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They Walk Among Us Unfortunately

The Poor Sheeple

Thankfully some are waking up, now that the panic is wearing off a little, and they’ve calmed down and started to come out of their initial panic instinct to take off in a human herd stampede. A mental stampede, not unlike what happens to cowboys in a physical way; when the cattle herd they had settled down for the night on the open plains – suddenly gets ‘spooked’ by a noise in the darkness, or the sudden howl of a wolf. They instantly take off in a stampede. A survival mechanism, where no time is lost to analyse anything – they just copy the animal next to them and run away aimlessly in a blind panic. That is the power of illogical fear. Those that control us have studied that phenomenon in detail, over a long time, and use it at every opportunity to get what they want.

Humans sometimes react in the same way as other lesser developed animals. They get spooked by the news that drenches the masses with propaganda lies via the mainstream news media (MSM). They don’t stop to think logically, ask questions or analyse the situation. About 80% kick into survival mode (the reptilian portion of their brain takes over). That’s the basal ganglia which is referred to as the reptilian or primal brain. This structure is in control of our innate and automatic self-preserving behaviour patterns, which generally ensures our survival and that of our species. The primal brain is also in charge of, what are often referred to as, the four Fs: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, and… Reproduction (well you didn’t expect me to use that other F-word here did you?!). Notable behaviour patterns include defence of self, family, and personal property. When you’re told that you may die of a deadly disease, unless you take the proposed actions to save yourself – you obey without thinking – right?

This response is heightened by social programming (being told from birth to accept authority and to blindly trust in, and listen to, whatever authority tells them – official’ experts’ are always right – aren’t they?). This 80% of the population are also quite ignorant, undereducated and have closed minds – especially when it comes to medical knowledge, relying instead on the ‘experts‘ (the technocrats). This group also includes the politicians, who are as a percentage just as clueless on these matters as the general public – so they rely on the ‘technocrats’ to advise them. They in turn use that advice blindly, to formulate the rules for the masses.

The 20, 30 and 50%

As discussed in a previous post, 20% of the population will not accept what’s said at face value, through blind faith. They will analyse the situation, use their own knowledge – through personal research/ study – and will behave in accordance with what they have learned. They will research and analyse – they are the more enquiring, open minded thinkers. 50% will just sit on the fence without knowing much, and hedge their bets that by going with the majority of like minded ones they will be safe – but they can be convinced of the truth with a little patience. Then we have that 30% hardcore – the ZOMBIES. Regardless of how much evidence and proof is provided for them, usually they will not even look at the information put in front of them – they will not budge, hence the ‘Zombie’ tag.

Patience Runs Out

I used to pity those people who went around in useless masks (masks that have been proven to actually harm their health). They willingly allow themselves to be separated from others by two metres (social isolating), and also willingly allow themselves to be house arrested (‘lockdown’ – that hideous word borrowed from the American prison system) with their freedoms voluntarily taken away from them, without a single moan or question – believing that Big Brother knows best. Their gospel bearers are the MSM and they will not accept – under any circumstances – that the governments and institutions have not got their best interests at heart, or that they are capable of duping them with a global scam. After so long trying to open their eyes, and by putting facts in front of them, I am starting to give up on that group.

Enter The Old Man In a Chair

That’s what Dr. Vernon Coleman calls himself. I personally believe he is a very wise ‘old man in a chair.’

Dr. Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, is an international best-selling author of over 100 books. He explains why he, like me, is also fed up with the sanctimonious mask wearing idiots who obey social distancing rules and are enabling the deceitful bullies in government. The Zombies, he says, are our enemies as much as the people pulling the strings. And he explains what he’s doing about them.

In the video below, in his own inimitable and satirical manner, he further explains why we should “Rage Against The Zombies”:


An Addendum To The Above

It makes me wonder what could snap people out of their ignorant hysteria. In times gone by, the solution to someone suffering a bout of hysteria would be a quick  slap across the face to shock them back to reality – when logic and reason directed at the hysterical person had failed!

