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Let’s Shine a Little Light on Things

Fiddling The Figures – The Magic Trick

On Corona, the Media, and Propaganda

Reproduced from the Swiss Propaganda Research Website


In the current situation, the old and proven propaganda rule applies again: the less is known, the more is speculated. For attentive readers, however, this offers an opportunity to assess the standards and focus of different media outlets and authors.

One may ask, for example:

  • Who merely counts test-positive case and death figures without asking what these people actually fall ill with or die of?
  • Who brings headlines such as „21-year-old football coach dies of coronavirus“ and only mentions in the last sentence that he had undiagnosed leukaemia?
  • Who addresses the issue of so-called excess mortality, which is still within or even below the normal range in all countries and age groups?
  • Who asks how many additional, unexpected pneumonia patients there are in intensive care units, and what their age and health profile is?
  • Who verifies if the number of test-positive people is simply rising proportional to the number of tests, i.e. stays constant in percentage terms?
  • Who prefers frightening pictures of viruses, protective suits and coffins rather than actual data, facts and background information?
  • Who discusses the well-known problems with virus test kits in general, and the missing clinical validation of the currently used virus test kit in particular?
  • Who highlights the problematic role played by the WHO in previous cases, and in this one?
  • Who is trying to add a political or geopolitical spin to the current situation?
  • Who is still talking about „biological weapons“, even though this scenario has long been ruled out by hardly spectacular death rates and death profiles?

The bioweapons rumour, which has been launched on every occasion for almost forty years, primarily serves a geopolitical and psychological purpose. (See also: History of Biological Warfare)

Simply put, anyone showing exponential charts of the number of test-positive people and deaths is deceiving you (or has been deceived themselves). Only those asking the real questions are to be trusted in the current situation. And there are not many of them.

Medical and military experts asked by SPR recommend keeping three possible scenarios in mind when analyzing current developments („the three P’s“):

  1. A pandemic of a dangerous virus
  2. A media-induced mass psychosis
  3. A potential psychological operation

As an example of recent psychological operations, they mention the repeatedly staged chemical weapons attacks in the Syria war, which have been exposed since 2019 by whistleblowers of the OPCW and other experts, yet without the mass media ever reporting on it.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden already warned that the reported corona crisis is used for a massive expansion of global surveillance and control measures, which will not be dismantled afterwards. The Argentinean virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who lives in France, speaks of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”.

A Swiss Doctor on COVID-19

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19


Conspiracies – The Deep State – The Cabal & Conspiracy ‘Theorists’

My Role In This?

I get accused of many things, but thankfully I have the skin of a rhinoceros! One popular one is that I am a conspiracy theorist (in other words a deluded nut job). I know I am not, I simply question everything and accept nothing that I’m spoon-fed by the establishment – especially if there’s a stench associated with it. Current events are proving that I, and many others around the world who are more astute, open minded and cautious than the majority, have incessantly flagged up the dangers that have been brewing for a very long time. We, (the so called conspiracy theorists) are now vindicated by what we are all experiencing on a global scale – more especially in the wake of this latest pandemic hoax – another project fear.

Try listening to what is said in this clip below, with no preconceived bigoted views about the speaker, views that have incidentally, been generated to huge degrees by the establishment and it’s henchmen – the mainstream (false) media:

Others, sadly, are still fast asleep in an induced coma-like slumber, because they have fallen foul of the constant programming from birth, by the establishment and it’s evil henchmen. Brainwashed into a perceived state of reality that is far from reality itself.

Some have even accused me in recent weeks of abandoning my usual crusade of trying to convince my fellow countrymen that we need to win the fight for independence and freedom from colonial status here in Wales. Pointing out that I should stick to that, rather than get embroiled in world affairs. At present – as things stand – what is the point of fighting for the preservation of a little postage stamp sized patch in the middle of the world’s jungle, when there’s a fire engulfing the whole forest, which will destroy our little patch anyway? The fire needs to be extinguished, before we get back to the subjects nearest to our hearts.

So What Is This Conspiracy Theorising About?

