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Virology – The Grandson Of The Original Medical Scam?

The Ridiculous Hypothesis That Viruses Exist

We were all fooled – we ALL thought that the existence of viruses was beyond doubt. We were all wrong – myself included.

It started way back in the Robert Koch and  Louis Pasteur era. For more information on those characters and the adoption of Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory then please explore the articles previously published on this Blog:


Furthermore, the Germ Theory myth that was propagated by Pasteur, was vehemently opposed in the day by the likes of professor Antoine  Béchamp, and other leading researchers  – of the time – in the medical field.

Antoine Béchamp 

There is not now, nor ever has been, any one man so well credentialed in the written annals of scientific history. He was degreed in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, and medicine, as well as a practitioner in each of these disciplines. He also was a university professor for all of these subjects. The accomplishments of Béchamp are unparalleled and he quite simply has no equal. He was the one who discovered what is now known as the Terrain Theory.

Louise Pasteur on the other hand, was a low qualified chemist. He was a fabulous self promoter, and moved in high rank circles but more critically,  had the ear of Napoleon III who promoted his work that culminated in his Germ Theory.

Then the Rockefeller Foundation, about a hundred years ago,  picked up on the lies of Pasteur and immediately saw the advantage of promoting the Germ Theory; as it saw the chance to use petrochemical compounds  (which were by-products of their surplus Standard  Oil  Company activities), hence was born the Allopathic medicine industry and by extension, the gigantic pharmaceutical companies, busily preparing compounds to treat symptoms (not the causes) of diseases, that we were all fooled into believing were caused by germs and viruses.

You are starting from a false basis premise. Viruses are an invention by the pharmaceutical industries under the control of the Rockefeller medical monopoly. The Rockefellers themselves are simply stooges of the Rothschilds. So, there is no virus, there have never been a virus, and there will never be a virus in the future. This is all a smart scam to gain money and keep people under control. Contagion is also a myth.

Personally, my indoctrination started well  before I started primary school. As with nearly 100% of mothers who had also been indoctrinated with false  science from a few generations back, about germs and viruses. My mother constantly told me to wash my hands – to protect myself from “catching germs” that would make me ill – who wants to be ill? So you dutifully go along with what your mother tells you. Even worse, “don’t go near little johnny or Janet, because they have caught a ‘virus’ and if you go near them you’ll catch the same disease”!

Later on when I started primary school, my first teacher (who was projected as the ultimate wisdom in all things) repeated the same as my mother had convinced me was the case with all germs and viruses. When taken to the doctor, he would also inculcate the same information into my head.  Can you blame me, and everyone else from believing this as we grew up? We then went through adult life telling our children the same. So the myth grew, and everyone believed it – it was taken as something that was totally proven and sealed as irrefutable fact.

My Awakening

The great scam pandemic of 2020 has had many surprisingly good effects. It triggered many who were dubious about the validity of what we were expected to believe, to start digging on subjects we had previously taken for granted. During my intense research into the phenomenon of the so called “Corona Virus Pandemic” I came across Dr. Andrew Kaufman who at the time was a loud critic of germ theory and the general scam we witnessed involving the pandemic.  As deeper research led to other prominent doctors and scientists including the likes of professor Stefan Lanka  and Dr. Tom Cowan, I became increasingly convinced by what these experts said. There is now a growing number of other experts – including the likes of Dr. Mike Yeadon (a former Pfizer vice president,  CEO and chief research scientist during his time at Pfizer), who are coming around to the conclusion that viruses don’t exist. Although like almost all of us he accepted at face value that viruses cause contagious disease – very recently, he has gone on record that this may not be true. Viruses never have existed as pathogens and never will. Dr. (at law) Reiner Fuellmich, who founded the Berlin Covid-19 investigative Committee and now heads  ICIC.LAW (the International Crime Investigative Committee) did not at first doubt the virus germ theory, he is now also having second thoughts about the validity of the existence of viruses. It would appear that an ever increasing number of experts like those above are starting to question the presence of viruses – as no virus has ever been isolated, purified or had it’s full genome sequenced – amazing as that sounds (please see Christine Massey’s video below).

Other Foremost Doctors Who Question The Existence Of Viruses

Drs. Mark and Sam Bailey from Australia have been on the front line in exposing the virus (germ theory) myth. Below is a BGB reproduced video that gives factual, scientific reasons to question the existence of viruses.

When I first proposed (based on my in-depth research of the subject) that viruses do not exist,  many suspected I had fallen off my trolley and lost all my marbles, because of the universal acceptance that viruses do exist. It turns out that contrary to popular assumption, the likes of the experts listed above –  and there are too many of them to fully list –  I have just mentioned the most credible experts in their fields on this subject of viruses. However the tide may be turning.

Let Dr. Sam Bailey explain further:


Freedom Of Information Requests

The key question is “are there any purified samples of the SARS Cov-2 held anywhere in the world?”

Amazingly not ONE single health authority from any countries around the world can verify that they have a purified sample in their possession. That in itself is a revealing set of circumstances!

