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Who Watches the Watchers? Who Guards the Guards?

So Who Is THEM?

There’s an increasing swathe of people getting the truth out there –  to those who have not yet understood what is going on across the globe. That’s the innocent, gullible and naïve who have difficulty joining the dots. Those involved in opening the  eyes and minds of the general public on the street, refer to those who are causing mayhem and destruction as “THEY” or “Them”.

The reality is that there are laws and rules (or no law) to protect THEM.. Whilst “WE” the People, are micro managed in our behaviour; – there are consequences for “US”,   severely executed by THEM – when WE are guilty of stepping out of line. When WE are perceived to have broken statutory law, and regulations put in place by THEM, without any consultation within their government or by consultation with WE the People and the rest of the public that THEY rule. Wasn’t it the PEOPLE who are supposed to rule THEM? Aren’t THEY supposed to be the public’s servants?

Political elites refer to the “Little People” (US) as those of little influence and mainly  the unaware. The term goyim (referred to as The Gentiles in Jewish communities, but not relevant in that context here) , cattle or “useless eaters” (as Henry Kissinger once said.) The term can have a misleading meaning since it suggests that it is the best who hold decision-making positions. In reality, political elites are often the product of social reproduction and only those who have already substantial economic, social and cultural means can access this status.

It is possible to suspect the political elite of sharing interests specific to the privileged categories from which it mainly comes. The fact remains that the increase in the technicality of public action is increasingly leading leaders to seek the opinion of personalities from civil society (association leaders, experts, scientists, etc. and of course the global business elites), which calls for qualifying the the thesis of the homogeneity of political elites.





See this excellent video on this  very topic by Neil Oliver – a  GBTV presenter:


If the embedded video does not display in your browser, please follow this link:

The elitist and pluralist approaches oppose each other on the question of the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the ruling class.

In Elementi di Scienze politica (1896), Gaetano Mosca uses the term “ruling political class” to describe the minority that holds power in a society. According to him, “in all societies, from the least developed and civilized to the most advanced and powerful, there appear two classes of people – an ordinary class and a ruling class, who is beyond any watchers or guards. To keep that equilibrium , the the ordinary class have to be kept in the dark, be ignorant of their role and always to be subservient and totally controlled – usually by fear. The ruling class are always the least numerous, assumes all political functions, monopolizes power and enjoys the advantages it entails, while the second, the most numerous, is directed and controlled by the first, sometimes more or less legal, sometimes more or less arbitrary and violent”.

This minority, organized and conscious, forms a social class. It is therefore marked by a community of thought, of interests, of culture, of kinship, of economic power. It imposes its values ​​and its principle of legitimacy on the majority. However, this elite remains stratified: in the centre is a core leader (“the senior leaders”) more powerful than the others (“the secondary leaders”). It is this core that provides cohesion and strength as well as commanding the whole.

The sociology of the elites shows that the ruling categories come overwhelmingly from privileged social backgrounds, but that they cannot, in a democracy, govern alone.

From a more sociological point of view, studies show that the elites are very largely from privileged backgrounds. The manifest inequality of access to elective functions according to social background leads to the introduction of a gap between the representatives of the people and society.

Some people speak of a “state nobility” to designate the phenomenon of reproduction of the ruling elite through the increasingly pressing need to obtain a degree leading to positions of power.

The elites or the power elite?

Today, the elite ends up designating the occupation of an enviable position. “The elites” in the plural, is an expression constructed by contemporary sociology to explain the political transformations of societies developed from a non-Marxist perspective. The use of the syntagm “elites” “makes it possible to embrace, under a more abstract concept, the various types of leading or dominant groups which have succeeded one another and whose dated names have changed over the course of the regimes. [Above all, it recalls] the plural form of groups in struggle in the field of power and their constantly contested legitimacy

By Marxist

The Marxist thesis sheds some light on the analysis of power situations in society. It is a reading based on an economic analysis, which denies the specificity of politics. The fact of holding the levers of the economic machine gives the class that holds it access to political power (in the sense of control of the state apparatus). The state cannot be an arbiter, it is only a means of political domination in the hands of the holders of economic power. Economic power is concentrated in the hands of a small number of families who own the means of production, and inherit these means and political power. The power belongs only in appearance to the elected officials, in reality it is in the hands of the business circles. All the social, economic and political hierarchies merge into a single class which, thanks to the control of the state apparatus, exploits the rest of the nation and derives from this exploitation not only material benefit but also honours and privileges.

It is against this grid that the theme of the elites was constructed. In particular, the work of Vilfredo Pareto (Treaty of General Sociology, 1917) will refute this Marxist analysis. The two postulates of Marxist reasoning (the economy governs the relations of social classes, the ideology of a society is that of its dominant class) are disputed by Pareto. He affirms that the economy does not govern the relations of social classes; he himself came to sociology precisely because economics does not explain everything… economic facts themselves cannot be explained solely on the basis of economics.

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The Heatwave That Never Was in 2022

Did you notice it? Or was I fast asleep for two days?

