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The part that Common Law can play in moving on to a rebirthed society, constructed from communities that place themselves outside of the present ‘legal’ and administrative systems, (currently delivered by corrupt governments) is certainly something that qualifies for further attention.

Up until now we have been concentrating on getting truth and scientific/ medical accuracy – based on factual evidence – out there to the people who have fallen foul of the disgraceful hoax that has been played on them.

BGB has been doing just that for nearly two years come March 2022. It’s now felt that the window of opportunity may be closing, although we DO see encouraging signs of a massive pushback. But what happens when you push hard against a door and it suddenly bursts open? You fall flat on your face. When that door flies open, the current infrastructure of our present world will suddenly collapse at all levels. We need to be aware of that, and more importantly we need to be fully prepared for it. It will be no use (after the exposure of the evil ones behind the destruction of this current system and the chaos and attempted genocide through death jabs of a huge swathe of the population) to stand there vacant eyed and mutter:

What do we do now? What are we going to do tomorrow and in the following days, months and years, when it comes to food, shelter and all the other things we need to survive and not die? How are we going to care for those falling sick around us when the contents of the death jabs fully kick in?”

A Need To Prepare Now

Now is the time for preparation for what is to come. We can all envisage it – we’ve all seen the Hollywood depictions of what a post apocalyptical world could look like. Amazingly, because fact is often more strange than fiction, we may be staring at that scenario sooner rather than later. I feel incredibly sorry for those that believe they can make the most of their ‘normal’ lives now, and when the madness blows over things will return to normal. That is a pipe dream, played out by some very silly souls who have not been paying attention – with their heads deeply buried in the sand, and in a state of cognitive dissonance, still trusting in their lying and scheming  government to save  them from catastrophe – because their government cares for their welfare.

Knowing What Common Law Is About

One expert in the field of Common Law is Christopher James, who was mentioned in the previous post that was published here on the 2nd of November. In the video below he is in discussion with Mike Adams and explains the fundamentals of Common Law:


Hopefully The Way Forward

Rocco Galati & Dr. (at Law) Reiner Fuellmich

It is on the basis of Common Law that we may see a quicker way forward. Others who are in the process of applying themselves to recourse in the present ‘legal’ system are, having a hard time getting their cases heard in the existing law courts. As Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has stated, he is not confident of having his lawsuits fairly heard in any court in Germany, because he thinks the legal system there is too compromised. That is the reason he is probably going to have to lodge his lawsuits in the the United States (as he did with his famous victories when he took Volkswagon and Deutsche Bank to court and won). We certainly hope he can get a fair hearing there. Rocco Galati the famous constitutional lawyer from Canada is also languishing, with his lawsuits proceeding at a slow pace in that country. The legal systems that have been compromised by the Cabal will do all in their power to slow things down and do everything in their power to keep the likes of Galati and Fuellmich out of their courtrooms.

So maybe the Common Law advocates will have a better time of it – let’s hope so – if the conventional route is blocked off. On the Common Law front, there is the added advantage of kindling a completely new system, not just in public courtrooms with juries of their peers, but also the launching of whole communities with micro nation status. That is what the Universal Community Trust is all about. Either way, the time has come to bring the perpetrators of this hoax pandemic and attempted genocide to justice. After that we need a fresh start with a completely new system and a different outlook.

Vaccination Pushing CEOs

In this next video, Dr. David Martin is in conversation with Mike Adams. He is renowned for his encyclopaedia like knowledge of the patents involving Covid-19 that have been filed many years before the supposed  ‘new’ disease called Covid-19 (borne out of the ‘new’ deadly SARS-Cov2 virus) was announced!

He has also given expert statements to the Berlin Corona Committee in preparation for Dr. Fuellmich’s lawsuits.

We are so fortunate to have experts and renowned professional people in their individual fields, on the side of truth and justice, fighting the evil Cabal. It is for this reason that we WILL win this war, with some of the keenest, sharpest and brightest people on this planet fighting our corner.

In the meantime there will be a lot of suffering, but the end result will be well worth all the effort and hardship ahead of us.

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  1. Laurence Howell

    A New Paradigm of Courts and Law.

    Definitions of paradigm.
    Merriam Webster.
    : a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.
    One that serves as a pattern or model.
    A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.

    Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.
    What is PARADIGM?
    An intellectual ideology, or view, which is accepted by a group of people, or a certain individual. It acts as a pristine example of how things, models and theories are supposed to behave in this world. The term was used first by Thomas Kuhn in his book that was published in 1962, entitled ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolution.

