If You Have Any Compassion This Will Break Your Heart

I am not given to emotional outbursts, but this disturbing and shocking video, recorded by June Mills, an Aborigine Elder from the Northern Territories in Australia rendered me to tears.

The army has been deployed to forcibly round up the indigenous people, drag them out of their community, forcibly vaccinating children and carting them and the adults off to purpose built ‘quarantine centres’ (concentration camps in other words).

They are picking on the most vulnerable and defenceless people who make up only 3% of the inhabitants of Australia. This is an old story of attempted genocide, an attempt to wipe out the people whose land they have occupied for 233 years. These indigenous peoples have lived on this continent for at least 40,000 years, they are the oldest surviving culture in the world today. When the colonisers started, they hunted them down like animals, on the ridiculous pretext that they were not humans but a form of monkey. The ones that were not killed, or ran away into the bush were enslaved and starved. In 2021, they are completing the task under the pretext that they are protecting them from a phantom new virus that does not exist.

If you are not moved by this video, then you have no heart and you have lost all traces of humane consciousness.

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Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th January because it is the day that Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet, made up of eleven convict ships, landed at Sydney Cove in Australia and raised the British Flag, marking the beginning of British sovereignty over Australia. Phillip took possession of the land in the name of King George III, a land that had been declared terra nullius (uninhabited by humans).

In schools and in most history books, Arthur Phillip is described as a kind man who had a “friendly attitude towards the Aborigines”, and for a short period of time he did. However, what is not taught is the fact that Phillip’s tolerance was short lived. After his game keeper, John McIntyre, was killed by Aborigines (John McIntyre was a brutal man who hunted Aborigines as well as animals), Phillip ordered the capture of any two Aboriginal men found in the region, and that ten more should be killed. The heads of the slain were to be cut off and brought back to the settlement for public display. In his own words, he was “determined to strike a decisive blow, in order at once to convince [the Aborigines] of our superiority, and to infuse a universal terror.” He also later ordered his men to shoot at Aboriginal people to keep them away from the British settlements. This is the ‘hero’ who is now honoured with a statue in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.

Today, similar terror tactics are being deployed against the Aboriginal people. It serves two purposes:

  1. To further attack and decimate the remaining indigenous people
  2. To send a message out to the rest of Australians to terrorise them into taking ‘clot shot’ injections.


In the words of the MANIC STREET PREACHERS song:

If you tolerate this your children will be next”

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