A Game To Play With Your Bored Children or Grandchildren During House Arrest

Just a short little offering today.

Remember the magician – when he he was about to show you a card trick? It goes something like this: “pick a card, any card . . . . “.

Well now there’s a brand new Covid-19 numbers game that you can play using Google (it also works using most other search engines). You gather the children around and say “pick a number, any number, up to five digits – now watch how I can magically come up with that number for Covid-19 cases”

You then type in the number the children choose, followed by the word ‘Cases’ – no need for anything else, and hit the ‘enter’ key. E.g.

How magical is that? You can play for hours – until you run out of numbers. Good ol’ Google will faithfully return the story to match your search – isn’t that amazing?

Clever things these algorithms (an algorithm is a step by step programmed procedure to solve logical and mathematical problems – used extensively by You Tube to censor material ‘Big Brother’ doesn’t like). 

Absolutely AMAZING!  They must think we’re ALL stupid.


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