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They thought they could get away with it, but they have underestimated the talent, resilience and professional abilities of true expert scientists and doctors, working in harmony with some of the best and sharpest legal brains in the world. Just as the Nazis were rounded up for the Nuremberg trials under international law (20 Nov 1945 – 1 Oct 1946), So too those responsible for the destruction of the global economy and resultant deaths due to the harsh ‘lockdowns’ and loss of businesses and employment, under a false emergency scare due to a hoax Covid-19 disease will be brought to book. Those accused of this atrocity will include the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The advisors to the governments under the control of the WHO, who are responsible for the mainstream media scare-mongering AND the politicians directly responsible for their malfeasance  in public office will be brought to trial. The courts will be the final arbitrators in this greatest ever genocidal attack on humanity.

One of the most authoritative interventions combining rigorous science with legal acumen comes from a German-based Coronavirus Investigation Committee that began its deliberations in July. This Committee is seeking international collaborators in all countries.

The spokesperson in the video below is a lawyer licensed to practise in Germany and California. He is Dr. Reimer Fuellmich who puts forward a blockbuster of a presentation rich in data, scientific analysis and legal interpretation. I consider this presentation to be the most incisive analysis to date of what must be done to hold the culprits accountable for “the biggest crime against humanity ever.”

The article below was originally written by: Prof. Anthony J. Hall for Global Research. © Prof. Anthony J. Hall 2020. Minor editing and formatting adaptations by BGB.

Exploring the Coronavirus Crisis of 2020

A Compilation and Commentary on Online Essays

There is a battle going on over who and what most credibly represents science. As the months pass, the contest over science is integral to the acrimony concerning the nature of COVID-19. In February of this year the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), an agency largely funded by Bill Gates, bestowed the name, “COVID-19” on the supposedly new coronavirus.

Lack of Scientific Credentials

Many powerful interests have combined to argue that science justifies the government-led initiatives to impose, for instance, economic lockdowns, social distancing, mandatory masking, and a future of compulsory vaccines. A growing international movement of people, however, is coming to see that the impositions being done in the name of fighting COVID-19 are not scientific at all. Instead we are in the midst of a propaganda war aimed at inciting fear and even panic.

Josh Mitteldorf has written an illuminating essay about this struggle over who really speaks on behalf of the scientific method.  From his analysis he concludes:

Never before 2020 have so few people with so little scientific credentials claimed to speak for the scientific community as a whole; and never has the public been asked to modify our daily lives and sacrifice our livelihoods on such a scale.

After describing “COVID-19 and the Perversion of Science,” Mitteldorf lists ten of the lies and deceptions pushed on us without the backing of scientific authority. Mitteldorf writes:

Here are ten messages that are essential pieces of the standard COVID narrative, but which are unfounded in actual science. Stay tuned for a detailed rebuttal of each.

1. “The origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was one of many random events in nature in which a virus jumps from one species to another.”

2. “Chloroquine kills patients and is too dangerous to use against COVID”

3. “The Ferguson model warned us of impending danger in time to take action and dodge a bullet.”

4. “American deaths from COVID: 200,000 and counting”

5. “New cases of COVID are expanding now in a dangerous Second Wave”

6. “Masks and social distancing are keeping the virus in check in our communities”

7. “Dr Fauci and the CDC are guiding our response to COVID according to the same principles of epidemic management that have protected public health in the past.

8. “Asymptomatic carriers are an important vector of disease transmission, which must be isolated if we are to stop the spread of COVID”

9. “The lower death rates now compared to April are due to protective measures such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and limited travel.”

10. “With enough resources, pharmaceutical scientists can develop a vaccine in a matter of months, and provide reasonable assurance that it is safe.”

This list of false claims pushed on us by a small clique is far from complete. The inducement of fear and panic is the primary strategy for getting people to go along with the imposition of such monumental changes in our lives. The task of arousing fear is performed by a compliant media that 24/7 exaggerates the severity of COVID-19 while predicting more terrible calamities to come.

As University of Ottawa Professor, Michel Chossudovsky reports in Global Research, “The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis.

Professor Chossudovsky founded the Global site shortly following the 9/11 fiasco in 2001. The site is rich with articles based on scientific analysis that cuts against the power-serving reports on mainstream media.

