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Depopulation Tools Don’t Come More Potent Than An All Out Nuclear War


I’m old enough to vividly remember the so-called Cuban missile crises. I won’t bore my readers with a description of what that was all about 63 years ago – you can easily find the information with a simple search on the Internet.

Suffice to say, we all knew what we would face if we had further nuclear use of weapons after the 1945 experience.  It was drilled into us what to do if such a thing did  happened again after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

After an early warning we were told to hide in a cellar – if we had one – or under tables at home or under desks –  if it happened when were at school. Our adult population were advised to invest in nuclear blast proof shelters.

Twenty years on from 1963,  I, and many others of my colleagues across the UK –  in our Civil Service roles  as engineers within the GPO  were tasked with the periodic job of checking the early warning system in underground observation posts scattered in out of the way rural areas (usually in farmers’ fields).  Also , monitoring equipment was secretly installed within the houses or businesses of key citizens, they  were also checked to ensure the equipment worked properly  in those properties .  It was crude, but it highlighted how seriously they took  the possibility  of a nuclear attack in those days.

If these ‘key’ citizens got the signal, they immediately headed for their designated,  underground bunker,  which would be  kitted out with a periscope (amongst other things) to observe any enemy aircraft activity. I was fascinated by the observation books stored in those underground  bunkers on Russian aircraft – so that they could by recognised and the information relayed  back to London. Those bunkers were also kitted out with rations – including chocolate (I suppose it provided comfort as they looked out over a nuclear decimated countryside through their raised periscopes!).

One I remember was housed in a tiny Post Office in Magor, Gwent.  Evidently the postmaster had a dual role – if he was a ‘key’ person.  I can divulge that now as he was a few decades older than me at the time and guaranteed gone by now.  We had to make sure that the equipment was working around the clock. We were all signed up to the Official Secrets Act, and under threat of imprisonment for treason – should we divulge this information.  We were bound to that oath of secrecy for a number of years, if any of us  left the GPO,  or until the information we were party to was no longer sensitive or current. That was about fifty years ago – so I’m pretty confident I’m off the hook by now!

Before I Go Further

And explain what is going on, You must view the video below, reproduced by BGB from Dr. Vernon Coleman’s 325th broadcast,  which explains that  the madmen in control have already started WW lll in his opinion,  it’s only a matter of time before it escalates into a full blown nuclear conflict.

Real Fear

In 1963, we quaked in our beds at night, we were still mentally fresh from  what had happened a mere 13 years previously when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incinerated by just two nuclear bombs. The two bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians, and it remains the only use of nuclear weapons in an armed conflict since then. The whole world went rigid after the Cuban missile crisis.

By now few people are old enough to remember those times. Time has erased the fear, and that’s the problem.  Far from wishing to conjure up fear amongst the population (goodness knows we’ve been subjected to enough fear porn from our governments over the last three years),  but there’s a big difference between unwarranted  fear stoked up by those in power. For me, this is one that we do need to take heed and be aware of. Amazingly the mass media  in the western hemisphere is totally silent on the subject.

Nuclear bombs basically come in two types. Those available now are horrifically more potent than what was available in 1945, their delivery methods today –  using hypersonic rockets for delivery are like comparing a high velocity rifle bullet to the horse and cart method of delivering death and destruction using Boeing B-29 bombers; the B-29 was capable of flight at altitudes up to 31,850 feet (9,710 m), [28] at speeds of up to 350 mph (560 km/h; 300 kn) ( true airspeed ).

Hypersonic rockets can fly above the atmosphere at speeds in excess of Mach 5.

What is hypersonic?

Since the video below was published, it is now known that Russia has successfully developed and tested the next generation of hypersonic Inter Continental Ballistic missile delivery systems.  They are now far advanced of any defence systems or retaliatory attack systems that could be mounted against them.  Before  the west could scramble, the fight is over.  From pressing a button in Russia it would take only around six minutes to obliterate any target on the globe. And those targets would be blissfully unaware of their fate. That’s REALLY frightening. Hiding under a table is no longer an option, like it was in 1963!

Personally, I’d rather leave this world by being incinerated within microseconds of the event, sleeping quietly in my bed, rather than suffer a slow death due to chronic heart failure, which seems to be my fate. That though, is an extremely selfish thought, we have to think of how this scenario will effect those left over, our children, grandchildren and all future generations.


Fact Sheet

Here is a fact-sheet on what is estimated that Russia has in it’s arsenal, taking into account the Inter Continental Ballistic Missile  (ICBM) method of delivery;  but it gets worse, Russia has now perfected a hypersonic ICBM which is a few generations in advance of what the west have. The west is still failing to design and build hypersonic ICBMs. On top of that China has a correspondingly powerful nuclear arsenal and the same delivery capability:


Russia possesses a total of 5,977 nuclear warheads as of 2022, the largest stockpile of nuclear warheads in the world; the second largest stockpile is the United States’ 5,428 warheads.

I remember reading somewhere in the mid seventies that the combined nuclear arsenals – back then – could blow the world up 36 times over (I wondered why they needed to blow it up another 35 times if they had already done it once?!!!).

Could they reach the UK?

ICBMs in Russia’s possession have the capability to reach and destroy major global cities such as London or Washington. Russia’s (hypersonic)  ICBMs can reach a top speed around 10 minutes after launch which could see one fired from Russia reach the UK  in no more than  just 20 minutes. A sobering thought.

What Is Going On Right Now

Vladimir Putin

President Putin has given the warning that if depleted Uranium missile heads are delivered to the Ukraine, it will be viewed as a nuclear attack on Russia, in the form of ‘dirty’ nuclear bombs.  He said that they will respond in kind – that means the gloves will be off. A week or so ago the UK’s prime minister declared that he was about to deliver depleted Uranium missile heads to the Ukraine. A good plan for peace talks? Hardly.

Because all of this madness is more complex than what people are shown and led to believe by the mass (corrupt) media.  People everywhere seem to be in a trance – as they were during the scam pandemic.  It all emanates from the maniacal eugenicists’ that rule the world’s governments from the World Economic Forum headquarters in Davos, Switzerland. Everything we’ve witnessed in the last three years  is a part of the greater agenda, to establish a New World Government (now rebranded as the Fourth Industrial Revolution). To do that the world’s population has to be culled to around 500 million – i.e. half a billion from the current 8 billion.  A fantasy conspiracy theory?

Check out the Georgia Guidestones:

The World Economic Forum (who may be behind the Georgia Guidestones) have openly admitted that the goal under Agenda 2030 is to lower and maintain world population figures at around 500 million.

Why Should a Nuclear  War Be imminent Now?

First we need to know what the real reasons for the NATO actions  for war in Ukraine really are. More importantly, why they are using this phoney ‘proxy’ war to antagonise and provoke Russia and China into elevating this manufactured war into an all out, worldwide, nuclear conflict.

As Dr. Vernon Coleman has announced WWlll may have already started. It’s zenith may quickly be observed, we may already be dust before we actually  hear of it. Those left over will possibly be 6% of the current world population. Now, start  following the research you can do to find out who also require a  94% cull of the population – look no further than the pronouncements of Klaus Schwab and his eugenics cronies at the WEF. A coincidence? Hardly.

This has been ramping up over many decades, then we had the scam Covid pandemic, where those who took the 20%  lethal batches of the bio-weaponised ‘shots’ and are now  falling like flies in it’s aftermath (checkout the latest post ‘vaccine’ death figures.

The  NWO  perpetrators have however been tripped up, due to the push-back by those who have woken up to this evil. So, it’s nearly time for the ‘ultimate solution’ (a phrase quoined by a  Fascist despot  of 80 years ago) – WAR the ultimate culling machine of the world’s population is to be wheeled out. Can we avert it? Yes most definitely,  when enough people wake up to what is going  on and protest in the billions. We are a gigantic force when we unite against a comparative tiny fistful of global elitists who are in control of the governments.

It’s time to evoke the fear of annihilation as demonstrated way back in 1963, during the Cuban missile crisis. It’s a matter of destroying the apathy, stop listening to western media propaganda and get busy to stop the inevitable.

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Who Watches the Watchers? Who Guards the Guards?

So Who Is THEM?

There’s an increasing swathe of people getting the truth out there –  to those who have not yet understood what is going on across the globe. That’s the innocent, gullible and naïve who have difficulty joining the dots. Those involved in opening the  eyes and minds of the general public on the street, refer to those who are causing mayhem and destruction as “THEY” or “Them”.

The reality is that there are laws and rules (or no law) to protect THEM.. Whilst “WE” the People, are micro managed in our behaviour; – there are consequences for “US”,   severely executed by THEM – when WE are guilty of stepping out of line. When WE are perceived to have broken statutory law, and regulations put in place by THEM, without any consultation within their government or by consultation with WE the People and the rest of the public that THEY rule. Wasn’t it the PEOPLE who are supposed to rule THEM? Aren’t THEY supposed to be the public’s servants?

Political elites refer to the “Little People” (US) as those of little influence and mainly  the unaware. The term goyim (referred to as The Gentiles in Jewish communities, but not relevant in that context here) , cattle or “useless eaters” (as Henry Kissinger once said.) The term can have a misleading meaning since it suggests that it is the best who hold decision-making positions. In reality, political elites are often the product of social reproduction and only those who have already substantial economic, social and cultural means can access this status.

It is possible to suspect the political elite of sharing interests specific to the privileged categories from which it mainly comes. The fact remains that the increase in the technicality of public action is increasingly leading leaders to seek the opinion of personalities from civil society (association leaders, experts, scientists, etc. and of course the global business elites), which calls for qualifying the the thesis of the homogeneity of political elites.





See this excellent video on this  very topic by Neil Oliver – a  GBTV presenter:


If the embedded video does not display in your browser, please follow this link:

The elitist and pluralist approaches oppose each other on the question of the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the ruling class.

In Elementi di Scienze politica (1896), Gaetano Mosca uses the term “ruling political class” to describe the minority that holds power in a society. According to him, “in all societies, from the least developed and civilized to the most advanced and powerful, there appear two classes of people – an ordinary class and a ruling class, who is beyond any watchers or guards. To keep that equilibrium , the the ordinary class have to be kept in the dark, be ignorant of their role and always to be subservient and totally controlled – usually by fear. The ruling class are always the least numerous, assumes all political functions, monopolizes power and enjoys the advantages it entails, while the second, the most numerous, is directed and controlled by the first, sometimes more or less legal, sometimes more or less arbitrary and violent”.

This minority, organized and conscious, forms a social class. It is therefore marked by a community of thought, of interests, of culture, of kinship, of economic power. It imposes its values ​​and its principle of legitimacy on the majority. However, this elite remains stratified: in the centre is a core leader (“the senior leaders”) more powerful than the others (“the secondary leaders”). It is this core that provides cohesion and strength as well as commanding the whole.

The sociology of the elites shows that the ruling categories come overwhelmingly from privileged social backgrounds, but that they cannot, in a democracy, govern alone.

From a more sociological point of view, studies show that the elites are very largely from privileged backgrounds. The manifest inequality of access to elective functions according to social background leads to the introduction of a gap between the representatives of the people and society.

Some people speak of a “state nobility” to designate the phenomenon of reproduction of the ruling elite through the increasingly pressing need to obtain a degree leading to positions of power.

The elites or the power elite?

Today, the elite ends up designating the occupation of an enviable position. “The elites” in the plural, is an expression constructed by contemporary sociology to explain the political transformations of societies developed from a non-Marxist perspective. The use of the syntagm “elites” “makes it possible to embrace, under a more abstract concept, the various types of leading or dominant groups which have succeeded one another and whose dated names have changed over the course of the regimes. [Above all, it recalls] the plural form of groups in struggle in the field of power and their constantly contested legitimacy

By Marxist

The Marxist thesis sheds some light on the analysis of power situations in society. It is a reading based on an economic analysis, which denies the specificity of politics. The fact of holding the levers of the economic machine gives the class that holds it access to political power (in the sense of control of the state apparatus). The state cannot be an arbiter, it is only a means of political domination in the hands of the holders of economic power. Economic power is concentrated in the hands of a small number of families who own the means of production, and inherit these means and political power. The power belongs only in appearance to the elected officials, in reality it is in the hands of the business circles. All the social, economic and political hierarchies merge into a single class which, thanks to the control of the state apparatus, exploits the rest of the nation and derives from this exploitation not only material benefit but also honours and privileges.

It is against this grid that the theme of the elites was constructed. In particular, the work of Vilfredo Pareto (Treaty of General Sociology, 1917) will refute this Marxist analysis. The two postulates of Marxist reasoning (the economy governs the relations of social classes, the ideology of a society is that of its dominant class) are disputed by Pareto. He affirms that the economy does not govern the relations of social classes; he himself came to sociology precisely because economics does not explain everything… economic facts themselves cannot be explained solely on the basis of economics.

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Prepare To Be Astonished!

The BIG Missing Jig-saw Piece That So Many Of Us Have Overlooked.

Whether you’ve stumbled on this article – and accompanying  video contained within it – by accident, on your innocent internet travels, or you’re a dedicated truth seeker who is a common visitor to BGB; one thing is for sure – the contents of the video below will astonish you.

Truth researchers may see most of the overall picture, (regarding the crisis we are in and the causes leading up to it). This video will fill in the missing gaps for you, because the contents have been one of the best guarded secrets but in plain sight for all to see. After all, who has an interest in investigating global companies, their assets and who owns and controls them? Certainly not me – until comparatively recently. The information is ludicrously easy to find – if you know where to look. The agenda of the Cabal is far more advanced, complex and well planned than most of us realise. We know that the global Cabal is closing in, but when you realise what has been going on for many years in the shadows, leading up to this point in time, then we need to double our efforts to get this information out.

