Now, More Than Ever There Is A Critical Need For People To Hear The Alternative Version – i.e THE TRUTH

With news breaking today that the censorship campaign to stifle the truth and hide it from the public has gone up a gear, it’s felt that it’s appropriate for the readers of this blog to hear the programme broadcast by UK Column News this afternoon.

A wounded beast is at it’s most dangerous when cornered. This is becoming very evident, as the lies and propaganda regarding this whole hoax pandemic is crumbling, more and more draconian measures are being introduced in panic to try and attack the truth that is becoming ever more evident.

Troops on the streets of Liverpool forcing young people (who are mostly unaffected by Covid-19, and are NOT contagious), are to be tested for a virus that has never been identified. Using an RT-PCR testing method that is now openly known to be over 80% inaccurate. More tests, more false positives, more propaganda that the virus is on the rise, despite the fact that the statistics show something totally different. And so the lie goes on, and the fear gets concentrated within an ignorant public who only listen to the mainstream media – especially the BBC.

Now we hear that the main social media platforms and the search engine company that owns them – Google – are being forced to remove ANY information, from ANY source, about the dangers of an untested vaccine, that most professionals believe would be useless anyway, or worse could endanger life.

You need to hear the coherent counter narrative. Please take note of what is actually happening in this video:

Getting the picture?

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