A Film by Paul Burgess, Voice of Wales Climate Specialist.


Stop being influenced by FEAR PORN through the likes of the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media. You are continually being put in a state of panic, for various nefarious reasons that are all connected.

  1. Climate change (now a dwindling concept that masses of the public have by now woken up to – so ‘they’ who control the narrative  need to re-establish the nonsense – each time we experience a nice summer).
  2. Pandemics (the hoax Covid pandemic has been totally debunked – stats are showing the real goals behind mRNA injections and the rising numbers of those crippled or killed by 20% of the injections administered)
  3. Phoney wars (with people quaking at the prospect of a nuclear world war)
  4. Famine (brought about by all of the above including a very real planned starvation programme)

ALL of this is tied in with the attack on humanity by the elite, globalist cabal and their attempt to depopulate the planet. Make no mistake, unless we all wake up, do some research and study the facts, then the utter madness that you are experiencing through lies and twisted facts will continue.

I would recommend you cancel the thievery of the money you pay for BBC programmes by your TV licences, even better, stop soaking up misinformation and disinformation from any source on your television and start reconnecting with reality!

Familiarise yourself with unbiased news based on truthful facts. UK Column News being a fine example.

Here are some links to factual sites that totally blow the man-made climate change, and the need to reach net zero carbon dioxide emission levels out of the water.

The above are just a sprinkling of sites dealing with the ‘Noble Lie’ (man-made climate change). I’ll leave you to find many more from trusted sources and eminent scientists.

Always Remember:

‘Consensus’ is not science. Consensus is usually closely tied to government research grants – nothing to do with real, proper & truthful science.

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The Dark Art Of Climate Manipulation

Possibly More Worrying Than False ‘Pandemics’?

I really hate to pile more agony on your shoulders – but we have to face reality. We’re all worn down with what we’ve experienced in the last two and a half years or so. There’s a culpable feeling of relief amongst the whole population that it’s over, the fact is, it’s only really just begun. There are more fear porn generated false ‘pandemics’ queuing up in the pipeline – that in itself is a huge worry – but it’s only a part of the story.

The attack on humanity is not single pronged, it is multi faceted. Much of it is going on under our noses (or rather above our heads). It’s been going on for at least 70+ years. What am I talking about? Geo-engineering. It’s a sector of warfare science that has been developed to the point where those behind this science can now manipulate the weather with ease, with the combined use of aircraft spraying of reflective particles into the atmosphere and the combined use of targeted microwave energy acting in harmony (resonance) with the spraying, thereby disrupting natural weather systems and manipulating them. Think back to the wildfires in California and Australia, and now in the past months, never before witnessed floods in eastern Australia. Coincidence or the hallmarks of weather tampering – blamed on the bogeyman of manmade climate change? Or protection for the planet in the guise of blotting out the sun for more nefarious reasons? It’s not fanciful thinking – it’s happening right now, with the help of the likes of Bill Gates – that most innocent, generous and well known of philanthropists. See this article published by Forbes in January 2021.

Climate Change

What if the spraying of reflective particulates is already well underway, and what the impact may be, not just on the survival of the human species but on ALL life on earth, when it becomes disconnected from it’s life source – the sun.

The following video gives us a chilling insights into this technology and how it is already impacting on us in many ways. In fact it may be the greatest worry of all for us – as we come under attack from many directions:

Geoengineering is a very real conspiracy – not some neurotic, cooked up theory. It’s the deliberate and large-scale  intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Simply put, it is the spraying of chemicals via planes into the atmosphere. Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the world contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

When I were a lad . . . .

(Remember those lovely Hovis ads. ?  – before someone pulls me up about my grammar – nothing to do with this article though!)

I was fascinated by science and technology, especially new developing technology, that I naively assumed would make our future life a Shangri-La (synonymous with any earthly paradise, particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia). Some at the elite level today, still use that human dream to promote their modern technology; people like Elon Musk, or Yuval Noah Harari (a leading advisor to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum) and many others who are pushing the transhuman, artificial intelligence and neuro link hook-up to our brains and thoughts – to work in a hybrid mode with computers – in other words a vision of – no – not Shangri-La but Hell. These are sick people who use our inherent attraction to a better future, to entrap us in their nightmare world.

More On Manipulation Of Our Global Weather

I was approaching my early teens when I read somewhere about the successful seeding of clouds in Tasmania by Hydro Tasmania in 1964. It resulted in rain on parched drought ridden ground. What a leap forward I thought to myself – soon deserts would be made green again! That snippet of information that I read, was seared into my memory up to this day – because of the impact the statement had made on me. However, what it actually displayed was a lack of knowledge and understanding by a youngster with no experience of the real world, or of how geo-politics work.

Transforming the drought ridden areas of the world into productive greenery was never the real goal. It didn’t take long for the true goals of this technology to be realised. How it could be used in warfare e.g. Agent Orange (in Vietnam), and in the process of killing innocent people through defoliation of forests and by chemical poisoning and weather manipulation, Like all formulas, it could be interpreted backwards, and therefore used in the exact opposite direction – droughts, wildfires, chemical poisoning etc.

