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Category: Humour

Keep Smiling!

Keep Smiling!

Introduction John Lennon was spot on when he said that what the ‘establishment’ can’t cope with is HUMOUR! I would add to that by saying that they don’t understand SATIRE…

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Season’s Greetings To All Followers of BGB!

Season’s Greetings To All Followers of BGB!

LOVE, TRUTH & PEACE to ALL!SPREAD  IT ALL AROUND! Thought of a New Year Resolution Yet? Why not make a vow to yourself that you will wake up as many…

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The Sick Seagull Story (How The Scamdemic Panic Started in Ceredigion, Wales)

The Sick Seagull Story (How The Scamdemic Panic Started in Ceredigion, Wales)

A Brand New TV show Has Just Been Announced Called Hancock’s Half-Hour. Over the course of 30 minutes the main character, Hapless Hancock, playing the part of the UK Health…

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The Magic Of Algorithms . . . pick a number – any number . . . .

The Magic Of Algorithms . . . pick a number – any number . . . .

A Game To Play With Your Bored Children or Grandchildren During House Arrest Just a short little offering today. Remember the magician – when he he was about to show…

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Sneaky Virus This

Sneaky Virus This

Background I was contacted by my sister-in-law Pat who penned the following, which I thought was satirically hilarious, with very serious undertones which exposes the way the Sheeple have been…

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