Christine Massey from Canada has undertaken the mammoth task of quizzing as many countries as possible – via FOI requests – she is yet to receive confirmation of the existence of the virus that supposedly triggered the Covid pandemic.

Please take the time to hear her report:


Further Reading

For more in-depth research, below is a PDF book by Dr. Thomas Cowan & Sally Fallon Morell called ‘The Contagion Myth”:


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Dark Secrets of The United Nations

The Roots Of The Organisation

The United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945 – just after the Second World War. It morphed from the earlier organisation – The League of Nations – that was formed immediately after the First World War that ended just about twenty years before the outbreak of the Second World War. Both wars were planned, contrived and financed by the Globalist Élites (also known as billionaire  oligarchs. the illuminati and the Cabal, although the ‘Cabal’ is further back in the shadows and directs control via it’s front stage henchmen in the World Economic Forum (WEF) based in Davos, with Klaus Schwab at the helm. I don’t want to go off on a tangent here; If the reader would like more information on the origins of the Cabal, you can view a past article on this Blog that explains more on the origins of the Cabal

View Published ARTICLE

Treachery Of War Financiers

Up to our present time, the UN has again morphed – this time it is run from Davos under the banner of the WEF. The UN mission statement from 1945, that it was set-up to bring peace to the world is a heinous and outrageous lie. In the inverted world of the’ Globalists  ‘peace’ means ‘war’. The UN’s central mission has been the proliferation of war, and all the evils that follow after those wars. War is profitable peace is not.

In the same fashion as the Napoleonic wars were financed by the biggest banking family of that time period –  the Rothchilds.  So too wars have been fermented by the UN – as we see in the current  Ukraine (proxy) war driven by NATO and fuelled by the Davos clique through the banking system and their control of penetrated governments of the world – (Schwab’s words not mine). However, the hand played by the  the UN goes a lot further, as their agenda for mankind, working alongside one of their instrument of devastation – The World Health Organisation (WHO) the lock-step-agenda  is becoming clearer by the day as people are waking up to reality.

The Rothschild family have funded the losers and the winners of all wars since the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815. They fund both sides so that whichever side wins, they profit. In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte is campaigning against Wellington. Jacob Rothschild, in Paris, funds Napoleon while Nathan Rothschild, in London, funds Wellington. Soon, the family decides that it is more profitable if Britain wins the war as the British royal family is indebted to the Rothschild family: thus, Jacob limits the funds to Napoleon’s army.

Knowing that Britain is winning the war, Nathan starts selling off his British bonds in lump sums. Other traders conclude that France must be winning and Britain losing. They also dump their British bonds in large sums. As a result, the price of the bond plummets and becomes very low. Once Nathan sees that the other traders have sold all their bonds, he begins buying them back at ridiculously low prices. When the news reaches the ordinary citizens that Britain has won the war, the value of the British bond rises so high that Nathan makes a huge profit. Ever since, the Rothschild family use their money and power to design the economies of other countries in the world. They also create economic crashes to make a profit out of them, just like they do in Britain in 1815.

From The Mouth Of A Whistle-blower

You can choose to ignore the findings of myself and many hundreds of thousands of other researchers – who are routinely and disparagingly labelled “conspiracy Theorists” by the corrupt and paid for mainstream media, along with so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ who are also influenced by those currently in control of world events. PLEASE don’t take our word for it, but you should take heed of what you hear and learn from those who have broken ranks, to help us wake up the public to the situation.

BGB at all times makes the effort to bring you the information from the horse’s mouth. Our goal is to expose the truth and spread the word to everyone who is not aware of the situation that humanity finds itself in today. Time is short – we desperately need to educate those amongst us who are naïve, gullible and innocent. Eventually, everyone will see through the lies, and the perceived reality that these powerful elites have led us to believe.

Calin Georcescu

Dr. Calin Georcescu

You may not have heard of him previously, but he is a former, high ranking Romanian executive director at the UN (he was previously the EU representative president at the infamous ‘Club of Rome)’.

In the following BGB reproduction of a ‘Stop World Control’ video, we are treated to a conversation between Dr. Calin Georcescu and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who now heads up the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC Law). He was formerly involved with the Berlin Covid  Investigation Committee, collecting evidence for a trial against those involved in the Covid scam.

This is a big shell shock for many who  see and hear this video for the first time. It opens our eyes to what the UN’s dark secrets are. It also helps us to see the connections between the UN, WHO  and the WEF and all others involved at the highest level.



Can I ask that you help us in our quest to get this information out to everyone we  possibly can on earth. Please feel free to download it,

and then redistribute it – if you have the means to do so. 

Alternatively , you can forward the URL address of this article by e-mail  to everyone you know.

Or, if you would like to embed the video in your own web site or Blog, then please

Thank you.

A Bit Of Dessert After The Main Course . . . 

If you fancy a bit of afters, here is a little video from The People’s Voice, that further exposes what the Cabal have in store for us via the WEF. Individually, we need to rise up against this contrived insanity:


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Joining The Dots Is Quite Easy – After It’s Been Explained To You

Coincidences Are Rare

As a drowning human reaches and grasps at anything that will stop them sinking,  So too,  when you point out to someone who is not in the ‘know’ , how events and connections are linked through evidence of collusion in order to to commit an illegal act, (called a ‘conspiracy ‘). The drowning man will tell you it’s  “just a coincidence” – to save his argument from sinking.