Here’s another video, which not only discusses the stupidity of the mask wearing craze that’s been promoted by the ones who wish us harm, and expertly propagandised by the MSM. It also touches on other areas that ensure we are compliant, robbed of proper news – by news blackout from the likes of the BBC (news was put on hold apparently when the convenient Covid-19 scam surfaced), and the true nature of race protests, what’s happening behind the scenes in government, and the way that the Cabal has steered the world into chaos – to accommodate their skillfully crafted agenda, over a very long time.

Perhaps it will serve as a small slap in the face of those who are of a hysterical, naive and gullible  nature. Perhaps it will go part way to waking them up to the true reality around them.

Well worth you taking an hour out of your life to listen, watch and absorb:

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Professor Cahill, Dr. Tenpenny and Sacha Stone Speaking Out at a Time When TRUTH Needs to be Heard!

Listening To The Truth

Truth seems to have got lost somewhere. There was a time when certain sources could be trusted to relay proper facts and details to the public. Somewhere it got derailed. Now we have defaulted to a position where everything has to be checked for validity and truth. This situation has largely come about through the involvement of big powerful and well financed globalist corporations having influences over news outlets that should be absolutely neutral. Indeed the old saying that ‘money is the root of all evil’ comes readily to mind.

The Cabal realised a long time ago, that to press forward with their agenda, they needed to control/ influence governments across the globe and especially, control the mainstream news media, and often times they needed to hoodwink the public. More especially that huge chunk of the population, that relies solely on what they hear from the box in the corner of their living rooms. They can be panicked, made fearful and can also be manipulated when it comes to their perception of reality. No more so has this been the case when it comes to the recent hoax pandemic, that has relieved billions of people across the globe of their basic rights and freedoms. They have also lost their livelihoods.

This has been going on for a considerable length of time. However with the advent of alternative media and citizen journalism via the internet, a lot of the fake news and propaganda spilled out by the MSM has been exposed. In turn this has resulted in a determined effort by those who propagate this mischief, to censor content on public platforms, like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest – who are neatly tucked away in the palm of the Cabal – to embark on a vicious and harsh attempt at censorship, in order to drown out the voices of those that put forward opposite arguments. They have also tried to discredit information that goes contrary to the ‘official’ line on matters that can be factually debunked and evidence provided for that exposure. We now have ‘fact checking’ services, which are also not neutral, their main function being to put doubt in the minds of genuine people who are searching for the truth.

This is a hideous sort of ‘cold war’. However it’s good to see that there are enough good honest people prepared to put their heads above the parapet to declare the truth – to all those with open and critical minds, who are astute enough to make their own minds up, without being told what to think, say or do.

The Truth Envoys

In the video below we see a recording of a four way discussion between Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Imani Mamalution and Sacha Stone. They discuss the absolutely dreadful place that we have found ourselves in, but also provide a glimmer of hope. They also have a steely resolve to curb this madness, and educate those who are uneducated about what is going on, not realising the forces that are behind this blatant attack on the human race. Even though there’s an increasing number of professionals, especially in the medical, scientific and legal world increasingly joining the ranks of those who are fighting back against this nightmare, many, many more are needed though, to tip the balance. Common sense, logic and truth will prevail in the end.

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One Dimensional Thinking

The Dangers of Having a Closed Mind

Core belief is something that some have arrived at through experience, research and study. It is a conclusion following deliberation, the weighing up of evidence, and of course it needs one critical component – an open mind.

That sadly is not the case with the majority of humans today. We, so the biologists tell us, are primates – intelligent monkeys. The one outstanding feature of the primates is that they are extremely curious, intelligent, and can put knowledge, through that curiosity and the ability to learn, to use it – for their own benefit. Thereby continually improving their life and surroundings. It is perhaps the gold standard when evaluating different animals’ intelligence. Unfortunately they also have another trait, it’s gloriously summed up in the old saying “monkey see, monkey do”.

Sadly, we have arrived at a point in our development, where there is an obvious loss of the good qualities, of curiosity and learning – thinking for oneself. It is superseded by the “monkey see, monkey do” trait.That is understandable in some ways, because instead of having to apply their own thinking processes, it can be so easy to let the others do the thinking, and then use a shortcut by copying what those thinkers come up with. That’s OK to a point, but when the ‘thinkers’ start to exploit this trait to manipulate and exploit the bigger group of non thinkers, who rely on the thoughts of others – a HUGE problem arises.

