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Support Andrew Bridgen [The Sovereignty (Referendums) Bill]

4th December UK Parliament: Lobby your MP

Letter templates to lobby your MP’s to attend the UK Parliament meeting on the 4th December at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences.

Letter to MP 4th December (docx)


Letter to MP 4th December (pdf)


Poster for 4th Dec (pdf)


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The Sovereignty (Referendums) Bill

A bill to ‘Prohibit Ministers of the Crown from making or implementing any legal instrument which is not consistent with the sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament unless it has been approved by referendum and connected purposes’ has been proposed through Ten Minute Rule by MP Andrew Bridgen.

MP Andrew Bridgen will continue to fight for the sovereignty and integrity of the British people and for this Bill to be given the reading and support it deserves… and we need your help!

You will find information here on the progression of the bill. Subscribe for updates and to find out how you can support.

We will not be asking the public for any donations.



Watch MP Andrew Bridgen’s Ten Minute Rule

MP Andrew Bridgen Introduces the Sovereignty & Referendums Bill in UK Parliament.

24th October 2023

End UK W.H.O Membership

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