Here is an excerpt from Kevin R. Ryan’s excellent, published article ‘Do we need another 9/11 conspiracy theory?’ It focuses on America, which is quite appropriate, when you consider the US’ role in world events, and the control it wields with it’s expansionist programme and influence over global organisations. The evil cabal in the shadows (well documented, if you choose to see and listen to the ever accumulating evidence in front of you), that rules the world, over and beyond the rulers and governments that we see, is made up of the popularly labelled ‘1%’ elite globalists that own 50% of the world’s wealth. They have no country boundaries, and straddle the globe with their power and influence.

The use of ‘conspiracy theory’ to deter citizens from investigating historic events is paradoxical, to be sure. It suggests that those who commit criminal conspiracies can only be relatively powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands, and conspiracies among rich, powerful people are impossible or absurd.

Basically, our entire legal system is based on the idea of conspiracy. Despite this fact we have been conditioned by the government and the media to blindly accept the official reports and to treat any questioning of those reports as ‘conspiracy theorizing.’ That is, you are a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe the government’s conspiracy theory.

This cultural phenomenon goes back a very long way but it was in 1967 that the label ‘conspiracy theory’ was coined. At that time, in response to questions about the Warren Commission Report (which President Ford helped create), the CIA issued a memorandum calling for mainstream media sources (the establishments’ wholly owned, financed and controlled propaganda mouth-pieces) to begin countering “conspiracy theorists.”. In the 45 years before the CIA memo came out, the phrase “conspiracy theory” appeared in the Washington Post and New York Times only 50 times, or about once per year. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, the phrase appeared 2,630 times, or about once per week. To help ridicule and denounce those asking awkward questions.

Before the CIA memo came out, the Washington Post and New York Times had never used the phrase “conspiracy theorist.” After the CIA memo came out, these two newspapers have used that phrase 1,118 times. Of course, in these uses the phrase is always delivered in a context in which “conspiracy theorists” were made to seem less intelligent and less rational than people who uncritically accept official explanations for major events (basically the ‘Sheeple’).

President George W. Bush (famous in the UK for his collaboration with prime minister Tony Bliar – no not a spelling mistake – in their conspiracy to attack and invade Iraq, by spreading lies and misinformation). Bush and his colleagues often used the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ in attempts to deter questioning about their activities. When questioned by reporters about an emerging scandal in September 2000, Bush said the idea that his presidential campaign was flashing subliminal messages in advertisements was absurd, and he added that “conspiracy theories abound in America’s politics.” When in 1994, Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush’s spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press — “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.”

Because Bush’s campaign had, in fact, BEEN flashing subliminal messages in its advertisements, and Harken Energy WAS actually linked to BCCI, people began to wonder what Bush and his colleagues meant when they made diversionary comments about conspiracy theories. More importantly, that track record raised questions about Bush’s statement after the 9/11 attacks, in which he said in a televised speech — “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”

There is no question that criminal government-sponsored conspiracies exist. History is replete with them and they usually involve the government claiming that the country was under attack from “terrorists” (or presently a virus). This was historically true of Hitler’s Reichstag fire and it was true of the attacks that occurred in 20th century Western Europe under the guise of Operation Gladio. An example more relevant to 9/11 was the conspiracy behind Operation Northwoods, a plan drafted and approved in 1962 by the highest levels within the U.S. military. However the masses put it down to conspiracy theorists, until the facts were revealed.

Author James Bamford wrote of Operation Northwoods, that it called “for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. [This would provide] the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.” sounds familiar? The signed documents are available to everyone today and because of this we know that not only high level U.S. government representatives do conspire, on occasion, to commit crimes against the people for the purpose of starting wars, similar actions are perpetrated by the establishment – more specifically the Deep State, the world over.

This current Covid-19 pandemic scare, is primarily designed to first start ushering in a global economic collapse, (as the present system is about to fall off the cliff – as all serious economists are aware). They have now actually made their expected move, which was fully expected by those of us who have been warning against it, but on the whole, the warnings fell on deaf years – there are none as deaf as those who do not want to hear, so the old saying goes. But it is also to clear the path for a dictatorial, totalitarian ‘New World Order’. They have definitely made their move, and the vast majority of the world’s masses have virtually volunteered to have their freedoms and rights suspended, whilst they are quite literally under house arrest! Are you naive enough to believe that those new rules now set out in the Statute Book in the midst of this ‘pandemic’ will be repealed any time soon – if ever?