    The above definitions give us an insight into the general nature of what would constitute a new paradigm system of law for the people. But to contemplate what may come next, we can consider a brief overview of the current system, in place, in the United Kingdom.
    The basis of the existing systems is as follows, first posted on the OffGuardian site,

    Laurence Howell
    Dec 13, 2020 10:14 AM
    Reply to -CO
    A law common to all. The common law is quite an elusive concept.

    All states, or Estates like the UNITED KINGDOM are a political construct. The Government [govern of the mind] is a legal fiction, it is fictional in nature. You could not pick the Government up, what would you hold onto? Men and women are real not fictional and cannot interact [form contracts] with a fictional Government.

    The Government want to be able to apply the rules of society upon us, these rules are known collectively as Acts and Statutes. The Government award us a legal fiction of our own when we are born, it is called a Title…. Master, Mr, Mrs.

    This Title represents an Estate that is set up for us at birth through Trust Law. The Title Estate is a bit like a token on a Monopoly Board, without it you cannot play the game of
    Monopoly, or in our case the Game of Life called Commerce.
    You know when the Government contacts your Estate, you receive a letter addressed to your legal fictional Estate usually by the identifying prefix of Mr. or Mrs. in front of your name. Another way to identify when the Government is trying to contact your Estate is when part or all of your name is written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    This has nothing to do with common law, this is just a way of applying government legislation to your fictional Estate. You think that the letter is addressed to you because a version of your name is on the letter. But the letter is for the Estate not you.
    Knowing how the present rules based, social contract works, is the first step to understanding what might replace it. Now you know the basics of what happens in the Estate of the UNITED KINGDOM. [United Kings Dominion]

    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the above legal fictional rules based way of administering a country, through the use of fictional estates. It is only our lack of knowledge that prevents us from fully utilizing the advantages that this system has to offer us.
    Be careful what you wish for the common law is not as cut and dried as you might think.
    Like the standardised world wide Financial System, administered through the Federal Reserve Banking System, it is and always has been, since 1913, the ownership of these systems that is the problem.

    If both systems were operated for the benefit of mankind then both of these Estate based systems of government and finance, administered under trust law would be the best way forward.

    Laurence James Howell
    9 October, 2021
    There is no lawful mandate for covid vax. A legal mandate seeks your authority to carry out an action. Do not consent. there is no authority without your consent. Between people there are no officials, only people with rights. Do not get bamboozled by legalese and the Common Law which is judge made Law, not the peoples law. [minima, media, maxima] people have their own law, do no harm. simples.

    Laurence James Howell
    9 October, 2021
    There is no lawful mandate for covid vax. A legal mandate seeks your authority to carry out an action. Do not consent. there is no authority without your consent. Between people there are no officials, only people with rights. Do not get bamboozled by legalese and the Common Law which is judge made Law, not the peoples law. [minima, media, maxima] people have their own law, do no harm. simples.

    Laurence James Howell
    13 October, 2021
    Attention has been given recently to the judicial oaths of office and here again obfuscation rules the day. It is no good asking if the oath taker is on his oath or has his oath with him/her. This is a meaningless phrase in terms of establishing the relevance of the oaths of office. Because the oaths of office are in the nature of a general offer of contract the oaths have got to be accepted by the people, to which they are taken under God, to establish the contractual nature of the terms and conditions embodied in the oaths. The terms and conditions are the limiting factors that determine how the adjudicator, queen or civil servant must operate when occupying the office. This is under the peoples law of harm no one. These are the guiding principles that are available to the people when the oath is accepted by the people, as a man or woman of the people. Your organisation is now on notice in respect of this important information. I have used this lawful approach with success in the HMCTS rooms which are referred to as courtrooms. Here again the people are fooled into thinking that the room is a courtroom. It is not, it is just a room. It is the judge that is the court as he brings his court to the room. We are ruled by consent but this is an expression that has never been fully explained.

    Laurence James Howell
    13 October, 2021
    The adjudicator needs our consent to actually sit on the case. When accepting the oath we authorise the adjudicator to adjudicate but only insofar as the oath taker will comply with the terms and conditions of the oath. The moment the oath taker breaks the terms and conditions the authority collapses and recusal is the only option. This is a brief introduction to what actually happens when this approach is adopted. Please contact me for further proofs. As always the Illuminati fool us into believing that we are dealt with under law, we are not, We are dealt with under the Common Law which is another story altogether.