We often mock sheep for not having a very intelligent existence, in reality sheep are actually quite intelligent, but they have one overbearing trait – they act as a group – or a flock as a collection of sheep is described as. They follow one another blindly and have a collective mentality. Shoals of fish and flocks of birds often have the same trait. There is a reason for it, it is a defence from danger when they act together. In the wild, if sheep ran off in all directions when danger was apparent – say if a pack of wolves attacked the flock. By thinking individually they could be easily picked off. So under those circumstances there is safety in following each other blindly. When a scattered group of sheep spot an attacker (even if it’s only a sheepdog at the command of a shepherd), they perceive the danger individually and form a close group, that stops individual thinking, and they start thinking as a group. We have a word for it in human circles – ‘group think’.

How Group Think Can Be Disastrous For Humans

Assuming that we did not have people in our midst who can be clinically diagnosed as psychopaths, then the thinkers up towards the top of the intelligence food chain could be relied on to lead those who are cursed with one dimensional thinking – in other words the closed mind group, who occupy the greatest number in today’s world. It would not be a bad thing for a handful of good, clear thinkers to lead the others, thereby improving everyone’s lot. Sadly that is not the case.

By their very nature, psychopaths are the most successful, they tend to occupy high grade jobs, and tend to be the richest (ironically, bankers and surgeons apparently have the highest percentage of psychopathic tendencies amongst them apparently) – due to their ruthlessness in their dealings with other people. A psychopath has no conscience, no empathy, no sympathy. To a psychopath killing or hurting one person is no different to killing a hundred, a million or a billion people. History is littered with them, including such characters as Mao Zedong (49-78 million deaths), Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths), Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths), Leopold II of Belgium (2-15 million deaths), Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths), Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths) or even Tony Bliar and baby Bush in their blood lust for war. The present crop of psychopaths will make all the above pale into insignificance – because BILLIONS will die. At whose hands? The henchmen of the world ruling Cabal, who have no land borders, but control the world behind the governments. The ultimate goal? To usher in a New World Order (NWO). Hard to believe? Look around you, and analyse the events over the last few decades, and more especially the event you are personally experiencing whilst under house arrest at present. Still think this is the utterings of crazed conspiracy theorists? If you do, then obviously you are firmly in the camp of the one dimensional thinkers.

The Cabal recruit certain ones, earmarked to do their work. Some are born into dynasties that have been henchmen of the Cabal for a very long time.

One Man’s Globalisation Monopoly of Health


A benign, mild mannered, bespectacled businessman who rocketed to fame with his Microsoft Operating System? Who went from doing a bit of coding with his pal in his parents garage to being one of the world’s richest men. Don’t be fooled, that old chestnut is a myth. Along with other hand-picked henchmen, like Musk, Jobs,  Page, Brin, Chen and the paedophile child procurer Epstein etc. etc. Mostly portrayed as poor boys made good, usually dropping out of university, starting a little business (usually with a pal) in a garage or a bedroom, and then bursting on the scene as multi billionaires. The strange thing, that runs like a thread through all these stories of rags to riches, is that mysteriously, no one can pinpoint or trace how or when they came to such staggering wealth. Had you heard of Elon Musk, before he suddenly appeared – as if by magic – as the head of the Space-X company rocketing satellites into space?

The Gullibility of The One Dimensional Thinkers

The masses believe the incredible stories poured out to them from the MSM. They only look at things in one dimension. They believe everything they are told – including the latest cartload of crap about this sudden pandemic. They see the world or rather perceived the world through the lenses put on their noses by those who wish to control the world. The dark suits in the shadows, the elites, the 1% – call them what you like. Those referred to above are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who do the pick and shovel work for the Cabal. The foremost in their ranks being the evil psychopath Bill Gates, who will massacre BILLIONS, without blinking an eye, either through famine, vaccinations, stress or any other means he can conjure up – because he has repeatedly said on record that he wants to cull the world’s population. The current fabricated pandemic, and the actions taken in it’s wake ticks all the boxes.

