11. Additional Resources (articles, books, videos, links)

1 Prologue

As far as I am personally concerned – some exceptionally good things have come out of the last sixteen months’ misery. Perhaps that’s hard to believe, but my own knowledge and understanding of certain subjects, along with many other people – like myself –  has caused our understanding and knowledge to take a quantum leap forward. Had it not been for this hoax pandemic, I, and others, would probably not  have delved so deeply into the truths and the diametrically opposed myths surrounding the medical science in the world of viruses, germ theory, terrain theory, virology, immunology, diagnostic testing, gene altering mRNA injectables (misleadingly labelled ‘vaccines) and masks etc. etc. they would have remained hidden from us for much longer. That would also include what makes up the pseudo science world of the Cabal and all that goes with that.  It’s been a huge eye opener. Even Joe Public now knows a lot more than they did just over a year ago. At least when you mention corona virus they now know something about the subject, and it’s drawn attention to the state of the world and how it is controlled and governed by those in the shadows. It has triggered a grand, albeit relatively slow, awakening.

Before retirement, my field of professional expertise was in electronics, however I’ve always had a huge life-long interest in medical science – it fascinates me. Possibly, in another life’s scenario,  I would have happily studied medicine, rather than what I did study. Both medical and electronics/ electrical sciences have many common overlaps – not least the effects of electricity and radio frequency radiation on people’s health. The two disciplines have got ever closer to each other in the modern world.

The millimetre (mm – microwave) radiation information is simple for an electronics engineer to follow, and is based on known proven science within the general field of physics. I can personally vouch for the known effects of mm length radio waves on living tissue – both animal (including humans) and plants. 2.4 Gigahertz (Ghz) –  the frequency used for current Wi-Fi networks have a marked effect on certain cell tissues, and at greater power – as in microwave ovens – it causes water molecules to spin and vibrate with a heating effect, which then conducts through the food to heat it up, that’s a scientific fact – you see it happen every time you put your pie or drink in your microwave oven. Human bodies are made up of of over 75% water. Radiation at 60 Ghz (as opposed to 2.4 Ghz) causes Oxygen molecules to do a similar thing, the result? A failure in the Oxygen carrying ability of the blood. These are well known documented facts. Unfortunately, not many people within the general public understand the science and far less understand the effects of certain frequencies of certain types of modulation and power output on living organisms (both flora – plants – and fauna – animals including humans). No one today questions the devastating effects of atomic radiation, gamma rays and X-rays, however start talking about other Radio Frequency (RF) sources like Wi-Fi, or microwave radiation and RF based weapons and the scepticism based on ignorance starts to glaze the eyes. Why? Because the powers that be are happy to share certain information with the populace through the education system, but they bury other information that may have a negative effect on their evil activities. Exactly the same applies to medical knowledge. You have to dig deep and persistently, then use your own powers of discernment and reasoning to arrive at the correct conclusions. Sadly, you cannot take the mainstream’s (politically motivated) views as neither accurate or truthful. It’s designed to be so, to keep the majority in the dark, and to stifle the truth about dangerous technology. It’s a corporate thing, where the importance of global profits outweigh public health risks.

On a slightly different subject – I have just finished reading this book about Germ Theory & Terrain Theory:

Click on the picture to go to a source to buy the book yourself.

An absolutely brilliant read that compares the work of Pasteur and Béchamp, using as references excerpts from the journals they both kept of their work and experiments, also original entries in the journal of the  French Academy of Science. It does not take long to arrive at the conclusion that one was touched with genius, the other was more interested in his own self promotion. The latter – had the ear of Emperor Napoleon III and the societal hierarchy of science circles of the time, Pasteur is the one glorified down to this day. But when you delve into the archives of history, a very different story emerges.

Whereas most people probably have heard of Louis Pasteur (1822–1895), it is doubtful that many are familiar with the name and work of Antoine Béchamp (1816–1908). The two nineteenth-century French researchers were scientific contemporaries, co-patriots and fellow members of the French Academy of Science, but key differences in their views on biology and disease pathology led to a prolonged rivalry both within and outside of the Academy, much of it fuelled by intense jealousy on Pasteur’s part..

Béchamp was the more brilliant thinker, but Pasteur had political connections, including Emperor Napoleon III. Reportedly not above, plagiarising and distorting Béchamp’s research, Pasteur achieved fame and fortune largely because his views were in tune with the science and the politics of his day, people believe what they want to hear.

Meanwhile, mainstream medical historians relegated Béchamp’s ideas (not as attractive to conventional thinkers) to the intellectual dustbin.

Pasteur’s promotion of germ theory (a flawed notion that he did not so much ‘discover’ as repackaged) has remained dear to pharmaceutical company executives’ hearts, up to the present day. Having laid the groundwork for allopathic, synthetic drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of body parts and vaccines to become the medicine[s] of choice – it’s the conventional medical industry’s  ‘cash-cow’. The unshakeable belief that there is one microbe for every illness, and that hose microbes float around looking for a victim, is so ingrained as the controlling medical idea for the western world, that competing ideas about disease causation still have difficulty gaining any traction, despite their validity and factual correctness. Béchamp’s Terrain Theory is the main one.

Over a century after the two Frenchmen’s demise, why bother to revisit their place in history? The answer is that the scientific (and industry) bias in favour of Pasteur’s model has not served the public’s health very well — to the contrary. Two decades into the twenty-first century, dismal national and international health statistics utterly belie the hype about medical advances. In the U.S., for example, over half of all children have one or more chronic conditions, as does a comparable proportion of ‘millennials’ and up to 62 percent of adults. Most health care dollars spent in the U.S. (86 percent) are for patients with at least one chronic condition. Similar trends are on the rise around the world.

For those who are able to steal themselves away from medical propaganda, it is abundantly clear that the Pasteurian paradigm has failed to deliver. With Europeans and Americans in such a shocking state of ill health, we cannot afford to let the profit-driven pharmaceutical perspective to continue to dominate. As one writer more bluntly puts it:

The sooner we get over the legacy of Pasteur’s fake science and get back to reality the better.”

Celebrity vs. Heretic

History awarded renown to the reductionist Pasteur for being the “father of immunology” and popularizing the theory that disease involves a simple interaction between specific microorganisms and a host. In his single minded focus on the germ side of the equation, Pasteur ignored the host and discounted the influence of environmental factors, thereby conveniently dismissing social responsibility for disease.

Both at the time and thereafter, the public and most fellow scientists found germ theory easy to embrace, perceiving Pasteur’s model of life and health to be not only superficially plausible, but also financially exploitable. In fact, most of the big-name pharmaceutical companies that we know today got their start in Pasteur’s era, often by merging with chemical firms, united in their goal of developing and selling synthetic products to selectively kill or immobilize parasites, bacteria, and other ‘invasive’ disease-causing microbes. Quoting comments by Ethel Douglas Hume in 1923, one author has remarked that:

Pasteur’s greatest claim to fame ought to have been the inauguration of the calamitous prostitution of science and medicine to commercialism.”

Béchamp, according to his students and followers, held a rather marvellous view of the life process, and espoused a more nuanced perspective on infectious and chronic illness – for which history branded him a heretic. Much of Béchamp’s work centred on the biological role of fermentation. He coined the term microzymas (from zyme, the ancient Greek word for a ferment) to describe tiny particles that he viewed as the ‘primary anatomical elements of all living beings’ – the beginning and end of all organization. Béchamp viewed these particles as living entities precisely because of their power of movement and production of fermentation. Subsequent generations of open-minded researchers agreed with Béchamp’s pioneering observations about microparticles as the fundamental unit of biology, with the most recent research in this vein proposing a new genetic theory and a ‘universal life paradigm’, involving spontaneous self-assembly of DNA.