Please share far and wide amongst all the people you know, because the time left is shorter than we thought.

Simply copy the address link to this article and e-mail it to everyone you know – especially the prominent people in your communities, medical professionals, teachers, legal people etc. and everyone else right up to your government representatives and higher but especially your friends and loved ones.

The Monopoly Is The Key To Unimaginable Wealth And The Global Power, Control  And Influence That Comes With It.

This is the most awesome tool in the Cabal’s arsenal. Without it, the last step to eventual total world domination and control from a single centralised source could not be fulfilled. It has taken an awful long time to achieve, because the accumulation of ALL assets and ownership of everything on this planet into the hands of between two and four companies is amazing and quite an achievement, but they have done just that

It is this globalist elitist power that has manoeuvred the world governments to synchronise (mostly by bribery and blackmail) with the centuries old plan of  the Cabal or cult as some prefer to call it. It’s much worse than you may think.

At the beginning of the planned pandemic, I would tell people that what they were hearing from the corporate media and their government were lies and propaganda to stir up fear in the population. The usual retort would be something like:

Don’t be stupid, how could anyone influence all the media outlets and the governments of the world to say the same thing?”

This video will explain EXACTLY how that was possible. Every corporate news media outlet is owned by the same handful of companies – what they dictate to their assets their assets carry out. All the directives come from a central source, and with the aid of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders Academy virtually all governments have the graduates of that academy in their ranks. Klaus Schwab boasts that the Canadian Government’s cabinet has those graduates making up 50% of it’s ranks. The Canadian government leader – Justin Trudeau – is a star graduate of Schwab’s leaders academy, like many other government leaders in key governments around the world. It all makes perfect sense.

Please be sure to view right to the end of this video to get the full import of what is disclosed:

Please COPY this link & forward it by e-mail to everyone in your address book or post it on social media:

I have been quietly researching what is going on behind the scenes for well over a decade and warning about the signs of an eventual setting up of a so called ‘New World Order’. I have been ridiculed for my views, even accused of being a deranged conspiracy theorist, but I believe, I am now fully vindicated regarding what I was warning about back then.

I have also been studying the results of other conspiracy researchers’ work for around two decades, they in turn have been doing this work for over three decades. However. the realisation of exactly what the machinations of those who mean us harm, was not fully realised by myself nor others until the dawn of the present hoax pandemic battle commenced by the Cabal at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

BGB was established in March 2020, with eyes wide open and an urge to bring others up to running speed. The biggest surprise for me during these last two and a half years was the realisation of how the Cabal – through their manipulation of the likes of Black Rock, Vanguard and a couple of others, have totally captured the financial power to be able to push their agenda forward at this precise time in human history. Coupled to that is their patient wait for technology to develop to a point where it can be utilised for their nefarious plans for us. That is right now.

Extra – On The Lawful Front

If the above video has whet your appetite, then as a little extra treat, see the video below of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Michael Swinwood on the Corona Crisis and the Criminalization of Justice, they are interviewed by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. They have their finger on the button – or should that be trigger?

Their problem – like mine – is frustration that although the masses are slowly waking up, will they do so in sufficient numbers and quickly enough to save the day? With vicious censorship of the alternative news outlets and corruption of the mainstream media, and a compromised legal system, the truth is being slowed down from getting out there, and confusion is the order of the day.


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Always Looking For A Saviour – The Big Flaw Within Humans

We all have various flaws in our personal makeup, some big, some small – but we all have them. However the most evident one is the constant urge to follow the ‘crowd’ – it’s also what fuels mob mentality. It comes in many forms, and can be manipulated relatively easily. Convince people that medical ‘experts’ exist that can save them with miraculous allopathic drugs and inoculations, push that message endlessly in the mainstream media, create fear of death through government propaganda (lies) and the rest falls neatly into place.

Waiting for a SAVIOUR on a white charger who will save us all is simply a waste of time.

But here’s the kicker, when you are convinced that the end is nigh in a perceived reality, your instant response is to look for a saviour to get you out of the mess. The majority will look for salvation within the corrupt political system, they look for a strong leader to follow. More religious types sit and wait for their saviour to appear in the clouds on a white charger. This is not surprising.

Our species of living things on this earth belongs to the primate branch (so we are taught). We are a gregarious, group (or collective forming species) – just like the other primate species. “Monkey see – monkey do” – we follow the crowd. Not altogether a bad thing, when it comes to co-ordinated reactions, and of course the advantage offered by working in harmony – for a collective, advantageous end, which is rewarded with survival and the progression of the species. Hence the reason that humans with their advanced intelligence have reached the apex in the animal kingdom.

In the wild, that’s fine, but in our so called advanced civilisation (or current civilisation, following previous ones), that instinct to follow the crowd, and specifically pick one person to follow can be disastrous. Why? Because the whole basis of the way we react can be manipulated. We are then at the mercy of an elite group within our species that mean us harm. We are now experiencing the outworking of the global Cabal’s agenda, and what we see unfolding is truly horrific.

Not Just The ‘Sheeple’

This is not just the domain of the ignorant (uneducated) ‘sheeple’, who follow unthinkingly, by being absorbed in the myth that governments know best and are there to protect us from harm. No, sadly, I see many in the alternative media, who fully understand what is going on, but still fall foul of this urge to look for, and follow, a saviour who will pluck us away to freedom and be the key to the demise of the globalist elites under the influence of the evil Cabal. This is a myth – and a dangerous one – as it leads to division in our ranks, that weakens us. It is very prevalent in the USA where a big emphasis is put on presidential leaders. They also have an obsession to put all blame on one or the other of their two party system, not comprehending the fact that it is all theatre and controlled from above by the Cabal puppeteers – where no votes apply. It is two sides to the same coin. So all the who-ha surrounding Trump at present, is just a smoke and mirrors display.


Make no mistake – as with gender – there are only two (apart from extremely rare variational quirks kicked up by nature). There are only two groups in this war against humanity. US (The People) and THEM who have schemed for centuries to fully control what will be left of humanity. There are no ‘in betweens’. There is a small handful of those who govern who are on OUR side, but the vast majority are in the other camp. Proudly boasted by Klaus Schwab as the ‘penetrated‘ (his words) graduates from his Future Young Leaders Academy are now actual leaders and many are in highly influential and in powerful positions in governments.

It should be noted here that the notion of Putin being in direct opposition and planning the downfall of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and The World Health Organisation’s New World Order is also a shaky theory, bearing in mind that Putin himself was an early graduate of Schwab’s Young Future Global Leaders Academy. So don’t pin your hopes on that one either. Ask yourself: “given his past track record is he one of ‘US’ or part of ‘THEM?” dutifully playing his part in the theatre play.

There is only one saviour, that saviour is multifaceted and dwells within each one of us. If we all said NO! To the impositions placed upon us, and stopped complying, the whole thing would be over in a week.

The Reality:

After watching the above video, you should understand that pinning your hope on a one man salvation ‘saviour’ within any political party is bunkum. Designed to lead good sound minded people (who can see through the Cabal’s agenda, but still cling on to the elementary contrived political systems), over the cliff.

BGB’s View

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have stated many times that I do not follow ANY manmade organised religions. They are ALL flawed, some worse than others. They have misquoted, misinterpreted and twisted ancient wise writings to suite their own flawed styles of worship. That in itself should set alarm bells off, because they invariably say that they alone are declaring truths for salvation – which they evidently aren’t. Otherwise they would not support empires and wars.

Ancient writings still carry a lot of wisdom, whether it’s from the Christian Bible, the Koran, Buddhist writings or the Hindu Vedas. They also have interconnected information brought through from ancient lost civilisations, which we are NEVER taught about in our modern history books.

The most amazing thing is, that they also contain prophesies about the future, which, as they occur, are unerringly accurate. That is not coincidence, but how many of us have delved into these writings? I would hazard a guess it’s a pathetically small number.

Here are a few examples from the Bible alone:

2 Timothy 3:

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was”

Matthew 24:

Jesus answered them, “Take heed that no one deceives you.5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled. For all these things must happen, but the end is not yet.7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines, epidemics, and earthquakes in various places.8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

9 “Then they will hand you over to be persecuted and will kill you. And you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.10 Then many will fall away, and betray one another, and hate one another.11 And many false prophets will rise and will deceive many.12 Because iniquity will abound, the love of many will grow cold.13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved.14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”.

Revelation 6:

1I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

3When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

5When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds a of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds c of barley for a day’s wages, d and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

7When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

9When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, e were killed just as they had been.

12I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

15Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us f from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17For the great day of their g wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

Powerful stuff. Written over 2,000 years ago and obviously aimed at a specific time, which is closely mirrored by the events we have seen unfold in recent years. It is also written for worshipers of God. I don’t consider myself to be in that specific fold, but I do firmly believe in a creative and collective conscience (closely aligned to The Unified Field Theory). I also consider myself to be a spiritual person. What I do not do is throw the baby out with the bath water by just dismissing it all as rubbish. Doing that is the work of a bigoted & closed mind. The lesson is that we should all view all possibilities and only be led by evidence of proof – then comes wisdom and not just knowledge based on repeated hearsay.

Finally, whilst on the subject of ancient and sacred writings. The takeaway from this article, more especially the video, is also rooted in a quote from the book of Psalms:

Psalm 146:3
Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there”.

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Stop Listening To The Lies – look at it all from a bird’s eye view

This might be the most important article you ever read. Please, do read it. Your future depends on having read it or, at least, being aware of what is planned for us all.


What is meant by a “bird’s eye view” (as opposed to a worm’s eye view)?

Well a worm (and many within the public) only see a few inches in each direction, when they decide to poke their head above ground. Consequently they only have a very limited view of things. They see or hear what is happening in a very limited area around them, but seldom connect the dots when it comes to the big picture, where the canvass displays everything that is happening at the same time, or in a planned sequence.

Now compare that to a ‘bird’s eye view’ – especially among raptors. Of all the eyes nature has ever produced, those of the eagle — with its large, pale yellow/ orange iris — may be the most extraordinary.

Embedded on either side of its face, an eagle’s eyes give it nearly panoramic vision. If you were an eagle, you could see a rabbit running from THREE MILES away. If you had an eagle’s ultraviolet light perception, you could track a tiny vole from the sky by the UV rays reflected from its urine.

Hence the reason the example of a bird’s eye view is used here. The worm (or human – take your pick) is extremely limited in what they see and what they can process. Those humans who have cultivated an eagles vision (metaphorically speaking) can see it clearly. We are being led down the garden path to a place of utter darkness and despair, that we could easily escape from – if only we realise what is happening.

Stop listening to LIES and start thinking for yourself. If you come across those who have suffered from listening to lies – comfort them – help them recover from their stumbles, as they become aware of eagle vision.

So let’s see what the lies are and how the dots connect through the eyes of an eagle:

Countering “The Great Reset”. “Exit Globalization”, Refuse “Digital Tyranny” and “Global Governance”

Derailing the Endgame

By Peter Koenig

First published at Global Research

Capital can no longer maintain its profitability by exploiting labour alone. This much has been clear for some time. There is only so much surplus value to be extracted before the surplus is insufficient.

The great reset is really about capitalism’s end-game. Those promoting it realize the economic and social system must undergo a reset to a ‘new normal’, something that might no longer resemble ‘capitalism’.” –

 Colin Todhunter


The Great Reset is a multi-faceted Global and Globalist approach to controlling, manipulating, enslaving, starving and eventually digitizing humans into transhumans under a Great Tyranny.

We have to exit Globalization.

We have to resist any Globalist attempt to take our submission to this global fraud a step further – towards a Great Reset – which they might as well call a Global Reset.

Because that’s what it is letter by letter, when reading and analyzing Klaus Schwab’s book, “Covid-19 – The Great Reset”.

In the video below, Klaus Schwab discusses the transition from humans to transhumans with Google Co-founder Sergey  Brin:

Can you imagine that in 10 years, when we are sitting here, we have an implant in our brains, and I can immediately feel [what you are feeling] because you all will have implants. I can remeasure your brainwaves, and I can immediately tell you how some people react [emotionally] to your answers. Is it imaginable?”

Klaus Schwab puts the fear of the future up young global interviewer leaving him gobsmacked

It is of utmost importance that We, the People, realize that the Reset bells are tolling since quite a while.

An effective option of countering the Great Reset is people worldwide collectively exiting Globalisation, the Global Concept of a Global Government and a Global, centrally directed economy and society.

Adopting the concept of:

  1. Local production for local consumption with local money and local public banking via a sovereign local central bank – and trading with think-alike nations, bilaterally and multilaterally, according to comparative advantages, to reach to the extent possible “win-win” outcomes” – may be a solution.
  2. Famine – the Hunger Game, is the name of the game which the elite-cabal is rolling out at warp speed.
  3. Humanity, we the people, must pay special attention to this strategy of submission and fear.
  4. We must depend as little as possible on international food trade.
  5. Independence from international supply chains of food, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs, is crucial.

Produce locally, is a principal question of survival

As long as we do not understand, that our western so-called intellectuals do not grasp that writing letters to compromised, not to say “bought” western politicians, for example, to German Chancellor Scholz, not to deliver German weaponry to Ukraine to fight against Russia – we have not understood who is commanding the chessboard.

As long as newspaper articles accuse the black-green Austrian Government of not doing anything against rampant inflation, we have not understood that a (western) worldwide double-digit inflation is part of the Great Reset’s plan, and that the western coerced and corrupted Governments – like Austria, a symbol for the rest of the corrupted European Union — go along with it.