Here is the definition of ‘conspiracy’ from the Cambridge dictionary:

noun [ C or U ]
the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal:
The three men are accused of conspiracy.
[ + to infinitive ]

She has been charged with conspiracy to murder.
I think there was a conspiracy to keep me off the committee.

conspiracy of silence

a general agreement to keep silent about a subject for the purpose of keeping it secret:
The conspiracy of silence around these buried munitions endangered public health.

That should be straightforward. But,  if you view the actions of organisations  over a prolonged period – as individual occurrences  (such as the machinations of bodies like the World Health Organisations, World Economic Forum, United Nations, governments –  mostly those in the western hemisphere who have been infiltrated and especially the move over the last few years to herd us into a pandemic scam situation, and of course, the corrupt and controlled mass media outlets – such as the BBC ), most unaware people will explain it away as ‘coincidences‘. Better still, they label anyone, regardless of their professional status, as  ‘conspiracy theorists’ if they dare to go against the official narrative, or provide evidence of a conspiracy. The humorous thing is that as the so labelled ‘conspiracy theories become a reality as they emerge into the light of day, the ‘theorists’ are running out of theories!  As ever more people are waking up to the reality of what is happening., exactly as predicted.

The reality is that this conspiracy is so huge and spread out, that most people view it as something that cannot possibly be true, hence they response by saying “it’s just a coincidence”.  Coincidences are rare.

Dr. Jacob Nordangård

A hugely interesting character, whose field of expertise stretches to minute and detailed research into the organisations that power the likes of the World Economic Forum.  He has also written books on the subject and all his research can be backed up by a post mortem of historical facts.

Democracy, Power and the Global Coup d’Etat. A Talk With Jacob Nordangård, PhD.

PharosThe following paragraphs and film is an excerpt lifted from the Pharos site. It’s important to listen to the likes of Dr. Jacob Nordangård, a truly open and critical minded, multi talented academic. The main reason being that it helps us to connect the dots from way back, which has culminated in the aggregation of the global elites with all of the private enterprise/ political sector data to fulfil their great goal of world control of humans and the final establishment of a  New World Order under a  one world (tyrannical) government. What we have just experienced in the last three years or so, is no accident, it was planned and formulated by this evil network to achieve their ultimate goal.

Anyone who has witnessed the recent world events from an angle other than the propaganda (or silence and censorship of the truth)  based mainstream media,  will surely have realised that something cataclysmic is taking effect. However, whist an ever increasing number of the public will have picked up on this, many will not have got a wider picture that involves joining up the dots and putting the pieces together to form the complete picture.


The Swedish scholar and PhD, Jacob Nordangård has made it his academic mission to analyse and map the global power networks and how they drive societal change. In his latest book he argues that we are experiencing a global Coup d’Etat, orchestrated by a technocratic elite, obsessed with a utopian vision of the perfect society, regardless of the sacrifice of individual human rights along the way.

In his dissertation at the University of Linköping, he traced the history and lineage of the EU bio fuel policies and this led him to understand the key role of the ultra rich Rockefeller family in shaping the climate narrative and the UN Agenda 2030. In Part 1 of two talks with Kathrine Johansson, PhD, who is herself a skilled researcher and academic, Jacob Nordangård gives us the big picture behind the digital vaccine passport and the key alliances between global corporations and institutions driving the current transnational policies. Besides being a author, an academic scholar and a lecturer Jacob Nordangård is also a musician and an artist, making him a true renaissance man.

Having had a taster of what Dr. Jacob Nordangård has to say, you are now  invited to watch the BGB reproduction below, of an  originally compiled video by Oracle Films. In this film below, Jacob Nordangård gives a presentation to an audience to explain how the jigsaw pieces historically fit together from way back, with special emphasis on the Eugenics subject, the Rockefellers influence and other big global figures that include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many other powerful actors – including the banking system – that culminate in the World Economic Forum, headed by the dark figure of Klaus Schwab:

“The Bird’s Eye View & The Worm’s Eye View”.

One sees the overall world pf connected events the other sees ‘coincidental’ single events

That’s a phrase I’ve used a few times on my Blog. What it means is, there’s two ways of looking at things. There’s the bird’s eye view that sees a wide angle aerial view of everything – which is the big picture based on meaningful research by serious researchers. Then you have the worm’s eye view, which only takes in the immediate area that the worm can see – it doesn’t mean they don’t want to see (those are the moles that live in darkness),  it’s just that their view is purposely  restricted by those who want to keep them away from the reality.  Many of the worms get a glimpse of individual occurrences, but cannot connect them up, as they cannot see them all as a larger canvass. Worms have this handicap because they only absorb small pieces of information or the snippets put out by the compromised and corrupt mass media that is owned and controlled by the globalist cabal.

It is therefore imperative that you see and hear what  Dr. Jacob Nordangård has to say in his lecture in the above video.

ENJOY and be awakened to what this is all leading to.

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