The Poor Sheeple

Thankfully some are waking up, now that the panic is wearing off a little, and they’ve calmed down and started to come out of their initial panic instinct to take off in a human herd stampede. A mental stampede, not unlike what happens to cowboys in a physical way; when the cattle herd they had settled down for the night on the open plains – suddenly gets ‘spooked’ by a noise in the darkness, or the sudden howl of a wolf. They instantly take off in a stampede. A survival mechanism, where no time is lost to analyse anything – they just copy the animal next to them and run away aimlessly in a blind panic. That is the power of illogical fear. Those that control us have studied that phenomenon in detail, over a long time, and use it at every opportunity to get what they want.

Humans sometimes react in the same way as other lesser developed animals. They get spooked by the news that drenches the masses with propaganda lies via the mainstream news media (MSM). They don’t stop to think logically, ask questions or analyse the situation. About 80% kick into survival mode (the reptilian portion of their brain takes over). That’s the basal ganglia which is referred to as the reptilian or primal brain. This structure is in control of our innate and automatic self-preserving behaviour patterns, which generally ensures our survival and that of our species. The primal brain is also in charge of, what are often referred to as, the four Fs: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, and… Reproduction (well you didn’t expect me to use that other F-word here did you?!). Notable behaviour patterns include defence of self, family, and personal property. When you’re told that you may die of a deadly disease, unless you take the proposed actions to save yourself – you obey without thinking – right?

This response is heightened by social programming (being told from birth to accept authority and to blindly trust in, and listen to, whatever authority tells them – official’ experts’ are always right – aren’t they?). This 80% of the population are also quite ignorant, undereducated and have closed minds – especially when it comes to medical knowledge, relying instead on the ‘experts‘ (the technocrats). This group also includes the politicians, who are as a percentage just as clueless on these matters as the general public – so they rely on the ‘technocrats’ to advise them. They in turn use that advice blindly, to formulate the rules for the masses.

The 20, 30 and 50%

As discussed in a previous post, 20% of the population will not accept what’s said at face value, through blind faith. They will analyse the situation, use their own knowledge – through personal research/ study – and will behave in accordance with what they have learned. They will research and analyse – they are the more enquiring, open minded thinkers. 50% will just sit on the fence without knowing much, and hedge their bets that by going with the majority of like minded ones they will be safe – but they can be convinced of the truth with a little patience. Then we have that 30% hardcore – the ZOMBIES. Regardless of how much evidence and proof is provided for them, usually they will not even look at the information put in front of them – they will not budge, hence the ‘Zombie’ tag.

Patience Runs Out

I used to pity those people who went around in useless masks (masks that have been proven to actually harm their health). They willingly allow themselves to be separated from others by two metres (social isolating), and also willingly allow themselves to be house arrested (‘lockdown’ – that hideous word borrowed from the American prison system) with their freedoms voluntarily taken away from them, without a single moan or question – believing that Big Brother knows best. Their gospel bearers are the MSM and they will not accept – under any circumstances – that the governments and institutions have not got their best interests at heart, or that they are capable of duping them with a global scam. After so long trying to open their eyes, and by putting facts in front of them, I am starting to give up on that group.

Enter The Old Man In a Chair

That’s what Dr. Vernon Coleman calls himself. I personally believe he is a very wise ‘old man in a chair.’

Dr. Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, is an international best-selling author of over 100 books. He explains why he, like me, is also fed up with the sanctimonious mask wearing idiots who obey social distancing rules and are enabling the deceitful bullies in government. The Zombies, he says, are our enemies as much as the people pulling the strings. And he explains what he’s doing about them.

In the video below, in his own inimitable and satirical manner, he further explains why we should “Rage Against The Zombies”:


An Addendum To The Above

It makes me wonder what could snap people out of their ignorant hysteria. In times gone by, the solution to someone suffering a bout of hysteria would be a quick  slap across the face to shock them back to reality – when logic and reason directed at the hysterical person had failed!

Here’s another video, which not only discusses the stupidity of the mask wearing craze that’s been promoted by the ones who wish us harm, and expertly propagandised by the MSM. It also touches on other areas that ensure we are compliant, robbed of proper news – by news blackout from the likes of the BBC (news was put on hold apparently when the convenient Covid-19 scam surfaced), and the true nature of race protests, what’s happening behind the scenes in government, and the way that the Cabal has steered the world into chaos – to accommodate their skillfully crafted agenda, over a very long time.

Perhaps it will serve as a small slap in the face of those who are of a hysterical, naive and gullible  nature. Perhaps it will go part way to waking them up to the true reality around them.

Well worth you taking an hour out of your life to listen, watch and absorb:

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