Béchamp’s various discoveries led him to conclude that our bodies are, in effect, mini ecosystems. When an individual’s internal ecosystem becomes weakened – whether due to poor nutrition, toxicity or other factors – it changes the function of the microbes that are naturally present in the body, producing disease. In other words:

Microorganisms only become pathogenic after environmental factors cause the host’s cellular “terrain” to deteriorate. As opposed to viewing disease as a perpetual battle or ‘war’ between living beings and bacteria and viruses that inhabit the space outside of our bodies.

As one example of the powerful influence of weakening forces on the host’s ecosystem, a mid-1980s study looked at French children who experienced complications of wild-type varicella (Chickenpox). Note: France has never implemented varicella vaccination. Although three deaths resulted from what is ordinarily an extremely benign childhood illness, all three fatalities took place within a subset of nine children who had been taking steroid medications on a long-term basis. In comparison, ninety-four previously healthy children recovered from varicella without incident. The researchers concluded that the deaths occurred “as a function of the [weakened] ‘terrain’.

Toxic effects of electro magnetic fields

Another ‘MUST READ’ Book dealing with the effects of electricity and RF  on our bodies and our health – this is where medicine and electronics converge. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is probably the best book I’ve read in years. It’s called “The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life” – see below.

To understand fully the effect of electricity on our bodies and general health, and in more recent times the more devastating effects of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. wireless transmissions at certain frequencies) then you HAVE to read this book. It’s a revelation. This information has been well known to science since the late 1700s but is conveniently ignored, more especially in this age of millimetre wavelength microwave transmissions at frequencies like 60 Gigahertz which has been labelled 5G.

Click on the graphic to go to a purchasing source

Other Great Books For Your Book Shelf

. . . . End of prologue

2 Introduction To This Article

Here’s a video containing an US based radio station broadcast from way back, it will set the tone for the remainder of this article. It’s a BGB reproduction of Alex Loglia taking part in episode one of a four part series entitled Germ Theory. It was first aired in late November, through early December of 1993. The series was broadcast on the radio show The Hour of the Time. William Cooper, creator and host of The Hour of the Time, was heard on the air throughout the 90’s until his death by murder in 2001 shortly after the prediction of 911 just a few months before the tragic events took place.

Have YOU ever questioned Germ Theory?

I hadn’t until the outworking of this mysterious ‘pandemic’ over the last sixteen months, which had such a serious stench to it that it warranted further investigation. Sure enough – when you can smell a bovine faecal matter stench, look around – you’ll always find the bull-shit! Our whole society is based on it. The whole allopathic medical profession is based on it. It is why they give us ‘vaccines’. Do you think it is probably something you should look into?

  • Do you even know the alternatives to Germ Theory?
  • Did you know Louis Pasteur, the man who came up with Germ Theory, said that he was wrong at the end of his life? (More information on that later)
  • Did you know that there have been studies / experiments carried out that showed you cannot ‘catch’ influenza, and various other viruses, from someone else?
  • Did you know that there are many doctors, scientists, researchers and nutritionists that do not agree with the Germ Theory?

Doctors, scientists, researchers and nutritionists that say you cannot catch a virus and that a virus, they say, is made by your own body to cleanse you of toxicity. This involves Exosomes that are released from cells that have become ill through toxicity (either poisoned or by suffering the effects of the electro-smog we live in) and are dying because of exposure to toxins that are effecting the body. Under an electron microscope Exosomes and Viruses are identical – so what are we actually looking at? A virus from outside that according to Germ Theory advocates invades our bodies and gives us diseases or are we sick and express illness because of the effect of toxic environments – including electrical/ EMF exposure?

Does all the toxicity and chemicals that we are in contact with on this planet have an effect on us? (e.g. chemtrails, chemicals in tap water, ‘health’ (medical allopathic) products, cleaning products, industrial pollution, processed food, hygiene products, weed killers, insecticides, unhygienic living conditions with no access to clean water, effect of vaccines etc. etc.

Is Germ Theory also related to the 5G roll out? Is 5G bad for us?

Not many hear about all of this on purpose, because if this Germ Theory collapses it would change everything. The massive Pharmaceutical industry  would lose many Billions or Trillions of pounds, they could even go out of business, and nobody would consent to the poisonous vaccines that our governments are always trying to give us – for obvious reasons.

Has Germ Theory been one of the biggest ever deceptions?

Some quotes to begin with – from Doctors and a Nutritionist:

In all that I have witnessed inside and outside of laboratories, there is only one cause of disease: Industrial pollution in medication, food, air, soil and water. Strengthening a body’s constitution and lymphatic system is the first step to reversing/curing disease” – Aajonus Vonderplantiz


You’re working under a wrong premise to begin with and you’re never going to find the answer if you do that. Viruses have no nucleus. There’s no respiratory system. There’s no circulatory system. There’s no digestive system. Viruses are NOT alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination.” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz


. . . . Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. This happens when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” – Thomas Cowan MD on Rudolf Steiner’s insights

Dr. Thomas Cowan & Rudolf Steiner


Who was Rudolf Steiner?

Rudolf Steiner may be the most important cultural figure who is unknown even to very well-informed people. For those who do know him, he is among the most penetrating, practical, and far-reaching researcher-thinkers of the last thousand years.

Why does that matter? Because of where we human beings are standing today.

Steiner developed a uniquely comprehensive and many-sided picture of human nature and evolution, past and potential. A picture like this is needed at this moment of radical change in humanity’s relations.

We have been separating ourselves from nature and exercising a new and often careless dominion over it, and over each other. More than that, we seem close to creating — through robots and artificial intelligence and nano-technology and more — a supposedly better version of ourselves.


We agree with those members of the profession who hold that no germ causes tuberculosis. Germs do not cause any disease. Further, we agree that there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” — Timely Truths on Human Health – Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D. 1921


The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” – M.L. Leverson, M.D


We said before that so-called ‘germs’ are ubiquitous. They are ever present, in many varying forms in both healthy and sick people. These microbes kick into what modern scientists call ‘pathogens’, when the media is toxic and conducive to clean up. When you enter into a healing crisis, and your body is throwing off toxins, these “germs” appear out of your very substance, to help eliminate, process and break down these toxins. Germs have absolutely no causal relationship to disease. But germs do appear to help you clean out, because put quite simply, your disease is your cure!” – Dr. William P. Trebing – Good-Bye Germ Theory – P.154

What is it that they see under an electron microscope?

Computer Generated Image (CGI) used extensively by the MSM

The bright garish image on the right is NOT what a ‘virus’ looks like. These brightly coloured complex images you see on the internet or MSM are made up Computer Generated Images. This image below is showing you what dead  ‘viruses’ actually look like under an electron microscope:

HIV, Hepatitis B, Measles

Since a ‘live’ virus (in fact they are not living organisms as living organisms are classified) has never been visualized under an electron microscope. A methodology had to be devised in order to ‘extract’ substances which were supposedly the result of viral activity.

Let’s use the example of Polio which was supposedly the first virus identified and then photographed under an electron microscope. What we are shown are in fact ‘artificial particles’ which involves the complex process of suctioning an indifferent mass through a very fine filter into a vacuum which is then photographed. It is not something that is actually seen in the blood or in a tissue sample!

This form of research is highly contaminated and yet it is accepted and published in the scientific community. The question is why? Is there an agenda?

How is a virus diagnosed?

