Wales’ First Minister has been barred from more than 100 pubs in North Wales following his announcement of strict new rules for the industry. This may be the first step – it may just be the start. To date 300 hospitality businesses have said they would lend their support to the move. .

The West Conwy Pubwatch group said Mark Drakeford would be banned from entering their members’ premises for at least 18 months.

North Wales Regional Representative Frank Marnell presents Garry Plumb with NPW Star Award at Conwy Pubwatch AGM. Garry who is the Manager of the Maelgwyn Public House in Llandudno Junction was nominated by Samantha Jones of Conwy Council. He was one of the original founders and member of the Conwy Pubwatch which was launched 16 years ago and he has been chair of for 10 years.

It comes after Drakeford unveiled new rules for the hospitality industry in a bid to stem the rising tide of coronavirus in Wales (how he and his band of merry cabinet ministers and a handful of dubious medical and scientific ‘expert’ advisors calculate that is covered below).

Their new ‘rules’ include a ban on alcohol sales in hospitality settings, and a 6pm curfew. Unsurprisingly, the decision has sparked fury from business owners within the industry, and now the West Conwy Pubwatch group has taken matters further.

He has been banned from scores of premises, with Pubwatch organisers saying more than 300 hospitality businesses have said they would lend their support to the move.

I’m not sure how often he makes it up North, but reports from the Daily Post – The West Conwy Pubwatch said Wales’ First Minister will not be allowed into their pubs for at least 18 months.

Open Letter

In an open letter, they said:

All licensees have a legal duty under the Licensing Act of 2003 to ensure that disorderly, argumentative, violent behaviour and antisocial behaviour does not occur on or around their premises and to prevent the occurrence of criminal offences.

As a result of your behaviour on November 30th 2020 at the Senedd Cymru your actions class as antisocial behaviour for the damage caused to our members’ premises.

The licensees of the West Conwy Pubwatch have jointly decided that in order to discharge their duty as referred to above they are exercising their right not to allow you entry to their premises.

They added:

Should you attempt to ignore this notice and enter any of the licensed premises listed on our website the assistance of police will be sought, if necessary to eject you from the premises and an extra six months will be added to your ban.

 Like opening a butcher’s and asking them not to sell meat

This ban is effective from the date of this letter and will remain in force until the 30th of May 2022 or until your review which will be at our meeting in the first week of August 2021. If your review is successful we will be in touch to inform you. If at any time your [sic] request to reconsider this decision you can do so on our website under our appeals section.

The Pubwatch group also wrote a separate open letter to the First Minister, in which they warned that thousands of jobs were at risk due to the new restrictions. They claimed the industry was being:

Singled out for exceptionally harsh and unjustified treatment” and warned that the move would push people to drinking in each other’s homes.

Phillip Ashe, vice-chairman of the West Conwy Pubwatch group, said people in the hospitality industry were:

Angry and devastated”

about the decision. He said:

I know about seven or eight premises that will not be here [next year]. They rely on Christmas to get through January and February.

The evidence isn’t there. Between all our members, which is around 180 premises in the county of Conwy, we would have found that evidence but we didn’t and now we’re asking him to produce it.

“We have had an [infection rate of] 19 per 100,000 people but people will now go to Chester or have house parties and the rate will shoot up.”

He added:

We have had around 380 premises put their name to what we’ve said.

“If he wasn’t a politician and he had done as much damage to our premises as he has, then we would have done the same thing, so it’s not a publicity stunt.

I don’t think he would be coming up in the next 18 months anyway.”

BGB Comment

So it is quite feasible to assume that the ban on Drakeford visiting pubs and restaurants could spread throughout Wales. let’s hope that is the case. If it spreads over the border to England and further afield throughout the UK it could prove to be quite an embarrassment to our beleaguered ‘great leader’. One wonders if he is augmenting these madcap measures in a wild attempt to get removed from office. It certainly appears that he is under great pressure and perhaps would welcome an escape.