As long as we do not understand that everything is planned, has been planned by a long but utterly determined hand – and that all what seems coincidence is not coincidence, but is connected, because it is planned, has been planned for decades, probably for a century or more, we have not understood anything.

And we are not only sold to and dominated by the most powerful and financial elite, the monster money corporations, like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity, but we are totally enslaved by and to them.

Our UN system, our central banks, our western monetary system work for them.

They want digitized money to even better control and mandate us, our lives and they will get it, if we let them.

Because our politicians, the so-called democratically elected “leaders” (sic), who are paid by our taxes and who run the theatre in our (western) world, are either voluntarily or in one way or another coerced to follow their imposed script.

The World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders”

We have to understand that these puppets that have been put at the helm of our western governments, the likes of Emmanuel Macron (France), Olaf Scholz, successor to Angela Merkel (Germany), Karl Nehammer (Austria), Mark Rutte (Netherlands), Magdalena Andersson (Sweden), Mette Frederiksen (Denmark), Mario Draghi (Italy), Pedro Sanchez (Spain), Scott Morrison (Australia), Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand), Justin Trudeau (Canada), Alberto Fernandez (Argentina); Gabriel Boric (Chile); Shinzo Abe (Japan) – and many more – were not democratically elected by the people, as you are made to believe.

They are all students or “scholars” of Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” academy. They are groomed politicians appointed by powerful financial interests.

As such they were all preselected by Klaus Schwab, acting on behalf of powerful financial interests and put into their positions under the guise of elections.

Today’s computerized election fraud is so sophisticated and perfect, that the commons – us – are unable to understand it, let alone successfully fight it. Not even a former US President. Example Donald Trump.

The Globalist Agenda and Its Institutions: IMF, WTO, World Bank WHO 

Back to the Globalists. Finally, the heads of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva; of the World Bank, David Malpass; the World Trade Center (WTO), Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and, finally, of WHO (World Health Organization), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, they are all compromised to the Globalist Agenda, to UN Agenda 2030.

Dr. Tedros, former Head of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, headquartered just next door to WHO, in Geneva, was appointed by Bill Gates, who also created GAVI. In preparation for things to come, Dr. Tedros, was eventually approved by WHO’s General Assembly in 2017.

For those who do not know, the WHO was created in 1948 by Rockefeller and subsequently integrated into the UN system. The WHO is also unique among the so-called UN agencies, in as much as the organization receives the bulk (between about two thirds and three quarters) of its budget from “private” contributions, i.e., a majority from pharma-trustfunds.

In 1948, at WHO’s inception, the organization’s future role of becoming the world’s health dictator, through a so-called “Pandemic Treaty” that may eventually overrule all 194 WHO-member nations’ Constitutions, was already planned.

The Pandemic Treaty would disempower countries’ health sovereignty, leading to a global health tyranny. We are not there yet, but preparatory discussions and negotiations are ongoing by member countries’ representatives and health ministers to force this treaty through World Health Assembly approval by 2023, so as to make it effective by 2024.

This Pandemic Treaty must be resisted by Us, The People, if we want to have a chance to gain back power over our lives and our destiny. We must organize in spirits, minds and on the ground.

Make no mistake, the Pandemic Treaty is intimately connected to the Hunger Game being played out on us, Humanity. Always remember, every act of oppression and misery descending upon us, is connected. If you don’t see it immediately – look for it. Look for it, not in the lie-prone mainstream, but in alternative media. It may mean more work, than the comfort of watching the evening news. But remember, freedom doesn’t come for free.

All the above heads of states, and many more, as well as the leaders of prominent UN agencies were put into their position by the WEF (World Economic Forum), and the financial elite behind the WEF. Most, if not all of them, have gone through Klaus Schwab’s (WEF’s CEO forever) “academy” for Young Global Leaders.

PM Justin Trudeau receives the AstraZeneca vaccine - YouTube

What do they get in return for obeying? Maybe a placebo instead of a potentially deadly vaxx – if they get a jab at all? But most importantly, they get protection from the most powerful on this earth. They may be guaranteed a safe-haven in Paradise, in case the cabal’s dream collapses.

At Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Global Leaders, they have learned dictatorship and tyranny. They now freely execute it, despite massive peoples’ opposition and protests. They know, they have the backing of enormous powers, of the world’s (financial) super powers, those that control the UN and all its specialized agencies, as well as all the UN member states.

For example, as the Ukraine war is devastatingly distracting people’s attention from what is going on behind the scenes in preparation of total tyranny, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab’s Wunderkind, is allegedly quietly working towards implementing: (i) a system of digital IDs; (ii) a Universal Basic Income (UBI); (iii) a Federal Vaxx Mandate; (iv) an Asset Seizure Law; (v) a Social Credit System; (vi) a Biometric Access System (collecting and recording biological data from humans, for example through QR [Quick Response]-coding); and of course, (vii) Extreme Censorship.

We have to wake up from our slumber of Cognitive Dissonance.

We have to break out of Globalization

We have to find alternatives to our wasteful lives of the past, and to the terror-life planned by the elite-cabal, the Deep State, the world’s largest financial carnivores.

On 1 May 2022, the NY Times reports that

Dozens of countries have thrown up trade barriers in the past two months to protect scarce supplies of food and commodities, but experts say the policies will only exacerbate a global food crisis.” – Of course, such propaganda exacerbates the drive for food hoarding, thus, leading to food shortages.

An effective alternative to Globalization – which is propagated from all angles of our globe – is the simple axiom, mentioned above, and, due to its importance, repeated here:

“Local Production for Local Consumption, with Local (CASH) Money, through a Public Banking System and Local Sovereign Central Banking – and Cross-Border Trading with Thinkalikes, based on Comparative Advantages.”

The focus must be on self-sufficiency and on food production to avoid massive famine and starvation – which is part of the plan. Always be aware, there are no coincidences. Famine – obedience – submissiveness – fear – and population Reduction. They are all connected.

Local Production for Local Consumption

As to food shortages, in the west, especially Europe and the US, at least a third, in some countries more, of all food is being shamefully wasted, thrown away, often for fake expiration dates; and in supermarkets, because after the first or second day, some vegetable food items do no longer keep the “sparkling” sales-attractive “freshness”, while they are still totally consumable.

As an interim step to local production for local consumption (LP4LC) and to counter Reset measures, let us store as much unperishable food (lots of grains and dried food) as possible. It keeps for years and can be stored by people wo do not have their own gardens. In the medium to longer run, LP4LC may be community based, bypassing supermarkets and food corporations.
The same or similar waste prevails in restaurants. In Switzerland, I was told by restaurant staff, that they risk being fired, if they give left-over food away to the poor, after closing of the restaurants. They must throw it in the garbage.

Imagine! Another horrendous inhumane act of snake-capitalism. That’s what we have to keep in mind and eradiate from our lives. And we will make or own Reset, the People’s RESET.

The Globalists’ Artificial Meat 

The cabal – Gates and Co., as well as the huge, interconnected global food producers, own ever more ag-production land which eventually allows them to dictate what we are to eat and not to eat. Already in 2019, the WEF declared: “You will be eating replacement (artificial) meats in 20 years.” See this.

The anti-meat propaganda is part of the so-called Green Agenda to save the planet.

There are good health reasons to eat less red meat, but not those fake environmental reasons advanced and propagated by Bill Gates and the Green Agenda. By those corporate Green Capitalists, who are every year in January for the WEF’s Davos meeting literally congesting the Zurich airport with their private jets – as if this was not enough, they let themselves being flown by helicopter from Zurich to Davos (some 150 km, less than 100 miles) – altogether with this sole event releasing a multiple of CO2 into the atmosphere of what a million cows produce in a year.

The rule of reducing the use of hydrocarbon as “mobility-fuel” does not apply to the elite-cabal. They know very well that their imposed immobility – through ever-more astronomical fuel prices, taxes, and eventually outright “legal” restrictions – have nothing to do with saving the planet, but only with repression, fear – submission – outright tyranny – and transfer of more monetary resources, assets, from the bottom and the middle to the top.

Once in Davos, the elite preach a fully Green Agenda to the plebs. They hire Swedish 19-year-old Greta Thunberg, to talk about environmental protection and “shame on you!” – propagating things, she has no clue about. But it sells, because the Soros-et all-paid propaganda, again, is strong enough to persuade those, who are too comfortable to dig for the climate change and environmental truth on their own.

In Conclusion

The name of Our Game, the People’s Game, ought to be a massive waking up into an alternative lifestyle, quite different from what we have been living in western luxury and comfort. Taking conscience and detach

  • from current Government oppression;
  • from obedience to our lying, manipulating traitor governments; and
  • create alternative independent sovereign societies.

Our western national Constitutions have been quietly disabled, suspended, mostly by emergency laws or otherwise by quietly or even clandestinely passed decrees, about which most people have never been informed.

Most western countries are already living in a pre-state of tyranny that steadily tightens the grip around our societies’ necks, depriving us of ever more what otherwise would have been Constitutional Rights – leaving Us, the People, powerless against government oppression.

Immobility of the commons, is what the cabal, the Cult of Darkness wants.

Immobility at will of a global health institution, i.e. WHO, that under a new Pandemic Treaty, still being worked out and negotiated, with planned effectiveness in 2024, may declare worldwide lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing, work from home, forced vaxxing and much more – thus, overriding national laws.

In other words, WHO, a Rockefeller creation, may soon decide over life and death. In Henry Kissinger’s infamous words, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world” – and slightly expanded, “Who controls health, decides over life and death.”


  • Increasing fuel prices are planned;
  • Increasing inflation is planned;
  • Food shortages, famine, death by hunger – are planned;
  • Wars and annihilating conflicts are planned;
  • Massive bankruptcies and consequential misery are planned;
  • More plandemics, lockdowns and mask-humiliations, are planned;
  • Supply chain disruptions are planned;
  • Shortages of everything are planned;
  • Production interruptions and stoppages of vital industries are planned; and
  • Much more is planned – and connected.

Be aware – all what disrupts society, reduces population, causes discomfort and misery – and of course, anything that causes fear, reduces physical and psychological resistance.

But No fear – and We Shall Overcome!

Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes.


The reality is, the experimental mRNA injections that’s been forced on millions is causing severe effects, and even death, in a large percentage of recipients.

Dr. Christina Parks, a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology had this to say about these horrific effects:

This is really, really complicated and things are possible that nobody ever even conceived are possible. We know that this spike protein is causing inflammation and with that, it also causes pulmonary hypertension possibly through those same mechanisms. And it’s doing a lot of different things.”

Inflammation can lead to any number of issues including heart attack and death. The LIE: ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective.

Without any of this information being made public, we are all blind from the truth.

Unless we remain vigilant about hearing the truth and making our own, informed, decisions.

This is why it’s vital that you take a look at what is happening, using a bird’s eye view of what is going on around us.

Distrust The Governments – Avoid Mass Media – Fight The Lies

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So You Thought You Knew What The Ukrainian War Is All About? THINK AGAIN!


People are so fired up and enraged through the one sided propaganda they see and hear that some are compelled to find a ladder and erect a blue and yellow flag on their houses – to virtue signal their support for a country that they probably couldn’t find on a map 100 days ago. In fact if you asked them what the Ukrainian flag even looked like prior to this conflict it’s doubtful if they could pick it out from the flags of the world. Social media is full of comments and posts published by over zealous, angry, keyboard warriors, frothing at the mouth from what the propaganda has done to them. A similar reaction to what you would physically see if they had inhaled a lungful of Sarin (Sarin is one of the deadliest nerve gases, hundreds of times more toxic than cyanide. Just one whiff and you’ll foam at the mouth, fall into a coma, and die).

Human nature is such – assuming you are of a righteous disposition – that we tend to instinctively side with an innocent underdog – a victim – in any conflict. That is usually a good thing, but let’s assume that you have been fed lies about the underdog and poisonous lies about the ‘aggressor’. Add to this a gross ignorance about the background history of the countries involved in the conflict. If you did, you might be tempted to get your ladder out once again to remove the blue and yellow flag and close down your social media accounts – due to embarrassment about your ignorant folly!

The same were the effects of propaganda and lies that applied to the fake Covid ‘pandemic’. The gullible and those with a predisposition to believe and implicitly trust their governments, through constant brainwashing, reacted in exactly the same way. Instead of virtue signalling what good and upright citizens they were, by wearing a mask (and some still do),  or rather than climb a ladder to display a flag – as they have in this instance, they should first do their homework.

Edward I launched a series of campaigns in which the English conquered Wales. It led to the establishment of a series of English Castles around Wales and the beginning of the symbolic act of crowning the heir to England’s throne as the Prince of Wales. The Conquest followed war against Welsh princes of Gwynedd. In September 1400, at the age of 50, Owain Glyndŵr organised a rebellion against the English king Henry IV, and declared himself the Prince of Wales. Wales was finally defeated in 1409 – the revolt was over and the ‘punishment laws’ were introduced and enforced.

Instinctive Support For The Lesser Nation

Others, it has to be said, instantly jump to the defence of the country they perceive to be the smaller sized victim. Nationalists in Cymru (Wales) often display this response, myself included in the past. Why? Because they superimpose their own plight and associate it with what they perceive to be what is being inflicted on the bullied party. In the case of Cymru, approximately 800 years of being the vanquished and subjugated nation, next to a powerful neighbour, who not only defeated and mistreated us for centuries, but went on to rule it’s colonies across the world (the British Empire) – with the same harshness – makes you predisposed to jump into the fray without knowing or understanding the situation fully.