Viruses have never actually been seen as a separate entity under an electron microscope nor have they been isolated and photographed. Contrary to what is implied by those promoting the ‘pandemic’, the supposedly new (novel) coronavirus that is said to cause a disease called Covid-19 has NEVER been isolated, identified nor is it’s genome sequenced.  It is on the the supposition of those who are adherents of the Pasteurian Germ Theory that we are told this is a virus that we ‘catch’ from outside. There is no evidence to support that theory, or statements based on it. It is a BELIEF, not borne out by scientific examination. The supposed sequencing of it’s genome has been done with computer models – surprise, surprise. Imperial College London and the infamous Neil Ferguson have given us a classic example of computer modelling, i.e. ‘garbage in = garbage out’.

Since this ‘belief system’ is very difficult to break down and is never questioned by anyone studying medicine, be it traditional or alternative, We have to refer to the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka a German virologist and biologist who actually discovered the first and only virus that was successfully visualized under a microscope. However it was seen within a sea algae not in a human or animal. What is more important is that he discovered that the sea algae and the virus had a ‘healthy’ symbiotic relationship and there were no destructive or toxic reactions between the two entities. There’s a clue there to our relationship with viruses, as it is estimated that we have trillions in our bodies at any given time.

Court Case

Dr. Stefan Lanka also won a ground breaking argument in the Federal Court in Germany about 4 years ago I believe, where it was declared by the judge – after having seen all the existing scientific evidence that was provided by Dr. Lanka –  that the Measles virus has NEVER been proven to exist.

As a scientist Dr. Lanka was so sure of the fact that the Measles virus didn’t exist that he offered 100,000 Euros to anyone that could prove otherwise. Subsequently he was  taken to court by a medical student who claimed that Dr. Lanka had no evidence of what he was saying and that he owed him 100,000 Euros. Of course the case went to court and Dr. Lanka won. Another doctor – Tim O’Shea put out a similar challenge of five thousand Dollar reward if anyone can prove that a specific novel coronaviruses exists. No takers yet!

That leaves us with the question of what these images refer to if they are not viruses. The majority of the images in both medical books and on the internet are CGI (computer generated images), this is especially true if they are coloured. However, these days technology has found a way to allow colours to be imaged from a photograph taken with an electron microscope. Nonetheless it is not what it is said to represent, be it coloured or in black and white.

These images are very convincing especially if they are labelled as Hepatitis, Polio, Measles  or HIV etc., but on closer examination it has never been stated that the pictures shown to us are in fact viruses, however, they are labelled as such to lead us to believe that they are responsible for a ‘condition’ that is hypothesized to be the result of a virus.

Interview With Dr. Stefan Lanka:

The Microbiome

Scientists have only relatively recently begun to quantify the microbiome, and discovered it is inhabited by at least 38 trillion bacteria. More intriguing, perhaps, is that bacteria are not the most abundant microbes that live in and on our bodies. That award goes to viruses. It has been estimated that there are over 380 TRILLION viruses inhabiting us, a community collectively known as the human virome. And we are led to believe that one ‘new’ corona virus has triggered a world wide pandemic? Sit down and think about that and the figures involved. Now would you be more likely to deduct that those viruses come from within our bodies as microzymas (as Antoine Béchamp said)  or from outside in the air – as Louis Pasteur would have us believe, with one specific ‘virus’ for each disease – quite a collection – were it true! Consequently we carry the thought in our heads – based on what we have been taught – that we are under some sort of constant attack from invisible invaders that make us sick or kill us.

They even refer to it as a ‘war’ – as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has implied throughout the crisis, using rhetoric from the last World War to enhance his projected vision of a ‘war’ against a virus enemy that we are constantly fighting against. Good luck with that then! Fighting an invisible virus ‘enemy’ that actually erupts from within bodies and does not float around looking for a victim. One hell of a task for Mr. Johnson and Co. I would say! But the fear psychology works.

3 Pasteur – Béchamp | Germ Theory – Terrain Theory

As previously mentioned, we are living in a society based around the Germ Theory — but perhaps the most famous proponent of it actually recanted it on his deathbed.

Louis Pasteur  With His Germ Theory and Antoine Béchamp With The Terrain Theory

Pasteur Recants On his deathbed by saying:

Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”


Pasteur is saying that his Germ Theory is WRONG and that the Terrain Theory is CORRECT. 


He is referring to Dr. Claude Bernard, who got the Terrain Theory from Antoine Béchamp (who called it the microzymas theory – based on the word  ‘microzymas’ he coined to name what he originally observed and called ‘little bodies’ ).

Many do not see Pasteur as credible and suggest he was a plagiarist, dishonest and an imposter – and he clung to his theory even though much evidence disputed it – and when he had nothing to lose he admitted that his theory was false.

Louis Pasteur was not an honest, creditable individual. If you look back into the history of the medical profession and the various ideas regarding the cause of disease that were held by leading physicians before Pasteur first promulgated his notorious ‘germ theory’, you will find convincing evidence that Pasteur discovered nothing, and that he deliberately appropriated, falsified and perverted another man’s work . . .


  1. The body is sterile.
  2. Disease arises from micro-organisms outside the body.
  3. Micro-organisms are generally to be guarded against.
  4. The function of micro-organisms is constant.
  5. The shapes and colours of micro-organisms are constant.
  6. Every disease is associated with a particular micro-organism.
  7. Micro-organisms are primary causal agents.
  8. Disease can “strike” anybody.
  9. To prevent disease we have to “build defences.”


  1. Microbes exist naturally in the body.
  2. Disease arises from micro-organisms within the cells of the body.
  3. These intracellular micro-organisms normally function to build and assist in the metabolic processes of the body.
  4. The function of these organisms changes to assist in the catabolic (disintegration) processes of the host organism when that organism dies or is injured, which may be chemical as well as mechanical.
  5. Micro-organisms are pleomorphic (having many forms): they change their shapes and colours to reflect the condition of the host.
  6. Every disease is associated with a particular condition.
  7. Disease results when microbes change form, function, and toxicity according to the terrain of the host. Hence, the condition of the host organism is the primary causal agent.
  8. Disease is built by unhealthy conditions.
  9. To prevent disease we have to create health, and live in a healthy unpolluted environment.

Simply put:

Germ Theory is very pro-vaccine . . . 


. . .  Terrain Theory is very anti-vaccine.

Not only did Louis Pasteur recant his Germ Theory but it is still just a theory today, it has not been proven, but society in general and Big Pharma use it. It benefits these enormous corporations and the Elites. It is very much in the interests of Big Pharma to have an unhealthy population, in order to ply them with drugs and vaccines for huge profit. It is the key to their business model. If they genuinely tried to make us healthy, where would their get their consumers from? Their business model would collapse and they would be bankrupt.

4 What Are Viruses? What is Germ Theory? Myths of Contagion

Here is a talk from Thomas Cowan MD – who served as vice president of the Physicians Association of Anthroposophical Medicine. He talks about viruses and 5G. Like the many other Doctors, Researchers and Nutritionists, that are quoted below, he is saying that you cannot ‘catch’ viruses.

He also talks about how in 1918 the Boston Health Department investigated the contagiousness of flu – believe it or not they got snot from peoples noises and injected it into healthy people who didn’t have the flu – and not one time could they make the next person sick. (This experiment is described in more detail in a later section)

He discusses how Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner- a social reformer, architect, economist and esotericist – also dismissed the Germ Theory.

Dr Cowan is not saying 5G causes ‘coronavirus’ in this video – he is saying 5G and the electrification of the Earth is detrimental to our health in general. And his main point is that the toxins and poisons we are exposed to are causing us to get sick, and that our bodies create viruses to rid us of the toxins.

Dr. Tom Cowan:

Here is a transcribed important part of this Dr Thomas Cowan video:

. . . Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.