Genius Plan

This latest move by the Pubwatch organisation is an ingenious response it is a strategy of genius proportions. It shows some lateral thinking, and at last we find a group that is prepared to bite back and target individual politicians as a response to those politicians’ ridiculous diktats based on pseudo science and false premises – some of which have dubious backing from a lawful perspective. That is a separate subject, but it should be noted that there are many extremely competent lawyers, barristers and judges who are looking into this from many directions. The lawsuits are either being prepared or have been filed globally. What politicians should take special heed of, is that they will be held PERSONALLY liable for their actions or lack of action in allowing this Coronavirus hoax pandemic reaction situation to get out of hand.

Writing To Your MP

Whilst groups like the Pubwatch organisation can react in innovative ways, and experts in the  legal and medical fields can apply pressure, we, the public, also have a huge part to play. While politicians can ignore a small number of complaints, when those complaints reach a threshold level, they invariably have to listen. They may not be very good at counting small numbers of letters, they are very good at counting lost votes, and that is what is important to them – their future careers. If they become so unpopular with the electorate, that they may lose their seats, and access to the gravy train.

Writing  to your MP is something all of us who have seen the injustices and lack of empathy that politicians have displayed throughout this hoax ‘pandemic’. Let them know the truth and how you feel about this never ending loss of freedom and rights. To ease the task of writing such a letter, BGB has published a template that you can download and edit for your own use. To view it and download the template please click HERE.

Our Correspondence Journal

BGB has incessantly written to various organisations, government departments and individual politicians throughout this period of madness. These have included Freedom of Information requests. What is becoming increasingly evident is that politicians in positions of power and influence seldom reply with straight answers to straight questions. They invariably delegate the task to some office minion or don’t respond at all. Mark Drakeford is a classic example. You can view our latest correspondence to him by clicking HERE. You can also view the nearly 100 individual items of correspondence (including replies) by going to our Correspondence Journal page.

What Do These Politicians Base Their Diktats On?

In a word TECHNOCRATS. In the guise of ‘expert advisors’ the technocrats now run the UK’s governments. Policies and actions are not constructed by politicians – they carry out their diktats in total compliance with what the technocrats tell them. They seldom think for themselves, they don’t question anything and they certainly don’t do much research, choosing instead to just go along with the flow in ignorance of the true facts. There is a Latin term used in law Audi Alteram Partem which means “hear the other side”. This is exactly what our politicians have FAILED to do. Worse still the ‘other side’ has been gagged through mainstream media blackout, censoring on social media and instead they have just followed guidelines suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations (cabal controlled) organisation.

However this is not an excuse for ignorance. Unfortunately our politicians are just as clueless and under educated in health matters as your average man in the street.

Our task is to open their eyes, before they cause any more damage. The problem is:

  • Politicians are ignorant and undereducated in medical general knowledge.
  • They are stubborn – refusing to act with an open mind to ALL the evidence, facts and data available to everyone.
  • They are arrogant. Believing that they have a superior right to information that they believe is correct. They do not listen, and do not respond due to their God complex.

However it is unfair to generalise in this way. There ARE politicians who are waking up thankfully. With a concerted effort on our part, many more will hopefully wake up and will insist on parliamentary scrutiny when a small dictatorial element in the cabinets of all UK governments decide to behave like tin pot dictators, armed with a limited knowledge, but the ability to create mayhem. Sadly the First Minister of Wales – Mark Drakeford is one of those who are totally clueless and out of his depth.

He seriously needs to study the RT-PCR and Face Coverings fact sheets that BGB has published, and realise that the number of cases reported is nothing more than a reflection of the numbers of false positive results being churned out, – and will continue to be churned out  indefinitely – from this junk test.

RT-PCR tests that show (false) positive results for an unidentified and unisolated strain of Coronavirus does NOT equal Covid-19 CASES as reported daily by the mainstream (false) news media – like the BBC.

The whole continued fear promoting campaign and government policies foundation is based on this flawed test and not established science – as tens of thousands of doctors and scientists are keen to point out, but their voices are being viciously censored and drowned out.

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