Background To The Technology and Science.

Vincent Schaefer, born in 1906, died in 1993 and was from he General Electric Laboratories  in the, United Sates. He discovered the principle of cloud seeding through certain events on November 13, July 1946. In Australia, CSIRO ( Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization ) did some very important and significant trials between 1947 and the early 1960’s.

The first case of man-made rain was in 1947 near Bathurst, N.S.W. CSIRO scientists worked on cumulus clouds. They released dry ice on top of the clouds, which worked best on clouds that were very cold. They continued to conduct trials until 1952.

From 1953 to 1956, they carried out similar trials in Queensland, South Australia and a few other states. This time with both flying and ground-based silver iodide generators.

The research led to the first cloud seeding experiment in Tasmania by Hydro Tasmania in 1964. Between the late 1950s and early 1960s, cloud seeding was used in the Snowy Mountains, on the Cape York Peninsula (Queensland), West Sydney, and the New England district. (N.S.W.). Just imagine how that technology has exponentially progressed from those early years of experimentation.

The documentary video, above – called ‘The Dimming’ – provides a surreal but factual summary of the chemtrail phenomenon and the effect that chemtrails are having on the  environment right now.


Fig. 1 – typical contrail from a single aircraft at high altitude. Figure. 2 Chemtrails. Click on the image to view a short video (1min 37s)

It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapour created in the air by the exhaust of jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight.

Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails. Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and has been documented. Samples of this substance have apparently been analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms. Other tests have shown that chemtrails contain more than 3 times the legal level of the toxic substance, barium.

Chemtrails may also be one of the primary contributory factors in the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide. There are currently three main hypothesis for the purpose of chemical spraying in the skies:

  • weather modification;
  • population control; and
  • testing of biological agents on the general populace.

Even if we assume that these trails have nothing to do with eugenics or weather modification, we cannot ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aviation fuel emissions that contribute towards a host of different health problems. Jet engines run on kerosene (paraffin). Up until the 1990s, most petrol-driven road vehicles used leaded petrol, which was not only harmful to the environment, but caused asthma as well as lowering of the IQ. The tetra-ethyl (lead) found in aviation fuel and its combustion products are potent neurotoxins that have been shown in scientific research to interfere with brain development in children. Leaded petrol has now been banned for use in motor vehicles. But for some reason, this law doesn’t seem to apply to aircraft.

I encourage you to research this subject in more detail to gain a fuller picture of what chemtrails contain, their impact on the environment, and the history of aerial spraying that has taken place in many countries. Here is one good place to start your research:

There are many others too numerous to list here.

How Widespread Is The Practice?

Very widespread – across the Globe. I even came across this information, regarding an incident over Shrewsbury, a market town and the county town of Shropshire, England, on the River Severn near to the Welsh/ English border – normally quite an insignificant rural part of the UK, (pop. around 70,000) but obviously not overlooked.

Shrewsbury, 18 May 2022
Chemtrails – E-mail sent by reader to the local paper (name with held for data protection)

Picture taken at Shrewsbury, Shropshire on the 18th of May 2022

“In Shrewsbury, Wednesday 18th, the day broke a beautiful sunny day, then around eight to ten aeroplanes came over dropping chems [chemtrails], like the ones above and then as before, the whole sky went white again. For decades I used to look up at the most spectacular crystal blue skies during the summer, piercing blue would make your heart burst they were so beautiful. We’d have planes fly over and yes, of course, you could see the jet streams behind them but they would so quickly disappear.

Now our skies are nothing but white ‘cloud’ streaks going every which way. They stay like that for the whole day. The mornings are sometimes clear for a while and then they start chem trailing. Some mornings we’ll wake up and they’re already there. I’m no scientist, you cannot tell me that this is normal. Don’t tell me that it’s always been like this and I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist. They are spraying something in our skies and people, including you journalists, are just too bloody asleep to wake up and realise that we live in a very different world than the one we are being sold. There is something going on…this is not normal.

When Journalists investigate you can do wonderful things for humanity, when you do not investigate and dismiss concerns, out of hand, you are by definition potentially complicit in any potential crimes being committed.


The only way we can have any hope of getting to the bottom of this, and to stop our skies from being polluted and poisoned, is to raise awareness of this subject. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible – before it’s too late. Please try to do your bit to help.

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“We Don’t Debate With Anti-Vaxxers Whether They’re RIGHT Or Wrong” – Says The BBC

What A Strange Thing To Say!

So, what they are actually saying is: “we don’t want ANY debate”. Debate is something that usually means that one side or the other is proven ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. However the BBC just doesn’t want ANY debate. Why is that we wonder? Surely they should be at the forefront – to bring truth to light. Sadly they don’t operate in that way, which is always a dead give-away that they are peddling lies and misinformation, and then accuse others of doing that, with phoney so called ‘fact checkers’.

