The Choice Is NOW!

Tomorrow will be too late.

The tendency amongst people is to leave it to someone else to sort out any general problem that effects the population. At the moment that tendency is a pandemic in itself. It can be understood to a point, due to the brainwashing that people have been exposed to throughout their lives – from the cradle to the grave. It makes them accept anything and everything that ‘authority’ tells them. They have been enticed into a world where they behave and accept what they are told with no thought or reasoning – as if they are members of a cult. In fact many react very aggressively to anything said about the state, regardless of the evidence piled up in front of them. Some are also too stubborn to change their minds, when their folly is exposed, it makes them feel uneasy and anxious. In medical psychiatric terms that’s called cognitive dissidence. It’s much easier to stay in a state of self inflicted ignorance.

Cognitive dissonance causes feelings of unease and tension, and people attempt to relieve this discomfort in different ways. Examples include “explaining things away” with illogical arguments, or ignoring/ rejecting new information that conflicts with their existing belief system. This can also make them subconsciously turn away or be averted from any research or study into the subject that causes them mental discomfort. However there is a situation at the moment where their failure to do something positive is overridden by their desire to do nothing and watch the situation worsen, in the hope that their belief system of trusting the government will sort things out – in the guise of care for their welfare. This is tragic.

What they don’t realise is that their reluctance to do something is an act of compliance and complicity, that endangers the lives of others. Whilst they don’t actively set out to harm anyone, their inactivity IS actually harming others to the point of murdering them. It may sound harsh, but they have to consider how they will be judged in the future for their indifference. James Corbett explains this in the following video:

So be warned, there is no middle ground, there is no acceptable defence of “I was a good citizen, just following orders”. nevertheless, you have a mind of your own and you should have a conscience, along with empathy for others. It will be on your conscience if you continue to do nothing and in so doing empower the authorities who are exerting their dictatorial and tyrannical will on you. You are being complicit in partial genocide, which is a soft term for mass murder.

Denmark Shows The Way!

This shows what can be achieved, when enough sensible people who think for themselves say NO:

If everyone woke up to the true reality and the truth regarding this proven false, deadly viral pandemic, we could put a stop to the dictatorial madness virtually overnight. No bloody conflict, no long drawn out clashes, just solidarity and the only ‘weapon’ in this example from Denmark was a pot and a wooden spoon in thousands of hands!

There’s a lesson there for enlightened, awake and brave  people in every country.

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