Below in part 6 of a series of articles, excellently researched and written by Iain Davis, you will discover what this phoney (what I call distraction) war is all about in the Ukraine. Find out the history, and the events that led up to this conflict, the part played by the west and the events in the modern period that led up to this latest proxy war. You’ll also realise that it is not a lone occurrence, but is tied up with the plans of the globalist Cabal and their future vision for the world. First a fake pandemic, then a war in Ukraine and now – about to enter the stage – Monkeypox. The propaganda lies about the first two have become exposed and quietly brushed to one side by the corporate  mainstream media. It’s a conveyor belt of lies and misinformation.

Iain’s article is long and very detailed, but stick with it to the end. After reading it all, perhaps you’ll land up looking for your ladder to take down that flag you were silly enough to erect on your house!

Related material in a previous BGB post:


In Part 5, we discussed the true nature of sovereignty and considered how, when sovereignty is stolen from its only rightful possessor, the individual, the resultant hierarchical structure eventually and inevitably forms a worldwide system of power. That network of power, based upon highly centralized political authority, acts as a population control mechanism.

Today we can call that global structure a Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P). The G3P claims for itself sovereignty—that is, complete power and authority—over all monetary, financial, economic, political, judicial and military/policing institutions in the world.

We previously made the case that any claim of sovereignty over the individual by any entity has no moral or lawful legitimacy. Yet the sophistry of nation-states’ written constitutions has convinced the citizens that they have devolved their individual sovereignty to their governments. Though this devolution is impossible under Natural Law, it is the common trick that has been performed by governments throughout history.

The worldwide network of illegitimate sovereigns—composed of national governments and of intergovernmental and supranational institutions—enables certain people who have sufficient means and the right connections to enforce the policies they desire upon the masses. They are often referred to as “globalists” or “oligarchs.”

The G3P distributes its claimed authority through so-called “partnerships.” These partnerships afford private investors and businesses access to governments—and thus to the power and authority that citizens are either coerced or conned into giving to their governments. Clearly, this is a system designed to benefit a select few at the expense of all others.

In order to fully understand why NATO, the EU and all governments aligned with the West created the conditions for the conflict in Ukraine, and why Russia has seemingly complied by meeting the West’s expectations in full, we first need to consider who benefits from Russia’s “special military operation.” It certainly isn’t the people of Ukraine or of Russia, nor is it the wider global population.

The Inexorable Path To War

Russia can cite military considerations in the face of a national security crisis as justification for its actions. However, it seems that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine may have been motivated by more than just a response to a national security threat.

In March 2021, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine approved Defense Council Decree no. 117/2021, which declared the Ukrainian government’s “Strategy for De-occupation and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.”

The Ukrainian state information news agency—Ukrinform—stated that the strategy focused upon:

“[D]iplomatic, military, economic, informational, humanitarian and other measures aimed at restoring the territorial integrity, state sovereignty of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders through the de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea.”

In the months that followed, Ukrainian forces steadily increased their presence in the Donbas and Southern oblasts. The Ukrainian Defence minister insisted that this reinforcement was purely defensive.

Ukraine’s stated intention to use all possible means to regain Crimea and to defeat the DPR & LPR, combined with its build-up of forces, created a reasonable cause for concern on the part of the Russian government. For example, Russia’s access to the vital strategic port of Sevastopol appeared to be under imminent threat.

Ukraine’s efforts to regain its claimed territory were financed by the IMF, World Bank, EU member states, the UK and the US. IMF loans of $700 million were part of a $5 billion total package. Money and Ukraine’s resultant national debt appeared to be no object to this funding cartel.

Purely Defensive Tanks


NATO simultaneously undertook a series of provocative exercises. DEFENDER-Europe 21, Locked Shields 21 (cyber), CAPABLE DEPLOYER 2021, Ramstein Ambition 21 (electronic warfare), Spring Storm, Breeze 21, Iron Wolf II 21 and Atlantic Resolve 21 all took place in the spring and summer of 2021. Every one of these exercises focused on defending Eastern Europe as NATO markedly increasedits surveillance over Ukraine and the Black Sea.

Among the most provocative, from a Russian perspective, was Exercise Cossack Mace which ran throughout May and June 2021. NATO and Ukrainian forces war-gamed an attack from a “fictitious” Eastern adversary. Another one, Exercise Sea Breeze, saw the US and Ukrainian navies cooperate.

While it is perfectly normal for countries to run joint military exercises, given the nature of the political standoff and the ongoing war in the Donbas, to imagine that these exercises weren’t openly provocative to Russia is ludicrous. The calculation, at the very least, was that Russia’s national security concerns were irrelevant to NATO and Ukraine.

Russia responded with manoeuvres of its own. Russia already had troops permanently stationed on its side of the border with Ukraine, including in Crimea. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, the 41st Army of the Central Military District, the 7th and 76th Airborne Assault and 98th Airborne Divisions were sent to areas where combat training missions were underway. He was transparent about the reason for this counter show of strength, saying:

In response to the alliance’s [NATO] military activity threatening Russia, we took appropriate measures [. . .] At present, these formations are involved in exercise.

The series of Russian exercises included extensive land, sea, air, cyber and information warfare drills. Among them were exercises carried out in Crimea by the 58th Army. The training culminated in the annual Zapad joint military exercises. In 2021, these joint exercises were conducted with Belarusian forces.

There was an immediate monetary impact as a result of the obvious increase in tensions between NATO and Moscow. Russia’s redeployment of forces, designed to strengthen its positions on the border with Ukraine, caused the dollar and the euro to fall sharply against the rouble.

Military conflict and the threat of international confrontation always has an impact on global markets. Many “sovereign entities,” and those people who are able to influence them, understand that global events, especially war, can be manipulated to achieve a range of monetary, financial, economic and political objectives. Geopolitical history is peppered with examples.

In the spring of 2021, NATO’s military pressure was combined with threats to expel Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) network. This is the international financial communication system that enables banks and financial institutions to notify each other of international fund transfers using a standardised set of codes.

The transfer of currency, securities, treasury transactions, payments for trade and other financial system transactions occurs via interbank settlement, using the central banking network, not through SWIFT itself. Though it is an important component of the current global financial system, SWIFT is merely a communication and notification tool.

During a question-and-answer session after his January 2021 press conference, US President Joe Biden was asked how a new tranche of economic sanction would work to dissuade Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine. The question itself was loaded with the inference that Russia wanted to attack Ukraine, despite there being no reason to suspect this was true.

Russia’s desire was to do business with the EU, sell its oil and gas to Brussels and prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. As we have discussed, none of these objectives were in US or NATO interests.

Biden’s response to this question was revealing:

Well, because he’s [Putin] never seen sanctions like the ones I promised will be imposed if he moves[.] [. . .] I think what you’re going to see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. [. . .] if they actually do what they’re capable of doing with the forces amassed on the border, it is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine [. . .] our allies and partners are ready to impose severe costs and significant harm on Russia and the Russian economy. [. . .] I’ve already shipped over $600 million worth of sophisticated equipment, defensive equipment to the Ukrainians. The cost of going into Ukraine, in terms of physical loss of life, for the Russians, they’ll — they’ll be able to prevail over time, but it’s going to be heavy, it’s going to be real, and it’s going to be consequential. [. . .] [E]everybody talks about how Russia has control over the energy supply that Europe absorbs.  Well, guess what?  That — that money that they earn from that makes about 45 percent of the economy.  I don’t see that as a one-way street.  They go ahead and cut it off — it’s like my mother used to say: “You bite your nose off to spite your face.” [. . .] I believe you will see that there’ll be severe economic consequences.  For example, anything that involves dollar denominations, if they make — if they invade, they’re going to pay; they’re not going — their banks will not be able to deal in dollars. [. . .] Militarily, they have overwhelming superiority.

Biden was making it clear that, as far as the US was concerned, from a military perspective there was no chance at all that Ukraine could ever win a war against Russia, regardless of whatever military support Ukraine received—short of a full-scale confrontation between NATO and Russia. The US knew, and accepted, that Russia would “prevail.”

The only possible result of arming Ukraine, then, would be to prolong the conflict and increase the body count, primarily among the Ukrainians.

Equally, Russia also knew that Ukraine could not win. Therefore, unless Russia’s military strategists decided to commit their forces to suicidal folly, their overriding military concern, should the occasion arise, would be to achieve operational objectives while minimising Russian casualties. As we will soon discuss, Russia has a global advantage in military technology that has thus far enabled it to wage war in Ukraine on its own terms.

Most telling was the US acknowledgement that the sanctions imposed by the US and its allies, should Russia act, would mean that Russia would have no choice but to sell its energy and other commodities in a currency other than the dollar. The implications of this cannot be overstated, especially in light of Russia’s position in the global energy market.

The US was signalling a likely shift in the global reserve currency—a shift effectively hardwired into the inevitable sanctions that would ensue if Russia went into Ukraine. Sanctions were practically a precondition of Russia’s “special military operation.” It almost seemed as if sanctions were a Western policy objective.

Why would the West—the US, in particular—not only pursue a self-defeating monetary policy but also make that policy dependent upon the tactical military decisions of Russia? As we will discuss, Russia had been trying to unseat the dollar as the world’s reserve currency for decades.

Both Russia and China had been consistently pushing their monetary and economic policies towards dedollarisation. Now here was the West “threatening” to hand fulfilment of those policies on a plate to both Russia and China if Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine! Hardly a disincentive to Russia.

Moscow interpreted the moves to isolate it from the financial system as a precursor to war. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that such moves would serve to embolden Ukrainian hardliners.

Russia found itself in a bizarre situation. From a national security perspective, it needed to stop NATO expansionism in Ukraine and avoid facing the horror of Nazis with itchy trigger fingers on weapons of mass destruction.

Russia knew that the inevitable consequence of taking military action would be further sanctions. But this was nothing new; Russia had been dealing with sanctions for years.

What’s more, Russia had already taken significant steps to circumvent any further sanctions. And, while the suggested sanction regime would initially be tough on the Russian economy, sanctions by the West would, according to the President of the United States, also deliver on a silver plate one of Russia’s most sought-after monetary policy objectives.

For years the war drums had been beating in NATO-aligned nations but not necessarily in Ukraine itself. In November 2021, NATO defence ministers, gathered in Riga Latvia, issued warnings about an impending Russian “invasion. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said:

Any future Russian aggression against Ukraine would come at a high price and have serious political and economic consequences for Russia. [. . .] We see a significant and unusual concentration of forces, which is unjustified and unexplained.

Jens Stoltenberg Speaks


As we’ve just discussed, this kind of statement from NATO was intentionally provocative. NATO knew full well that Russian deployments were a fairly standard response to NATO’s own multiple exercises on Russia’s western border and to Ukrainian troop movements.

While Russian troop movements certainly didn’t reduce tensions, nonetheless there was nothing unusual, unjustified or unexplained about them. Yet the Western mainstream media propagandists simply parroted NATO’s claims and persistently tried to convince populations in the West that Russia wanted war with Ukraine.

Following the conclusion of the Zapad exercises in January 2022, the analysis from the Ukraine Defence Ministry was that little had changed since the spring of 2021—that Russia was not building forces, merely rotating them, as usual. Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov suggested that the Western warnings of an imminent Russian invasion were overstated:

The number [of Russian troops] then and now are similar, but the (Western) reactions are disproportionate[.]

In January 2021 President Zelenskyy, speaking in a national TV address, questioned why some NATO members were apparently insistent that war was imminent when this did not appear to be the case.

What’s new? Isn’t this the reality we’ve been living in for eight years? [. . .] Didn’t the invasion start in 2014? These risks have long existed. They didn’t increase. What increased is the craze [in the news]. Our land is not being under attack now — but your nerves are. They’re trying to make you feel anxiety all the time.

Zelenskyy was right to highlight the incessant forecasts of war made by the West. Russia’s military exercises, within its own borders, were frequently being reported as a prelude for war, and yet readying for a potential conflict is, of course, the whole point of preparatory exercises. Besides, if Russia’s manoeuvres were a precursor to it launching an attack, then equally so were NATO’s and Ukraine’s military deployments.

On the 11th of February 2022, Russia/Ukraine talks brokered by French and German officials in Berlin broke down without any resolution. Russia insisted that Ukraine engage in dialogue with the representatives from the DPR and LPR. And it once again stressed the importance of Ukraine refraining from joining NATO.

However, it was practically impossible, and potentially very dangerous, for Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People (SN) government representatives to hold talks with DPR & LPR officials. Neither republic was seeking to secede from Ukraine. Rather, they sought constitutional reform to enable their autonomy. Obviously, if the Kyiv government was incapable of even talking to them, the prospect of this happening was remote to nonexistent.

On the 15th of February the Russian State Duma passed a resolution calling upon the Russian government to officially recognise the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the DPR and the LPR. The speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, commented:

Kyiv is not observing the Minsk agreements. Our citizens and compatriots who live in Donbass need our help and support.

This appeared to be a tactical move by the ruling United Russia Party to establish possible legal legitimacy for the military operation in Ukraine.

The Donbas war had rumbled on for eight years, yet Ukraine had failed to make any of the constitutional reforms needed to meet the Minsk agreement and, in the meantime, had been reinforcing its military stance. NATO and the EU states, for their part, had done nothing to encourage Ukraine to deescalate the situation. And, having operated an expansionist policy for decades, NATO continued to rebuff all of Russia’s national security concerns and the persistently mobilised its forces on Russia’s border.

The same day that the Russian Duma started the process of recognizing the independence of DPR & LPR, the Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) recorded that ceasefire breaches were lower than the 21day average. Three days later, however, the OSCE recorded ceasefire breaches that were orders of magnitude higher than the 21day average.

