The Magic Formula?

The Magic Formula?

Lets Look At This Covid-19 Plannedemic From A Mathematical Angle

I recently read an article by a modern polymath, and I had a little bit of a light bulb moment – as one sometimes does when a penny drops!

It appears that when a momentous change in global thinking occurs, there’s a distinct formula that seems to be at play, when it comes to measuring how the population lines up – this can be viewed on a graph – as shown above. The formula seems to fit, when a global shift in thinking is required and eventually happens. There’s a sea shift in thinking when a tilting point is arrived at, when old ideas and accepted norms that have been in place – sometimes for centuries – are shattered due to an enlightenment that then rips through the population like a wildfire. This happens when the 50% start listening and accepting what the enlightened 20% have been preaching. There is usually a trigger for this. Either when a discovery is made, and can be proved, a corrupt mechanism exposed or circumstances make people stop and think. A classic example of this was when the people of the earth changed their minds from believing the Earth was flat, to understanding that it’s spherical, and that the whole universe does not revolve around it.

Easy With Hindsight

When we now look back at the period when people thought the earth was flat, and that it was always at the centre of the universe, we now view that belief as idiotic, we make fun of the fact that collectively humans believed in such obviously ridiculous ideas. That was not the case at the time that the false belief was accepted by the masses though.

The hand of authority had a huge part to play in this false perception. The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth’s shape as a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat Earth cosmography, including Greece (until the classical period), the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East (until the Hellenistic period), India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD), and China until the 17th century.

The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most pre-Socratics (6th–5th century BC) retained the flat Earth model. In the early 4th century BC Plato wrote about a spherical Earth, and by about 330 BC his former student Aristotle provided evidence for the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds. Knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on. The ancient Norse and Germanic peoples believed in a flat Earth cosmography, with the Earth surrounded by an ocean.

Columbus braved superstition and ignorance by sailing across the Atlantic when his contemporaries thought he would fall off the edge. So runs the legend, but history shows how the Middle Ages were maligned by the creative fiction of subsequent generations. So not everyone believed what most of us now know was fiction. There was a percentage of the population that had figured this out – but were in the minority – probably around 20%.

The Hand of Authority

For nearly 1,000 years, Aristotle’s view of a stationary Earth at the centre of a revolving universe dominated natural philosophy, (the name that scholars of the time used for studies of the physical world). A geocentric world-view became engrained in Christian theology, making it a doctrine of religion as much as natural philosophy, more critically, it served as a tool of control.  So if the authority of the time – the Roman Catholic Church – decreed what was correct, everyone was expected to believe that – at the risk of death for questioning it.

Despite that, it was a priest who brought back the idea that the Earth moves around the Sun. In 1515, a Polish priest named Nicolaus Copernicus proposed that the Earth was a planet like Venus or Saturn, and that all planets circled the Sun. Afraid of criticism (probably from the 30% – which will be explained later), he did not publish his theory until 1543, shortly before his death. The theory gathered quite a few followers (from amongst the 20%), and for a time, some of those who did give credence to the idea faced charges of heresy (by that tiny number that control the 80%, more especially the 30% who make up the population and the more educationally ignorant 50%).

Italian scientist Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for teaching, heretical ideas – Copernicus’ heliocentric view of the Universe. In today’s world we have harsh censorship, and ridicule of anything that does not conform to the ‘normal’ – as dictated by governments (the equivalent to the priesthood in the sixteenth century). The 30% are those who adhere religiously to what the governments dictate today – they are the hardcore conventionalists, the type that would have cheered on the burning of Giordano Bruno, at the hands of a tiny group of religious controllers.

We revolve around the Sun like any other planet – Nicolaus Copernicus

This of course was true, but HOTLY disputed by the 30% who would not even consider debate on the subject. In turn the ‘Sheeple’ who made up the majority of the 50% followed on – in blind observance – but could be influenced if taught the truth of the matter

Of all discoveries and opinions, none may have exerted a greater effect on the human spirit than the doctrine of Copernicus. The world has scarcely become known as round and complete in itself when it was asked to waive the tremendous privilege of being the centre of the universe. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The 20%, 30% and the 50% Distribution Explained

As has always been the case, this is the natural formula that dictates the consensus, and also shows what portion of the population can be enlightened, with knowledge, to discover the truth.