You need no more proof of what’s going on than by studying the contents of the Agenda 21 (now renamed the Agenda 2030) document. That document is also the source of the ridiculous man made global warming hoax. It all leads to a common goal. All you have to do is join the dots and you get the picture.

Conspiracy to Tell the Truth

Here is an interview with Lance deHaven-Smith (a Florida State University professor and author of ‘Conspiracy Theory in America’),about some of the US’ most controversial events and how labelling truth-seekers as ‘conspiracy theorists’ damages democracy, and will eventually do away with the voice of the people entirely. That is now fast approaching at a breakneck speed.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee!


You Believed Them When They Told You It Was Harmless?

My Personal Views on the Environment Issue

Lest the reader should think that I’m an anti ‘green’, climate change ‘denier’ or someone who does not care about our clean air, water and food environment, I should declare that I’ve been a passionate ‘environmentalist’ for virtually all of my adult life. An organic vegetables grower for more decades than I care to remember, tending to my first organic allotment plot in 1975 – when organic issues were not as popular as they are today. I’m the chair of an Allotments Trust and constructed a website for that organisation, and others like it. Click HERE. I believe my credentials are in order!

I wrote an article on Glyphosate back in 2013 (click HERE), reflecting concerns about this dangerous, and cancerogenic product that has by now permeated into our water sources, soil and everyday environment – including the food we eat daily. Food like cereals that have been treated with Glysophate whilst growing. The ever increasing evidence indicates that this Monsanto product is not only making many of us ill, from a variety of source contact – IT IS ACTUALLY KILLING US!

There is ample evidence by now to show that diseases like Parkinson’s, Senile Dementia and Autism in children between 6 & 21 years is linked to the contamination in the environment from Glysophate.

Although I’m a committed environmentalist I am nevertheless totally opposed to:

  • The climate change hoax – climate change has been with us, in both directions since earth’s time began. Man’s influence on the climate is hugely over exaggerated, and is basically the hyped up fear-mongering whipped up by the establishment, and as usual advertised and promoted by the mainstream (propaganda) media. This is mostly a scam to raise ‘green taxes, and to allow big companies to make big bucks pretending to save the planet, by erecting totally inefficient wind farms, and extracting mouth watering grants and subsidies from the tax paying public. If you have the time and inclination you can find out the true facts about ‘man-made’ climate change by clicking HERE. Or listen to a lecture by one the ‘real’ scientists on the subject by clicking HERE.
  • The views of so-called ‘green’ organisations, including the twisted views of political parties, like the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and others et al. They have a twisted and illogical understanding of the issues, and fall foul of the machinations of today’s ‘establishment’ (financed, controlled, and directed for their own interests, by the ‘Elitists’ and ‘Globalists’) who seem to be taking a page from the handbook of Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, who famously said:

  If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

  • Plaid Cymru especially have been obsessed with irrelevant niche issues (like global climate changes) that play no part in the advancement of independence for our country. ‘Ishoos’ like LBGT and feminist rights, Brexit (which they have absolutely no influence over) and things like candle-lit vigils for world peace, which, although noble causes in Plaid’s liberal, progressive socialists eyes – are hardly life or death issues here at home. Popular niche issues do not progress us any nearer to our goal of making Wales a free sovereign nation. This is the case after nearly 100 years of their existence – giving the impression that they can change things. Sadly whilst they have their feet firmly planted in the establishment’s dinosaur minded political system, they will not move us an inch forward, or protect us from colonial rule for the next 100 years either!
  • Rewilding projects like the Summit to Sea – Rewilding Britain (conveniently, their first project is targetted at Mid Wales) by misguided hippy ethos supporting organisations and certain politicians like Lesley Griffiths and Co. Which is nothing but a land grab – a Highland Clearance on a smaller scale to disengage Welsh farmers from their land – if that isn’t colonial asset grabbing what is? What has Plaid said about this? Not a lot, because they have both now, and in the past made an art form of snuggling up to the Greens and the London based Labour party, blindly copying or supporting their policies on these issues.

