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We All Know The Score – It’s Now Time For Serious Creative Solutions

Up Until Now . . .

We’ve seen what’s happened, we’ve understood what is behind it all, we’ve presented all the scientific evidence and thousands of doctors and scientists have raised concerns and presented reports on the true science – which has been buried by the state run propaganda outlets – the mainstream media – with the BBC at the front of the fear creating cavalry in this country. The NHS has muzzled whistle-blowers with threats of suspensions and the ruination of careers, So what do we do?

The simple answer is to get people to wake up, and use the power of ‘NO’. However, that is easier said than done. There is little doubt that the public are waking up – but it’s a slow process, with many hurdles thrown in our path. We have increasing protests, but they are not reported on, and with tightening censorship on social platforms, the task is great and the time is limited.

Solutions Through Law

It’s extremely good news that the legal fraternity is waking up very fast. Eminent and highly qualified legal experts are coming together and they are preparing and filing law suits against those in power, accusing them of malfeasance in public office.

This is wonderful news! BUT there is one big obstacle. These filed lawsuits are within the current legal system – which is based on Maritime Law (strange as it seems) it’s called Admiralty Law which is basically a law system that uses corporate commodity and contractual business as it’s basis. That means that even men and women are, in essence, viewed as a cargo, i.e. the property of the state. This is something which the public don’t realise – including those that practice it, it is kept very secret. This is the jurisdiction type adopted by well over 90% of the world’s government courts. Taking these monsters on, whilst standing on their turf could be a real problem. The jurisdictions are heavily weighted in their favour, and their myriads of legal clauses and complicated procedures would make it a nightmare. It could also take an incredibly long time, whilst they kick the can down the road with legal technicalities.

Time is of the essence, because we are rapidly seeing the bringing in of a world wide totalitarian control system, which could permanently kick everything into the long grass. There is an effort, which has been in progress for quite some time, to rid states of any other jurisdiction that can still be used in public courtrooms (such as Common Law) – that is not a fait acompli  YET, but it could be implemented very quickly, given the right political climate to do so. There has been a concerted effort to do away with Common Law for a considerable time.

The Other Solution – Common Law

Registering your Birth Certificate (Common Law Court)
Getting Started

The Common Law Court has created an International database for all living men and women. By submitting a declaration for your birth, you have confirmed that you exist.

Currently, the only existing record for you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you; this means that you fall under their rules. By recording your birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option, you can remain under the statutory system and rules or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

There is no charge for recording any information with the Common Law Court.


Earth United

A talented and extremely dedicated young man called Jesse Perez Casanova from South Africa has established an organisation called ‘Earth United‘. It has gained enormous traction in the months that the current disaster for us has been in force. He along with Christopher James (an expert from Canada in Common Law), are building up a network of people who have been prominent in this fight back – people like Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr. Judy Mikovits and many others. They are about to release an app. that can be downloaded on any phone using the Android Operating System. The idea is to form a network of people globally – in the fight against this evil that has been released upon us. Our biggest enemy is ignorance, but by use of the app. people can be taught and enlightened regarding the way the controlling system works, and even more importantly how Common Law works.

Let Jesse introduce you to Earth United:

Here is another video

Reproduced by BGB featuring Jesse and Chris James in discussion, explaining in more detail what their plan for the use of Common Law – to push us back from the brink – is all about:

I hope this article, and the above videos have helped you understand a little more fully how the use of Public Courthouses and Common Law may be the answer, in the end, to our solutions quandary.

Revealing Words of Wisdom From Karl Lentz

In closing, here is the interview that Brian Gerrish (from UK Column News) conducted with Karl Lentz back in 2013 – which was mentioned by Christopher James in the above video – it’s a real eye opener:

One thing’s for sure, the sharpest and keenest minds in the World are working on this. We need to do our individual part to support them by spreading the word far and wide. Why not start by sending a link to this post to all your friends, family and acquaintances that you have in your address book? And ask them to do the same for you.

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The War Against Truth Has Reached New Heights

Now, More Than Ever There Is A Critical Need For People To Hear The Alternative Version – i.e THE TRUTH

With news breaking today that the censorship campaign to stifle the truth and hide it from the public has gone up a gear, it’s felt that it’s appropriate for the readers of this blog to hear the programme broadcast by UK Column News this afternoon.