Could it mean that by inviting someone on to their screens to debate live – not edited and not pre-recorded – could end up with their propaganda message being exposed for what it is – A FRAUD? Or more likely the official line that they have biasedly pushed so hard could crumble in full view of the public? So, they don’t debate – whether the side that goes contrary to their line could be RIGHT (or wrong). Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? It certainly does to me.

Past Track Record

The BBC have form when it comes to this kind of high handed exaggerated, government line behaviour on hotly debated subjects. The climate change hoax is one that comes to mind. The propaganda says that the ‘consensus‘ of opinion (who decides that by the way? The BBC?) Is that the world is plummeting to destruction, through increased emissions of CO2. There is a whole army of scientists and experts that say this is NOT so, as it’s NOT so with this Covid-19 situation, with accompanying documentation and peer reviewed papers to back it up. However they are muzzled as the MSM does not report their findings. For example the myth that polar bears are becoming extinct through their environment suffering the ravages of global warming. The latest surveys indicate that in fact the polar bear population has risen to numbers higher than they have been reported for decades. Is this information in the TV public domain? Certainly not, the BBC patriarch and wise man on all things in the natural world was seen crying on camera because he was convinced that the polar bear was nearing extinction. That’s the BBC line. So they said that they would no longer report on the other side of the argument, and would not debate the subject. Same old tactic – “shut down the other opinion – whether they are right or wrong – and just listen to us”. . . . A perfectly acceptable way for a propaganda machine to work – but not for the truth lovers amongst us.

More On The Climate Change Fear-mongering Front

Now that we have entered into a Grand Solar Minimum period (warned about for a long time by unbiased scientists who have nothing to lose by telling the truth), the earth is now actually cooling and not heating up. It’s the sun stupid – regardless of what the propaganda would have you believe that it’s cows farting or gardeners using too much peat in their gardens, thereby producing greenhouse gases like Methane and CO2.  Fact: the greatest greenhouse gas is water vapour (at any one instant, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapour – enough to cover the entire surface of the planet with 1 inch of rain if condensed). CO2 is a life supporting gas (0.0391 percent of the atmosphere).

Global warming poster girl – exploitation of a poor little autistic child who has been frightened into hysteria. This is cruel mental abuse of a handicapped minor.

Without high enough levels of CO2 in the atmosphere ALL life dies on the planet. All this information is hushed up on the MSM, the reason again is money, grant money for research and bribery handouts by the usual suspects. All designed to mislead, cause illogical fear and to confuse people with pseudo science, in exactly the same way as the Covid-19 scam has been rolled out. The wheels were coming off the climate change nonsense – enter a ‘pandemic’ instead. The big weapon in this warfare is FEAR, blasted out through propaganda outlets by the likes of the BBC. They even take advantage of a poor little autistic girl from Sweden, who has been frightened to the point of hysteria – I call that child abuse. What easier victim than an autistic child? When it comes to propaganda there are no limits to the levels stooped to.

More information on the effects of a Grand Solar Minimum period HERE. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed the big hush-up on MSM regarding this winter’s weather over northern Europe, the north American continent, and parts of Asia? Our planet is colder TODAY than it was during much of the 2010s, the 2000s, large portions of the 1990s, as well as late-1987–and cooling! As the Americans say “go figure”.

Back To The Wise ‘Old Man In A Chair’

International best-selling author, a GP with over 50 years experience, a former health agony uncle on the TV and a national newspaper columnist Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why and how the BBC has betrayed the public and demonised truth-telling doctors and scientists in order to help sustain the covid-19 fraud and please the Government and those who have corrupted the system with huge donations and bribery money – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With money, power and influence; Bill Gates has bought out the world health services, including the W.H.O. with a big dollop to the UK state sponsored broadcaster – the BBC. He has positioned himself as a ‘Health Tsar‘ and whatever he has to say the MSM is paid to propagandise it.
For more unbiased information about other important related issues, please visit:
Dr. Vernon Coleman’s site at:

Now, let him explain in his own inimitable style in the BGB reproduced video below, what the likes of the BBC are really up to:

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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Until They Rolled Out The COVID-19 Scam

So CO2 Is a Poisonous Gas That Will Cause The Earth To Burn Up?

Giant Ground Sloth and mega fauna (size compared to a modern human in height) during the Cenozoic period. How much CO2 was in the atmosphere then?

Some 500 million years ago, when the number of living things exploded on earth, with giant creatures and a lush green plant environment, when everything – including mammals were of giant proportions compared to modern times, the ancient atmosphere happened to be rich with about 7,000 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide (CO2). I’ll repeat that around 7,000 parts per million in the atmosphereIn 2020 the CO2 in the atmosphere is a paltry 400 ppm (and they’re worried it might go up to 403 this year)! And we’re all going to die?

Stop being hysterical through the fear porn, and think about that for a moment. Facts indicate that if the ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere drops to around 130 ALL life on earth would cease to exist. CO2 is the gas of life. People have been led to believe that it’s some sort of poison! How has this happened?