And So – On To Facts About Glyphosate

  The amount of glyphosate in tap water in South Wales has increased tenfold recently

Dr. Rosemary Mason, has had a long standing interest in conservation, and was former Chair of the West Area, Glamorgan Wildlife Trust. She had worked for the National Health Service for 35 years as Consultant Anaesthetist to West Glamorgan Health Authority.

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal and the British Medical Association Council Chairman, Chaand Nagpaul.

Her purpose is to not only draw attention to the impact of biocides, not least that of Glyphosate, on health and the environment but also to bring attention to the corruption that allows this to continue.

Along with her letter, she enclosed a 13-page document. Readers can access the fully referenced document here: European Chemicals Agency classifies glyphosate as a substance that causes serious eye damage. It is worth reading in full to appreciate the conflicts of interest and the corruption that has led to the rise in certain illnesses and the destruction of the natural environment.

By way of a brief summary, the key points raised by Dr Mason and her claims include the following:

  • The European Chemicals Agency classifies Glyphosate as a substance that causes serious eye damage. There has been a massive increase in the use of Glyphosate in recent years. An increase in cataracts has been verified by epidemiological studies in England and by a 2016 WHO report.
  • There are shockingly high levels of weed killer in UK breakfast cereals. After testing these cereals at the Health Research Institute in Iowa, Dr Fagan, director of the centre, said: “These results are consistently concerning. The levels consumed in a single daily helping of any one of these cereals, even the one with the lowest level of contamination, is sufficient to put the person’s Glyphosate levels above the levels that cause fatty liver disease in rats (and likely in people).”
  • The amount of glyphosate in tap water in South Wales has increased tenfold in a very short period.
  • Glyphosate is largely responsible for the destruction of biodiversity and an increase in the prevalence of many serious health conditions.
  • There are massive conflicts of interest throughout various agencies in the EU that ensure harmful agrochemicals like glyphosate come to market and remain there.
  • In fact, a global industry has emerged to give ‘advice’ on biocides regulation. This results in regulatory bodies effectively working to further the commercial interests of the pesticide industry.
  • The European Food Safety Authority sanctioned increased maximum pesticide residue levels (MRL) at the request of industry (Monsanto in this case, to 100 times the previously authorised MRL).
  • The Washington-based International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is used by corporate backers to counter public health policies. Its members have occupied key positions on EU and UN regulatory panels. It is, however, an industry lobby group that masquerades as a scientific health charity. The ILSI describes its mission as “pursuing objectivity, clarity and reproducibility” to “benefit the public good”. But researchers from the University of Cambridge, Bocconi University in Milan, and the US Right to Know campaign assessed over 17,000 pages of documents under US freedom of information laws to present evidence of influence peddling.
  • ILSI Vice-President, Prof Alan Boobis, is currently the Chairman of the UK Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (CoT) (2015-2021). He was directly responsible for authorising chemicals such as Glyphosate, Chlorothalonil, Clothianidin and Chlorpyrifos that are destroying human health and creating a crisis in biodiversity. His group and others have authorised Glyphosate repeatedly. He and David Coggon, the previous Chairman of CoT (2008-2015), were appointed as experts on Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA), a group allied with the agrochemical industry and is fighting for higher pesticide exposure.
  • Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission who, against a petition from more than 1.5 million European citizens, re-authorised glyphosate in December 2017 for a further five years. He set up the Science Advisory Mechanism, aiming to put industry-friendly personnel on various committees.

There are many more claims presented by Rosemary Mason in her report. But the take-home point is that the reality of the agrochemical industry is masked by well-funded public relations machinery (which includes bodies like the UK’s Science Media Centre). The industry also subverts official agencies and regulatory bodies and supports prolific lobby organisations and (‘public scientists’) which masquerade as objective institutions.

When such organisations or figures are exposed, they frequently cry foul and attempt to portray any exposure of their lack of integrity as constituting an attack on science itself; no doubt many readers will be familiar with the ‘anti-science’ epithet.