A wounded beast is at it’s most dangerous when cornered. This is becoming very evident, as the lies and propaganda regarding this whole hoax pandemic is crumbling, more and more draconian measures are being introduced in panic to try and attack the truth that is becoming ever more evident.

Troops on the streets of Liverpool forcing young people (who are mostly unaffected by Covid-19, and are NOT contagious), are to be tested for a virus that has never been identified. Using an RT-PCR testing method that is now openly known to be over 80% inaccurate. More tests, more false positives, more propaganda that the virus is on the rise, despite the fact that the statistics show something totally different. And so the lie goes on, and the fear gets concentrated within an ignorant public who only listen to the mainstream media – especially the BBC.

Now we hear that the main social media platforms and the search engine company that owns them – Google – are being forced to remove ANY information, from ANY source, about the dangers of an untested vaccine, that most professionals believe would be useless anyway, or worse could endanger life.

You need to hear the coherent counter narrative. Please take note of what is actually happening in this video:

Getting the picture?

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Richie Allen Show Podcast – Sunday the 8th of November 2020

It’s the eighth of November – the second week in the big pathetic lockdown month in England – this is the month when reality will really start to kick in for many, perhaps this will wake people up, let’s hope so. Lockdown related deaths will soar again (according to confusing interpretation of statistics based on an useless testing process using RT-PCR) with empty hospitals and sick people at home (not with the hoax Covid-19 disease) but they will be the innocents that will die at home – at the hands of the government’s madcap policies. It’s no exaggeration to say that we are experiencing a genocide of the sick and elderly.

An Update On Future Richie Allen Sunday Podcasts.

Richie tells us this week that this is the last Sunday Review he’s doing for the foreseeable future – that’s sad. However it is to be replaced by a new Friday programme, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Anyway, let’s hear what Richie Allen has to say in this week’s Sunday Review, brought to you as always via BGB. Click below to hear the 8th of November 2020 episode:

You can also listen directly to this Podcast from the Podmatic platform below. The Podmatic version renews automatically, as Richie broadcasts his latest shows throughout the week, so if you come back to this page later on in the week you can hear what he also has to say on his weekday shows between now and next Sunday.

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Devastating News – Especially For Politicians

There Will Be An Accounting and Soon

In these videos below – which is news that has been smothered by the mainstream media, (as they are hugely complicit in what has happened) – it is revealed that politicians will be held personally responsible for the hideous crimes that have been perpetrated against humanity. This process is already in progress, as all politicians have been made aware of what is happening. They have already ALL been served with their first written notice.

As BGB has previously published [LINK 1], [LINK 2], the legal world is waking up, and getting together to put a stop to this madness. This is not only happening in the UK but in many other countries globally. Please view the video below for a full explanation:

A hugely inspiring conversation, as activist Michael O’Bernicia of, broke down the private criminal prosecutions for “Pandemic” Fraud that he is bringing, under Common Law, against ALL British MPs who voted to extend The Corona Virus Act 2020. These treasonous MPs were served notice at the end of September, and offered an opportunity to escape prosecution by renouncing their position and leaving their posts. The constitutional powers of the Magna Carta still stand in this country, he pointed out, and offered the best opportunity for the people to hold accountable the criminals in Government for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, all of which the current Tory government can be seen to be guilty of. It’s not unreasonable to assume, Michael asserts, that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty could find themselves in jail if the case progresses well.

Here is the follow up video to the above interview:

An end to this evil we are experiencing could possibly be in sight, so it’s hoped that this news will comfort those of you who have been in the dark, ignorant of all the facts, frightened or feeling helpless and depressed.

ALSO Be Encouraged:

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Look Around You – Agenda21/ 2030 Has Been Triggered In 2020

Just A ‘New’ Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak In 2020? It’s Far More complex Than That

Agenda 21 (sustainable development) and the revised later version Agenda 2030 has been brewing since the early 1990s. called Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by 189 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992. The problem all along has been – how to augment it, or rather how to get the game to kick off. Enter the 2019 hoax pandemic – the rest is history. The key being, to get all of humanity fearful of death, and therefore totally susceptible to the planned wishes of the New World Order cabal.

Classic Problem – Reaction – Solution.