The Inverted Modern World – How It Came About

Education, the lack of knowledge of the average person, the dumbing down of educational knowledge, but worse the indoctrination of our children with false knowledge, synchronised with what the Cabal wishes people to think and believe – in order to fulfil their plans for humanity. It’s the brainwashing or conscious programming process from birth for a purpose that most of us know nothing about. The result? No one thinks for themselves, no one asks questions or disputes what is spoon-fed to them by the establishment.

The Result?

We have a whole new generation of children living in abject fear of destruction. With young people, like that poor autistic child in Sweden, in genuine hysterical fear, she has obviously been exploited by her parents (a case for severe child abuse in my opinion), and the evil purveyors of the Cabal using her as the poster child for their mad false theory, to help bring humanity to it’s knees. The same applies to the current ‘twin’ attack, through the phantom virus pandemic  fear, and ensuing panic through the COVID-19 hoax, which is very real in the minds of the scammed and brainwashed public.

Then we have an ancient old world TV presenter, who is as much of an institution as the company he works for – the BBC. We all know what their function is – propaganda broadcasting for those who pay the piper and call the tune – including the Gates Foundation (53 million donated last year to the BBC – why?). So they wheel out the old chap, who has the same role as the great uncle when it comes to the family get together – the harmless old soul so loved by the great nephews and nieces.

He’s such an institution (who’s been with the British Bullshit Corporation for almost as long as it’s been in existence). Surely he wouldn’t lie to us? Well sadly, whether it’s premeditated or through ignorance, he’s definitely not to be trusted with facts, which probably get conveyed to him directly from the IPCC via his very generous paymasters. Perhaps money talks when it comes to truthful principle, or if I was kind, I would suggest that at his age he may be the victim of one of those age related ailments that effect the powers of recall. This is the man who warned us – with tears in his eyes – about the demise and very real prospect of an extinction of polar bears – because their habitat has been destroyed by man’s CO2 release of that poisonous gas. Have you counted how many polar bears are in the Arctic since he uttered that statement? No? Well go and do some personal research, you can start here:

The Covid-19 hoax “pandemic” scam will go the same way – it WILL get fully exposed. It is a hyped up, propagandised version of what we’ve experienced over the last six month. If you are gullible enough to believe what you see and hear from the Cabal, then you perhaps deserve what is about to happen. Nothing is what it seems in this manufactured, inverted world of perceived reality, fuelled by intense psychopathic evil.

NASA’s “Smoking Gun” of Climate Fraud

NASA (an arm of the Cabal) have cooled the past so as to create a fake modern warming trend that correlates almost-perfectly with rising atmospheric CO2 levels. Below is the PROOF (research courtesy of Tony Heller).

Back in 1974, at the height of the global cooling concerns, the National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR) generated this graph of Earth’s average temperature change:

Clearly visible in the graph is 1) the large spike in temps during the 1940’s, 2) the subsequent rapid cooling to 1970, and 3) the overall cooling from 1900 to 1970.

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences published a very similar graph for Northern hemisphere temperatures –one we regularly feature on Electroverse– which supports the three conclusions of the NCAR graph:

However, by 1981 the graph had started to tilt to the left:

The temperature in 1970 was suddenly now 0.1C warmer than in 1900!

Unsurprisingly, this change coincided with NASA “Climate Prophet” James Hansen’s interest in demonstrating a CO2-driven warming trend:

NASA had just committed climate fraud, and they got away with it.

Spurred-on by the complete lack of scrutiny, NASA, saddled with the task of proving the politicised global warming theory, brazenly continued cooling the past so as to exaggerate their already exaggerated warming trend.

Serving as an example of this, the next graph shows how their 1880-2000 global warming trend has been overstated again (doubled, in fact) since 2001–again, simply by cooling the past:

NASA obtains its global temperature data from NOAA’s GHCN (Global Historical Climatology Network), but data is missing for about half of the Earth’s surface, including most of Africa, Antarctica, and Greenland.

That missing data is filled-in with computer modelled readings, meaning that 50% of the global temperature data used by NOAA and NASA is fake.

Furthermore, the only places with complete coverage are the U.S. and Western Europe — and, rather tellingly, it is these areas which are the ones starting to show the GSM-induced cooling trend.

Since 2015, according to NOAA’s own data, North America has been cooling at a rate of 2.03C per decade. This is a whopping drop, one 29 times the “official” average rate of increase since 1880: “The global annual temperature has increased at an avg. rate of 0.07C (0.13F) per decade since 1880” (NOAA’s latest report from Jan, 2020).

North America, 2.03C decline

And here is the smoking gun of NASA/NOAA climate fraud:

The global “adjustments” being made correlate almost-perfectly with the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels–i.e., the data is being manipulated in order to prove the greenhouse gas global warming theory:

This isn’t science.

This is a criminal act — the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

And this evil is compounded by the fact that the exact opposite is bearing-down on us all — the COLD TIMES are returning, and -unlike during times of warmth- prolonged periods of cold have ALWAYS caused untold suffering for humans–including crop loss, famine, and even the total collapse of empires.