The industry resorts to such measures as it knows its products are harmful and cannot stand up to proper public scrutiny. And under a system of sustainable agroecology that can produce plentiful, nutritious food, it also knows its markets would disappear.

Motivated by fraud and fear of the truth emerging, it therefore tries to persuade politicians and the public that the world would starve without it and its products. It co-opts agencies and officials by various means and embeds itself within the policy agenda, both nationally and internationally.

And now, with increasingly saturated markets in the West, from Africa to India the industry seeks to colonise new regions and countries where it attempts to roll out its business model. Whether, say, through trade agreements, the WTO or strings-attached loans, this again involves capturing the policy ground and then trapping farmers on a financially lucrative chemical (-GMO)-treadmill, regardless of the consequences for farmers’ livelihoods, food, public health and the environment.

Other Effects On Our Environment

There are reams of information that can be presented as evidence to support the deadly effects of Glysophate use. Not least the evidence that shows the use of this deadly systemic poison, along with the use of Neonicotinoids that has had a devastating effect on our honey bee population.

Readers of my articles may have noticed my frequent use of quotes by Albert Einstein. Here is a sobering one about the extinction of honey bees:

A sobering and chilling statement



How can Having an Allotment Plot Mean a Healthier Way of Life?

Nothing is more important than your health.

Having a productive allotment plot will help toward . . 

A Healthy Diet

You only get dietary fibre from foods that grow from the ground. The peas, beans, vegetables and fruit that can be grown on an allotment will form an essential part of a healthy diet. Many fruits and vegetables are also very good sources of vitamins. Food starts to deteriorate as soon as it’s harvested, so obviously food that gets from the ground to your plate in a truly fresh state is of added benefit.


Visiting and working on the allotment will provide valuable forms of exercise that is not too strenuous and has the added value of being out in the fresh air. The following benefits to your health can be achieved with regular allotment gardening:

  • Heart pumps more efficiently, circulation improves
  • Fitness muscle tone and stamina improves
  • Digestion and sleep may improve through increased relaxation
  • Weight control is easier
  • Emotional Health improves, you feel better, happier and more contented

Dutch researchers have found that allotment keepers in their 60s tend to be significantly healthier than their more sedentary neighbours.

While plenty of anecdotal evidence exists to suggest growing one’s own fruit and vegetables protects against ill-health, no one had carried out such a direct comparison before.

Agnes van den Berg, from Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands, said:
Taken together, our findings provide the first direct empirical evidence for health benefits of allotment gardens. Having an allotment garden may promote an active life-style and contribute to healthy ageing.

She and her fellow researchers polled 121 gardeners in the Netherlands, plus 63 neighbours who did not keep allotments as the control group.Allotment gardening can be good for your well-being, a new study revealed.

Experts from the United Kingdom found that allotment gardening actually helps increase a person’s self-esteem, ease depression, and calm anger. In a collaborative effort, researchers from Essex and Westminster universities interviewed 269 people, in which half of them were gardeners. The respondents who were familiar with gardening were asked about how they feel before and after working in an allotment.The study, published in Oxford’s the Journal of Public Health, found that respondents who spent as little as 30 minutes a week on an allotment plot experienced significant boost in their mental well-being.

Compared to those who didn’t practice allotment gardening, allotment gardeners were found to have fewer problems regarding weight as their body mass index (BMI) were significantly lower. These gardeners also had lower levels of tension, depression, fatigue and anger, researchers noted.

The Origins of Allotments

In Wales (Cymru) the origin of allotments (rhandiroedd ) goes back to Romano-Celtic and possibly pre Roman times. When a person who did not possess land would ask a landowner for a small amount of land to grow food and would usually be given a talar – the strip of land at the edge of a field that was not cultivated. In return the landowner would expect the cultivators of this land to help bring in his harvest and vegetable crops – like potatoes – when the time arrived (although at that very early time the potatoes were still in south America!). This tradition is still exercised in some hill farm areas to this day. It was a widespread custom up until the end of the 1950s. A variation was the tradition of helping with the potato planting in return for a row of potatoes for the worker who would lift his/ her row when the crop was harvested.