With the latter recording the OSCE issued an accompanying statement, noting that it had “observed a dramatic increase in kinetic activity along the contact line in eastern Ukraine.” There was nothing in the reports, however, to indicate who had initiated the conflagration.

On February 21st President Putin announced the Russian decision “to immediately recognise the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic.” The DPR & LPR requested assistance on the 23rd, thus enabling Russia to cite Article 51 of the UN Charter as claimed justification for launching its special military operation on the 24th.

Why Didn’t Russia Leverage Energy?

It is worth reminding ourselves of the reasons Putin gave for the operation. He sought, in his words, “to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine” and to prosecute those whom Russia accused of war-crimes. Putin added:

Any further expansion of the North Atlantic alliance’s infrastructure or the ongoing efforts to gain a military foothold of the Ukrainian territory are unacceptable for us. [. . .] [T]he forces that staged the coup in Ukraine in 2014 have seized power[.] [. . .] Focused on their own goals, the leading NATO countries are supporting the far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine, those who will never forgive the people of Crimea and Sevastopol for freely making a choice to reunite with Russia. [. . .] They will undoubtedly try to bring war to Crimea just as they have done in Donbass[.] [. . .] [T]he showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment. Moreover, they went as far as aspire to acquire nuclear weapons. We will not let this happen.

Circumstances had certainly coalesced to create the situation described by Putin. Russia could legitimately make a case that the need to take military action was pressing.

However, during the previous eight years, and most acutely since Kyiv passed Decree no. 117/2021, as Putin alluded to, a military confrontation appeared to be inevitable. So why didn’t Moscow use the other tools at its disposal to at least attempt to achieve its objectives without having to resort to armed conflict?

It was a forgone conclusion that any incursion into Ukrainian territory would result in severe economic sanctions. Yet, as noted by Biden, Russia had “control over the energy supply that Europe absorbs.”

While the Russian economy would suffer a massive shock with the loss of this trade, that shock was guaranteed if it invaded Ukraine. In the meantime Russia had leverage that it could have exploited to heap immense pressure on the EU and thereby NATO and Ukraine.

Chalous – Gamechanger?


Already the thirdlargest oil-producing nation after the US and Saudi Arabia and the secondlargest producer of natural gas after the US, Russia strengthened its energy production position even further in November 2021, when it secured a 40% 20-year stake in the newly discovered Iranian Chalous field.

Initial reserve estimates were on the low side. Chalous has 7.1 trillion cubic meters, equivalent to half of remaining reserves in the South Pars field—the largest gas field on Earth—which Iran shares with Qatar. Chalous, by contrast, is entirely under Iranian waters.

Russia’s stake in Chalous has been described by some as a geopolitical game-changer. Since Chalous is capable of supplying Europe with 20% of its gas requirements, Russia’s deal with Iran further consolidated its position as Europe’s energy lifeline.

US domestic energy consumption far exceeds Russia’s. Thus making Russia the second largest oil exporter and the largest gas exporter in the world. Russia also possesses the largest gas reserves on Earth.

Despite Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, NATO has continued its expansionist agenda. Following Russia’s attack, both Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO. Also, the alliance continues to encourage South Korea and Japan to do the same. This is a NATO strategy that China opposes in the Pacific region just as vehemently as Russia does in Eastern Europe.

In response to Finland’s application to NATO, Russia cut off its gas supply. That reaction was also in response to Finland’s refusal to pay for Russian gas in roubles (more on this shortly). Russia also cut off supplies to Poland and Bulgaria after they refusedto make payments in roubles.

All the tough sanction talk from NATO and EU member states appears to have been aimed more at European electorates than Russian policymakers. In reality, the Russian energy giant Gazprom had established a mechanism to exchange payments, made in dollars and euros, into roubles and thus sidestep the sanctions.

Supposedly the Russian central bank (CBR) had been excommunicated from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) because it had been sanctioned by the EU. But how could this have been true? After all, Gazprom’s currency exchange wasn’t possible without interbank settlement.

The sanction busting strategy required the settlement bank—called the acquirer—to coordinate the transaction via the Swiss based Gazprombank, but ultimately the trading banks “reserves” were settled via central banks and the BIS. This means the CBR were still operating as a functioning central bank within the global central banking system, overseen by the BIS.

According to the Hungarian Chief of Staff Gergely Gulyas at least 10 European countries were engaged in the sanction avoidance scheme. He said:

There are nine other countries using the same payment scheme, [. . .] today the idea of being a good European also means that the leaders of those countries are not honest when speaking either in the international arena or to their own people, the other nine countries won’t say that they are doing the same thing[.] [. . .] There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that countries importing raw materials from Russia use exactly the same method to pay for Russian gas.

The Kremlin issued Decree 172 banning the dollar or euro sale of Russian oil and gas to nations they deemed to be “unfriendly” in March 2022. As Russia was effectively barred from doing business using the global (US dollar) reserve currency, this was such an obvious move by Moscow it is hard to imagine that western planners weren’t expecting it.

The sanction work-around involved Gazprombank transferring funds paid in dollars or euros to another internal account denominated in roubles. As Gazprombank is based in Switzerland its financial activities were not subject to EU sanction—Switzerland is not an EU members state. Payments to the supplier, which was Gazprom, could then comply with both the Kremlin demand for rouble payments and EU sanctions. It was a fudge, in other words.

While the Hungarians didn’t name the European sanction dodging countries it seems Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Italy were among them. Having heavily sanctioned Russia, and supposedly the CBR, for its Ukrainian military operation, EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen, without a shred of irony, comically said that the Russian insistance upon payment in roubles was tantamount to blackmail.

This was a preposterous allegation. The intention of sanctioning the CBR was to bar Russia both from using the global reserve currency and trading in the global energy market. We will cover sanctions in more depth shortly but suffice to say this guaranteed that Russia and its international partners would have to use alternative currencies.

While the EU Commission President blamed Russia for resorting to “blackmail” that is, of course, the precise purpose of sanctions. Russia’s monetary response was assured. In truth the EU commission issued guidance to trading companies approving the sanction dodging.

When considering if the Gazprombank strategy would enable private EU based companies to import Russian gas and continue trading with Russian gas providers, regardless of sanctions, the EU Commission advised:

Yes, this appears possible. EU companies can ask their Russian counterparts to fulfil their contractual obligations in the same manner as before the adoption of the Decree, i.e. by depositing the due amount in Euros or Dollars. The Decree of 31 March does not preclude a payment process which is in line with the EU restrictive measures.

Gazprombank took European payments in Euros from energy firms such as Germany’s Uniper, Austria’s OMV and Italy’s Eni and converted them into roubles. As pointed out by the UK Financial Times:

The measure was seen as a way of neutralising EU sanctions against Russia’s central bank over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Although the sanctions were set to have a devastating impact on European’s cost of living, multinational corporations continued to do business as usual. One has to wonder who the sanctions were aimed at. As we shall see, it is the people of Europe who are suffering as a result. Was this self-destruction an intended policy objective?

Ursula Vod Der Leyen – EU Comission President


Finland adopted a different approach and sought to protect itself against the gas cut off by agreeing to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the US. It also committed to expand its nuclear energy program.

In terms of energy exports, Finland only represents a tiny proportion of Russia’s business and the move by the Kremlin was largely symbolic. But many other European countries are far more exposed and are heavily reliant upon Russian energy.

European industry, not to mention households, simply cannot function without it. For example Germany receives 55% of it gas supply from Russia. The chief executive of the German petrochemical giant BASF, Martin Brudermüller, warned that an actual EU embargo on Russian energy imports would cause the “worse crisis since the second world war.”

While the EU and other European nations have recognised the Russian strangle hold on the European energy market for some time, it isn’t at all clear how they can replace their Russian supply.

In 2021, for the first time ever, US gas exports in the form of LNG via tanker exceeded its pipeline exports to Mexico and Canada. However, despite the war rhetoric from the EU, that it will “phase out” its reliance on Russian energy, the hurdles it needs to overcome first are considerable. US LNG alone isn’t currently a viable solution.

According to analysis by the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, EU claims that it can replace its reliance upon Russian energy are currently “impossible.” A number of other factors, far beyond EU control, such as global supply and demand, have to perfectly align and even then a percentage reduction is all the EU can hope to achieve in the first year:

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Commission (EC) devised plans to rapidly reduce the EU’s imports of Russian natural gas. Russian pipeline gas supplies to the European Union amounted to approximately 155 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2021, including 14 bcm of liquified natural gas (LNG). Replacing this volume entirely within one year would be impossible. However, the IEA and the EC estimate that a reduction of one- to two-thirds is achievable by the end of 2022 based on lowering gas demand and finding alternative gas supplies. This wide range is indicative of just how challenging this effort will be.

Even if the EU could “lower demand,” acquire more LNG, mainly from the US, and increase alternative pipeline flows, it lacks both the terminal and storage capacity to import it in sufficient quantities and contain it. In the meantime, while Europe makes the massive infrastructure investment it requires, Russia could simply cut it off and throw it back into the stone age in a matter of weeks.

So we have to ask why Moscow would allow the EU to “phase out” its business with Russia? The Kremlin could switch off supply straight away and force the EU to engage in some very high pressure renegotiation while it holds all the cards. Russia needs its European energy export market but, as we shall see, it had already made significant progress towards mitigating any losses long before it launched its military operation.

In other words the EU can only make this transition with Russia’s support. Why on Earth is Russia maintaining it?

Not only is Russia enabling the EU to move towards a new continental energy system, intended to cut Russia out of its market, Russia is supposedly suffering crippling sanctions for its act of kindness. Something is definitely amiss.

The whole issue of sanctions, and indeed the conflict itself, becomes even more unfathomable when we consider how Western powers intend to benefit from it. Again none of this would be possible without Russian complicity.

Equally, thanks to the West’s generous reserve currency offer, by going to war in Ukraine, Russia’s monetary ambitions have received a massive boost. This has come at significant short-term cost but the monetary, economic and financial pay-off for Russia could be staggering. There appears to be far more to Russia’s military action than publicly admitted by either side.

A Captured Ukrainian Regime

Under the aforementioned decree in March 2021 (Decree no. 117/2021), the Kyiv government, led by the SN Party of President Zelenskyy, was determined to restore “the territorial integrity” of Ukraine. This ended any lingering hope that the Ukrainian government had any intention of pursuing the Minsk agreements or similar negotiations. The threat to the DPR and LPR was implicit.

The likelihood of Ukrainian using military force to assert its claim increased notably in April 2021. Russian diplomats, including Vladimir Putin, had urged Ukrainian officials to hold direct discussions with the elected leaders of the DPR and LPR. While talking about gaining US support for a brokered peace deal, President Zelenskyy stated:

There is a persistent threat, of course, because we are having a war, especially in the Donbas area [. . .] I have no intention of talking to terrorists and it is just impossible for me in my position.

One of the reasons that it was “just impossible” for Zelenskyy to acknowledge the democratic mandate of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Councils became evident during his 2019 visit to Zolote. He needed to be very careful to appease the Nazis. Not only did they have a firm hold of Ukrainian national security, they posed a significant threat to the Kyiv government as well as to Zelenskyy and other government officials personally.

This point was spelled out by Dmytro Yarosh just a week after Zelenskyy’s May 2019 election victory. Speaking to the online news outlet Obozrevatel about the possible implementation of the Minsk agreement via the Normandy format Yarosh said:

Zelenskyy said in his inaugural speech that he was ready to lose ratings, popularity, position… No, he would lose his life. He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk [a Kyiv thoroughfare] – if he betrays Ukraine and those people who died in the Revolution and the War.

Dmytro Yarosh


Yarosh’s comment wasn’t an idle threat. The Nazis had already demonstrated during “the Revolution,” during their subsequent occupation of Kyiv, and with the massacres in Odessa and in Mariupol and throughout the Donbas War, their willingness to commit atrocities against anyone. As C14 leader Yevhen Karas pointed out, they enjoy killing.

When Serhiy Sternenko, one of the leaders of the Odessa massacre, was sentenced to seven years for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of Odessa politician Serhiy Shcherbych, the Nazis protested by fighting Kyiv police and trashing the offices of the President. The Ukrainian courts freed Sternenko shortly thereafter.

Yarosh said that, as far as the Nazis were concerned, the Minsk agreements and Normandy format were simply an opportunity “to play for time, arm the Armed Forces, switch to the best world standards in the system of national security and defense.” NATO member states appeared to agree. They had seized the opportunity to arm, train and equip the Nazis to the fullest possible extent.

When German Chancellor Olaf Sholtz reportedly suggested to Zelenskyy that Russia and the US were willing to consider a deal to avert the potential Russian military operation—if Zelenskyy agreed to work to put a stop to Ukraine’s moves to join NATO—Zelenskyy wasn’t really in any position to agree. Not if he valued his life.

In November 2021, a couple of years after Yarosh threatened to hang the then-new President of Ukraine from a tree in the centre of the nation’s capital, Zelenskyy appointed Yarosh as his advisor to Chief of General Staff. Welcoming the role the Nazis played in Ukrainian national defence, the Chief of General Staff Colonel General Viktor Muzhenko made a formal agreement with Yarosh to coordinate the activities of the “Pravy Sector” (Right Sector) with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Venerating their willingness to fight and announcing the strengthening ties between the Ukrainian military and “volunteer battalions” (including the Nazis), General Muzhenko outlined how he and Yarosh envisioned the relationship going forward:

We understand the needs of changes and increase of efficiency at all the army levels. [. . .] We are developing the reforms and will implement them. We gathered all the patriots and defenders of Ukraine under single leadership. [. . .] We have one goal and the united Ukraine. The Army becomes stronger each week.