Professor Chossudovsky presents a video overview of the misnamed pandemic here:

One of the major stories outlined in this array of Global Research stories is that there is really no method to determine who is “infected” with the virus and who is not. Indeed the results of the PCR test are virtually meaningless. Accordingly, the whole story line of the number of cases increasing towards the need to impose a second set of lockdowns is specious. It is nothing but calculated disinformation.  See, for instance, this, this and this.

A related essay by Michael Thau is entitled, “NY Times: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-19 Positive Wrongly Diagnosed!

TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse?

By now it is well known that the rules for registering deaths were altered in many countries to clear to way for gross exaggerations of COVID-19 death statistics. Moreover, hospital administrators were given financial rewards for going along with the deception. One of the web sites where this story is explained is the Children’s Health Defence, see this.

The alteration of laws, policies and practises in many countries to create the condition for major over-counts of COVID-19 deaths is well known. The phenomenon has been widely reported in alternative media. See this for instance.

The available data on the inflation of case numbers as well as morbidity rates attributed to COVID-19 are founded in fraud, misinformation, lies and specious assumptions. Hence it can be said that the real threat to the public comes not from a killer virus, whose true lethality so far is no more serious than the annual flu. Rather we are dealing with a vile political virus, a massive political deception, being pushed on us by a combination of Big Pharma and globalist financiers. These financiers, as best personified by racketeer Bill Gates, have deep roots in Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and even in the enormous wealth-generating capacities of Communist China.

Lavishly Financed Manipulation of Media Outlets and Public Officials

Literally billions of people worldwide are being placed in harm’s way based on a lavishly financed manipulation of media outlets and public officials. The lockdowns, the muzzling with masks, as well as the “immunity passport” vaccines, are meant to advance a number of goals, most of which have little to do with public health. They are meant to further enrich the rich by ruthlessly assaulting the middle class and further impoverishing the poor.

This agenda extends to schemes to robotize almost everything and to inject into humans chip nanotechnology. The injection of biotechnological interfaces into our DNA will help make us more docile, obedient and compliant so we can be made to conform to the engineering requirements of AI, (Artificial Intelligence). Already some of the COVID vaccines are being designed to transform us humans into GMOs, (Genetically Modified Organisms). See this.

Scientists & Lawyers Working Together

The political emergency misrepresented as a viral emergency is creating the necessity for close collaboration between scientists and lawyers. This partnership is welcome and necessary. It is a vital means of defending the great mass of humanity from the many-faceted assault presently being aimed our way.

Increasingly those most effective in defending against the assault combine the tools of scientific evaluation with expertise in international criminal law. Increasingly concepts like crimes against humanity and the Nuremberg Principles are being brought to the analysis of what is being forced on us based on the perversion of science, not the expression of science.

One of the most authoritative interventions combining rigorous science with legal acumen comes from a German-based Coronavirus Investigation Committee that began its deliberations in July. This Committee is seeking international collaborators in all countries.

The spokesperson in the above video at the top of this post is a lawyer licensed to practise in Germany and California. He is Dr. Reimer Fuellmich who puts forward a blockbuster of a presentation rich in data, scientific analysis and legal interpretation. I consider this presentation to be the most incisive analysis to date of what must be done to hold the culprits accountable for “the biggest crime against humanity ever.”

Another important case, combining the contributions of legal practitioners and scientific experts, is being pressed against the state government of Ohio by the lawyer, Tom Renz. The video highlights a very informative discussion between Renz and the well-known investigative journalist, Jon Rapport.

Rappaport is a veteran reporter on health issues who has long been very critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci played a controversial role in aspects of the HIV-AIDS controversy that many see as still unresolved. As he is doing in the present crisis, Fauci pushed aside health regulations to disseminate the very expensive supposed remedy, AZT. AZT turned out to be lethal for many of those that received this poisonous and untested false remedy.

Especially appreciated is Rappaport’s ability in this video to boil down complex issues into simple, plain language. Tom Renz explains his own lead role in the case with similar clarity. Clearly Renz is preparing to wage the good fight for genuine public health based on the application of science rather than on the denigration of science in the cause of societal corruption.

Work Afoot in Other Countries

Several hundred doctors in Belgium [Docs 4 Open Debate] organized themselves to submit two letters presenting their own highly critical assessment of the coronavirus abuses imposed by their own government.

Rocco Galati has mounted a case in the Superior Court of Ontario accusing many public officials and government broadcasters, including the CBC, of many criminal violations against the Canadian constitution and international law.