It’s possible to trace the origins of allotments in England back over 200 hundred years – they derive from the enclosure legislation of the 18th and 19th centuries – and the word ‘allotment’ originates from land being ‘allotted’ to an individual under an enclosure award (Enclosures were used by richer land-owners to stop the poor grazing their animals on common land).

The most important of the Enclosure Acts was the General Enclosure Act 1845 which required that provision should be made for the landless poor in the form of ‘field gardens’ limited to a quarter of an acre. At this time, allotments were largely confined to rural areas.

The modern notion of an allotment came into being during the Nineteenth Century. A lot of people from the country went to work and live in towns; there was a lot of poverty.

The First World War prompted a huge growth in the number of allotments – from 600,000 to 1,500,000. After the War, many of the temporary allotment sites were returned to their original use.

World War 2 again increased the role for allotments as a major provider of food; there was a blockade from the U-boats, and many farm-workers went to the war. Allotments became a common feature in towns and cities, Dig for Victory posters were everywhere, and food production from allotments rose to 1,300,000 tonnes per year from around 1,400,000 plots – that’s nearly a tonne per plot!

Today, allotments are (thankfully) again enjoying a resurgence; partly because people are becoming more aware of the benefits to their health and the environment and sadly because we are fast approaching a critical period in our economic system the World over and more especially in the aftermath of the hyped up Covid-19 virus outbreak. Often the problem however, is where to find land to cultivate.

Isn’t it strange how a crises drives people back to a simpler and healthier connection with the soil?

Draconian Muscle Flexing and a Lack of Perspective?


Number of Global Deaths by Cause (2017)

To date, (March 24th 2020) the GLOBAL death toll from COVID-19 stands at around 17,000, with experts still unsure how many of those victims would have succumb to their ‘underlying health conditions’ anyway, even if they weren’t infected with the respiratory disease.

That number of 17,000 is of course going to rise, but even if we surpass figures of 250,000 or even 500,000, the death toll still needs to be kept in perspective.

Governments around the world are trigger-happily removing peoples social liberties, as well as universally sabotaging the global economy. After studying the above chart from the IMHE & Global Burden of Disease, the question on my lips is why…?

Road Injuries killed 1.24 million globally in 2017 — so why hasn’t transport been restricted to ‘essential journeys only’…? Why haven’t stricter testing measure been introduced…? Why aren’t drivers over the age of 80 having their licenses revoked–as they’re the group with the highest rates of driver deaths…?

Homicides killed 405,000 people in 2017 — so why haven’t lockdowns/curfews been enforced to try and lower that figure…?

Alcohol killed some 185,000 — why haven’t bars been closed, and supermarkets banned from selling the stuff…?

And the top spot, Cardiovascular Disease killed a staggering 18 million in 2017 — so why hasn’t obesity been tackled by shutting down fast-food restaurants, why hasn’t smoking been banned (the top two contributors to the illness)…?

Of course, I’m in no way calling for the above draconian measures to be introduced, but I’m no fan of them being enforced for COVID-19 either. They appear wildly out of proportion given the risk the disease poses to the “average healthy” member of the public – the latest data on that suggesting that only 1.3% of those infected who are otherwise healthy individuals become moderately-to-seriously ill, with an even smaller percentage of them going on the require critical care, and fewer-still going on to die.

There is no doubt these “social distancing” measures are overblown, but, to me at least, they serve as two depressing indicators:

1) That health services around the world are wholly-unprepared for even a small influx of patients. And

2) that these lock-downs are a show of power to an ever-rebellious and revolution-ready global population.

Saying that, there is understandable fear over the Coronavirus — it is still a relatively unknown disease. But the more information we’re managing to gather – particularly as the infection spreads to the more transparent West– the less reason we have to fear it.

COVID-19 is proving far less deadly than past pandemics, and unlike the Spanish Flu (estimated death toll between 50 and 100 million), for example – which disproportionately attacked young, healthy individuals – this illness is currently only affecting those who are elderly and/or already sick. Therefore, any defensive measures introduced by governments should hinge on protecting those two groups and those two groups alone, instead of the widespread draconian muscle flexing we’re witnessing.

