The Dangers of Having a Closed Mind

Core belief is something that some have arrived at through experience, research and study. It is a conclusion following deliberation, the weighing up of evidence, and of course it needs one critical component – an open mind.

That sadly is not the case with the majority of humans today. We, so the biologists tell us, are primates – intelligent monkeys. The one outstanding feature of the primates is that they are extremely curious, intelligent, and can put knowledge, through that curiosity and the ability to learn, to use it – for their own benefit. Thereby continually improving their life and surroundings. It is perhaps the gold standard when evaluating different animals’ intelligence. Unfortunately they also have another trait, it’s gloriously summed up in the old saying “monkey see, monkey do”.

Sadly, we have arrived at a point in our development, where there is an obvious loss of the good qualities, of curiosity and learning – thinking for oneself. It is superseded by the “monkey see, monkey do” trait.That is understandable in some ways, because instead of having to apply their own thinking processes, it can be so easy to let the others do the thinking, and then use a shortcut by copying what those thinkers come up with. That’s OK to a point, but when the ‘thinkers’ start to exploit this trait to manipulate and exploit the bigger group of non thinkers, who rely on the thoughts of others – a HUGE problem arises.

We often mock sheep for not having a very intelligent existence, in reality sheep are actually quite intelligent, but they have one overbearing trait – they act as a group – or a flock as a collection of sheep is described as. They follow one another blindly and have a collective mentality. Shoals of fish and flocks of birds often have the same trait. There is a reason for it, it is a defence from danger when they act together. In the wild, if sheep ran off in all directions when danger was apparent – say if a pack of wolves attacked the flock. By thinking individually they could be easily picked off. So under those circumstances there is safety in following each other blindly. When a scattered group of sheep spot an attacker (even if it’s only a sheepdog at the command of a shepherd), they perceive the danger individually and form a close group, that stops individual thinking, and they start thinking as a group. We have a word for it in human circles – ‘group think’.

How Group Think Can Be Disastrous For Humans

Assuming that we did not have people in our midst who can be clinically diagnosed as psychopaths, then the thinkers up towards the top of the intelligence food chain could be relied on to lead those who are cursed with one dimensional thinking – in other words the closed mind group, who occupy the greatest number in today’s world. It would not be a bad thing for a handful of good, clear thinkers to lead the others, thereby improving everyone’s lot. Sadly that is not the case.

By their very nature, psychopaths are the most successful, they tend to occupy high grade jobs, and tend to be the richest (ironically, bankers and surgeons apparently have the highest percentage of psychopathic tendencies amongst them apparently) – due to their ruthlessness in their dealings with other people. A psychopath has no conscience, no empathy, no sympathy. To a psychopath killing or hurting one person is no different to killing a hundred, a million or a billion people. History is littered with them, including such characters as Mao Zedong (49-78 million deaths), Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths), Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths), Leopold II of Belgium (2-15 million deaths), Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths), Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths) or even Tony Bliar and baby Bush in their blood lust for war. The present crop of psychopaths will make all the above pale into insignificance – because BILLIONS will die. At whose hands? The henchmen of the world ruling Cabal, who have no land borders, but control the world behind the governments. The ultimate goal? To usher in a New World Order (NWO). Hard to believe? Look around you, and analyse the events over the last few decades, and more especially the event you are personally experiencing whilst under house arrest at present. Still think this is the utterings of crazed conspiracy theorists? If you do, then obviously you are firmly in the camp of the one dimensional thinkers.

The Cabal recruit certain ones, earmarked to do their work. Some are born into dynasties that have been henchmen of the Cabal for a very long time.

One Man’s Globalisation Monopoly of Health


A benign, mild mannered, bespectacled businessman who rocketed to fame with his Microsoft Operating System? Who went from doing a bit of coding with his pal in his parents garage to being one of the world’s richest men. Don’t be fooled, that old chestnut is a myth. Along with other hand-picked henchmen, like Musk, Jobs,  Page, Brin, Chen and the paedophile child procurer Epstein etc. etc. Mostly portrayed as poor boys made good, usually dropping out of university, starting a little business (usually with a pal) in a garage or a bedroom, and then bursting on the scene as multi billionaires. The strange thing, that runs like a thread through all these stories of rags to riches, is that mysteriously, no one can pinpoint or trace how or when they came to such staggering wealth. Had you heard of Elon Musk, before he suddenly appeared – as if by magic – as the head of the Space-X company rocketing satellites into space?

The Gullibility of The One Dimensional Thinkers

The masses believe the incredible stories poured out to them from the MSM. They only look at things in one dimension. They believe everything they are told – including the latest cartload of crap about this sudden pandemic. They see the world or rather perceived the world through the lenses put on their noses by those who wish to control the world. The dark suits in the shadows, the elites, the 1% – call them what you like. Those referred to above are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who do the pick and shovel work for the Cabal. The foremost in their ranks being the evil psychopath Bill Gates, who will massacre BILLIONS, without blinking an eye, either through famine, vaccinations, stress or any other means he can conjure up – because he has repeatedly said on record that he wants to cull the world’s population. The current fabricated pandemic, and the actions taken in it’s wake ticks all the boxes.

In Mitigation of the One Dimensional Thinkers

They have been groomed from birth to accept the world through the distorted vision that they have been programmed to accept. From the time they are born their parents teach them to be in subservience to the authority that rules them, to accept governments – as the democratic voice of the people – to accept everything they hear on the news and to worship certain ones in society. They are taught total obedience and respect for those that rule them. When they start school, that indoctrination carries on until they reach adulthood. From then on, they have been fully programmed to accept everything that is happening around them. If challenged the usual line is “it’s a coincidence”!

This one dimensional thinking is still carried on when all around them they can see what is happening in real life. I’m fed up of talking to people who say “all this will be over soon and things will get back to normal”. A clear sign that their thought process is totally one dimensional. In between watching game shows, celebrity worship, soap operas and interchanging crap on Facebook between their ‘Friends’ which is only interceded with propaganda news sandwiched in between, from the television and radio, they believe that all this is a speed bump in the road of life.

Because they are unable to think at a deeper level, and in a more comprehensive way to take in the full import of what has happened, they are still planning life as it used to be, assuming that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible (to quote an old screen flash when TV transmissions were not as reliable as they are today).

Some entertain themselves with issues they were involved in before this global catastrophe. Navel staring whilst they wait for that service to be resumed. Some in political circles that I have been involved in are already talking about campaigning for next year’s Welsh Government elections. It’s as if this is a bad dream that they’ll wake out of in the morning.

The only hope we have of survival, much less normality, is for those of us who do think in a multi dimensional way, hope that we can push back this madness, before Gates gets hold of us with his needles, when mandatory vaccination comes into force. It’ll be too late when the claws in the paw of your oppressors have fully sunk into your flesh.




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