The Biggest Question Of All

The Biggest Question Of All

Planning For The Inevitable Collapse.

It is now approaching two years since the Cabal made it’s move and unleashed the start of the horrors that come with the birth pangs of the transition to a tyrannical world order (NWO, great reset, fourth industrial revolution, new normal – or whatever you want to label it); ushered in with an attempt at genocide to bring the world’s human population down to a manageable 500,000,000 (that’s right – half a billion – from the current approximate 7.8 billion). That is what has been openly stated for years by those now behind this attack. It’s not a secret, but people have not taken those statements seriously. But how could they achieve that goal? Through a programme of unnecessary injections, under the guise of inoculation against a phantom killer disease pandemic that never was. As Dr. Mike Yeadon (a leading, and renowned foremost scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer) has said on record:

Time For A Gear Shift

Some of us who are more open & critically minded – who warned about the eventuality of world affairs in advance, and then stepped up our campaign to warn others, have been doing just that since December 2019. This blog-site was first published in March 2020 to help with that work. Tens of thousands have been doing the same for nearly two years – since the fake pandemic was first announced – the stepping stone to mass inoculations under the cover of emergency powers – as a result of the fear unleashed about a deadly pandemic disease that would kill everyone it came into contact with – a hideous lie espoused and continually repeated by the treacherous and corrupt main stream media.

As a consequence of our work, an army of people globally, have woken up to what is happening. Sadly many more are still fast asleep, and probably will not wake up. They don’t realise that they cannot comply their way back to freedom (although true freedom was not apparent before this crisis). That is a reality, that we, the awakened, have to come to terms with unfortunately.

The main damage has already been done but worse is to come. This autumn, winter and spring things will rapidly deteriorate. It will be too late to go looking for a log burner and garden spade,  after the fuel has run out and the power grid is switched off. If you don’t think that’s what’s going to happen, then watch this space – assuming it will be available in the wake of a policy to ‘clean up’ the internet. Everything predicted so far by the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ has come to fruition on time like a Swiss train time table.

Moving Forward

The time has arrived for us to direct our energies in a different direction for the future. Two years of warning; the presentation of evidence (from those whose voices are silenced)- and providing proof of what is happening is coming to an end. Those who stubbornly oppose, make fun of and refute what has been said by us are going to have to be left behind. That is a heart rendering decision for many of us, whose sole motivation is to save as many as possible from the fate that awaits them. The effort we put in to educate the public is purely for the sake of humanity as a whole. It is a labour of love.

Far-sighted Warnings & Options

Some echoes from the past, were written down in ancient manuscripts that warned of an eventual  final battle between humanity and evil forces. We see this kind of warning from many sources:

All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from the extravagance of her luxury. Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues’. For her sins are piled up to heaven, And I heard another voice from heaven saying . . . . . “

The above prophecy is from the book of Revelation, but similar warnings can be found in most ancient writings used by major religions. If you are a religious person (which I am not incidentally – but I do take note of the wisdoms of ancient writings), then you recognise the significance of that above text, that depicted the end of the current system of things – as we know it. Interestingly ‘She’ is depicted by some scholars as referring to Babylon The Great – the world empire of false religion – interesting that – when you consider how organised religion has gone along with the Covid scare during this period. It’s been a source of mystery to many religious adherents, why their leaders have been so quiet about the closing down of their places of worship.

Enough of the lesson about religion. What I am really drawing attention to is the process of fleeing from the system, before it collapses altogether. We are fast accelerating to that point. ‘Prepers’ are busy squirreling things away in the hope of escape. Unfortunately many of those people have not thought things out – to their logical conclusions. People in the towns and cities especially, have romantic fantasies of going out to remote places and surviving on their own. Many are woefully untrained in these matters, some still think along the lines of continuing to have access to modern technology. Apart from shelter, what about food, warmth and drinking water? The reason humans originally developed communities was the strength and protection that a community provided. The Amish community is probably one of best example of a community that can survive on the fringes of our modern system, but even they have a toe in the present system in order to survive on a practical level.


Click on the above image to explore the UCT website

Long before the Covid madness, back in 2012, Michael O’Bernicia and others applied themselves to putting into action a method of surviving outside of the system, not as total separatists but within a system based on the Universal Community Trust (UCT) treaty, within a Common Law (or Natural Law)  environment. The narrow remit of this article does allow me to go into the finer details, but suffice to say the whole concept revolves around the fraudulent practice that has to be stopped, of the state registering babies at birth, thereby converting them into a contractual asset under maritime law. This means that each man or woman born in freedom has that freedom taken from them by written diktat – at birth – which is not lawful. That ‘entity’ is then used to set up a trust and can be used and traded as a commodity by the state. Little known about, this practice can be reversed by a body like the UCT.

Here is a BGB reproduced video introduction to the Universal Community Trust:

Here is another BGB reproduced video featuring the  UCT TREATY:

The Way Forward

Whilst many of us have reported on the fraudulent ‘pandemic’ and exposed lies, few of us have presented a way forward from this crises. Protests, video presentations and myriads of articles have been produced in the attempt to wake as many people up as possible. That phase I believe is now coming to an end. Instead we need to prepare an exit strategy from this nightmare by setting up a parallel system, based on documents like the UCT treaty, this requires intelligent people who think outside the box – lateral thinkers (who are half a dozen moves ahead of the pack), the far sighted ones, who concentrate on solutions – rather than just being ‘war correspondents’ in this war that has been thrust upon us. There is more than one way of skinning a cat (sorry cat lovers, it’s only a common idiom). We have to concentrate on using guile, cunning and intelligence, rather than direct confrontation, by producing something that will be an independent alternative to the current, corrupt Cabal’ run system.

The whole banking system has already collapsed, but is still paraded as still being  in existence. Economies are, and will continue to collapse totally, there will be famine and huge hardships, everyday life will be totally different. There is no return to the ‘old normal’ pre 2019. Sadly, some are still hopeful of that scenario, waiting for normality to return. Little do they realise that what we’ve witnessed so far is just the beginning of cruel hardship and death.

Before you collapse a building you have to make sure that you have pillars in place to prop up the old building until the new one is in place. That is exactly what UCT is all about. Now is the time to put those pillars in place – before the old building collapses altogether. Time is short, but I’m confident there are enough of us out there who can accomplish this task. Finding out more about UCT may be the first step on that journey.

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