Let’s not let fear drive us into signing away our social liberties, because who knows how easy it will be to get them all back.


The whole scenario smells of a contrived, secretive plan, designed to scare and panic the global population into a malleable, quivering mass, that can be easily manipulated by the 1% that has all the power and the wealth.

The current world economy is about to fall off the cliff. It has not recovered from the 2008 crash. The more astute have been warning for decades that the capitalist, debt based economy – where the buzz word is ‘debt’ – where money is magically conjured up from thin air, each time the banks lend money. The US national debt stands at around 22 Trillion dollars – which makes the supposed richest nation on earth a bankrupt state, as it has no means of reducing that debt. The other buzz words are ‘economic growth’. Each country’s economy is squeezed and forced to increase it’s annual economic growth. How long can that go on? There is a limit to manufacturing, once the production is greater than the consumption, the writing is on the wall – the next step is ‘pop’, when the bubble bursts. We have been on the verge of that happening for decades. The powers that be, have decided to reboot. The Covid – 19, (so called ‘pandemic’) ticks all the boxes to usher that in.

When the global financial crash comes, the scapegoat will be a Corona virus. That will exonerate the past managers of the global economic system, who will suffer the least in it’s wake.

It also ticks all the boxes of the proposed UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030), which was hatched between world leaders of 179 countries in that infamous Rio convention of 1992, with it’s roots in the earlier Treaty of Rome.

It may have passed most people’s attention – the very people who will suffer terribly in the wake of this virus con job.

We are in the final stages of the goal of ushering in the much awaited ‘New World Order’. The totalitarian ‘Order’. It will be run by one unelected government and a global military to police that ‘order’. It’ll be too late to kick up a fuss after that happens.

Anyone who dismisses that is living the life of an ostrich, with it’s backside in the air and it’s head in the sand.

The evidence is overwhelming.


Covid-19 (The Poor Sheeple)

Don’t PANIC!

Easier said than done perhaps. When you’re dealing with the masses, you have to realise that all of us humans have a little section in our brain called the amygdala (the Reptilian Brain of Survival). It’s about the shape and size of an almond, nearly as old as the dinosaurs, to whose reptilian brains it bears a considerable resemblance.

When you’re walking home late at night, it’s shouting out to you, bogging you down with panic as you navigate your way in the dark, ready to jump at every corner at whatever or whoever might be hiding there.

It’s the trigger of the reptilian brain that causes irrational panic. Putting us in a ‘flight or fight’ mode.

The base of the brain contains the cerebellum, and it directly connects to the spinal cord (or brainstem). It is sometimes referred to as the reptilian complex, or the “lizard brain.” You might be wondering, “What do I have in common with a lizard?” Well, all living creatures have basic functions that must be performed in order to sustain life. Those functions originate in this lowest, most primitive part of the brain such as: reflexive behaviours, muscle control, balance, breathing, heartbeat, feeding/digestion, and reproduction. The instinct to survive – it also triggers us to do strange things when it kicks in – like dashing about in a state of sheer panic, that’s not based on logic or reasoning.


Remember This?


Funny isn’t it? But it’s no joke – you’ve probably witnessed how the ‘Corporal Joneses’; have cleared the supermarket shelves in a matter of days. Even the ones who are more stable and don’t succumb to their reptilian brains so easily, still get effected. When they see the real panickers stripping the shelves of toilet paper and hand cleansers, their own reptilian brains start to influence them, and the thinking goes something like this:  “I know,  unlike me, that these people are panicking, however unless I start stocking up there will be nothing left”. Then the reptilian brain takes over, because you start to feel a threat to your survival. The pandemic panic is what is spreading, not the disease pandemic.


On A More Serious Note

Here is some information from Dr. John Bergman:

What we have to realise is that this fear porn (the latest project fear), has been generated by the 1% that control world events from the shadows. They have known for a very long time that the most efficient and the fastest way to manipulate the masses to do as they’re told, to give up their freedoms and submit to control is by making them totally scared. That fearfulness is easily triggered. Suggest they are going to get sick, suffer pain and die, then their reptilian brains kick in and do the rest of the controllers bidding. Neat!