In Mitigation of the One Dimensional Thinkers

They have been groomed from birth to accept the world through the distorted vision that they have been programmed to accept. From the time they are born their parents teach them to be in subservience to the authority that rules them, to accept governments – as the democratic voice of the people – to accept everything they hear on the news and to worship certain ones in society. They are taught total obedience and respect for those that rule them. When they start school, that indoctrination carries on until they reach adulthood. From then on, they have been fully programmed to accept everything that is happening around them. If challenged the usual line is “it’s a coincidence”!

This one dimensional thinking is still carried on when all around them they can see what is happening in real life. I’m fed up of talking to people who say “all this will be over soon and things will get back to normal”. A clear sign that their thought process is totally one dimensional. In between watching game shows, celebrity worship, soap operas and interchanging crap on Facebook between their ‘Friends’ which is only interceded with propaganda news sandwiched in between, from the television and radio, they believe that all this is a speed bump in the road of life.

Because they are unable to think at a deeper level, and in a more comprehensive way to take in the full import of what has happened, they are still planning life as it used to be, assuming that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible (to quote an old screen flash when TV transmissions were not as reliable as they are today).

Some entertain themselves with issues they were involved in before this global catastrophe. Navel staring whilst they wait for that service to be resumed. Some in political circles that I have been involved in are already talking about campaigning for next year’s Welsh Government elections. It’s as if this is a bad dream that they’ll wake out of in the morning.

The only hope we have of survival, much less normality, is for those of us who do think in a multi dimensional way, hope that we can push back this madness, before Gates gets hold of us with his needles, when mandatory vaccination comes into force. It’ll be too late when the claws in the paw of your oppressors have fully sunk into your flesh.



The Big Question – ‘What Is It?’ – My Conclusions


Read more detailed info on what you should know about communicable diseases

I have been diligently following the outbreak of this supposed COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ as it’s unfolded. From day one I have been diligently researching and investigating what is really going on. I’ve been extremely vocal, not just on this blog, but elsewhere on the internet, suggesting “there is something totally wrong” about all this. Facts don’t stack up, numbers don’t make sense, and the mainstream news media (MSM) have gone ballistic with the official line, I have yet to see a story run for so long, where the MSM has been obsessed with just one thing – Corona virus (COVID-19).

Answering An Objection

I was challenged by someone on another blog, saying that I had changed my story regarding this conspiracy, and that I’d started off saying it was a ‘wild’ virus that had caused the outbreak. He went on to say that I had then changed my mind, and said it was a weaponised virus, that had probably escaped from the Wuhan bio lab in Hubei province in the People’s Republic of China, (BSL-4 status – the highest international designation for bio research safety – designed for work with the deadly and easily transmittable class of pathogens known as P4), and that finally, I had said it was not a virus at all. Suggesting that I am making it up as I go along, and swaying in all directions!. What I had actually said was that whether it was a ‘wild’ naturally occurring virus, or an engineered  man made virus it did not matter a jot. The fact was that it was crippling the world and causing mayhem amongst the population, who were shaking with fear, panicking and submitting to house arrest, whilst their freedoms were being taken away by stealth – under false pretences.

It was later suggested by a leading New York medical doctor and scientific researcher – Andrew Kaufman that it may not be a virus at all. Here is a video on what his theory is:

The shut down of about a fifth of the population of the planet – that’s approximately 1,555,500,949  (around one and a half BILLION) people who have been under house arrest since the outbreak. That happened virtually overnight – something on a scale unprecedented in human history, Never before have so many people volunteered to give up their basic freedoms. Tens of thousands have lost their incomes, lost their businesses, travel has been stopped and the world’s (debt based) current fragile and unsustainable economy will collapse – guess what will get the blame? All on the say so of a handful of people, computer models and false predictions. We’ve seen this official line challenged and shattered by many highly qualified, official experts in the medical profession and statisticians who have been shadowing the figures put out by the MSM. However the story, the panic and the fear it’s caused has been repeatedly stoked by the MSM. Unlike me – as has been suggested – they have been caught lying over and over, doing ‘U’ turns in their predictions and quite simply lying to us. Thank goodness there are principled, critical thinkers challenging this, but you never hear their voices on the MSM – they are kept well away from a microphone or a camera, for fear of pointing out that ‘the Emperor has no clothes’!