That “single leadership” of the Ukrainian army was a collaborative command structure headed by Colonel General Muzhenko in partnership with the Nazi leader who threatened to kill the president, Dmytro Yarosh. Were it not for the unwavering support of NATO, Yarosh would never have possessed sufficient political capital to grab joint command of Ukrainian ground forces.

To put the Ukrainian approach to national security into context we can consider the December 2020 appointment of Oliksiy Arestovych as Advisor to the Office of the President. The former actor is an intelligence officer, psychological warfare specialist and served as part of Ukraine’s Minsk delegation.

Speaking to the Washington Post in March 2022, about the Ukrainian tactic of placing its military assets in civilian neighbourhoods, Arestovych referred to the Verkhovna Rada’s approved policy of “Total Defense”. This is a policy commitment to create long-term resistance efforts against an “occupying army.” It assumes Russian victory on the battlefiled and subsequent occupation.

Passed into Ukrainian law in June 2021, its primary objective is to allow the Ukrainian government to continue operating via covert means. First and foremost it protects the “line of succession” for the regime itself. This is referred to as the continuity of government program and it places a duty upon the occupied population to die in the defence of a government which, in order for it to stay safe, may well be in exhile overseas.

It is a long-term plan for prolonged guerrilla warfare. Total Defense aims to embroil the entire Ukrainian population and all sectors of its economy and institutions, in a life or death struggle as they fight to maintain the claimed sovereignty of a defeated political hierarchy.

Arestovych suggested that Total Defense meant that Ukrainian forces didn’t need to bother with annoying humanitarian principles, such as those outlined in the Geneva Conventions, and that the war with Russia was not “a competition of European armies according to established rules.”

Arestovych is an admirer of Islamist extremist terrorist organisations and is particularly impressed by Islamic State (also called ISIS or ISIL). Speaking on Ukrainian TV, which under his close friend Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become a single, cohesive propaganda operation, he has praised ISIS’ use of terror on a number of occasions. For example:

The commanders of ISIL are considered some of the more wise and successful commanders that there are currently. Everything is thought through in detail, even the degree of cruelty. Cruelty for show – it is inhumane, but it is of a very high level, a wise strategy, taking their particular interests into account.


They are acting very correctly, I even have a notebook where I analyse ISIL in great detail, the best practices of running their business, the way they govern. Those methods, the world needs them, even though this means terrorism, medieval levels of cruelty, burning people alive, shooting them or cutting off their heads, etc. This is absolutely the way of the future.

Fighters from Islamic State, al Qaeda and other “former” Islamist terrorists have been fighting alongside the Nazis in Ukraine since at least 2014. The Sheikh Mansur battalion, led by Muslim Cheberloevsky and the Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion, apparently commanded by Adam Osmayev, are the most well-known. The Right Sector, under Yarosh, were tasked with overseeing and coordinating joint operations with the Islamists throughout the Donbas war.

When Zelenskyy announced that 16,000 foreign fighters were to form a Ukrainian foreign legion it was widely acknowledged that many of them were Islamist extremists. Combat veterans from Chechya, Ingushetia, Daghestan and South Ossetia occupied the Ukrainian frontlines alongside the Azov, Dnepr and Aydar regiments as they were rebranded as Ukrainian national guards.

The Total Defense Deception

Oliksiy Arestovych


Arestovych’s ideas have apparently become popular with the Ukrainian forces, and certainly among the “volunteer battalions.” They have filmed themselves torturing and murdering captured Russian troops, Ukrainian Jews and others on many occasions. Condemnation from the Western powers has been notable solely for its absence.

For Russian speaking Ukrainians, ethnic Russian Ukrainians, Poles, Tartars, Armenians, Roma and Jewish Ukrainians, especially those living in the eastern and southern oblasts, the militarisation of the Nazis by NATO and the Kyiv regime presented an existential threat. The idea that Total Defense is intended to protect all Ukrainians against foreign “occupation” is a deception. It is a policy enabling some Ukrainians to continue to wage war against other Ukrainians.

In a 2014, during a national televised broadcast on Hromadske TV, alleged journalist Bogdan Butkevich openly advocated killing million of Ukrainians because they didn’t subscribe to the ultra-nationalist’s agenda:

Donbass, in general, is not simply a region in a very depressed condition, it has a whole bunch of problems, biggest of which is it is severely overpopulated with people nobody has any use for. [. . .] If we take, for example, just Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants at least 1.5 million of them are superfluous. [. . .] We don’t need to “understand” Donbass, we need to understand Ukrainian national interests. Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. [. . .] The most important thing that must be done, there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated.

When the Donbas War began, Nazi military leaders and politicians, like Dmytro Yarosh, Andriy Biletsky, Oleh Lyachenko and Vadym Troyan, set about that extermination. Russian officials correctly assessed Ukraine’s military operation, and the corresponding likelihood of further NATO enlargement, as more than just a threat to Russian strategic interests and its national security. It was also a dire threat to the lives of people living in Crimea, Odessa, the DPR and the LPR.

In June 2021 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted that a diplomatic solution would only be possible if the US—the foremost NATO state—were behind the initiative. Otherwise there seemed to be little hope of a peaceful resolution to the eight-year-long Donbas War.

However, the July 2021 response from the US State Department and the German Foreign Ministry left no doubt about the policy trajectory. While the US administration spoke of supporting the Normandy format, they made it clear that the US would not facilitate negotiations in any practical sense.

Both countries were solely intent upon “restoring the territorial integrity” of Ukraine. They continued to unreservedly back the Nazi agenda and the Zelenskyy regime that was clearly captured by it:

The United States and Germany are steadfast in their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and chosen European path. [. . .] The United States and Germany are united in their determination to hold Russia to account for its aggression and malign activities by imposing costs via sanctions and other tools.

Up to this point Russia had not “officially” been directly involved in the Donbas War. The DPR and LPR could project their own military force, thanks largely to defections from the Ukrainian army.

In 2015 Ukrainian Interior Ministry officials admitted that an estimated 16,000 Ukrainian troops had defected to the Donbas People’s Militias (PMs), taking their arms and equipment with them. Given the nature of such “estimates,” it is likely that the figure was considerably higher.

These troops were in addition to those that had initially formed the PMs in November 2014 under the Donetsk governorship of Pavel Gubarev. He estimated the original size of the combined force to be somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 troops. Taking the usual overestimation into account, it is likely to have been closer to 10,000 than 20,000.

Major-General Aleksandr Kolomiyets


The defections have continued, including some high-profile military officers. For example, Major-General Aleksandr Kolomiyets, the former assistant Ukrainian Defence Minister, defected in 2015. Further military defections were admitted in 2017 by the Ukrainian military. These defections included troops from mechanised brigades, who also took their military hardware with them.

In 2017 then-Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said the PMs consisted of approxiamtely 40,000 troops. Based upon previous admissions and estimates, this appears to have been a plausible number. He added that there were also an additional 4,000 Russian troops. That claim is somewhat dubious, but it all depends upon how you define Russian troops.

Prior to the start of the Russian “special military operation,” the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) had persistently alleged Russian troop involvement in the Donbas War. However, these claims were based upon “information received” rather than direct observation. As a result, the OSCE added that it “could not draw conclusions” from this information.

In 2018 Foreign Policy (FP) magazine published an interview with Alexander Hug, the deputy head of the OSCE SMM. When asked what evidence the OSCE had of Russian direct involvement in the Donbas, Hug replied:

If the question is what we have seen on the ground, we would not see direct evidence. But we have seen convoys leaving and entering Ukraine on dirt roads in the middle of the night, in areas where there is no official crossing. [. . .] We have seen specific types of weapons that we have described in detail, including electronic warfare equipment. We have spoken to prisoners taken by the Ukrainian forces who claim to be members of the Russian armed forces fighting on rotation in Ukraine. We have seen men with the insignia of the Russian Federation, but you can buy this jacket anywhere. We have also seen the insignia of Germany, Spain, and others—but also of the Russians.

The OSCE SMM, tasked with monitoring the Donbas War since it began in 2014, had no evidence of any Russian troop deployment in Ukraine prior to the 24th of February 2022. They had heard claims, seen some suspicious activity and received allegations, but could not substantiate them. Later FP decided that it didn’t like what Hug had to say, so added a “clarification:

Clarification, October 25, 2018: In an earlier version, Hug stated that OSCE had not seen direct evidence of Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine. We have removed this remark, as it did not convey his intended view. He goes on to cite facts and observations that his monitors have recorded.

The “facts and observations” were the claims, suspicions and allegations Hug referred to. He did not change his statement, FP just chose to reinterpret and spin it to suit their propaganda objectives.

This is not to say that Russia didn’t have forces in the Donbas. They just didn’t have “official” forces engaged in the conflict. Something else we’ll discuss in due course.

A War Built Upon Lies

Ben Wallace, the UK Defence Secretary, gave a speech on the 9th of May 2022 at the UK National Army Museum on the subject of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. He said:

While in Moscow in February, I accepted the honour of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, beneath the vast red walls of the Kremlin itself. It stands in memory of those Russians who lost their lives fighting the invading Nazis. [. . .] Through their invasion of Ukraine, Putin, his inner circle and generals are now mirroring the fascism and tyranny of 77 years ago. [. . .] They are showing the same disregard for human life, national sovereignty, and the rules-based international system. [. . .] Their unprovoked, illegal, senseless, and self-defeating invasion of Ukraine; their attacks against innocent civilians and their homes. Their widespread atrocities, including the deliberate targeting of women and children; they all corrupt the memory of past sacrifices and Russia’s once-proud global reputation.

This is the sanctimonious rhetoric of the West. It is Rapid Response Mechanism hypocrisy and disinformation spread by the wholly compliant Western mainstream media propagandists, led by the farcically named “Trusted News Initiative.” The purpose is to convince an unsuspecting Western public to believe in the Ukrainian cause and support the war. Trust what your government tells you!

There is nothing to indicate any commitment to democratic ideals in developed nation-states—and certainly not in Ukraine. Following the Euromaidan coup in February 2018, the Verkhovna Rada passed its package of so-called “decommunisation” laws. A program of brutal oppression, political purges, media censorship and state-sanctioned murder followed. The Ukrainian secret service (SBU) worked with the Nazis to kidnap, torture and assassinate the regime’s political opponents.

In 2016 the United Nations Office of the High Commission (UN OHCR) issued a report that stated:

From April 2014 to 30 April 2021, OHCHR documented the detention of 767 individuals (655 men and 112 women), 68.8 percent of whom (528, including 456 men and 72 women) were subjected to torture. [. . .] [T]orture and ill-treatment were used to extract confessions or information, or to otherwise make detainees cooperate, as well as for punitive purposes, to humiliate and intimidate, and to extort money and property. Methods of torture and ill-treatment included beatings, dry and wet asphyxiation, electrocution, sexual violence on men and women, positional torture, water, food, sleep or toilet deprivation, isolation, mock executions, prolonged use of handcuffs, hooding, and threats of death or further torture or sexual violence, or harm to family members.

In the report the OHCR noted that the DPR and LPR had dished out precisely the same inhuman treatment:

OHCHR documented the conflict-related detention of 532 individuals (447 men and 85 women) from 2014 to 30 April 2021, 281 of whom (249 men and 32 women) were subjected to torture. [. . .] 82.2 per cent of documented cases of arbitrary detention in territory controlled by ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ and 85.7 percent in territory controlled by the ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ involved torture and/or ill-treatment.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy


Ukraine is a bloody mess. No one embroiled in the conflict is in any position to grandstand. Claims of moral superiority on either side are vacuous. Ukraine has become the stage upon which the harsh reality of global realpolitik is being played out.

While it is true that the Nazis ardent desire to exterminate their “untermenschen” targets is particularly vile, no side is above reproach. The whole region has devolved into a sorry quagmire of repression and barbarism.

Democracy is more than just universal suffrage. Voting means nothing if the state refuses to accept the “wrong” political choice. Democracy promises to guarantee free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of political, religious and ideological choice. None of those principles are upheld in Ukraine.

In a 2017 interview, the loquacious Yevhen Karas spoke about the C14 Nazis’ cosy relationship with the SBU, saying, “They inform not only us, but also Azov, the Right Sector, and so on.” The presidencies of Turchynov, Poroshenko and Zelenskyy have all overseen the ongoing dictatorship.

For example, Zelenskyy issued an order in March 2022 banning 11 legitimate Ukrainian political parties while leaving Nazi parties, such as Biletsky’s National Corps, untouched. His regime has followed the example set by the US, the UK, the EU and Russia by censoring media outlets it doesn’t approve of and constructing a Rapid Response Mechanism propaganda machine of its own.

Prior to Russia’s military action, Zelenskyy shut down the offices and seized the assets of the media outlets his government wished to silence. The US embassy in Kyiv welcomed the despotism, claiming it was essential “to counter Russia’s malign influence, in line with Ukrainian law, in defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

With Order 152/2022, Zelenskyy’s SN regime added:

[A] unified information policy is a priority issue of national security, which is achieved by combining all national TV channels, the program content of which consists mainly of information and / or information-analytical programs on a single information platform of strategic communication – round-the-clock information marathon

Exploiting this all-pervasive Ukrainian “Ministry of Truth” Zelenskyy was then free to make a chilling threats unchallenged:

The activities of politicians aimed at splitting or collaborating will not succeed, but will receive a tough response.