And the first way I would encourage you to think about this is – if you were a famous dolphin doctor, right, and you had been studying dolphins in the arctic circle for hundreds of years, or at least a long time, and the dolphins were fine – and then they call you up: ‘Fred, all the dolphins, or a lot of the dolphins, are dying in the Arctic circle, can you come and investigate?’. . .  Right?

And you have one question to ask…So, a show of hands – how many of you would say ‘I want to investigate a dolphin to see the genetic makeup of that dolphin?’ – Nobody, because that’s stupid. How many of you would say – ‘I want to see if this dolphin and that dolphin has a virus, because it might be contagious and that’s why all these dolphins are getting sick?’ That fella…(points to one guy) How many of you would say – excuse my French here – ‘Did somebody put some shit in the water here? Like Exxon Valdes?’ Anybody? Everybody. Because that’s what happened. And your cells get poisoned, they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call viruses.

If you go to the current theory of viruses called exosomes, and the latest head of the NIH giving a talk on the complexity of viruses, you will see this is perfectly inline with the current thinking on what a virus really is.

I had a dramatic example of this when I was growing up, right outside our house was a wetlands – and it was full of frogs – and the frogs kept me up at night, so I taped the windows, in the spring they made a big racket. And then over time the frogs were all gone. How many think the frogs had genetic disease? How many think that the frogs had a virus? How many think that somebody put DDT into the water? That’s what happened. Diseases are poisonings.” – Dr Thomas Cowan

Dr. Amandha Vollmer:

Giving a very good overview – it is actually a very good video for introducing people to this topic:

In the next video (which is an excerpt from Dr. Vollmer’s main video on the subject) she  explains how viruses cannot be caught, as well as information about how previous virus outbreaks were fake – such as SARS, Ebola, HIV, Swine Flu, Avian Flu etc. It’s the same template played over and over – but this time they’re making a dash for the finishing line.

Myths of contagion –

Discussion with Dr. T.  C.  Fry:

Covid-19 Virology Fraud

Explained In 19 minutes – narrated by Joshua Coleman

What Is A Virus?

Dr. Aajjonus Vonderplanitz PhD

5 Experiments & Studies

Here are some experiments that refute the Germ Theory:

5 (i) – Deer Island – 150 U.S. Public Health Service Experiments from 1919 prove that disease is not transmittable:

Taken from the book ‘Fasting and Man’s correct diet’ – by R. B. Pearson 1921

A number of different experiments were made on 68 volunteers from US naval detention training camp on Deer Island.

Several groups of men were inoculated with pure cultures of Pfeiffer’s bacillus, with secretions from the upper respiratory passages, and with blood from typical cases of influenza. About 30 men had the germs sprayed or swabbed in nose and throat.

They say of the results:

in no instance was an attack of influenza produced in any one of the subjects.”

10 more men were taken to the bedside of 10 new cases of influenza, spent 45 minutes with them, and each well man had 10 sick men cough in his face.

They say of these cases:

none of these volunteers developed any symptoms of influenza following this experiment.”

In another article the results of similar experiments in San Francisco are described.

In his experiments one group of 10 men had emulsifying cultures of Pfeiffer’s bacillus with no results in seven days observations.

Other groups of men ( 40 in all ) Received emotions of secretions from the upper respiratory passages of active cases of influenza which were instilled into nose by medicine dropper or atomizer.

Of these it says:

In every case the results were negative so far is the reproduction of influenza is concerned. The men were all observed for seven days after inoculation.”

Last, but not least, Dr. John B Fraser, in an article entitled “Do Germs Cause Disease?” In the physical culture magazine for May, 1919, says that experiments carried out in Toronto in 1911, 1912 in 1913 prove that germs only appear after the onset of the disease and goes on to say

. . . and this fact lead to the supposition that germs were simply a by product of disease and possibly harmless”

He also describes experiments where millions of germs were fed to patients in their food, or swabbed over the tonsils and soft palate, under the tongue and in the nostrils, and still no evidence of disease was discernible.

The Germs used in the experiment included the germs of diphtheria, pneumonia, typhoid fever, meningitis and tuberculosis and no evidence of the diseases have developed in nearly 5 years.

He says:

. . . during the years 1914 through 1918, 150 experiments were carried out carefully and scientifically and yet absolutely no signs of disease followed.”

In conclusion:

Now this evidence refutes the idea that we can catch a virus and that there can be virus pandemics.” – The Natural Human Diet (‘Fasting and Man’s correct diet’ – by R. B. Pearson 1921)

5 (ii) – These experiments are discussed in a book by E. W. Cordingley, M.D.:

Medical doctors are working on the germ theory of disease; but the germ theory is already weakening and is due for being thrown aside. Dr. Fraser of Canada and Dr. Powell of California have experimented with billions of germs of all varieties, but they have been unable to produce a single disease by the introduction of germs into human subjects. Dr. Waite tried for years to prove the germ theory, but he could not do so. During the World War an experiment was conducted at Gallop’s Island Massachusetts, in which millions of influenza germs were injected into over one hundred men at the Government hospital, and no one got the flu. Germs are scavengers – Principles and Practice of Naturopathy. E.W. Cordingley, M.D.., N.D.,A.M.

5 (iii) – Boston and San Francisco – The Failed Infection Attempts – Also discussed here in the book, Virus Mania, by Torsten Engelbrecht et al

In order to be able to better assess the puzzling mass disease, an attempt at a simulated infection was undertaken with volunteers in Boston in November 1918. These were 62 healthy sailors charged with delinquency and sent to prison. They had been promised a pardon under the condition that they take part in an experiment. 39 of them had not had influenza, so the theory was that they would be particularly susceptible to infection and illness. But the results proved nothing of the sort, as American scientific journalist Gina Kolata describes in her book Influenza (Kalata, Gina, Influenza. Die Jagd nach dem Virus, Fischer, 2003):

Navy doctors collected the mucus from men who were desperately ill from the flu, gathering thick viscous secretions from their noses and throats. They sprayed mucus from flu patients into the noses and throats of some men and dropped it into other men’s eyes. In one attempt, they swabbed mucus from the back of the nose of a man with the flu and then directly swabbed one patient’s nasal septum and rubbed it directly onto the nasal septum of one of the volunteers.

Trying to simulate what happens naturally when people are exposed to flu victims, the doctors took ten of the volunteers onto the hospital ward where men were dying of the disease. The sick men lay huddled on their narrow beds, burning with fever, drifting in and out of sleep in a delirium. The ten healthy men were given their instructions: each was to walk up to the bed of a sick man and draw near him, lean into his face, breathe in his fetid breath, and chat with him for five minutes. To be sure that the healthy man had had a full exposure to the sick man’s disease, the sick man was to exhale deeply while the healthy man drew the sick man’s breath directly into his own lungs. Finally, the flu victim coughed five times in the volunteer’s face.

Each healthy volunteer repeated these actions with ten different flu patients. Each flu patient had been seriously ill for no more than three days-a period when the virus or whatever it was that was causing the flu should still be around in his mucus, in his nose, in his lungs.

But not a single healthy man got sick.

A comparable experiment, carried out under much stricter conditions, took place in San Francisco, with 50 imprisoned sailors. But, once again, the results did not correspond with what the doctors had expected:

Scientists were stunned. If these healthy volunteers did not get infected with influenza despite doctors’ best efforts to make them ill, then what was causing this disease? How, exactly, did people get the flu?” – Virus Mania pages, 226-227.