    By way of a further explanation-
    The following is the crucial difference that needs to be understood. We the people means the people collectively are operating under law. This type of law is always spelt with a lower case l as in law. This law is a set of rules needed to operate as people and is “the rule of law.”
    The government means govern of the mind. The government is fictitious, how could you pick the government up? nothing to hold onto, it is not real it is unreal a construct of the mind. The fictitious government needs a fictitious set of rules to operate by and this set of rules is recognised as the Common Law.
    But because these two sets of rules are not compatible with each other, a device known as a legal fiction is employed by the government. This is your citizen status, citizen being another fictional entity.
    A real man cannot play the board game Monopoly because it is fictitious so you are given a token to enter the game, eg, a car or boot. Now you are able to play the game, the fictitious game and you are represented by your token.
    The government have a dilemma in that how can the government govern the people when the government is fictitious and the set of rules that the government want to use are also fictitious. Real and unreal cannot be the same !
    Like the game of Monopoly the government gives the people a token to act in the peoples stead. This token is called your citizens ship or more easily known as citizen.

    To continue,
    You now have a token, citizen, that is fictitious in nature and is compatible with the government so the government can apply the set of rules called the Common Law to your citizenship.
    For the formation of a valid contract the parties to the contract must be compatible. We have seen how the people are real, not unreal so you are given your fictitious citizenship. Now the government can form contracts with your citizenship because these are both fictitious entities.
    The only aspect of life that is real is a live man or woman called a people. There cannot be an official in law because an official is of an office and office is again a legal construct of the mind. The judge occupies the Office of Judge, again a legal fiction and applies the Common Law in his court upon a citizen.
    When the government needs to contact your citizenship they send a communication addressed to the legal fiction, the citizen and you think that because your name is on the communication that it is you the people that the government want to inter-act with.
    But a close inspection of the address will show that your name is slightly different, maybe Mr or Mrs or part of your name will be in Capitals as in Mr. John DOE.

    Replied to Laurence James Howell
    This is the opening gambit in the fictitious world of titles, spellings and actions that ensnares the people to contract with the government who apply the Common Law to the citizen as a subterfuge that sucks you in and fleeces us, the sheeple, at every opportunity.
    The people are fooled by the use of the legal language called legalese applied to your citizenship and you pay through the use of a bank account which you think is yours, but in reality is only a transmitting account owned by the legal fictional citizen, for use by you, by the application of you signature which authorises the transaction under trust law. A subject for another day.

    I agree that what comes next needs to be carefully considered. The peoples law is simple, “harm no-one”. This principle should be used in Kindergarten onwards and the education system rejigged, to be able to encompass the implications of this law.

    The peoples courts would be jury led with process kept to an understandable minimum so that witness statements and evidence would be able to fit the new paradigm. Polygraph testing would be on offer, this would reduce the workload no end.

    The present system is complex and has been corrupted beyond belief. This is self evident to anyone who attempts to enter the adversarial way in which the HMCTS operates. The banking system is another system that needs to be understood before it can be adjusted in the peoples favour.

    But that again would be another post for another day.

  2. Laurence Howell

    In the above post from, Laurence James Howell 9 October 2021 the rest of the post has been included under the word mandate in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

    As with all of the corrupted control mechanisms, it is the ownership of the systems, backed up by the Court System of Legalese, BAR membership underpinned by selective education and all underpinned by Free Masonry that is the problem.

    There is no easy answer to “what may come next” as my post illustrates. For effective and lawful government a set of rules that encompasses all is a necessity.

    We have all this already in the legal fictional estates based system. It is the operation of these systems by self interest groups that is the problem.

    A system of law is what the people need and it can be the governing institution of the various agencies of the people that we as people need, as in banking, education, government, courts, cultural bodies, media and constitution.

    I do not believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    What we have already can be considered a comprehensive legacy that can be altered to suit the overriding interests of the people and not the self interest groups that currently lord it over the people.

  3. Laurence Howell

    A further observation,

    All United Kingdom legislation is predicated on the “person”. From the free dictionary which is Blacks Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.

    1 Person, a living man or woman.

    7 Law, A human, corporation, organization, partnership, association, or other entity deemed or construed to be governed by a particular law.

    From this we can deduce that a man of the people is a person.

    We can also deduce that a human is a person and a corporation is a person.
    In 7 the operator is at the start of the entry, “LAW.
    The subsidiary operator is “governed by a particular law”. The particular law in this case is law. This is subsidiary too being “governed” by law but in the overall context of Law.

    In this case Law is “a system of Law” laid out as above.

    The Coronation Oath of Office of Queen Elizabeth ll states quite simply-

    Archbishop. Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?

    “to govern the Peoples of……….according to their respective laws and customs?”

    This refers to the “peoples” and their “law” and “customs”. The law grew out of the customary law in England in the middle ages and was referred to in Magna Carta 1215 as English law. the law of the land.

    The Bait and Switch.

    This is where the “person” word games begin. When we attend the HMCTS we are a natural person, but the legislation is predicated on the fictional corporate person and the defendant is always written to indicate the fictional corporate person by operators either spoken or written.

    To think about what may come next we first need to understand what has gone before.

    Those that fail to learn from history will surely make the same mistakes.

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