In The Beginning

We were fed the story that a Corona virus (later labelled COVID-19) had appeared in Wuhan China, with grave predictions about the outcome for mankind. We were told that MILLIONS would die, unless measures were taken to stop it’s advance. Some accepted this at face value, especially given the majority’s total ignorance about viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal infections. Others, who are critical and open minded thinkers, were suspicious from the start, . The story was then ramped up, when it was announced that the source of the outbreak had been pinpointed to a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan. A typical market with incredibly low hygiene levels, everyone is aware of that. We were all aghast (being westerners from a different culture with different eating habits). Had this been a microbial (bacterial) outbreak, it could be understandable. However we were fed the line that it was a VIRUS! We were told that the virus had leaped from a bat, to a pangolin and eventually entered the human species. UNBELIEVABLE.

Pictures of bats being cooked in a broth were widely circulated, subliminally suggesting that eating bats, as the Chinese have a habit of doing in some regions of China, had magically caused a virus to invade humans. This was an insult to the intelligence on a massive scale. Perhaps the echo chamber journalist of the MSM – who are generally not particularly intelligent (their job is akin to that of a parrot, they put out what they’ve heard, with no investigation or general background knowledge of these things) – may have believed it. I, and a large swathes of others certainly didn’t! A host of others in the medical field didn’t, in fact they were aghast as such ridiculous suggestions.

Fact: Viruses have NEVER been proven to jump a species. It has never been accomplished in a laboratory, and the suggestion is groundless, when it comes to scientific evidence. You will not find  ONE scientific paper that concludes that this has ever been observed in any experiment or in any trials. However this is a recurring theme. Remember ‘swine fever’ and later the ‘bird flu’? Both scaremongering stories that softened the public up nicely for this latest garbage about the ‘bat virus’ – COVID-19. And the other common strand to this myth is that it would kill MILLIONS of people – because it was ‘new’ and we had no resistance to it. All hogwash, but sadly hogwash that is eagerly believed by an uneducated and easily frightened public, who have never been taught anything about viruses or how they are transmitted.

Read more detailed info on what you should know about communicable diseases

A Variation Of Where To Point The Finger

As the initial story of the ‘virus’ originating in a ‘wet market’ started to lose credibility, due to it’s ridiculous supposition, some keen observers started speculating that this mystery new ‘virus’ may actually be linked with the Wuhan bio lab in the city. It seemed quite a coincidence that there was such a lab on the immediate doorstep of where people started showing symptoms of sickness. Whether the ‘virus’ escaped is highly unlikely. The bio lab in Wuhan is of as high, if not of better standard of security than other similar labs in other countries. It has BSL-4 status – the highest international designation for bio research safety – designed for work with the deadly and easily transmittable class of pathogens known as P4. It could be an accidental release, but highly improbable – considering that these labs are experimenting with absolutely deadly materials, the risk of a release of a deadly pathogen would be extremely risky and far far too indiscriminate – hence why the level of security. Could it be a purposely released pathogen? That is far more likely, it could be a relatively benign pathogen, designed to cause the panic and the lock down for reasons that I have advocated in previous posts. Corona viruses are generally benign, although they cause things like the common cold – very benign from a mortality aspect, or flue, which is less benign but does represent a higher mortality risk factor. Seasonal flue is a permanent feature of the cyclical infestation experienced during most winters. This hyped up so called ‘new virus’ COVIC-19, which has not been isolated and identified is more likely to be a Corona virus strain that has been dressed up as a deadly pandemic, with the result we have observed – right in the middle of the seasonal flue time of the year. The deaths from usual seasonal flue is huge in comparison to the deaths from this ‘new virus’. The average mortality rate worldwide from all diseases does not reflect the figures expected from a new ‘virus’ that would have added greatly to those figures.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has speculated that this new strain of Corona virus is tied up with documented collusion between the Chapel Hill bio lab in North Carolina, and the bio lab in Wuham, with Dr. Shi from China taking information back to the Wuhan lab, after the US government stopped funding the joint research, but Dr. Fauci (the US chief medical advisor) was secretly, still funding the project after it was stopped by the US government in 2014. There is currently an investigation in progress to investigate Dr. Fauci’s involvment in this and the misappropriation of public funds.

