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We’ve seen what’s happened, we’ve understood what is behind it all, we’ve presented all the scientific evidence and thousands of doctors and scientists have raised concerns and presented reports on the true science – which has been buried by the state run propaganda outlets – the mainstream media – with the BBC at the front of the fear creating cavalry in this country. The NHS has muzzled whistle-blowers with threats of suspensions and the ruination of careers, So what do we do?

The simple answer is to get people to wake up, and use the power of ‘NO’. However, that is easier said than done. There is little doubt that the public are waking up – but it’s a slow process, with many hurdles thrown in our path. We have increasing protests, but they are not reported on, and with tightening censorship on social platforms, the task is great and the time is limited.

Solutions Through Law

It’s extremely good news that the legal fraternity is waking up very fast. Eminent and highly qualified legal experts are coming together and they are preparing and filing law suits against those in power, accusing them of malfeasance in public office.

This is wonderful news! BUT there is one big obstacle. These filed lawsuits are within the current legal system – which is based on Maritime Law (strange as it seems) it’s called Admiralty Law which is basically a law system that uses corporate commodity and contractual business as it’s basis. That means that even men and women are, in essence, viewed as a cargo, i.e. the property of the state. This is something which the public don’t realise – including those that practice it, it is kept very secret. This is the jurisdiction type adopted by well over 90% of the world’s government courts. Taking these monsters on, whilst standing on their turf could be a real problem. The jurisdictions are heavily weighted in their favour, and their myriads of legal clauses and complicated procedures would make it a nightmare. It could also take an incredibly long time, whilst they kick the can down the road with legal technicalities.

Time is of the essence, because we are rapidly seeing the bringing in of a world wide totalitarian control system, which could permanently kick everything into the long grass. There is an effort, which has been in progress for quite some time, to rid states of any other jurisdiction that can still be used in public courtrooms (such as Common Law) – that is not a fait acompli  YET, but it could be implemented very quickly, given the right political climate to do so. There has been a concerted effort to do away with Common Law for a considerable time.

The Other Solution – Common Law

Registering your Birth Certificate (Common Law Court)
Getting Started

The Common Law Court has created an International database for all living men and women. By submitting a declaration for your birth, you have confirmed that you exist.

Currently, the only existing record for you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you; this means that you fall under their rules. By recording your birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option, you can remain under the statutory system and rules or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

There is no charge for recording any information with the Common Law Court.


Earth United

A talented and extremely dedicated young man called Jesse Perez Casanova from South Africa has established an organisation called ‘Earth United‘. It has gained enormous traction in the months that the current disaster for us has been in force. He along with Christopher James (an expert from Canada in Common Law), are building up a network of people who have been prominent in this fight back – people like Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr. Judy Mikovits and many others. They are about to release an app. that can be downloaded on any phone using the Android Operating System. The idea is to form a network of people globally – in the fight against this evil that has been released upon us. Our biggest enemy is ignorance, but by use of the app. people can be taught and enlightened regarding the way the controlling system works, and even more importantly how Common Law works.

Let Jesse introduce you to Earth United:

Here is another video

Reproduced by BGB featuring Jesse and Chris James in discussion, explaining in more detail what their plan for the use of Common Law – to push us back from the brink – is all about:

I hope this article, and the above videos have helped you understand a little more fully how the use of Public Courthouses and Common Law may be the answer, in the end, to our solutions quandary.

Revealing Words of Wisdom From Karl Lentz

In closing, here is the interview that Brian Gerrish (from UK Column News) conducted with Karl Lentz back in 2013 – which was mentioned by Christopher James in the above video – it’s a real eye opener:

One thing’s for sure, the sharpest and keenest minds in the World are working on this. We need to do our individual part to support them by spreading the word far and wide. Why not start by sending a link to this post to all your friends, family and acquaintances that you have in your address book? And ask them to do the same for you.

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