Browse The Book In PD Format Here:


Other Experiments

Here is another set of experiments discussed in Eleanor McBean’s book – The Poisoned Needle. Experiments by the New York State Health Department and the United States Public Health Service that showed Polio was not contagious:

During one of the most widespread polio epidemics (1949) contraction of polio by definite contact with other victims of the disease was not established in an elaborate study made by the New York State Health Department. The United States Public Health Service in its studies also found the same negative answer during succeeding outbreaks of polio. In short, they learned that the disease was not contagious. TIME Magazine commented on this unexpected revelation of these surveys by remarking that:

. . . . when and where people catch polio remains a mystery”.

Eleanor Mc Bean’s book (The Poisoned Needle) is available as a paperback. The last time I checked, Amazon had it on offer for £200!! Either they’ve got it typographically wrong, or if I was cynical, I could come to the conclusion that they don’t want anyone to buy it! But worry not – your correspondent has made contingency arrangements.

Browse The Book In PD Format Here:


The supposition that viruses entered through the mouth and nose led the experimenters to make exhaustive tests on both animals and human beings, mostly prisoners and orphans in institutions. They were exposed (by close association) to polio patients and their throats and nasal passages were frequently swabbed with matter (from the patients) that were supposed to contain viruses. No polio was produced in this way and about the only noticeable after effect was that the subjects of the experiments lost their sense of taste and smell due to the damaging effects of the poisons in the serum that was used on the swabs”.– The Poisoned Needle, by Eleanor Mcbean M.D., N.D. – Chapter 10, The Hidden Dangers in the Polio Vaccine.

Use Of DDT In Ignorance + Vaccines (by Big Pharma) To Fight Polio

Research has since shown that Polio was caused by the spraying of DDT – causing environmental pollution and having a toxic effect on human cells – triggering disease – and then also by the vaccines that were produced to supposedly protect against Polio. After the widespread use of DDT the numbers of Polio victims skyrocketed. This demonstrates vividly that the cause of the Polio outbreak was directly linked to a bodily reaction to a toxic environment and not contagion through exposure to a virus. However, ignorant professionals in the medical field who have been immersed in Germ Theory studies at medical schools, still attribute this disease to a virus, and still advocate the use of Polio vaccines.

A Historic Video Showing The Horrific Use Of Highly Toxic DDT in the 40s & 50s.

This is an extract from ‘Exposing the Myth of the Germ Theory’ by Arthur M. Baker on the myth of contagion:

Take colds for instance. How is it that infants have about eight colds per year while the parents only a few? How is it that those persons isolated at observation posts in the North and South Poles ‘catch’ colds during their stay? How is it that between 1965-67 the National Institutes of Health’s cold laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland conducted experiments that showed everything but contagion?

Volunteers were swabbed daily with supposed cold “viruses” taken directly from those suffering colds, and none became ill. More in the control group developed colds. In the meantime, shortly following traditional Thanksgiving feasts, the number of colds in both groups increased dramatically as would be expected when excessively rich food and drink is consumed during holiday festivities.

Venereal disease is also supposed to be contagious—but the so-called contagious factors (bacteria) are present because of the disease and are not the cause of the condition (and 20 per cent or so of those suffering V.D. have neither gonococcus nor spirochetes which are said to cause it).

The US Navy conducted experiments which showed that so-called “infected persons” could not infect those termed healthy. In Japan, “infected” prostitutes had been with dozens of G.I.s, none of whom contracted the disease. Similarly, many individuals have “infections” in the genital area who have not been in contact with anyone (as seen in cases involving young children). The concept of contagion is medically unproven despite appearances to the contrary.”

Related article: German Supreme Court Upholds Biologist’s Claim that Measles Virus Does Not Exist:

A recent episode in Germany (as touched on earlier) created a suppressed stir in the field of microbiology when microbiologist Dr. Stefan Lanka claimed he would award anyone 100,000 Euros who could prove the existence of the measles virus.

At first it appeared he had lost. But Dr. Lanka took his loss to a higher court with more experts and the backing of two independent laboratories. He wound up not having to pay. It turned out that the “proof” provided was a composite of several different electron microscope images. And the composite involved different components of damaged cells. The composite could not be duplicated. The German Federal Supreme Court confirmed that there was not enough evidence to prove the existence of the measles virus. –

If they cannot prove measles exists – can they prove ANY contagious viruses exist?:

Three criteria are, according to the scientific method needed to properly identify a virus.

  1. It must be isolated from a host cell. As of 2020 this has never been accomplished in human hosts.
  2. It must be photographed and its diameter measured. As of 2020 this has never been accomplished in humans.
  3. It must be biochemically characterized. As of 2020 this has never been accomplished in humans.

This has never been done with any virus (herpes, hepatitis, h1n1, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, polio, measles) let alone HIV, HPV, SARS, Zika, Ebola and Covid-19. – Viruses. How Much is that Dogma in the Window? – New Medicine Online –


Here is another  link to an article with information on Koch’s postulates, which further highlights the lack of evidence for any ‘viruses’:

A quote from the article:

The problem for viruses was that, even into the electron microscope era, a top virologist was forced to admit that, “It is obvious that Koch’s postulates have not been satisfied in viral diseases.”(Rivers TM. Viruses and Koch’s Postulates. J Bacteriol. 1937 Jan; 33(1): 1-12).

6 More Germ Theory Refuters . . . and Vaccines

Doctors, Researchers and Nutritionists rejecting the Germ Theory Quotations

As seen in the above PDF extract (Contagious Diseases and the Germ Theory’ by Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.) there is a growing number of scientists that are refuting the Germ Theory as originally espoused by Pasteur. However. it’s his theory that has been adopted by the allopathic medical fraternity – for good reason – when you consider the profits the Big Pharma leeches are gaining from it, and when you also consider who was behind the allopathic medical promotion, that exploded at the turn of the 20th century. It was The Rockefeller Foundation who found a convenient cesspit to use up their surplus petrochemical products for use in medicines, and their further influence on what is taught in medical schools in the western hemisphere and further afield. When you need to find answers to perplexing questions – just follow the money.

Three quotes from that PDF article

Dr. Robert R. Gross wrote:

Germs do not cause disease! Nature never surrounded her children with enemies. It is the individual himself who makes disease possible in his own body because of poor living habits . . .”

Rudolph Virchow, a great German scientist, repudiated the germ theory of disease. He said:

. . . disease brings on germs rather than the germs caused disease”.

Claude Bernard, Béchamp and Tissot – great French scientists – all disproved the germ theory of disease.

In Hans Selye’s book Stress of Life (Page 205), an account is recorded:

Louis Pasteur, inventor of the germ theory of disease, admitted he was wrong. Sanitation is the only factor that has reduced the spread of the old-time scourges. If the germ theory were founded on facts, there would be no living being to read what is herein written, for germs are ubiquitous – they exist everywhere. In many diseases supposedly caused by a specific germ, that germ is not present. Contrariwise, specific germs said to cause a specific disease are present in huge proportions without the specific disease manifesting itself.”

T. C. Fry wrote:

‘Infection’ is no war in which the body is fighting invaders. The bacteria that come to these sites are symbiotic and help the body in elaborating dead cells and tissues for expulsion – they are partners in the clean-up process. When this has been accumulated the bacteria disappear and the wound heals. Infection . . . is a body-cleaning process for a body burdened with toxic materials.”