Rocco Galati, Canadian Constitutional Lawyer at Toronto Freedom Rally — October 17, 2020

Here is a conversation between Ezra Levant and Rocco Galati.

Here is an interview with Galati by Bright Light News:

The interview is posted on the web site, End Calgary Lockdown.

One of the subjects raised by Galati is the lack of any scientific justification for masking, let alone mandatory masking as ordered by some governments. Galati observes, “masks are the props of the masquerade.” This masquerade is based on disguising a political epidemic as a viral epidemic.

One of the most widely cited international experts on masking is a retired physicist from the University of Ottawa, Dr. Denis Rancourt. Here is Denis as filmed in a video where he is the esteemed guest of US Senator Ron Paul.

Here is that report that Prof. Rancourt wrote for the Ontario Civil Liberties Association in its intervention with the Director-General of the World Health Organization, the WHO.

I distributed paper copies of the Ontario Civil Liberties document to all City Councillors in the Lethbridge Municipal Government in Alberta Canada weeks before the elected officials voted to approve mandatory masking. I have yet to receive a response specifically addressing the content of the document I sent these elected officials.

There are several articles on masking in the Global Research collection of most popular essays for the month of September.

These articles on different aspects of the masking issue include the following: this, this, this and this.

The masking issue is becoming a matter of life and death. The number of cases is growing where individuals have been killed, severely beaten, arrested, incarcerated, and probably tortured for the alleged crime of not wearing a mask or not wearing a mask in the regimented fashion. Why is this violence against those who opt not to wear masks becoming so dangerous?

My colleague in the Media Department of New York University, Prof. Mark Crispin Miller, has written a detailed article entitled “Masking Ourselves to Death.” The author begins the article by introducing accounts of some of the crimes committed by pro-maskers. Some of these individuals, both police and civilian, have been socialized to embark on violent power trips.

Here is Prof. Miller’s commentary on the push towards mandatory masking as one of the pointed moving edges of the accelerating political virus.

Prof. Miller is running into heavy opposition from powerful interests able to exercise their influence in mass media and apparently also in the administration of New York University. The media’s hit jobs against Dr. Miller are widespread including here and here.

A petition has been mounted in the case by the defenders of Prof. Miller, free speech and academic freedom. The petitioners are calling on NYU’s administrators to serve the interests of independent scientific research, publication and pedagogy rather than push forward the self-interested agendas of powerful political lobbies.

Please consider signing this petition in support of Prof. Miller and the principles of academic freedom.

The petition itself touches on issues similar to those raised by the administration of the University of Lethbridge in its attack on me and on open academic debate in 2016. In recent years the perversion of academic governance in order to control what can or cannot be articulated on university campuses is becoming epidemic in scope. The authors of the petition exclaim,

We see Prof. Miller’s situation as a flashpoint in the struggle not just to reclaim but to protect free speech and free inquiry. NYU officials have no right to intervene in Prof. Miller’s courses or message his students surreptitiously undermining his integrity as an instructor. They have no right to deprive him of the courses he was hired to teach and they should not join in a public smear campaign against the very rights they should uphold at a university.

This kind of abuse pressed against a senior, tenured and well published university professor is an aspect of the contemporary assault on science presently plaguing society. One of the major emerging issues concerns the question of whether governments the world over can impose mandatory vaccines on citizens in the name of a public health emergency. It turns out the Alberta Public Health Act already has a provision for government-ordered mandatory vaccines. Please see section 38 in here, see especially pages 27-44.

It seems the former NDP government of Premier Rachel Notley inserted the provision on mandatory vaccination without seeking significant public consultation. Alberta’s current Health Minister, Tyler Shandro, indicated in mid-September that he favours “repealing” the enactment enabling compulsory vaccinations. See this.

I have been publishing articles on the misnamed pandemic since the subject mushroomed into prominence last winter. Some of these articles have been published at Global Research. See this.

My most recent contribution to GR is “The Perversion of Science to Clear the Way for the Imposition of Compulsory Vaccines”.

I have written two major pieces on the crisis, one highlighting the integration of military and public health initiatives in the genesis of a coronavirus that seems to have some attributes of an engineered bioweapon. See this.

I was especially interested in the role of Canadian centers for military and medical research on viruses in both Winnipeg and Lethbridge. See this.

I “follow the money” on the issue of the economic implication of the lockdowns here.

For those who read German this 20,000 word article has been translated and published here.

– Ends. . .

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