Today, there is a tiny handful of controlling powers that have an influence on the way that people perceive the world, and how it operates (just like the Church rulers of former times). This is a created perception, by the all powerful Cabal, that rules from the shadows. They control governments, education, the mainstream media (MSM) and areas of science, that they influence with monetary funding. They have no boundaries and their tentacles of influence reach the four corners of the Earth. They are not shown in the above left pie chart, because their actual numbers, in comparison to the seven billion population of the Earth – that it controls – does not even make up even 1% of the population.

The 30%

Is the hardcore, closed minded portion of the population that emphatically believe everything they are fed from the government and wider establishment. They have fallen foul to the conditioning that they have been exposed to from birth. They don’t question anything, believe everything and harshly oppose or ridicule anyone that does question and further supports that questioning with facts and evidence.

The 50%

Is the general population. They could be called ‘fence sitters’. They conform to what the Cabal controlled government dictates, but think no deeper about it. Their main concern is their everyday life, and they don’t really wish to show any interest other than what directly has an impact on their lives, which they just want to get on with. They leave everything else to someone else.

The 20%

Is the smallest of the three sections of the chart. They are curious, inquisitive, have astute open minds and will consider all sides of a debate, and use their own ability to come to their own conclusions. They do not accept convention on anyone else’s say so, preferring instead to gather their own evidence of truth. From amongst this group are those derogatorily labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’, who are mocked and ridiculed – mostly by the 30%. The reality of course is that they are the open eyed ones who can see deeper than the 30% – despite the mocking ridicule, and they take lessons from proven conspiracies from history, which are often not revealed for a long time, until those of the conspiracy era are long gone. They are vindicated, but of course public interest will have waned before the truth is finally revealed.


The formula appears to fit perfectly when it comes to realising what portion of the population has been scammed with this Covid-19 (so-called) pandemic.

The 30% – as usual – are fully compliant. They even aggressively argue the establishment’s version of events when challenged. Many are in positions of trust, within governments etc. Those within the general public who reside in this group are the ones who will declare “I’d prefer to listen to real experts” or similar silly statements. Most of this group are so hard headed and conditioned that they will not listen to any evidence put in front of them. Preferring most of the time to shoot the messenger, because they don’t want to hear the message. It is a total waste of time trying to educate or enlighten this group, they have closed minds, and no amount of evidence, or convincing arguments and facts laid before them will convince them otherwise. Unfortunately, it is this very group that the 20% often target their time and effort on in trying to convince them of the error of their thinking and perception of World events. They should be ignored, and not allowed to waste other people’s time.

When it comes to the 50% the main hurdle is getting them interested in the first place. However, unlike in times past, when the more enlightened tried to educate them, the job may not be so hard now This is because in the past, the subject matter did not have any direct bearing on their everyday life. Whether the Earth was flat or a sphere, did not have any relevance or influence on their everyday life – apart from agreeing too loudly bringing them to the attention of the Church! Instead it was a shoulder shrug and a  “it’s none of my business’ and “I don’t really care – let someone else sort it out”.

At present, the hoax pandemic has not had a huge influence on people’s lives – with the exception of the few with health complications or age related issues. With furlough, nice weather, no work stress, children home on a prolonged summer holiday, the 80% (that’s the 50% plus the 30%) are living in a bit of a bubble. Every day is a bit like a Sunday, you can hear birdsong and see blue skies again, and worry about the future is not imminent. Of course that will swiftly change when furlough reduces to nothing, mortgage and rent payments have to be found again, no jobs and a wrecked economy, with food supply chains disappearing. That 50% will start to listen to the truth, provided by the 20% – because it will have a direct effect on their everyday lives.

Unfortunately that realisation may be a bit late in the day – that’s why we have to double our efforts to wake up the Sheeple in our midst.

It is imperative that we bring the light of truth to the attention of the 50%. It will only take the convincing of around 30+% of that group to tip the scales in favour of sanity and not evil madness.



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