First invent the PROBLEM – they said we have a killer virus on the loose, it could wipe out great swathes of humanity (although it has never been identified or isolated in a lab and kills less people than an annual flue outbreak globally). Just highjack a regular seasonal cyclical winter coronavirus and call the disease it causes something exotic – like Covid-19.

Second, wait for the population REACTION – get them so frightened, through mass hysterical multimedia propaganda, that they will demand a solution, for fear of dying. As the masses also have an incredibly low understanding of the subject material, they are gullible and malleable.

Third – offer the SOLUTION. Like the removal of freedoms by diktat. Lockdowns, forced isolation, social distancing, the wearing of face coverings (to amplify the impression of subservience and compliance). Keep the whole scam going with false information, lies about the number of deaths, and the smothering of any information from the true medical and scientific community experts.

The Result? The Trojan Horse Has been Smuggled In

In the guise of a hoax, scam pandemic, democracy has been destroyed, totalitarian rule has been implemented and the call for a global political solution to a global problem has been put in place – the much promoted New World Order/ The Great Reset/ The Fourth Industrial Revolution/ The New Normal – whatever label you put on it, the end result is the same. An end result that many of us have been warning about for years – well – look around you and tell me honestly that the nightmare scenario has not arrived.

This now paves the way for the original plan – Agenda 21/ 2030. Read the documents, they’re freely available for all to see – this is no secret, it’s been out there for nearly thirty years.

Here is a copy of the original Agenda 21 document:


It’s not the fantasy of some conspiracy theorists. Although the BBC would have you believe that every protest (1.5 million in Berlin earlier this year) is always totally made up of ‘conspiracy theorists’. Believe that and it’s little wonder you get duped so easily!

One of the most chilling statements in that Agenda 21 document is the goal of reducing the population of the earth, from the present 7.8 billion, down to a meagre 500 million. Go figure. How do you think they propose to do that? Here’s a clue: VACCINATION of every human on earth. Not rocket science is it?

You really need to watch this video, and you’ll understand how we are being manipulated to accept this change:

For more detailed information I would recommend you also view this video that BGB published earlier this year:

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Explore The Parallels Between Psychological Torture And Your Own Torture Through a Contrived Dependence

Are they making us all into chronic patients who will become helpless to – and even complicit in – our own torture through a contrived dependence on ‘medical experts’?


The following video by ‘Amazing Polly’ will explain it all to you:

This sobering analysis is chilling isn’t it? We can only release ourselves from this psychological prison – with no physical bars – by simply not conforming or by not being complicit through our compliancy due to ignorance. There is no magic bullet to remove this tyrannical control, except by waking up to what is happening and saying NO MORE – we’ve seen through this scam to gain total control over us. But time is running out to reverse what has happened – unless we start acting now.

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More Revelations From Trusted Doctors and Scientists

Firstly an apology for being unable to bring you the weekly Richie Allen Sunday View Podcast today. It appears there’s a problem at his end – I hope he hasn’t been nabbed by the Stasi or shot! More likely a technical glitch at his end – maybe he’s suffered a hacking incident – I hope! it’s nothing worse. Instead here’s an article I had in my bottom drawer for just such an occasion. I hope you enjoy it.

How Many More Top Notch Doctors, Scientists and Other Leading Medical Professionals Do We Have To Quote Before People Start To Stop and Listen?

Instead, people stubbornly listen and believe lies and pseudo science from a handful of ‘advisors’ who are proven to be a part of this scam, and have been bought and paid for by corrupt, unimaginably rich and highly influential individuals and big globalist companies – like Big Pharma. The biggest of whom is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who basically own the World Health Organisation.

Perhaps the masses think that everyone who goes against the establishment line are either nutters, oddballs or just ‘conspiracy theorists’. That is what the corrupt, and again, paid for (by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) BBC announced when over thirty thousand people turned up at a protest rally in London some weeks back. The news headline was “Hundreds of conspiracy theorists turn up for anti Covid-19 rally”. These are the people who spew out the propaganda lies, and the face nappy wearers believe that they are telling the truth! God help us in this upside down world that’s taken leave of it’s senses.