Earth’s climate is cyclic, never linear.

And the next global chill appears to be gaining pace, intensifying in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow. Even NASA themselves appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with their forecast for this upcoming solar cycle (25) seeing it as “the weakest of the past 200 years,” with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Prepare for the COLD — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

[Featured Image: Natalie Matthews-Ramo/Slate]

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The Truth Is Quietly Coming Out – As It Always Does Eventually

Despite all the data-tampering, the ignoring of the UHI-effect, and the unrelenting propaganda, the UK just won’t heat-up . . . .

Now, I can buy a year or two falling out of line — local weather patterns and natural ocean current-fluctuations etc. can explain why 2018 was cooler than 2017 and 2016, for example — but an entire decade falling by the wayside?

No, this is evidence that the Sun has had it’s say, that its Grand Solar MAXIMUM has run its course, and that its waning activity is now ushering in the next cooling cycle, the next Grand Solar MINIMUM:

The Longest Monthly Temperature Observations

The Central England Temperature record (CET) measures the monthly mean surface air temperatures for the Midlands region of England. It is the longest series of monthly temperature observations in existence, anywhere in the world.

The CET’s mean reading for July, 2020 (to the 21st) is sitting at 15.3C — that’s 0.6C below the 1961-1990 average (the current standard period of reference for climatological data used by the WMO–just a coincidence that its also an historically cool era…). That number of 15.3C has been sinking lower and lower as the month has progressed, and looking at the GFS that slide looks set to continue for the remainder of the month.

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (July 23 – July 31) —

July, 2020 will most likely finish-up as a sub-15C month, and since 1961 (the WMO’s favorite starting point) only 4 other months have recorded such a reading — 1965 (14C), 1980 (14.7C), 1988 (14.7C), and 1978 (14.8C).

The UK is unquestionably suffering an historically cool July. However, just as they did with the revelation that the 2010’s were cooler than the 2000’s, the MSM will surely sweep this fact under their what-now-must-be-bulging rug of climate inconveniences.

And one final note, central England’s coldest July on record remains that of 1816 — “the year without a summer” — when a crop-wrecking mean of 13.4C was logged.

And The Last Word Lies With The Wisest Of All – The ‘Old Man In a Chair’:

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Climate Change and COVID-19 – Spot The Similarities


There are some interesting connections and similarities between the coronavirus and man-made climate change hoaxes.

Some people are using the COVID-19 pandemic to push climate change propaganda, however the fundamental point is that both of them exploit human emotion to modify behavior.

Learn the eerie similarities between the coronavirus and climate change hoaxes. Once you see the patterns of propaganda the narratives cease to work on you.

Coronavirus and climate change

May seem at first glance they don’t seem to be connected. One is a tiny invisible virus, and the other is an issue as big as the planet itself. However, there are some eerie similarities. Firstly, look at their propagandistic value – they are both false narratives being used to manipulate your perception and centralise power in a NWO (New World Order) Global Government. Secondly, they are both hyped threats which play upon your emotions (fear, care, etc.). They create what is ultimately a fake emergency (even if there are legitimate problems connected to them). Recently Pope Francis has both implied and outright stated that the coronavirus outbreak was “nature’s response” to humanity ignoring ecological issues, and that “nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” Francis has long been a mouthpiece for Agenda 21/ 2030.

Sustainable development plans, a way to usher in global governance while pretending to care for the environment. Are the NWO manipulators achieving in just weeks and months with the coronavirus hoax what was taking them years to achieve with the man-made climate change hoax?

The Essence of the Coronavirus and Climate Change Hoaxes: Making humanity Itself the Enemy

The key feature of the man-made global warming/climate change agenda is to convince you that the carbon dioxide (CO2) made by humanity is ruining the planet. This is in spite of the obvious biological fact the CO2 is a gas of life is a gas of life; plants breathe it in and need it to live, and we need plants to live to produce our oxygen, so without enough CO2, we would be dead. The green movement has been hijacked. The Club of Rome is one of 6 groups that are close to the centre of the Rhodesian Round Table (ultimately funded by Rothschild) which also includes The Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the RIIA, the UN and The Trilateral Commission. The Club of Rome’s 1991 document entitled The First Global Revolution? contains this passage:

In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together … all these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.

Did you catch that? The real enemy is humanity itself. The NWO controllers want this insidious idea to infect people’s minds, erode their self-love and self-worth, and introduce the subsequent idea that you need to feel guilty just for being alive on this planet (after all, you’re breathing CO2, you traitor!).

Now compare this to what is going on with the fake pandemic of the moment, Operation Covid-19. We are still, amazingly, yet to have solid scientific proof that this virus exists. We have RNA fragments from lung fluid samples, but that doesn’t meet the standard of proof. The new coronavirus has failed Koch’s postulates; it has not been isolated; it has not been proven to exist. Thanks to work of Dr. Andy Kaufman and others, it has become apparent that certain organizations have taken an exosome and falsely claimed it is a new virus. Exosomes are secreted by cells as a natural response to toxins; they are pleomorphic and can turn into viruses. Exosomes are part of human body itself, as are viruses.