Here are some more quotations from elsewhere:

What’s happening is, like I said, we have colds, which are mainly bacterial, which go feed on toxic tissue that’s been damaged – we don’t eat well enough, we don’t eat all raw and therefore we accumulate toxicity. So bacteria have to come in and eat that waste product because we can’t keep up with all the waste. O.K. So that’s what a cold is. Flu is mainly viral. Some bacteria may be active during flu. Some areas of our bodies may not be so contaminated that bacteria – the natural way that we cleanse with bacteria when we’re overloaded with toxicity or waste products, will help us. But when we are so toxic that the bacteria are poisoned by the tissue, from chemical inundation, then we have to make solvents. Each cell makes a solvent. Each cell makes a soap to help clean itself. And it’s a union. It’s like a factory. All the particular cells get together and say, “Let’s make this to help clean ourselves.” So they make enzymes which we will call soap to do that. So there’s nothing dormant about it. It’s just that when the accumulation of industrially contaminated waste is so great and you can’t use microbes then the cells make solvents, that is, viruses we call flu.”- Aajonus Vonderplanitz

and he said:

Any kind of flu is the same thing. When the climate and temperature are right, certain tissues will cleanse. They may have a 7-years cycle. They may have a 6-months cycle. It depends upon the tissue and how contaminated it is. If certain tissue needs to cleanse every two years, our bodies will create, if waste tissue is too toxic for microbes, our bodies will create a solvent (a virus) that fractionates and cleanses that particular tissue every two years, every 6 months, every 3 months, every 7 years, every 12 years, depending upon that tissue and how contaminated it is. The myth that herpes is contagious is pharmaceutical industry fiction to scare you into taking medication.” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz


Germs cannot be the cause of disease, because disease germs are also found in healthy bodies”. – Nature Cure – H.  Lindlahr, M.D.


The culprit however, is not the microbe. It is the level of toxicity you have in your own blood stream.” — Good-Bye Germ Theory – Dr. William P. Trebing 2006


The general public have been told that we do not become ill except when germs penetrate into from without. The germ theory of disease is ridiculous”. — Béchamp or Pasteur, A lost chapter in the History of Biology – E. Douglas Hume


We must look rationally at the bacterial issue. Consider the fact that many tribes ate primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products from the beginning. They did not wash their hands or sterilize their food before eating. Every form of natural bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter were eaten with their food abundantly and constantly. Why were they vibrant, healthy and disease free if microbes are the culprits?” –  The Recipe for Living Without Disease – Aajonus Vonderplanitz.


The following 2 quotes are from this article – Louis Pasteur & The Pasteurian germ theory:

We must infer that at least some and probably all three of those Russian peasants died because of Pasteur’s vaccine, as did uncounted people later on; only one thing is sure: ever since Pasteur developed his “vaccine,” the cases of death from rabies have increased, not diminished.” — Hans Ruesch


Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” — E. Douglas Hume

Money is certainly a big factor in keeping Pasteur’s Germ Theory and ideas on vaccination alive. Bringing the conversation up to date, here is a video by Jerry Day explaining the need to “Get Real” about the vaccine industry:

Disease Spread Via Inoculation

In 1915, another medical doctor wrote an article for the top British medical journal Lancet. Dr. Montais studied 21 cases of tetanus, each of whom had received Pasteurian inoculation. The conclusion of the article, which appeared in the 23 Oct 1915 issue, was that in every case, the tetanus had been caused by the inoculation. Dr. Montais said that:

Pasteur had created a new form of disease.” –  The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Dr. Tim O’Shea

Here is a quotation on the same subject by Dr Carlo Ruta:

Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance; and being such, it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine. Believe not in vaccination, it is a worldwide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.” – Dr Carlo Ruta, Professor of Materia Medica at the University of Perugia, Italy.

The following 6 quotations are from the book ‘Good-Bye Germ Theory’, by Dr William B. Trebing:


I have been a regular practitioner of medicine in Boston for 33 years. I have studied the question of vaccination conscientiously for 45 years. As for vaccinations as a preventative of disease, there is not a scrap of evidence in its favour. Injection of virus into the pure blood stream of the people does not prevent disease. Rather, it tends to increase epidemic and make the disease it is attempting to annihilate more deadly. Of this we have indisputable proof. In America cancer mortality has increased from 9 cases per 100,000 to 80 cases per 100,000 or a 90% increase over the last 50 years. No conceivable thing could have caused this but the universal blood poisoning now existing in the form of vaccines . . .” – Dr Charles E. Paser of Boston University 1989, (The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean)


. . . the chief, if not sole cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccinations. . . “— Dr Robert Bell – Cancer specialist of the British Medical Hospital – President of the Medical Association for the Reduction and Prevention of Cancer – Vice president of the International Society of Cancer Research, member of the American Society of Progressive Physicians


There has never been a single vaccine in any country  that has ever been submitted to a controlled scientific study. They never took a group of 100 people who were candidates for a vaccine, gave 50 of them a vaccine and left the other 50 alone to measure the outcome. And since that hasn’t been done, that means that if you want to be kind, you will call vaccines an unproven remedy. If you want to be accurate, you’ll call people who give vaccines ‘quacks’.” — Robert Mendelsohn, MD


The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination is a disaster to the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illness and brain damage. We are changing our genetic code through vaccination.” – Guylain Lanctot, MD (author of Medical Mafia).


I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics you will realize that this is not so.” – Archie Kalokerinos, MD, (medical researcher).


There is a great deal of evidence to prove that vaccination of children does far more harm than good.”
J. Anthony Morris, PhD (chief vaccine control officer for the FDA who was fired the day after he made this public statement in the early 1970s).

Spanish Flu did not kill 50.000.000. Vaccines did:

7 Illusion of Contagiousness – what is occurring

In this section we have the nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz explaining that if the body is toxic then colds and flus will be created by the body if the climate and temperature are right, to cleanse it. He also mentions about how they can be cyclical. Here in Europe we have the cold and flu season each year. All animals’ bodies are stimulated in different ways by the climate and seasons… for example – to produce eggs, to molt, to grow new fur and feathers etc etc. These are not conscious acts from these animals. Why would we be any different?

From a metaphysical perspective: There is also the unseen, we also have an aura and we emit frequencies/energies. When we are cleansing and detoxing, then our bodies most likely send off a certain frequency, if others around us are sympathetic and or empathetic to those frequencies then their red blood cells might also decide to activate a virus to cleanse, detox and heal. There is an unseen intelligence that runs through all of life, our cells seem to know if they need to detox and can be stimulated by other people’s energy to start the process.

On the same theme, Dr. William B. Trebing says this in the book Good-Bye Germ Theory:

The Human body’s energy fields are more powerful than most can even imagine. When one Human body is detoxing, an almost magnetic effect radiates out from such individuals causing the same purifying effects in the immediate environment of people around them. We are not witnessing epidemics or contagious infections; we are witnessing a group healing process which is totally natural to our species.”

We can also perhaps compare it to how women all living in the same house may synchronise their menstrual cycles (this is called the McClintock effect), It is a process whereby women who begin living together in close proximity experience their menstrual cycle onsets (the onset of menstruation or menses) becoming synchronized together in time, than when previously living apart.

This transcription is from the video ‘Germ Theory Deception Part 2’ (Part 1 can be viewed from the embedded video at the top of this page), can also help us understand what is occurring – here Alex Loglia is reciting the work of Dr. Bill Holub:

What is really happening with these supposed epidemics is the following. Actually the word epidemic from the Greek, means literally on or at and people. And means something that happens to people as a group all at once – NOT a slow contagion. The actual epidemic process is very simple – remember that everyone already has their daily compliment of germs and remember also a large population of people, such as a town or a region of a city, is continually being exposed to the same environmental hazards all at the same time. For example large numbers of people are exposed to the same weather changes, water quality changes, pesticides, foods and water, contaminated food of a fast food chain, bad news in the media, batches of drugs and medication, holiday moods, air quality changes and many other toxic insults.