Some may ask why more doctors and scientists don’t come out of the woodwork to reveal the true science. Two reasons basically:

  1. They are scared of losing their jobs and ruining their career prospects (view an earlier BGB post HERE). many of the ones that do come out are either retired or don’t depend on an employer (like the NHS) for work.
  2. When they do come out, they are smothered by mainstream media and their views are shut down, or platforms like YouTube and Facebook censor their content and often close down their accounts in a concerted effort to keep the lid on the truth.

Now, Let’s Remind You once Again About Face Masks

Once again not from my mouth, but from a qualified Doctor with over fifty years experience.

Let’s remind ourselves of who Dr. Vernon Coleman is and what his achievements have been throughout his life.

He’s an international best-selling author. Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, has written over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in the UK alone. His UK publishers include: PAN, Penguin, Corgi, Arrow, Star, Mandarin, Macmillan, Century, Thames and Hudson, and Sidgwick and Jackson. His books have been translated into 25 languages and sell in over 50 countries.
Vernon Coleman’s books have been serialised in newspapers and magazines all over the world, and many have been turned into television and radio series. He was the doctor on British television and the first medical agony uncle on the BBC. Dr Vernon Coleman is a former qualified and practising GP.

To see an archive of videos that he has published on the internet:

Many of his videos were censored on You Tube (surprise, surprised!). You Tube being a key player in smothering truth and censoring anything that reveals the Covid-19 scam, contrary to the official narrative.

Here is a copy of a fact sheet that he wrote, and is available on his website.

Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
(Truths about Masks that Politicians and the BBC Probably Forgot to Mention)

(Copyright: Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA)

1) Face masks have been proven to do harm but not proven to do good. Forcing citizens to wear them is a form of oppression. Support for mask wearing comes from individuals promoting face masks for political rather than health reasons. There is now considerable support for masks to be worn out of doors and even in the home. There is absolutely no scientific reason for this.

2) Over a dozen scientific papers show clearly that masks are ineffective in preventing the movement of infective organisms. They also reduce oxygen levels and expose wearers to increased levels of carbon dioxide.

3) Nine medical authors from Australia and Vietnam studied cloth face masks and concluded that cloth masks should not be recommended for health care workers.

4) Wearing a mask for long periods could cause pulmonary fibrosis. Loose fibres are seen on all types of masks and may be inhaled causing serious lung damage.

5) Researchers in France proved that wearing a surgical mask causes breathlessness.

6) Masks should be changed every four hours and old masks should be disposed of safely. If cloth masks are worn, they should be washed at high temperatures twice a day. Disposable masks should be discarded after one use. (Masks thrown down in the street are a serious health hazard.)

7) Evidence proving the danger and ineffectiveness of masks has been banned, blocked or deleted. Discussion and debate about the value of face masks is suppressed.

8) In September 2020, 70 Belgian doctors claimed that mandatory face masks in schools are a major threat to child development.

9) A leading German virologist claims that face masks are a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

10) Dentists in New York have reported that mask wearing causes gum disease and dental cavities. The dentists say that face coverings lead to mouth dryness and an increase in the build-up of bacteria.

11) Exemption certificates/cards can be obtained online for those who are unable to wear a mask.

12) Some face masks may have pores five thousand times larger than virus particles.

13) Masks should never be touched once in place. If a mask is touched it must be replaced immediately.

14) No one should wear a mask while exercising. There have been several reports of masked children dying while exercising. There is evidence showing that mask wearing reduces blood oxygen levels even when the wearer is standing still. Individuals who exercise are likely to sweat. Masks then become damp more quickly and the damp promotes the growth of microorganisms.

15) There is a risk that viruses may accumulate in the fabric of a mask – thereby increasing the amount of the virus being inhaled.

16) Putting a mask on a baby or unconscious patient is dangerous. The mask may result in the wearer choking on vomit.

17) Some of the carbon dioxide exhaled with each breath is trapped behind the mask.

18) One study of health workers wearing masks showed that a third developed headaches requiring painkillers. Another study showed that 81% developed headaches – and their work was affected.

19) A mask can reduce blood oxygenation by up to 20% – leading to a possible loss of consciousness. At least one road crash has been blamed on a driver wearing a mask. Police reported that the driver of a single car crash in New Jersey is believed to have passed out behind the wheel after wearing a mask for too long.

20) Over a dozen studies failed to show that wearing a mask provides protection against infection.

21) Masks are being used as a conditioning tool to make us more compliant.