The mayor of Kreminna, Vlodymyr Struk, was tortured and shot dead after urging negotiation with Russia; the mayor of Gostomel, Yuri Prylipko, was murdered after negotiating humanitarian corridors with Russian forces; Gennady Matsegora, the mayor of Kupyansk in northeastern Ukraine, made a desperate video appeal to the Kyiv regime to release his daughter from SBU detention; a Ukrainian delegate to the Minsk Trilateral Contact Group, Denys Kireev, was shot dead in broad daylight by the SBU on the streets of Kyiv.

No matter where or when such murder, repression and censorship occurs, regardless of who orders it or the justification they claim, while it persists there is no possible basis for any democratic pretensions. If the same oppression leaves those who advocate violence free to spread their murderous vitriol and assassinate anyone they choose, then the state has become a full-blown dictatorship. These orders are the political decrees of tyrants, not democrats.

Disgusting Propaganda

This is the Ukrainian state that the Western political establishment venerates as a shining beacon of democracy. Ukraine is and has long been a deeply troubled nation. Its people deserve better.

The Ukrainian electorate put Zelenskyy’s regime in power because he promised to deescalate the Donbas War and deliver economic and social reforms on the heels of what most Ukrainians had come to perceive as the far-right, corrupt oligarchy of Petro Poroshenko.

They were not expecting to live under a violent kakistocracy, yet that is what their “democratic” electoral process delivered. The results do not differ much from the outcome of the “democratic” electoral process that exists nearly everywhere else.

Electorates never get what they vote for. No one in the UK voted to empower policymakers to assist in the creation of new forms of global governance or to exploit war as part of their efforts to transform the global economy. Yet once elected and invested with fake sovereign power, politicians implement whatever policy best suits the global agenda. They never mention this when they campaign for a seat. And, once in office, they deny it.

In the 2022 annual Mansion House speech, where the Foreign Secretary traditionally outlines the UK foreign policy objectives for the coming year, Liz Truss said:

Faced with appalling [Russian] barbarism and war crimes, which we’d hoped had been consigned to history, the free world has united behind Ukraine in its brave fight for freedom and self-determination. [. . .] [W]e must be prepared for the long haul. We’ve got to double down on our support for Ukraine. [. . .] We must reboot, recast and remodel our approach. My vision is a world where free nations are assertive and in the ascendant. Where freedom and democracy are strengthened through a network of economic and security partnerships. Let’s be honest. The architecture that was designed to guarantee peace and prosperity has failed Ukraine [. . .] they have enabled rather than contained aggression. [. . .] We are dealing with a desperate rogue operator [Putin] with no interest in international norms. [Putin] took the money from oil and gas and used it to consolidate power and gain leverage abroad. The war in Ukraine is our war – it is everyone’s war because Ukraine’s victory is a strategic imperative for all of us. Heavy weapons, tanks, aeroplanes – digging deep into our inventories, ramping up production. We need to do all of this. [. . .] [O]ur prosperity and security must be built on a network of strong partnerships. This is what I have described as the Network of Liberty. [. . .] The G7 should act as an economic NATO, collectively defending our prosperity. [. . .] We want to see a network of partnerships stretching around the world.

Much like the pandemic that immediately preceded it, this war is not seen by the Western powers as a problem but rather an opportunity to build a global network of partnerships. They are prepared for the long haul and envisage a lengthy war of attrition. They view it as a form of economic stimulus that allows them to ramp up production of heavy weaponry and technology to be exported to war zones, wherever they are created.

The conflict in Ukraine is a war for the transformation of the post-WWII international architecture, which will be rebooted, recast and remodelled. It provides the alleged justification for the G7 states to become an economic NATO.

Russian energy exports will no longer be allowed to flow to the West. This shutdown will force a total transformation of the West’s energy sector, which will have to be resilient and sustainable to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Liz Truss – UK Foreign Secretary


The cost of this war will initially be to the Ukrainians. Those who survive will be faced with unprecedented levels of national debt that they will have to work to repay.

The holders of power in the West, especially the military industrial complex, are more than willing to convert to a war economy. They will endlessly finance and pump weapons into the conflict and will fight the Russians down to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, if they deem it necessary.

The global monetary and economic impact of the war, as a result of the allegedly unavoidable sanctions, will necessitate the complete transformation of the International Monetary and Financial System (IMFS). The end of the US dollar as the world’s global reserve currency is a key objective, not an unplanned consequence.

In short, for those who wish to extend and consolidate their supranational sovereignty over the planet, the conflict in Ukraine is absolutely perfect. Russia’s “special military operation” was necessary to move their agenda forward.

We might ask if Russia has been forced into enabling the West’s plan for transformation. What can be said is that Russia’s military operation and subsequent response to the imposed sanctions is meeting all of the West’s objectives.

This transformation of everything, to be blamed upon Russia and China, is predicated upon Western public acceptance of a set of absurd lies. First among them is that Russia’s military response was unprovoked and an act of naked aggression.

As we shall see, this war has been meticulously planned for decades. It is a key step towards establishing global governance–an objective that has been relentlessly pursued for generations. No matter how the war develops, its ramifications are already global.

Its purpose is to propel a technocratic transformation that began with the pseudopandemic. Change will foster the further establishment of a global biosecurity state. The worldwide system, founded upon illegitimate claims of sovereignty, abolishing individual autonomy and rights and freedoms, is destined to promote the interests of a global “parasite class.”

Hitherto Russia’s “sovereign entities” enthusiastically embraced this model. There was no aspect of the globalist plan that the Russian hierarchy and their institutions and minions, weren’t invested in. But with the war in Ukraine that former accord seems to have collapsed into disunity and conflict.

The only question is: Why?

Throughout its history, Russia has been shaped by the same globalist power struggle that exists in and between every developed nation. And the evidence suggests that the Russian leadership is acutely aware of that fact. Was Russia’s former conformity merely a ruse to keep its enemies close?

Do the Russian oligarchs intend to oppose the threatened takeover of the world’s resources and population? Are they offering an authentic alternative to the West’s global governance model? Are they useful dupes, exploited by their Western counterparts? Or is the Kremlin placing itself at the centre of its own partnership network in a bid to seize control of global governance itself?

These superficially conflicting goals need not be mutually exclusive. That is to say, Russia’s apparent rejection of the West’s global governance agenda doesn’t necessarily exclude its own ambitions.

The conflict in Ukraine is a proxy war for supranational sovereignty and ultimately global control. We must ask: What are the protagonists motives and how do they envisage the future of humanity?

About Iain Davis:

Iain is an author, journalist, blogger and video maker (contributing to 21stCenturyWire, UKColumn, the OffGuardian and other leading news sites,)

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Huge Lawsuit – White Coats Convention – US Senator Rand Paul – BGB Letters Of Appreciation

An ‘Odds n’ Ends’ Post Today

Starting with ‘Judge’ Scott Workman who is the founder of Friends of The Original Constitution organisation and website.


A painting of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. on July 4, 1776, at the Pennsylvania State House, Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

I have to admire the people of the USA for one thing in particular, the size of their balls! From day one, they have done things BIG. Even their Constitution is big, not in size – but in content. It’s a wonderful document. No less so the American Declaration Of Independence.

The largest ethnic group of signatories (16 in all) on the original draft of the American Declaration of Independence were Welsh. Thomas Jefferson’s family who came from Snowdonia (‘Eryri‘ in Welsh, meaning the remote haunting high place of eagles) spoke Welsh fluently – as their mother tongue. Much as it fills me with pride to know that – as a Welsh patriot – it’s not the fundamental source of my admiration. My real admiration is the big mindset of these people, the target is never too difficult to reach for them. It brings to mind in Zhineng Qigong  where there is an encouraging and intriguing saying: “What you wish for you WILL receive“.

Quote from the D of I:

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Big and powerful that. Few realise how difficult a target that was in the period it was written. Unlikely to succeed, but succeed it did, and it spawned a fresh start and inspired people from all over Europe and beyond to flock there and congregate, to create the most powerful nation on Earth – under the American Constitution banner – until relatively recently, as evil entities have conspired to rip it all up.

The corruption has been eating away at the US Constitution for a considerable time. I said the ‘citizens’ or ‘people’ of America have big balls, however, not necessarily their government – despite the safety nets written into the original Constitution by the wise Founding Fathers. As big as the principles of the people have been, all that the governments (in various colours – because they are all now controlled by the ‘Deep State’) have done is paint the nation as a dangerous, hated warmongering basket case in the eyes of the world.

Sadly when people think of America what they have in their mind’s eye is the harsh, brash, arrogant and superior attitude of the government, and the psychopathic elites at the top. In my experience the majority of the people are hospitable, with high morals, they are generous, and kind with old fashioned principles and good manners (especially in more southernly states). But driven too far they have the balls to upset apple carts – on a big scale.

A Big Upset In The Making?

Scott Workman (Friends of the Original Constitution)

So we come to Scott Workman. Founder, First Delegate, Organizer; Nonlawyer Representative of the Constitutional Convention and Court for the United States of America. He is planning a $500 TRILLION lawsuit against the fraudulent Federal Government and over 140 Monopolists via the organised Constitutional Convention and Court. They don’t do things small or by halves do they?

My personal first reaction to this was “pie in the sky”, “an unattainable goal”. But having listened to Scott Workman’s video, and knowing what the People of America have audaciously managed to pull off in the past – because they are not the kind to baulk at the enormity of the task – who knows?  It’s incredibly interesting to say the least. Here’s the BGB reproduced video of the original:

After listening to Scott Workman, I can say that I am 100% supportive of his mission. The outcome, if successful, is a picture of a future world we would all like to see and live in, after the rot in this present system of things is ripped away.

Copy Of The Friends Of The Original Constitution’s Lawsuit File


However, is the beast too big to be taken down in one big swoop? I personally fear so, but hope that I’m proven totally wrong. What is evident though is that the legal profession all over the world is girding itself up to take on the dark powers behind this genocidal attack on humanity. They are coming at it from all angles. Others, unlike Scott Workman, are taking it on in smaller bite sized pieces, they are accumulating legal successes in various courts in different countries, thereby setting precedencies. These successes are building up into a legal tsunami; that is the way big hitters like Dr. (at law) Reiner Fuellmich  is approaching the problem. With his past successes in taking on big corrupt corporations like Volkswagen (diesel emissions fraud) and Deutsche Bank (corruption and bribery) and winning, I believe he has the know how and tools to get the job done. The big problem for all of the legal teams is whether the judges and the judicial systems are too compromised and corrupt to allow justice to be done. We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s looking good up until now.

America’s Frontline Doctors First Annual Conference

AFLD held their first annual conference recently, since they were first set-up in July 2020.

Their message is loud and clear. Not only are they battling on the medical front, against great odds, as the authorities and big tech media platforms are increasingly putting the pressure on to try and gag them, but failing.

These are hard working and principled doctors, whose sole aim is to bring the truth to the people and an end to this ridiculous ‘pandemic’ scare and misinformation. They’re having a hard time of it, because they are specifically targeted for special attention, not least from censorship. If you look up AFLD on a venomous and lying platform like Wikipedia, you’ll realise what a foul platform that is – totally under the control of the Cabal and the organisations they are involved with up to government level and beyond.

Here is a BGB reproduced video of some of the short speeches they delivered during their convention:

Senators Speak Out

Senators Rand Paul & Scott Jensen – both qualified medical doctors, both fighting for truth and exposure of what is happening.

Here also below is a ten minute delivery by Kentucky Senator (& medical doctor)  Rand Paul, who is also fighting, but  within the den of rogues, Cabal henchmen and corrupt thieves that pass as government. Another similar Senator is Scott Jensen. For those of us involved in this fight for truth and freedom it’s very encouraging to see politicians like these stand up to expose the sewer they work in. More power to their elbow, along with other politicians in other countries who are making the same stand.

The public are not aware of this, because it is totally blacked out by the mainstream (false) news media. That is why it’s so important for platforms like BGB and many others, to get the truth out there.

The voices of truth are drowned out, they are viciously attacked at every opportunity in the media and elsewhere.. The mainstream media hang on every word they say in the hope of finding a crumb of evidence that they can use to defame them. They exaggerate lies about them and worse of all they turn the unaware public against them through false news propaganda.

It’s a sickening state of affairs, but they have the steely resolve to expose the fake pandemic that has been created as a means to get the whole population of the earth inoculated in the biggest attempt at selective genocide ever undertaken in the history of mankind.

Finally, – Letters of Appreciation

Let’s end on another bright note.

Although I say so myself, the dedicated work and time put into this blog is enormous. It’s a labour of love, but extremely draining, and totally voluntary. We don’t ask for donations towards the work and we don’t ask for any accolade. It will however continue until we see an end to the cruel madness we’ve experienced since the end of 2019.

Whilst we don’t look for praise for the work we’ve undertaken, the encouragement we receive from those who appreciate this work is encouraging beyond words. It’s often the fuel that keeps us going when things get tough. The fact that we are continually receiving feedback from our dedicated subscribers, who are growing daily (we have recently received an avalanche of registrations and new post notification subscriptions) is very much appreciated and serves as a barometer to the support we are garnering, as our message expands and propagates throughout the Internet. Thank you all.


Here is a sample of just two letters (we continually receive many more) of appreciation we received this last week alone, from new subscribers who felt compelled to let us know how they felt about our work:

The first is from ‘Rory’

Thanks, Big Gee

I am grateful to you for following up of the graphene-oxide content of these experimental drugs. Furthermore, warnings of possible other avenues of ‘dispersion’. Sadly anything is possible from this government of occupation.