The, quote on quote, group healing reaction to these toxic challenges is what you are seeing when people start coughing, sneezing or whatever. They are not catching it from each other. They are experiencing it with others. In addition, at many levels, we are all connected. About the only thing that is catching about all of this is paranoia. After all, medicine has had about a century to literally instil the fear of germs into our culture. So people fear the germs in the air, in the water – they fear germs from touching people, which, in turn leads to our general fear of people. When they read or see reports about infections going around, so to speak, the fear, paranoia and anticipation has been shown to lower ‘immunity’ and precipitate illness – now isn’t that interesting. Our self imposed stress about holidays has the same effect.”

8 5G Roll-out & Associated Illnesses

Here are some videos about the so called ‘Covid-19 coronavirus disease’ and it’s possible relationship to 5G or rather the confusion regarding the so called ‘novel’ coronavirus Covid-19 disease  outbreak and reactions to exposure to 5G radiation. However 5G is inly the latest threat (but potentially most lethal) . In his excellent and highly recommended book ‘The Invisible Rainbow (see above) Arthur Firstenberg provides brilliant evidence of the effects of electricity on the body, and makes a correlation in the huge advancements in the use of electricity and later the transmissions of Radio Frequencies (RF) and spontaneous outbreaks of disease (flu) in many parts of the world. This is no coincidence, but concrete proof that living tissue in all living things react to exposure to these energies.

When this link was first suggested as a possible causational factor in the latest disease outbreak, idiotic and under educated detractors tried to say that what was being said was that 5G CREATED the coronavirus disease Covid-19, which was absolutely ludicrous 5G does not create a contagious ‘virus’ – viruses do not exist in the context of the way they are described by Germ Theory. Nevertheless, toxic exposure to this new radiation could undoubtedly have created illness from within – as explained in Terrain Theory’. However it seems that the symptoms of 5G radiation on people (signs of oxygen starvation in the blood, similar to altitude sickness etc.), closely resembles what has been attributed to the disease symptoms of a supposed viral infection. As stated before, Terrain Theory dictates that diseases arise from within the body, due to a toxic source (not least electro-smog) and is not caused by an outside (non living) virus looking to attack people – as Pasteur’s Germ Theory suggests.

Former VODAFONE BOSS Blows the Whisltle On 5G (Radiation Cell Poisoning) Disguised as  Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 Covid-19 Viral Disease.

The technical and scientific information conveyed at the beginning of this video is absolutely spot-on – the presenter obviously has a good knowledge of Terrain Theory. As a former Vodafone boss he is very well versed in the technologies of microwave radio transmissions, and the dangers they cause. He later goes on to overlay the technicalities of radiation and virus information based on the Germ Theory with his own religious views – which he is free and entitled to do; however not everyone will subscribe to that line of thinking, I myself do not support any man made formal religion, although I do consider myself to be a ‘spiritual’ person. How you deal with the latter part of his presentation is entirely up to you the individual, but never risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Of his technical qualification and subject knowledge there is little doubt.

This next presenter has some very interesting insights . . . he predicted early on what was going to happen:

Terrifying insight into the capabilities and dangers of microwaves

Here is a revealing video of a lecture by retired naval microwave weapons expert and former British Intelligence operative Dr. Barrie Trower. It gives a chilling insider view of 5G microwave technology:

Also this conversation in the video below with Dr. Barrie Trower (who is a British Physicist who is trained in the Government Microwave Warfare Establishment in the 1960s and worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, the Royal Navy, British Secret Service and the CIA. He is considered an expert in microwave technology) here he is in discussion on the subject of 5G..

That should provide ample evidence of the dangers to health from 5G microwave radiation transmissions. Of greater interest is the association of microwave frequencies and the reaction of the cells in our bodies to the ‘electro-smog’. This triggers a cell detoxification process that closely resembles and manifests as the symptoms of a disease (usually erroneously put down to ‘catching’ a virus). In reality what happens is the toxic effects of EMF radiation’ causes the body to react. That process triggers the release of exosomes/ viruses when the cell is too toxic to survive. Exosomes and Viruses are indistinguishable from each other under an electronic microscope. This of course makes absolute sense when you study Terrain Theory, as explained by Béchamp around a hundred and fifty years ago.

9 Testing for COVID-19 – The RT- PCR test – The Key to the Scamdemic?

(Exposing how the PCR test is meaningless when testing for viruses very much appears to be the key to exposing the scam.)

If you’ve had more than a few cases of the common cold then you’ve very likely had a coronavirus manifestation (but it didn’t cause your illness, the microbe that your body produced to detoxify whatever caused the illness will have left fragments of it’s DNA in your system). The coronavirus family strains are a large family. Everyone has one strain or another in their DNA from previous episodes of a ‘cold’ or ‘flu’ or increasingly likely from a previous ‘flu’ injection.

Quote from the author of an original article first published by the Global Research website:

The writer, who is a widely respected professional scientist in the US, prefers to stay anonymous, because presenting any narrative different than the official one can cause you a lot of stress in the toxic environment caused by the scam which surrounds COVID-19 these days. – Julian Rose”

Here is a video narrated by Jerry Day of the article:

To view and read the full article yourself:

Here is another article – it agrees that the tests are pointless.

Written by David Crowe – before his sad death in July 2020 – here is the full article as a PDF document:


A small quote from the Green Med Info Site:

The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RT-PCR RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus.”

What Kary Mullis Himself – The inventor of the PCR test said:

This next video about the PCR tests, also discusses the amount of cycles being used and shows Kary Mullis calling out Fauci:

Excerpts From The Above Videos

1. . . .  If they can find this virus in you at all, and the PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody, it starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained in everything else. Because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there’s just very few molecules that you don’t have at least one single one of in your body. So that can be thought of a misuse use of it, to claim that it is meaningful”.

2. PCR is separate from that, it is just a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something. That’s what it is. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that.” – Kary Mullis

More on the RT-PCR Technology

The original RT-PCR Test invented by Kary Mullis was adapted for use in this current ‘pandemic’ scare and called the   Corman-Drosten PCR Test and adopted by the World Health Organisation. This has been the mainstay of PCR testing during the whole period in question. The whole premise of PCR testing to diagnose COVID-19 is in serious question, as the practice appears to be based on an erroneous paper that didn’t even undergo peer-review before being implemented worldwide. It was written by Christian Drosten, and Victor Corman (the so-called “Corman-Drosten paper”. Since then – in  Nov. 30, 2020, a team of 22 international scientists published a review challenging the scientific paper on PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 written by Drosten and Victor Corman (the so-called “Corman-Drosten paper”). It was demanded that the paper be retracted due to it’s fraudulent and erroneous content.

PDF of the Review Paper:


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (Dr. in Law) who is a top German trial lawyer who in the past has won famous lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen – is leading a team of 34 lawyers prosecuting global officials over COVID-19. He has served Cease and Desist papers on Christian Drosten regarding the fraudulent content of the ‘Corman-Drosten paper’ on PCR tests.

Dr. Stefan Lanka explains the folly and futility of the RT-PCR tests for ‘viruses’

Here is a video by the brilliant virologist and microbiologist Dr Stefan Lanka on the PCR tests, which align with what Kary Mullis and many other doctors and scientists have said:

RT-PCR Test Is a FRAUD – Human Chromosome 8 Being Tested For

Finally a word from Dr. Samantha Bailey on RT-PCR testing in this section

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests as Unreliable & Unlawful to Quarantine People (97% false positives):


10 Concluding Thoughts

When all this Covid-19 madness first struck, like the vast majority of the population, I knew nothing about Terrain Theory. For quite a while I went along with the general consensus that viruses were ‘caught’ from the air, or contagion was a danger when illness was passed on from one to another through close contact, or could be passed on by touching surfaces that were contaminated by viruses, or even by breathing air, we could become ill – due to the zany theory hatched by what I now consider to be a below par scientists (in fact it’s a stretch to call Louis Pasteur a ‘scientist’ – he was a chemist and not a very good one at that – having only scraped through his exams by the skin of his teeth, hence the truth of the saying “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”).