Thus, all the hype and hysteria has been generated by claiming that an exosome/virus is the new enemy, even though the exosome and virus are parts of the human body.

So we come full circle: the (human-produced) exosome/virus is the enemy (and thus humanity is the enemy, again).

CO2 is Like a Virus, Spreading Everywhere and Killing Us

You can find some examples of the absurd nonsense being written and spoken about coronavirus and climate change in James Corbett’s video here:

Corbett exposes the propaganda and highlights how people are using the pandemic to further the AGW agenda. Some of the propaganda gems he exposed were how the so-called “climate crisis” is making the spread of infectious diseases like coronavirus more common and how a “study” found that climate change is releasing new and previously trapped viruses. So now, in addition to all the other NWO agendas that are being rolled out using COVID-19 as a pretext, you can add another layer to it: humans are “double plus bad” because we warmed the planet with CO2 and therefore helped release and exacerbate the spread of a killer virus. Wow. Do you feel so bad you want to kill yourself yet?

Fake Care: We Really Care for the Environment and We Really Care for the Elderly

These hoaxes are designed to hack human psychology by exploiting its weaknesses. The propensity for care and compassion for our fellow human being is naturally a wonderful thing that makes us human. Sadly, it can be exploited. The ruling class at the very top of the pyramid – the 1% of the 1%  – are characterized by their criminal, psychopathic and Satanic mindset. They don’t care. In fact, some of them even perform Satanic ritual to eliminate empathy and compassion (e.g. the cremation of care black magic ceremony at the Bohemian Grove). All their care is fake care, since they have suppressed it within themselves. However, they know how to pull the heart strings of the mass population, so they pretend they care and make deceptive appeals to “care for the environment” and “care for the elderly” to make people sign on to their agendas. While claiming they care for the planet, their corporations pollute the air, land and water with chemtrails, GMOs, heavy metals, microplastics and more. While claiming they care for the elderly, they think of them as ‘useless eaters’ (a phrase Kissinger appropriated to the elderly) with no productive worth and constantly try to change the culture and the laws to make it acceptable to kill off the old people as soon as possible (see Dr. Richard Day’s account where he reveals the elite plan for a demise pill for the elderly).

The Creation and Exploitation of Fear: The Earth’s Going to Die and You’re Going to Die

Exploiting the natural human propensity to care is one side of the equation; the other side is ginning up and then exploiting fear. The NWO controllers are masters of this. The best types of propaganda mix truth with fiction, so they tell you that species are going extinct (true, except for the lie about polar bears declining), the planet will have more catastrophes, the planet will warm uncontrollably, you’re going to infect your loved ones, the planet’s going to die, you’re going to die, and on and on and on. They hire soul-for-sale scientists to “find” and “conclude” the theories the NWO paymasters want. It’s funny how you can “find” anything that you’re being paid to find. People can’t think rationally or clearly when afraid, since they are in their amygdala (fight-or-flight reptilian brain) not their pre-frontal cortex (the higher centre of reason and logic). Plus, most people will believe anything as long as it’s repeated loud enough and long enough. Manipulating people is a piece of cake, really. Especially when your voice is loud enough and spread wide enough by the propaganda machine I call the mainstream (false) media.

Mainstream Mouthpieces Try to Bring the Climate Change Agenda into the Coronavirus Pandemic

Check out this propaganda piece Time magazine, a very tenuous argument where the author even admits he has no evidence:

I have no evidence that climate change triggered this particular virus to jump from animals to humans at this particular time, or that a warmer planet has helped it spread. That said, it’s pretty clear that, broadly speaking, climate change is likely to lead to an uptick in future epidemics caused by viruses and other pathogens. Scientists have understood for decades that climate change would change the way diseases spread, but, as the planet warms, those hypotheses are being tested and scientists are learning in real time. There are many links between climate change and infectious diseases, but I’m going to focus on one particularly novel—and concerning—area of knowledge: how rising temperatures are making our natural immune systems less effective.

Here’s what MSM outlet NBC has to say about the coronavirus and climate change phenomena:

And that is why, in the long term, the coronavirus will one day be seen as a fire drill for climate change.

Here’s where this YouTube man-made climate change believer is taking it. The dangerous implication here is that if we can do all this for the coronavirus, why can’t we do the same for the climate; in other words, why can’t we utterly transform the shape of society because of climate change:

The world jumps into action to deal with pandemics like the Coronavirus outbreak. But why don’t we respond in the same way for climate change?

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus and climate change hoaxes have a lot of similarities, based on the way they make humanity – i.e. they make you – the enemy. They exploit emotions such as care and fear to modify mass behavior. Hopefully by reading this you can begin to see the pattern of these propaganda narratives so that they lose their effectiveness on you. Despite the all the similarities, there is one big difference: the NWO have been able to achieve far more in far less time with the coronavirus hoax than with the manmade climate change hoax. We need to stay perpetually aware and vigilant if we hope to remain free.

