You will have noted your correspondent’s reference to the ‘Cabal’ many times on this blog. Some instantly know what is being referred to, many others may be confused by this reference.

In a word it refers to a hidden hand in the shadows, that directs the actions of governments and those who have huge influence, power and wealth – the Cabal’s henchmen – commonly referred to in modern times as the globalist elites. That ‘hidden hand’ is not in view, but it’s evil planning and influence is seen through the outworking of events, which are actuated through it’s powerful henchmen. The ultimate goal? A New World Order of dictatorial fascist like tyranny. A world controlled by a central world governance system. The new term on the block, that has come to the forefront during the horrific outworking of events in 2020, have been coined  by a few new terms for it: ‘The Great Reset’, or ‘New Normal’ and of course, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. All pre-planned and carefully put in place. Warned about well in advance by the more astute and critical thinkers in our midst – but ignored by the masses – until it touches their life – well demonstrated in the ‘plannedemic’ of 2020. It is now an open secret that is paraded with impunity by those involved.

Here is Part 1 of a series of videos, that explains what were the origins of the  ‘Cabal’ and how they manifested their presence to the world. After watching this video the rest should slot into place for you. You can double check the facts from ancient writings and some history books:

Setting The Stage Further

Before delving into Fagan’s speech and warnings about secret societies, the Cabal, and similar subjects, it would be good to listen to this short but very revealing speech given by assassinated president John F. Kennedy. If you think, before starting, that this is going to be yet another boring post about the JFK assassination conspiracy, I can assure you it is not. It is a clear warning from JFK to the Cabal that secret societies would not be tolerated and would in fact be attacked and exposed by the Kennedy administration. And yes – he was assassinated – but not by Lee Harvey Oswald at the “Grassy Knoll” on November 22, 1963.

The more narrow minded readers of this post, that are unrealising members of the ‘Statist’ cult belief system (those who believe the state is the source of all truth, wisdom and information) would possibly call JFK himself a ‘conspiracy theorist. It’s ironic that his assassination has become the focal point in accusing those who have researched it as ‘conspiracy theorists’ also! A phrase promoted into existence by the CIA in the wake of research being done into his assassination!

For some reason better known to the super censors – You Tube – you cannot view the above video directly via embedded code on private websites. Since when was accurate historical events ‘Age Restricted’? Anyway, you have to view it directly from their server (for how long no one knows).  Just click on the ‘Watch on YouTube‘ link above.

Background To Myron C. Fagan’s Speech

The late Myron C. Fagan a Jewish American who became a famous Broadway Play-write; was the man who was instrumental in identifying and exposing, (what he called) The Jewish Illuminati to the American public, and the World.

Fagan said, the super rich Jewish men and others who are the puppet masters of World governments and who run things from the shadows, have little in common with their lesser brethren, who they will gladly sacrifice for their cause – if need be. No one can say he was ‘anti-semitic'(although being Semitic means of Middle Eastern origin – which includes the Arab nations), because he himself was also a Jew.

The reality in 2020 is that the influence of the elites who are the modern henchmen of the Cabal may not be so Jewish by race anymore, but they are always influential, and as Fagan points out, it’s not a matter of race; the people of ordinary Jewish backgrounds have been treated just as harshly by the Rothschild created Zionists. This is why there is animosity amongst Jews who oppose Zionism, and they regularly protest against Zionism in Israel today.

Here is the recording of that ‘secret’ speech that Myron Fagan delivered in 1967:


Fagan was totally enlightened regarding what has been happening over a very long period and which has now come to final fruition in our time, i.e. the final chapter of the Cabal’s agenda (also referred to as the Illuminati by Fagan and others of his era and often referred to as the Cabal/ Cult/ Global Elites/ Banksters or the 1% in our more modern times parlez – the same horse just different jockeys). He brilliantly exposed them and their plot that has been running for thousands of years as explained in the video ‘Origins Of The Cabal’ above. It is the end game of that plot that has been triggered and brought into action now, in 2020.

Based on his experiences and astute, life long research, what he says in his speech is an unerringly accurate prophecy. Ridiculed and labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ (very much like David Icke is today), he is 100% vindicated (as David Icke is) when we see how things have transpired for us – the ordinary people (Goyam – or cattle as we are referred to by the Cabal). The evidence and proof of what people like Fagan & Icke been been warning us about over decades, is now in plain sight in these troubled times. Anyone who can’t see that by looking around them are doomed to become compliant victims of the evil that is in store for all of humanity.

Not All Tasteful

Whilst Fagan is extremely accurate in what he says, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of historic event, and is intensely astute, his obvious racist credentials come to the fore – denigrating Negroid people and tastelessly calling people like Dr. Martin Luther King – Martin ‘Lucifer’ King. King may have been manipulated to some extent by the Cabal – using the word ‘Lucifer’ instead of his proper name is tasteless, disgusting and very off putting for some listeners to his speech. It’s obvious that he does not render the same respect for black skinned people as he does for his own race. This though, should not distract from the central thrust of his secretly recorded speech in 1967.

Things have changed a great deal since then, a time when so called race riots were in full flow in the States. It should also be remembered that Myron Fagan was born in 1887 a mere two decades after slavery had been abolished in the USA. Attitudes and bigotry, that he would have grown up with, obviously stuck with him. That is very much the case with many Americans of that period, right up to the sixties and beyond of the twentieth century.

However that does not distract from what he says about the Cabal’s long range agenda, nothing has changed. The ultimate goal is totalitarian, Fascist style tyranny from the top down, under a New World Order regime administered through a central, global government. This is all happening under the cloak of the hoax pandemic and talk of a ‘great reset’ and the ushering in of what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum calls ‘the fourth industrial revolution’. Welcome to the ‘New Normal’- God help us if we don’t wake up. We shouldn’t fear a hoax, manufactured pandemic scam, but what this evil influence has in store for us and all our future generations is certainly worth fearing.

For Further Studies On This Subject See The Video Below:

Getting the picture yet? No? Look around you and compare 2020 with 2019 – notice anything different?

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