I instinctively realised in a very short time that the whole pandemic scare was a scam, for an ulterior motive. I could not go along with the ridiculous and non sensical distancing and face nappy wearing. The figures didn’t match up when it came to ‘cases’ and reported deaths. The mainstream media were a joke, I still can’t get my head around how they could blatantly lie and spew out obvious propaganda. When censorship started it should have been obvious to blind people what was going on. What I didn’t realise was that the whole ‘virus’ pandemic was founded on an even bigger scam – the Germ Theory. Hence the reason I said at the very start of this article, that certain knowledge and understanding is one of the good things to come out of this sixteen month nightmare. A big part of me is truly grateful for the opportunity to do some research and become enlightened in subjects I knew next to nothing about previously.

The reason? From birth we’ve been indoctrinated and had the false Pasteur Germ Theory inculcated into us, because we did not know and had not been told or taught  about about anything else – it was accepted as fact – just like a religious cult belief that can not be criticized; despite the fact that the Terrain Theory makes total sense, and has been proved to be the correct one over and over. But who is aware of it?

Every one of us had assumed that the science was correct, well tested and laboratory/ clinically verified.  It’s difficult to believe how the shaky theory was hatched and how it had been readily utilised by the allopathic sector and of course it allowed surplus petro-chemicals to be used as medicine, and key to it all was the way that the Rockefeller Foundation monopolised the medical schools and set the curriculums. The big scam perpetrators, of which the pandemic scares are a spin off from have managed to keep vital information from us, and brainwashed good well meaning doctors, and in the process killed millions for over a hundred years. It wouldn’t be so bad if it had been done in innocent ignorance, but that wasn’t the case.  Professor Antoine Béchamp had provided the correct and truthful information, through a life time’s painstaking work in his laboratory, but the self promoting and influential Pasteur was the one that was listened to. I never swallowed the pandemic nonsense because the facts did not fit the narrative. Having now researched and realised the history of germ theory I am totally convinced that the whole foundation of what we are told about ‘germs’ is fatally flawed.

From believing that the SARS Cov.2 was a hyped up seasonal virus outbreak, and an extremely benign one at that, but still a virus, being rebranded to put the fear of death into people; I am now 100% convinced that the source of our cyclical illnesses is nothing more than a natural cleansing process – as the Terrain Theory suggests. I also now believe, after long hours of intense research (over a year of it in fact), that a lot of the problems also revolve around ‘elecrosmog’. The excellent book ‘Invisible Rainbow’ by Arthur Firstenberg  has convinced me of that, the factual details and the evidence provided in that book is astounding and beyond refute. Of course our toxic and heavily polluted environment, and the poisons in our food and medicines are also huge factors. The human race is more sick now – globally – but especially in the western hemisphere, than it has ever been in the past. In an age where the levels of hygiene and use of supposed medicines to keep us healthy has never been better. But if we realise we are being fed poisons in our food and drink, given toxic chemicals in our medicine and that we’re breathing polluted air from things like chemtrails etc.  plus – more importantly and even more lethal perhaps – the effects of elecrosmog, then the mystery is solved. We need to clean the water in the fishbowl and not inject the fish to make them healthy again – we are those fish.

Over to you.

So now you can do some further research for yourself – and you can also observe the world with this information in the back of your mind:

  • Can we catch a virus? Or is our body cleansing itself of all the man-made chemicals and toxicity that we are bombarded with on this planet?
  • Is our body so vulnerable and fragile – or is it very intelligent and trying to keep us alive with cleanses?
  • Is the 5G negatively effecting our health? Is it effecting some people’s ability to cope with their cold or flu?
  • If we cannot catch a virus, and they are made by our own bodies to cleanse us of toxicity, then why have our governments been giving us vaccinations?
  • Is exposing the PCR test as being meaningless when testing for viruses the key to exposing the COVID scam?
  • You still believe you can catch a virus?
  • You still believe there is a ‘pandemic’?

Below, in the final section of this article, are lots of additional resources – on both the Germ Theory deception and the ‘coronavirus’ deceptions that’s been launched under the cloak of the first deception – Louis Pasteur’s. GERM THEORY

11 Additional Resources (articles, books, videos, links)

Book – ‘Good-Bye Germ Theory’ by Dr. William P Trebing – is a book refuting the Germ Theory and talking about Vaccine Scam. It has been recommended by others who refute the Germ Theory and the need for vaccinations:

PDF: Exposing the Myth of the GERM THEORY, by Arthur Baker:

Exposing the Myth of the GERM THEORY


An extract from Exposing the Myth of GERM THEORY:

Even though medical authorities mistakenly attribute to this dead cellular debris the powers of life and malevolence, microbiologists acknowledge that viruses are dead bits of DNA in a protein-lipid membrane coat, although failing to realise its source.

As such, genomes are control mechanisms but not micro-organisms as the medical establishment would have us believe, since these so-called “viruses” are merely lifeless fragments of mitochondrial genetic debris. Because of this, viruses cannot cause disease unless they accumulate as filth and pollute our cells, tissues and circulation upon cellular death.

Viruses, then, are dead genomes from disintegrated cells whose cellular membrane is not completely broken down by cellular lysosomes.

Genomes have no characteristics of life whatsoever, and are merely bits of nucleic acid material normally recycled through phagocytosis or excreted as waste.

Photos of alleged viruses “injecting themselves” into a cell actually show the cell literally engulfing the “virus” or proteinaceous debris.

A dent, called invagination, then forms and the organic matter is surrounded by cellular substance which closes off, forming an impromptu stomach, and the “virus” disappears. The stomach then fills with powerful lysosome enzymes which digest the organic material, breaking it down into amino acids and fatty acids for recycling or Elimination. This process is a normal feature of cell physiology called phagocytosis (literally, cell-eating)— the routine process of cellular ingestion and enzymatic digestion of bacteria, dead tissue debris and other errant cells.

Viruses are merely inert organic material totally devoid of all life qualities and are never seen to act. Photographs purporting to show viruses in action are outright frauds: what is actually shown is an ordinary physiological process of phagocytosis which occurs countless times daily within the body. Remember, according to medical texts on virology and microbiology, viruses have the following un-lifelike characteristics:

1) Viruses have no metabolism—they cannot process food-stuffs or nutriment and they have no energy formation. They are only a template, or pattern of information, as are all genomes.

2) Viruses have no faculties for action of any kind—no nervous system, no sensory apparatus, and no intelligence that may coordinate movement or “bodily invasion” of any kind.

3) Viruses cannot replicate themselves — (they supposedly depend entirely upon “obligate reproduction”— meaning, reproduction by a host organism, something totally unheard of in all biology.)”

Article – Viruses. How Much Is That Dogma In The Window?

PDF Book – Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume


Article Dismantling the virus theory – The “measles virus” as an example:


Article – Here we have a post from Reddit. There are some very good explanations in it:

Article – You cannot Catch Bugs, Pasteur Debunked:

 Article: Contagious Diseases and the Germ Theory – By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D:


Article / Book – The Poisoned Needle – Suppressed Facts About Vaccination, By Eleanor McBean:

Article – Vaccines by Aajonus Vonderplanitz:


Swine Flu Exposé :



. . . End

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