I’ve Had Two Jabs and I Feel Fine . . . I’m Going For My Booster Jab Soon . . . “

When I hear people I know, old friends and those that are dear to me, (but thankfully none of our closest family members), coming up with statements like that – I have mixed feelings. Firstly, I’m relieved that they have dodged where the ball has landed on their Russian Roulette wheel. Secondly I’m saddened that they will blindly have another spin of that wheel, and next time, their ball may land on a batch of the death jab contents that, leaves in it’s wake, over a thousand times more deaths and serious life long chronic health problems requiring hospitalisations. That’s around 20%. The other 80% is quite benign. Clever. That’s implementation of a killer injection to produce the results they aim for, without waking too many people up to what is actually going on.

What Am I Talking About?

It’s the cunning way that the genocide plan by the globalist Cabal to depopulate the earth is being augmented. Not everyone keels over and dies or gets hospitalised from every gene altering mRNA injection delivered. That would immediately stampede the herd – when realisation kicks in. No, you do your killing and maiming a bit at a time and randomly. The unwary have their first jab, then their second, followed by a ‘booster’ shot, followed by further booster shots for an indefinite period. All done in the guise of eradicating a deadly phantom virus that never existed. Each time the death dealing inoculations are carried out, another section of humanity is wiped out, or lingers a slow process of dying through induced illness from the point of a needle. All of course blamed on the theoretic SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes the hypothesised Covid-19 disease, or of course those mad anti vaxxers, who are spreading the disease by their selfishness, despite the fact that the hospitals are now filling up with the victims of poisons contained in the 20% killer batches used for the Covid-19 injections.

Where Is The Evidence For These Statements?

From analysis of the United States VAERS database, that stores the information collected from the reports of deaths and adverse events following the Covid-19 injections. Like the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system in the UK. It should be further noted that both of these reporting systems have officially declared that only between 1 & 10% of deaths and adverse reactions are reported. This means that the actual events (including those not reported) could be between ten and one hundred times greater that the official data published by these two reporting systems. A sobering thought.

A Startling Statement By A Recognised Expert

Dr. Michael Yeadon is a foremost, renowned scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer. So it’s not panicky hearsay nonsense from a conspiracy theorist.

Dr. Yeadon is probably the most qualified person to give his expert opinion on the mRNA gene therapy injections, researched and manufactured by a company that he led for years, so he can hardly be labelled an anti vaxxer. However you will not see or hear him on mainstream media – like the BBC. Instead you’ll incessantly hear from cherry picked government ‘experts,’ and all others, who are prepared to publicly regurgitate the government and Big Pharma propaganda narrative. Strange that isn’t it? No balanced debate, or the opportunity to provide other arguments. That on it’s own should compel critical and balanced thinkers to hear alarm bells going off in every corner of their brain.

Below is a quote from Dr. Yeadon. He exposes who is behind the facade of this hoax; what their intentions are and how  he himself would carry out such a plan. In his opinion, that is exactly what he thinks they are doing with their obsession to get everyone injected for absolutely no scientific reason whatsoever.

The key that opened the door to their actions was a scare propagated about a deadly new virus that was sweeping the earth. That resulted in emergency Covid-19 acts, that allowed them to release experimental mRNA gene altering therapy injections on the whole of humanity. That was the plan from the start – to get freedom to introduce what can only be called a bio-weapon in the form of poisonous inoculations that would bring the world population down to a manageable 500 million from the present 7.8 billion. The survivors being totally controlled by the New World Order, and connected to artificial intelligence. See this Neurolink website. Covid-19 vaccines is part of the journey to this eventual goal.


Modus Operandi

It would appear that the modus operandi is not to inject everyone with a deadly injection at the first wave (as Dr. Yeadon has pointed out). Instead, a percentage of the injections are relatively benign (having little or no detrimental effect; virtually harmless), however the other twenty percent are distributed at random across the globe. Their effect is that people die within hours of being injected, or are maimed. It is also suggested that the result of being poisoned may be delayed for longer periods, so that no connection with getting injected and dying or becoming victims of debilitating health effects is minimised and denied. Following on with the second jab and subsequent multiple boosters, again at random, increases this process of culling at each stage. Whilst an injection recipient may have no effects manifest themselves, they will inevitably run into a killer batch at some point.

Far Fetched Nonsense?

Hardly. Scientists, doctors and macroscopics in many countries have analysed the contents of these vials and discovered horrific contents that range from graphene oxide, poisonous metals, nanoparticles and even a laboratory conceived Hydra parasite. More information HERE, HEREHERE .

Proof Of Toxicity From Official Data 

In this BGB reproduction below, of a spread sheet presentation by Craig Paardekooper, you will see concrete proof gleaned from the US  VAERS database, that 80% of the death jabs are benign. The other 20% in-dispersed in the total number of jabs delivered are from batch numbers that are deadly, as analysis of the the data proves:

Why is this? To hide the process of genocide. It’s a Russian Roulette exercise. Sooner or later, you will hit a deadly batch if you continue to be ‘vaccinated’. Each time there is a roll-out another 20% are affected. Please don’t take this information lightly – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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