I am standing my ground and not bending to my principles. Walked out of the St Georges Whiskey Distillery with my family while on holiday recently [our last summer holiday for some time?], the 10 or so patrons looking up like helpless sheep. I refused to be masked up. I didn’t argue as I find their eyes glaze over; they don’t hear you. It is as if you are a homeless person on the street they cannot see for that period of interaction. Their excuse? that they are only a small business – how ironic when you are chopping your market by 10% through your ignorance, and siding with the very institution that is out there to destroy you?

Recently my daughter was denied orthodontal service by the NHS as I refused to wear a mask into their hallowed site. There are many other incidents of ‘apartheid’ on superstitious lines. How the many have fallen to the covidian cult.

Of possible interest to you may be Mark Passio and his talks about natural law. I am almost through an 8 hour video [ironically on that youtube platform] which was recorded before this all took off. It is helping me to understand how close people are to the universal truths [the truth shall set you free], but at the same time, how duped people are through all these systems and even the English language itself.

Fortunately I am principled, and desirous of truth despite what it may be.

This has prevented me from falling into the ignorance gap. This in turn creates bad people and a bad society in which people through ignorance either commit evil, or allow evil to be conducted on them. Morality is simple, as in the natural law [theft in all its forms], and yet despite being so close to it, people reject it. We are thus where we are today. We are sovereign, and not slaves. By respecting these simple first principle laws and accepting truth, society would regulate itself; we would have little ‘need’ for government [I believe this word in itself means mind control or control of the mind from its Latin derivative]. Society would be calling out these ‘bad’ people.

I know it will get a lot worse in the not too distant future, but there is a dawning of new hope. I have learned so much about people I thought I knew, society, and the fragility of all the bubbles I grew up with around me…. the rabbit hole is so deep.

As a related aside, I taught a few years back [yes, I had to go, I was corrupting the kids in an unacceptable way] and was surprised back then as to why a pupil was ‘studying’ the history of medicine in GCSE. I distinctly remember thinking to myself that there is so much other material out there. Now I know why: It was to bash kids brains with Germ theory. Naturally terrain Theory never got a mention, and in retrospect, what an amazing period of discovery to discuss and debate.

Keep up your good work, salute!


And here’s one from ‘Alun’:

Hi Gwilym

Thanks for your service in sharing the truth for the benefit of humanity. Truth will always prevail!

The end of this evil cabal’s hold on humanity is just around the corner. What I envisage is a world where the ill gotten gains of the elite will be used for the benefit of humanity.

The “Great Big Reset“ is not the outcome the elite imagine it to be! It is in fact an event that will bring about their own destruction. The wonderful thing is that they are completely oblivious to this.

In Zhineng Qi Gong there is a wonderful expression “What you wish for you WILL receive “! In my 10 years of spiritual growth and practice I have observed that this is one of the universal laws!

Things will never be the same again as you rightly said BUT things will get better for future generations. It’s very important to believe this.

Keep up your wonderful work


A big thank you for their words of encouragement and from everyone that contacts BGB. The above are just samples of the last two received this week. Our gratitude is extended to ALL our followers who have contacted us.

Remember that the opposite to love is fear – not hate. Keep on spreading the word in a spirit of peace!

This will be the last post published by BGB until September. If anything drastic occurs that we think our subscribers and followers and the unwary public need to know about, then we’ll return to barracks if need be! However if everything remains equal, we are taking a break to recharge the batteries! We’ve been at it virtually day and night – non stop – since before March 2020, when BGB was launched and now we believe this is an opportune time to take a breather. We are a tiny team of just two, so you can imagine how much dedication and long hours have been invested in the blog. We do everything in-house, from the graphics to the written content and everything in between from the IT hosting side to our bulging Correspondence Journal. We haven’t taken a day off until now.

It is our opinion that this summer’s creaking relaxation of illegal mandates, is a little tit-bit handed out to the public by the controlling powers. Come the autumn and winter, get ready for another attack, using pseudo science and propaganda to promote ‘variants’ – which is a nonsense, as the original (supposed) novel SARS Cov-2 imaginary ‘virus’ has never been separated, isolated or  sequenced, so it’s existence is unproven. How on earth you can identify a variant if the original has not been identified? It makes a mockery of their whole exercise.

Nevertheless they WILL try and play the variant card, to justify another round of death jabs, lockdowns and the other tyrannical measures to pretend there’s yet another wave on the way. Their tool for that will continue to be be PCR test which has already been rubbished and exposed – even by it’s inventor Dr. Kary Mullis – as a tool which is not fit for purpose. It was never designed to diagnose anything. But they’ll keep on testing and use (false) positive results from it and then promote them as ‘cases’ to keep the fraudulent hoax going.

By September, we’ll be back, fully charged and ready for the next round in this evil war that’s being waged against humanity. Hopefully by then, the legal teams will have gained more traction and many more of the public will have woken up.

We look forward to your company when we get back from our break. Enjoy what’s left of the summer, before the perceived winter flu/ Covid-19 variants season starts!

View all of BGB’s videos by visiting the BGB archive channels at:


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Confusion Of The Uninitiated

This Is NOT About a Virus

Are you confused in this swirl of contradictory information, that’s been unleashed on the public, over the last year or so? Bewildered? Frustrated? That’s exactly where they want you. Because this is not about a virus or a pandemic – it’s a calculated technique to herd us into the Great Reset – the much talked about New World Order that has been planned from very long ago.

Others outside of the Cult of evil and secrecy have – if you like – cracked their code and understand what the ‘pandemic’ is about. It is the last stepping stone in the centuries old agenda for total control and human massacre – sanitised as depopulation via devious means, and blamed on a non existent virus. Of course the ‘code crackers’ are brushed aside as nutty conspiracy theorists. A BIG mistake, as we are seeing all around us.

Why do some of us who have cracked their secret cult double-speak get such flak? It’s pretty obvious . . . the only others who are in the know are those who have been initiated into the cult.

Amazing Polly Explains It All In This Video

All you need to understand this is some basic research, a pair of ears and an open critical mind. The evidence is all out there in front of you, from the mouths of those who are behind this evil. It’s not what the likes of myself say, it is what THEY openly admit to, and have consistently warned you about.

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Before You Make A Tragic Decision Be Sure You Have ALL The Facts At Your Disposal

Questions To Ask Your Family & Friends Who Have Or Plan To Get The Covid Vaccine

Many of us have friends or family who plan on getting the vaccine. Maybe they truly believe they are in danger. Maybe they think it’s better safe than sorry. Maybe they just want to be able to go to the pub again.

If you know someone who is planning on getting vaccinated against Covid19, ask them these five questions. Make sure they understand exactly what they’re asking for.

1. Did You Know That We Have Never Successfully Vaccinated Against ANY Coronavirus?

No successful vaccine against a coronavirus has EVER been developed.

Scientists have been trying to develop a SARS and MERS vaccine for at least 20 years, with nothing to show for it. In fact, some of the failed SARS vaccines actually caused hypersensitivity to the SARS virus. Meaning that vaccinated mice could potentially get the disease more severely than unvaccinated mice. All ferrets (an animal that has the most similarity to the human immune system) used in this test DIED when they came in contact with a ‘wild’ strain after receiving an mRNA vaccine.

2. Did You Know It Usually Takes Up To 20 Years To Fully Develop A Properly Tested Vaccine?

Vaccine development is a slow, laborious process. Usually, from development through testing and finally being approved for public use takes many years. The various vaccines for Covid have all been developed and approved in less than a year!

While the media are quick to offer a TON of explainer guides, which cite foresight, hard work and luck as the reasons we got a Covid vaccine so quickly without cutting corners, they all leave out key information.

Namely, that none of the vaccines have yet been subject to proper trials. Many of them skipped early-stage trials entirely, and the late stage human trials have either not been peer reviewed, have not released their data, will not finish until 2023 or were abandoned after “severe adverse effects”.

3. Did You Know That The Covid “Vaccine” Is Based On New Technology, Which Has Never Been Approved For Use On Humans Before?

While traditional vaccines work by exposing the body to a weakened strain of the microorganism responsible for causing the disease, these new Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines.

mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines theoretically work by injecting viral mRNA into the body, where it replicates inside your cells and encourages your body to recognise, and make antigens for, the “spike proteins” of the virus. They have been the subject of research since the 1990s, but before 2020 no mRNA vaccine was ever approved for use.

4. Did You Know That The Pharmaceutical Companies CAN’T Be Sued If The Vaccine Hurts Or Kills Someone?

Back in the Spring of 2020 many governments around the world granted vaccine manufacturers immunity to civil liability, either by invoking existing legislation or writing new laws.

The USA’s Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) grants immunity until at least 2024.

The EU’s product licensing law does the same, and there are reports of confidential liability clauses in the contracts the EU signed with vaccine manufacturers.

The UK went even further, granting permanent legal indemnity to the government, and any employees thereof, for any harm done when a patient is being treated for Covid19 or “suspected Covid19”.

5. Did You Know 99.8% Of People Survive Covid19?

The case-fatality ratio of Sars-Cov-2 infection has been a bone of contention for months, but it is certainly much lower than all the initial models predicted.

It was originally massively inflated, with the WHO using a figure of 3.4%.

Subsequent studies have found it to be much lower, in some cases even lower than 0.1%. A report published in October in the WHO’s own research bulletin finding a CFR of 0.23% “or possibly considerably lower”.

Meaning, even according to the WHO, at least 99.77% of people infected with the virus will survive.

Ask your friends these questions. Give them detailed answers.

It is a rushed and untested vaccine, made using unprecedented technology, with no legal recourse should it do you harm, to treat a virus 99.8% of people will survive with no ill effects.

So the question that really matters is: Do you really want, or need, to take that risk?

More Information To Consider: What On Earth Is “Long Covid”?

Just In Case You’re Wondering

Many ask me “Why does BGB and thousands of other websites do this work?”

Simply put: IT’S A LABOUR OF LOVE. We have nothing to gain personally, especially no monetary gains – unlike the Big Pharma companies and their cheer leaders – we have nothing to gain from misinformation and lies – they have. Nor do we accept bribes from any source – unlike many politicians and especially unlike the mainstream media who gain handsomely from donations by the likes of the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation (53 million to the BBC – so what line do you think they will take?). Or advertising revenues from tax payers money to pay entertainers and celebrities to take part in fake news advertising and promotion.

It is not because we are involved with a cult like organisation – unlike the evil agenda of the Cabal with billionaire front men running gigantic global corporations like the Silicon Valley Tech giants, who look after the on-line censoring of truth. All their efforts are focused on a cull of the world’s population and a degrading future for the humans that are left and hooked up to AI.

We do it because we care deeply about the fate of humanity and the love we have for our fellow brothers and sisters across the globe. We can’t sit on the side-lines and watch innocent people sleepwalk into terror, fear and death. That is what separates humanitarians from the psychopaths who would wish us harm for their personal gain and control. These are people who have allowed personal greed and control freakery to put aside any empathy or compassion. They will stoop to the lowest level of evil depravity to get what they crave – tyrannical fascistic control over a what they are now calling the ‘Great Reset’ or “The New Normal” – in other words a New World Order which they have been working towards for literally thousands of years. We have reached a point where they are now wealthy enough, have enough power over governments and the MSM and critically, technology that had by 2020 reached a level of advancement where their agenda can be finally and fully realised.

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Proof That Germany Now Has a Thuggish Police State Force On The Loose

New Century – Old Gestapo Style Tactics 

I received this immensely disturbing news and accompanying video clip just a few minutes ago. Are the Germans back to their old Gestapo style tricks? All over a hoax pandemic!

Towards A Police State in Germany? Live Video of Police Raid into Home of Dr. Andreas Noak

Non-compliant with the COVID-19 lockdown laws?

This is what is happening in Germany. It is a matter of concern to people Worldwide. Freedom of Expression is being brutally suppressed.

Police break into the home of Dr. Andreas Noack, a renowned Chemist and arrest him while he is engaged in a live stream internet (Webinar) conference.

This is VERY disturbing & Shocking:

The reasons for the police raid and arrest …  have not yet been officially revealed. However, there are rumours [unconfirmed reports] that Dr. Andreas Noack provided medical assistance to hundreds of protestors during lockdown protests against the German government.

Reports also indicate that Dr. Andreas Noack was under investigation by the authorities for being non-compliant with the COVID-19 lockdown laws enacted by the German government.  … The arrest was made after the German Parliament passed the “Infection Protection Law”.

In the live stream, policemen can be heard banging furiously on the door of the place, where Dr. Andreas Noack was broadcasting. “It’s the police,” a man can be heard saying off-camera in panic. The video then shows police barging into the building forcing Dr. Andreas Noack to the ground. The police then proceed to turn off his live stream.

People who were watching the live stream are currently questioning the reasons for his arrest.

I think the guy is guilty of expressing his opinions,”

said one user.

Another report on Twitter said:

This is happened to doctor Andreas Noack in Germany. After the unconstitutional approval of the infection law, police broke into his house while he was having a live transmission on YouTube. Those who cried against fascism have created the most criminal dictatorship in history.

The arrest was made on a live video stream.  The manner in which the arrest was made is extremely unethical, armed policemen just yell at Dr. Andreas Noack till he settles on the ground.

The police do not state their reasons for arresting him, nor do they show a valid arrest warrant. Arrests such as these are blatant violations of due process. Every citizen has the right to security against arbitrary arrests.

One user tweeted,

German doctor Andreas Noack raided by armed police during YouTube stream and arrested inside his home for breaking Covid laws. Really, he is just anti lockdown and expressing his views. FIGHT BACK PEOPLE. If u don’t now, it will be TOO  LATE later!.  

(Source: Insider Paper)

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