Fear for the Masses:
COVID-19 and The New World Order

The death rate for this pandemic is small compared to past pandemics. Also, the percentage is hyped due to the fact that only very sick people are being tested. (Isn’t it funny how most of these deaths are of people who were suffering from COPD, a smoking related disease?) Most of them would have died of the common cold, unnoticed, just a few months ago.

I really feel for the victims of this virus and their families.

However, my take on this whole issue is that it’s a power move.

The “Climate Crisis” thing wasn’t having the effect that they’d hoped for, and with the economy about to collapse as well as the looming world food shortages, civil unrest in France, Venezuela and China all already kicking off – they had to do something to regain control and power, THEY NEEDED A SCAPE-GOAT . . . .

This is the power-play for the “One World Order”, a cashless society and the long prophesied Trans-human Paradise . . .  Read 1984, The Book of Revelations, Brave New World, etc., etc. . . .  Like the seasons, this is part of the cycle. This has happened many times before, as civilisations have risen and fallen over the last 200,000 years.




Isn’t it funny how all the big players are now positioned to “Save the planet”?

In an article by Jill Ettinger dated 4th March 2020, in “Livekindly” Richard Branson outlines the way that he wants you to think about and eat meat… just in time for the worldwide food shortages. Hmmm?

In a recent interview on the site, Virgin catches up with Bay Area food tech brand Memphis Meats. The company is one of a growing number of brands developing meat from cellular cultures, eliminating the need for whole animals and their eventual slaughter.

Cell-based meat, also called lab-grown, clean meat, and slaughter-free meat could help to solve health, environmental, and global hunger issues.

Branson was an early investor in Memphis Meats alongside Bill Gates and multinational meat companies including Tyson Foods and Cargill. The company says it expects to have a product on the market within the next several years.

And as if written by Aldous Huxley himself this Hegelian Dialect is right on que. Checkout all the politicians clamouring for a worldwide response in line with what’s needed for the horrors of our climate crisis. Also, the US troops entering Europe over the past few days for the Defender Europe 20 exercise aren’t wearing protective masks; neither are the police and troops patrolling the streets of the UK, supposedly to prevent panic buying at stores and to control crowds at hospitals.

Enough said. I am sure that you get the picture. This whole thing is a scam and a ploy to enslave the sheeple further.



Because that’s the eugenics angle to this BS.

According to Ben Doherty writing in the Guardian 27th February 2020, the Australian government “may order mass vaccinations of entire suburbs, cities or groups of people; sports stadia may be sequestered as quarantine sites; and police could be ordered to guard critical medical supplies under Australia’s pandemic health plans.

All of this makes one think of the TED Talk that Bill Gates featured in when he talked about using vaccines to combat climate change and reduce the world’s population, as well as the story featured in LifeSiteNews, [November 2014] a Catholic publication: “the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government.



And now with the fallout from China’s dumping of US Treasury Bonds late last year starting to bite, the global economy is in meltdown, so perhaps it’s time to revisit the conspiracy chatter surrounding the Club of Rome.

Taken from their own website:

The Club of Rome is an organisation of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. Our members are notable scientists, economists, businessmen and businesswomen, high level civil servants and former heads of state from around the world. Their efforts are supported by the Secretariat in Winterthur, Switzerland, the European Research Centre registered in Constance, Germany and National Associations in more than 30 countries.
The Club of Rome conducts research and hosts debates, conferences, lectures, high-level meetings and events. The Club also publishes a limited number of peer-reviewed “Reports to the Club of Rome”, the most famous of which is “The Limits to Growth“. The Club of Rome’s mission is to promote understanding of the global challenges facing humanity and to propose solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy. Recognising the interconnectedness of today’s global challenges, our distinct perspective is holistic, systemic and long-term.



Or should we be looking at the Bilderberg Group and the puzzling edifice of the Georgia Guidestones:



Yes, I could be totally wrong, but from where I am looking there are just TOO many coincidences for comfort.

I know, I know.

Silly me.

Shut up, do as you’re told and pay your taxes you conspiracy theorist!

Believe NOTHING (especially from the mainstream media),

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