Global Warming. Really?

Where I personally Stand On This Subject

First, let’s clear the decks. There are big differences between climate, weather and global warming/ cooling.

I live in Wales, the climate here is generally the same across the country, but varies slightly from area to area within Wales. In Aberaeron, I luckily live in a small area with a micro climate that tends to be warmer. Weather-wise, (we have very little frost) and it’s generally drier than other areas – often in quite close proximity to the town. If I moved to Florida, or Siberia I would be living in a different ‘climate’. When it comes to the weather, then obviously the weather in Wales, Florida and Siberia would also be different. When it comes to global warming/ cooling, then we are talking about the average temperature of the world in relation to whether the trend is upwards or downwards.

Global temperature varies, this is often misleadingly referred to as ‘climate change’. There is little argument that the average global temperature of the earth varies, either up or down. This is a constant variant. At different times the earth has been much warmer than it is now, at other times it has been cooler – a lot cooler. During the cool periods we have increased polar ice caps, and at times that ice has progressed nearer to the equator. Those periods are often referred to as ‘ice ages’ with varying sea level changes, depending on whether the ice is advancing or retreating. Over this there is no argument, apart from whether we are moving towards a period of warming, or towards a period of cooling. I personally believe, on the evidence of my own research that we are in between two ice ages, and that in fact, we are now slowly moving towards a period of cooling.

There is however another comparatively recent hypothesis that the earth is warming dangerously quickly towards an apocalyptical end due to man. More stupidly, this hypothesis is said to be directly linked to man-made warming due to the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, thereby causing an enhanced greenhouse effect. More ludicrous still is the frequent interchange of the word carbon (a non-metal element) and the gas carbon dioxide. And the daddy stupidity is the projection of CO2 as some sort of poison! CO2 is the foundation of life on the planet. Without it all plants die, when plants die, all other life forms die.

We currently have a CO2 concentration of 400 parts per million in our atmpsphere. Below 150 parts per million plants start to die. In the past, there has been concentrations of many thousands of parts per million in our atmosphere. During those periods, the earth was covered in lush green growth. Here is a discussion with Professor William Happer a leading expert in the field:

In my humble opinion the man-made global warming scaremongering is a hoax, not dissimilar to the latest hoax regaring the Corvid-19 virus scare. I also believe they have the same source, and are both designed with the same eventual outcome in mind. Perhaps that’s a subject for a future post.

To round off this post, perhaps a little information on what is happening right now would not go amiss.

Earth’s Temperature Plunged in March — Global Cooling from here on out.

The Global Lower Atmosphere plunged 0.28C in March to 0.48C, from its (expected early-year) high of 0.76C in February. Looking at the Sun, the cycles, the past, and the graphs, it is reasonable to assume there’s only one trend from here on out, and that’s down . . .

Take the previous anomalous “warming spikes” on the UAH Satellite-Based Temperature of the Global Lower Atmosphere chart (below) — they generally occur at the beginning of a year, and then are quickly followed by a sharp downward plunge:

A continuation of March’s sharp downward plunge (with the odd bump on the way) is highly probable over the months ahead, and we can now consider a reading below baseline by the end of the year “likely”.

The Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying.

Sunspots (a good barometer for solar activity) are still missing in 2020, and there are still few signs of the next solar cycle (25) firing-up. The Sun has been blank for 70 days so far this year (or 76% of the time), and as a result we remain firmly in Solar Minimum territory of cycle 24. It’s been a long and deep Minima, too; this spell of reduced solar activity began bottoming-out way back in late 2017, and it’s also been the deepest of the past 100+ years.

Solar cycle 24 was also the weakest of the past 100+ years:

The next Solar Cycle –25will fire-up soon enough. However, it is forecast to be the weakest of the past 200 years (NASA), which would take us back to Dalton Minimum levels. Furthermore, cycle 25 is also predicted to be just a stop-off on the Sun’s descent into its next full-blown Grand Solar Minimum, a multi-decadal period of crippling low solar activity that further reduces global average temperatures here on Earth — research Maunder Minimum, 1645-1715.

NASA correlates past solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

The lower latitudes are refreezing in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow.

The MSM needs to wake to these facts, and warn the population of what’s really coming. There is no man-made heat-induced catastrophe on the horizon, quite the opposite is true; the COLD TIMES are coming, and the crop loss and unrest these periods bring are all-but here.

Prepare accordinglylearn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own!

About the UAH data:

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010).

The 13-month centered average is meant to give an indication of the lower frequency variations in the data; the choice of 13 months is somewhat arbitrary… an odd number of months allows centered plotting on months with no time lag between the two plotted time series.

The inclusion of two of the same calendar months on the ends of the 13 month averaging period causes no issues with interpretation because the seasonal temperature cycle has been removed, and so has the distinction between calendar months.

Thanks to Electroverse for providing the above information.


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