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Fact Sheet – 01 [RT-PCR Test] Fact Sheet – 02 [New Covid-19 Diagnostic Test]
Fact Sheet – 03 [Vaccine-1] Fact Sheet – 04 [Centre for Science based Medicines_COV-19 positive test infectiousness]
Fact Sheet – 05 [Face Masks] Fact Sheet – 06 [Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine {AZD1222} ]
Fact Sheet – 07Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine { mRNA-1273} ] Fact Sheet – 08 [ Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine {mRNA vaccine BNT162b2} ]
Fact Sheet – 09 [ Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine] Fact Sheet – 10   [Informed Consent & Illegal Coercion]
Fact Sheet – 11  [Graphene Oxide] Fact Sheet – 12  [Covid Pill – Lagevrio]


Throughout the period since the ‘pandemic’ was first announced, BGB has been researching the subject matter surrounding the issue virtually day and night. Before the start of 2020 the public’s knowledge of this subject matter was virtually zero. Since then an increasing number of people have become more knowledgeable, and woken up to the reality around them, but generally the public’s understanding is as devoid of depth of knowledge now as it was back at the beginning of 2020.

In opposition to the truth based scientific facts that we have researched and compiled,  is the false information provided by the likes of the World Health Organisation, and their bought and paid for lackeys, many of whom double up as advisors to governments, and of course the politicians themselves (many of whom are just as ignorant as the ordinary man in the street), and lastly the well oiled and drilled mainstream media (MSM) who have been relentlessly pumping out the co-ordinated propaganda they use across the globe.

It’s a well planned and rehearsed scenario (see Event 201 alone), brought about by the Cabal, who have been waiting for this opportunity for many, many years. Each time they attempted to carry out their plans in the past, they’ve been thwarted (they tried it with SARS, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Ebola etc. etc.). In 2019 they had another go and this time the scam has taken root. The MSM is now totally in their control, along with crooked and corrupt politicians, and some corrupt members of the medical profession. Their main players have been The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci,  and the World Economic Forum – more especially the sinister Klaus Schuab and many others in the Bankster class and other influential, hugely moneyed global corporates e.g. the evil Silicon Valley monopolies, who have total control of social media platforms. Their censoring of the truth combined with MSM propaganda has rendered almost everyone confused and insecure. Little wonder so many people are totally disorientated, and consequently don’t know who to believe, even what they hear from ‘official establishment’ sources changes so frequently that their perception of reality is disturbed and jumbled up.

Based On Irrefutable Scientific Facts

Our Fact Sheets.

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For those very reasons, BGB has worked tirelessly to get the correct information together, both with the contents of this site and  in a series of FACT SHEETS. They have been contributed, and compiled from trusted sources from amongst the best qualified in their fields. These are the professionals – professors, doctors, scientists and academics – who are respected in their fields. tens of thousands of them have got together to fight back against the pseudo science and blatant lies promoted by the governments and the MSM – see the Great Barrington Declaration.

The problem is, many in the medical and scientific fields they have been gagged for fear of the truth about this ‘pandemic’ getting out and into the ears of the innocent public, who have been duped. These experts are not allowed within a hundred miles of a MSM microphone or camera – for obvious reasons.

Below is a series of fact-Sheets, which you can view here using the PDF viewer, or that can be downloaded for you to study at your leisure and pass on to others.

Fact Sheet-01


Fact Sheet-02


Fact Sheet-03


Fact Sheet-04



Fact Sheet-05


Fact Sheet-06


Fact Sheet-07


Fact Sheet-08


Fact Sheet-09

Fact_Sheet_Janssen_Covid-19_ vaccine

Fact Sheet-10


Fact Sheet-11


Fact Sheet-12




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