This is Dr. Buttar’s views on this situation. Whilst he believes it could be a released, weaponised virus, but he is not adverse to the theory that no new virus exists. His main concern is how the whole episode has been managed:

For those  of you who may have been bewildered at what the TV host was pointing at, towards the end of the video – the video is an obvious target for take down by the likes of You Tube and others. So it’s been safely copied, uploaded and stored on the free speech streaming platform that Big Gee’s Blog uses. Consequently the links he was pointing at do not show up on this streaming source. No, he wasn’t losing his marbles, and have no fear that you may be losing your eyesight!

My Personal Conclusions

1. The original story was that a new virus in the ‘wild’ starting in a Wuhan wet market had mutated and leapt from an animal species to the human species; that it was threatening to spread death and destruction across the world, because our immune systems had never encountered it before was TOTAL claptrap. A lie so big and foolishly propagated that it failed to convince anyone who had at least two neurons awake and on active duty!

It was absolutely ludicrous, but that didn’t stop the MSM from declaring it in a sombre and convincing way, presented in that serious, educated middle class accent used by the BBC, by a person wearing a business-like suit (you just know that they always tell the truth – don’t you?). The only thing anywhere near it for audacity would have been a bulletin that Santa’s grotto had actually been discovered in Lapland and that from now on all adults should look carefully for his sleigh, drawn by reindeer streaking across the night sky during the next Saturnalia celebration. Of course many of the Sheeple would actually believe that as well, and would be out looking, similar to the way that they stand on doorsteps clapping for the NHS and watching programmes like The Choir: Britain In Lockdown – where choirmaster Gareth Malone is getting people singing – uniting the nation’s best shower singers to bring “uplifting joy amidst these uncertain times”. Excuse me, I’m off to the bathroom to throw up!

2.  A virus released from the Wuhan bio lab? Possible, but highly unlikely. However it doesn’t matter where it originated – assuming it IS a virus. The concern is that the world has changed, people are under house arrest, we are being constantly lied to, we are being manipulated through our own unfounded fears and we’re heading for economic collapse. People will die of suffering through job losses, lost homes, a lack of other medical attention and eventually starvation. At present, here in the UK, we are tending to wallow in the novelty factor of not having to work, getting paid, and having time on our hands to play with our electronic toys. We’re also enjoying the peacefulness with no people or cars about. The reality is just around the corner.

We have taken a gigantic leap towards the removal of freedoms, freedom of speech, and an inevitable stride towards a totalitarian New World Order regime. One government, one military, one police force and finally the establishment of a fascist hierarchy ruled by the elites and controlled by the Cabal in the shadows. So whether it is a virus or not, the important thing to consider is the eventual outcome.

3.  There is no virus? In the above videos, Dr. Andrew Kaufman gives compelling evidence that this is the case. Whilst Dr, Buttar hints at a likely conspiracy between Anthony Fauci and the Chinese government, he is concerned about that – quite rightly – but he also tends to believe that this is not a new virus, but in reality, a ruse to make people believe that they are in grave danger of death from a hoax. Many others echo what both Kaufman and Buttar are saying, those echoes are coming from the medical and scientific fields, and at high levels in their profession.

So at this point I am of the belief that all the talk and hype about a ‘new’ virus is basically a smoke screen. Existing disease like the seasonal flue epidemics we see cyclically are probably responsible for many of the deaths observed, and then only the deaths of the elderly and those with underlying health issues who may have died anyway, whether they contracted anything or not. However those deaths are being recategorised on death certificates as COVID-19 deaths. You only have to check the total death rates across the world and compare them to previous figures to realise what the scam is. There is no rise in those average figures for any recent years.

So what is the purpose?

  1. A move towards a totalitarian New World Order coming into force.
  2. The culling of the population of the earth (see Agenda 21/ 2030)
  3. The mandatory vaccination of everyone on the planet (refer to the previous point)
  4. The final chapter in the move to take everything away from everyone except the 1%
  5. A need to reboot the economy, as the present world financial system is on the verge of collapse
  6. The need for a scapegoat to realise all of the above – enter COVID-19 an undefined, non isolated specific virus that has not been identified in any lab – but amazingly there a vaccine for it in the pipeline.

And our grandchildren will be able to say that we fell for it!


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