The Old Saying Is: “Truth Hurts. . . ” – Here’s the UGLY TRUTH

Whether you are a truth denier and go along with everything that you are fed from the mass – main stream – media (the MSM); or someone who has experienced the madness of recent years and are puzzled by what is going on, or maybe you are fully on board with the reality of the situation. The following documentary film will be an eye opener for everyone. It will not only bring into focus the reality of how things have developed from way back, but it will help you focus on what needs to be done – by you – in the next short seven years, when we hit 2030. That year is the flagship year, when all the things planned will merge and become completed. Do you want to survive into the era post 2030?

You need to familiarise yourself with the facts, as openly declared through the mouths of those directly involved with the World Economic Forum. This is not the imagined reality of a  “conspiracy theorist” nutter. You can easily check it out for yourself. The purpose of the film is NOT to scare you, but to bring you up to running speed in good time to use your power to reveal the contents to others


The above video reproduced by BGB was first compiled and narrated by Janet Osseebaard – one of the foremost film producers – along with her fellow (but not officially connected) Dutch co-patriot David Sorensen who have both produced films and documentaries of the highest quality based on research and provable facts.  Janet’s channel with links to her video contents can be found on Bit Chute.:

One of her first videos was included in a past article by BGB titled titled ‘Origin of The Cabal’

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World Freedom Directory

From Janet Osseebaard’s video above, we know what is going on at the World Economic Forum (WEF). However it’s no use knowing what faces us, but we need a strategy to fight back against their machinations. We can sometimes get very disheartened, feel helpless and  very alone when it comes to doing anything about this state of affairs. In reality we are not alone.

Various organisations the world over are grouping in their desire to put things right, but many are unknown to us. When you consider that there is almost eight billion of us  (eight thousand million 8,000,000,000,000)  whilst those who want to harm us are a tiny minority of only a few hundred thousand 100.000) , it stands to reason that we have the power, but we need a co-operation of a wide network to achieve our goal.

David Sorenson’s work is remarkable. He has compiled a directory of all groups and individuals, the world over who are involved in what is commonly called the ‘Freedom Movement’. It is an amazing piece of work, and is now functional.

This directory currently has around  500 listings, but with many more not yet listed.  They have a common goal, to avert disaster and to regain our control over the WEF’s tarnished governments who dance to their tune. The tail must stop wagging the dog. This is very achievable – we simply stop complying with their diktats. The public the world over is eventually waking up, and increasingly so. Everywhere you look the people are starting to realise what has and is going on. We need to keep that momentum going, that’s where the World Freedom Directory tool comes in.

Please view the video below, and allow David Sorensen to fully explain how this tool works.

To get involved, pop over to the Stop World Control website and the page that the above video is a part of:

It is fascinating to see how groups and organisations are getting together as the ‘awakening’ progresses – don’t just leave it to others – GET INVOLVED!

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