Invoking The Genocide Convention

It should be common knowledge to all followers of both legacy (so-called mainstream) and the alternative news media, that a historic hearing, brought about by the Republic of South Africa (RSA) against the State Of Israel (S of I) commenced on the 9th of this month.

Whilst many are aware of the case, few have actually viewed and listened to what actually took place. Before deciding on the merits of the case, BGB encourages you to play the following videos, as they took place at the International Court of Justice.

The first (PART 1) video is a reproduction of RSA’s opening statements. The second (PART 2) is the defence statements  submitted by the legal team of the S of I.

Part 1 Video (The Republic of South Africa’s Opening Statements):

Part 2 Video (The State of Israel’s Opening Statements):

Why Is It Necessary To Be Fully Informed?

As a species labelled ‘human’ we have a terrible weakness. Depending on who influences your views from birth and depending on where we collectively get our news information from; we all jump to conclusions on both sides of the fence. This causes entrenched views often far reaching from the truth; we then set about attacking one another in groups – depending on what we believe to be the just cause. This division, often based on a relative lack of proper knowledge, kicks off further divisions and confusion amongst ourselves. It is this constant division that is our Archilles Heel when it comes to fighting the Cabal and it’s minions. The Cabal, that uses it’s global elitists, secret societies, global corporations and their power, wealth and influence, who dictate to and influence politicians and the governments they form to generate division and confusion amongst ‘WE’ the people.

‘Ordo ab Chao’

What is meant by ‘Ordo ab Chao’?

Ordo ab Chao‘ is a Latin phrase that is translated to mean ‘Order from chaos’ in English. It is widely associated with another well-known Latin phrase, ‘Lux in Tenebris’, which translates to ‘Light from Darkness,’ another hugely important theme within Freemasonry – and other secret societies.

Stop and contemplate how chaotic our world is, with most of that chaos generated by governments on behalf of those entities in the dark who control them.. When you join the dots and see the bigger picture it becomes obvious that order from chaos – wilfully contrived chaos –  then what better proposed solution from THEM ‘than a world of one tyrannical centre of control to serve the excuse that the only way out of the chaos is the system suggested by the WEF/ WHO/ New World Order and depopulation through wars and false pandemics.

What holds us back from defeating this dastardly and evil attack on us? Two things:

  1. don’t get involved in divisions, and;
  2. simply say NO to diktats imposed upon us.

If we reach a tipping point of awakening to what faces us, we can change things for the better and defeat those that mean us harm.

Sources of chaos, depopulation and suffering are:

All the above promotes and thereby equals chaos.

My Personal View On The Current Genocide Question.

It’s not difficult for me to come to the conclusion that the Israeli State is waging genocide in full view of the world on the Palestinians. However, we all need to be in full understanding of what each side has to say in order to come to a full – evidence driven conclusion about what the truth is. This, it is hoped will come out of the International Court of Justice that is currently in session.

Whether our own conclusion  is in or out of keeping with the Court’s eventual verdict, what we all need to bear in mind is that we mustn’t take sides and then actively form divisions with those who are opposite in their views to our own. We must agree to disagree, but remain united in our resolve NOT to get sucked into the chaos caused by division, the architects of which are the Cabal. This is not between us on the side of humanity, but is ALL of us against the Cabal. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be tricked into divisive roles through the machinations of the Cabal and their puppet masters.

We constantly fall into the trap of division, be it political, racial, debates or about man made climate change etc. We have to focus on the big picture and be grown up and adult like when it comes to reacting to the bait set before us.

Many believe that the solutions lie with a leading saviour within politics, or the removal of a bad leader. Political parties are a monopoly. Multi party coalitions are ham strung. Whether you are politically red leading or blue leaning, what we must realise is that two governing  parties represent two heads of the same coin – the agenda has been set for both sides by the ones that control ALL politics. It is only ‘WE’ the people who can get us out of this mess – on our own, through the force of numbers who have been awakened. We can only do that by being UNITED in our resolve to save humanity, rather than be obsessed with divisions amongst ourselves.

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