The Virus Is A Known Hoax – The Plan Is Genocide

Difficult as it may be for most of us to absorb, but Australia has always been synonymous with genocide.

The Aboriginal people of Australia had their lands cruelly taken from them by force and cruelty. Under the control of the British Empire, masterminded by the crown and implemented by the English parliament in London. It didn’t stop at the brutal theft of other people’s land, it progressed into open genocide. The indigenous tribes were mowed down by the colonisers, shot on sight. It was declared that the natives were no more than a race of monkeys, so it could not be seen as murder of another human being.

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They then enslaved the men they caught and took them away in chains. Later they adopted a policy of child snatching taking young children away from their parents and sending them away to be ‘adopted’ by white colonialist families. It all sounds eerily like the policies that have been adopted during the planned hoax pandemic of 2020. It’s the mechanisms of genocide.

Fast forward to 2021, and once again this policy of genocide raises it’s ugly evil head, more especially in Australia.

It is now without doubt that Oz has been chosen as the test bed. Injection uptake has been slow down under, the lengths gone to in order to force inoculations to take place has morphed into the brutality we see in Australia. The governments of the provinces – especially Victoria – are totally out of control, the police force has become a big roaming gang of thugs on the street.

Australia is a long way away – out of sight, out of mind and not reported on by the complicit mainstream media. Unless you do your own research and listen to eyewitnesses like Max Igan, reporting on the situation, then you will be blissfully unaware of how barbaric things have become in that country, and are going to become in other countries. What is going on down under is a real-time test bed for what will happen in other parts of the world. It’s in your interest to take in the full import of the hell that is exploding in Australia.

It’s time to seriously consider our situation and to prepare for what is bearing down on us. Be sure to watch to the end of the video below, as we see examples of the sheer brutality of the police in a country that has descended into an out of control brutal tyranny of terror against it’s own people.

As China was seen as the role model in containing the phantom virus, so too Australia is becoming the template for how authorities will react when their ‘death jab’ scheme falters.

Lest this ends in civil war and bloodshed on a global scale, we need to consider how we can stop it in it’s tracks. If you want a peaceful resolution all you have to do is stop obeying the government directives, stop acquiescing to their demands, and bin all your ‘smart’ devices – especially your mobile phones.

If enough people do that, the whole pack of cards of this Cabal genocide circus will collapse virtually overnight.



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