22) A study of 53 surgeons showed that there were statistically significant falls in blood oxygen levels after masks had been worn for a few hours. It is important to remember that surgeons who wear masks (and not all do) work while standing, rather than walking, and they work in a controlled, air conditioned environment. They do not touch their masks and they change them regularly.

23) The fact that the rules about mask wearing vary from place to place proves that there is no `science’ behind the advice to wear masks. So, for example, why should the coronavirus spread from person to person in a shop but not in an office?

24) There were no mask requirements in Sweden, and the mortality rate there remained below a bad flu season. The average age of Swedish citizens who died of covid-19 was well over 80 years.

25) A meta-analysis of controlled trials of face masks published in May 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control in the US, concluded that masks `did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory confirmed influenza, either when worn by infected persons or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility’.

26) A meta- analysis published in May 2016 concluded that masks did not have any useful effect but that reuse of contaminated masks did transmit infection.

27) In 2019, a paper involving 2,862 volunteers and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that both surgical masks and N95 respirators `resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory confirmed influenza’.

28) In 2011, a meta-analysis of 17 separate studies showed that none of the research showed masks to be useful in preventing influenza infection.

29) In 2009, a paper published in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Hygiene concluded that particles passed through masks and that expelled particles were deflected around the edges of masks.

30) Research published in 2005 concluded that there was more transmission of virus laden particles from masked individuals than from unmasked individuals because of `leakage’ jets of air. Backward unfiltered air flow was found to be stronger with mask wearers (suggesting that standing behind someone wearing a mask could be dangerous).

31) A study published in the BMJ in 2015 found that the penetration of cloth masks was almost 97%.

32) N95 masks are made with a 0.3 micron filter. The name comes from the fact that 95% of particles having a diameter of 0.3 microns are filtered by the mask. Unfortunately, coronaviruses are approximately 0.125 microns in diameter.

33) An article entitled `Is a mask necessary in the operating theatre?’, published in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1981 found no difference in wound infection rates with or without surgical masks. A paper published in 1991 showed that the use of masks slightly increased the incidence of infection.

34) It was proved in 1920 that cloth masks do not stop flu transmission. It was concluded then that the number of layers of fabric required to prevent pathogen spread would be suffocating. It was also recognised that there was a problem with leakage around the edges of masks.

35) Mask wearers are encouraged to demonise non-mask wearers (even if they are disabled in some way). This is part of the psychological warfare battle being fought.

36) There have been suggestions from various authorities that mask wearing and social distancing will need to be permanent. It has also been suggested that masks should be worn in the home.

37) Masks collect fungi, bacteria and viruses and because of the moist air exhaled they are an excellent breeding ground.

38) `We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offer little, if any, protection from infection…In many cases the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.’ – New England Journal of Medicine, 2020

39) Research published in June 2020 suggested that the reduction in blood oxygen and the increase in carbon dioxide, resulting from mask wearing, might cause a strain on the heart and kidneys.

40) Mask wearers are more likely to develop infection than non-mask wearers. This may be due to the fact that masks reduce blood oxygen levels and adversely affect natural immunity. It is likely that anyone who wears a face mask for long periods will have a damaged immune system – and be more susceptible to infection. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit immune cells used to fight viral infections. Wearing a mask may make the wearer more likely to develop an infection – and if an infection develops it is likely to be worse.

41) Masks can cause hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide). Symptoms of hypercapnia include drowsiness, dizziness and fatigue.

42) A mask worn by a child in school was examined in a laboratory. Tests showed 82 bacterial colonies and 4 mould colonies growing on the mask.

43) In May 2020, Dr Fauci, the American covid-19 expert, concluded that masks are little more than symbolic – virtue signalling.

44) Although they have not been tested extensively, visors are probably just as useless as masks but they may be less dangerous to wearers.


Having studied the evidence I believe that mask wearing is likely to do no good but a great deal of harm. The available evidence shows clearly that masks do not work but do have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Any individual or organisation dismissing the information above as `fake news’ is requested to give their name and address. They will then receive a writ for libel. Please note that I am already in the process of planning two libel actions.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2020

How much more proof of your gullibility and ludicrous actions do you need?

If you can find any factual scientific evidence to refute the above then PLEASE register a personal account and provide your comment(s)

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