We Are Fragmented On Many Fronts

The great advantage that the Cabal and it’s henchmen have over us is that they have an united agenda, that has been marinating for many centuries, and their outworking, (hand in hand with corrupt governments), is united. They take their orders directly from the evil pinnacle of the power pyramid – the hidden Cabal. Everyone and everything else below them are compartmentalised.

We, on the other hand may have a common goal to preserve our freedom, escape the genocide and to educate the comatose public about the reality, by exposing the pseudo science and corrupt medical tyranny that is behind the hoax pandemic – the biggest scam yet perpetrated against the human race, and we all nearly fell into the trap.

Sadly we are also extremely fragmented and divided on many issues. This is a great weakness, as we still see division and often bickering and suspicion within our own ranks, some are still bitching with each other over matters that are irrelevant in a global crisis. The Cabal is very well aware of this weakness and encourages it at every opportunity to make us become more divided, purposely creating more animosity and schisms, the classic divide and conquer tactic.

A Summing Up Of The Confusion

Some believe it’s a Marxist/ communist plot. Others believe there is a deadly Sars-Cov-2 virus that has given birth to a brand new disease called Covid-19. Some (especially the doctors) believe – after being inculcated with false knowledge in medical school – that the germ and virus theory is real, being somewhat at odds with other enlightened doctors who have come to realise what the Terrain Theory is about.

Many believe the myth that vaccines generally work, although they are suspicious of the latest experimental gene therapy injections. Others believe that all vaccines are designed to cause illness and in this latest instance have been designed to cull the world’s population (as the evidence certainly suggests).

Still others believe that the virus is a bioweapon developed in Wuhan and released on humanity, many theories also revolve around gain of function developments, but without a virus how can it be manipulated to gain deadly properties and accelerated contagiousness? Squandered billions on a red herring I believe. In reality it’s the injections, hurried to market, but developed beforehand, that are being pushed on a world population with maniacal urgency, THAT is the real bioweapon, what preceded it was a manufactured excuse to deploy it. The fear generating hoax pandemic was just a stepping stone to get the death dealing injections into the bodies of 90 – 95% of the world’s population.

Many believe (especially in the US) that there will be a super hero (as in comic books) riding on a white charger that will save them from the apocalypse (e.g. like a returning Donald Trump – in triumph – who has been on side and fully aware all along) – dream on and smell the coffee my friends. We need to wake up from such fantasies, even if it does soothe our minds. We need to re engage with reality based on proven facts.

Then you have the die-hards who believe that all that’s required is a change in government, but run on the same lines as present, will sort it all out. Sadly they’ve failed to realise that ALL governments, Labour or Conservative, here, Republican or Democrats on the other side of the pond are chosen by the Cabal before any election. Same puppet, just a different mask.

The tentacles of this centuries old evil Cabal reach right down from the top, as far as local government and across the world’s medical authorities. They have also established global, elite corporate bodies especially the banks, who are now more powerful than governments. The real big weapon has been the mainstream media, owned by about six corporations each run by a powerful individual owner/ head. They take their orders and headlines from just two global, central news agencies. It’s the media that keeps the public in the dark and unknowing in fear of death, as they pump out the lies and the propaganda 24/7; carefully crafted to create as much fear as possible. We know very well the negative effect of fear on the masses. We’re also tasting the results of harsh censorship by Big Tech, of anything that goes against the official narrative.

Given the time and opportunity the Cabal – working through it’s minions – have had to carefully put in place key people and organisations to influence the whole power structure of the world, it’s little wonder that they have been successful this far. The old term during the Cold War was ‘sleeping cells’. The Cabal’s ‘sleeping cells’ all woke up in 2019/ 20.

Examples Of Valuable Allies But Not All On The Correct Page

Here’s an e-mail message I received from Jon Rappoport this week. In his inimitable style he sums it up pretty accurately and is more in tune with what is really at foot:

As my readers know, I’ve been proving, for the past year, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist. Therefore, the whole issue of immunity is a non-starter. Immune to what? To a phantom? A myth. A superstition. A fairy tale. A collective hallucination.

NEVERTHELESS, I make frequent forays into the fantasy bubble-world, where millions and millions of people believe the virus is real, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine is relevant. I do this to point out the ridiculous contradictions and internal inconsistencies and lies within that bubble.

I’m making another such foray now. For the purposes of argument only, I’ll assume the virus is real and viral immunity is real and discussion about the vaccine is relevant.

A key question within the bubble: is naturally acquired immunity, achieved through infection by the virus, equivalent to, or better than, immunity acquired as a result of vaccination?

The answer to that question is vital for the pro-vaxx mafia. They MUST claim natural immunity is inferior. Otherwise, their goose is cooked.

Otherwise, their whole brutal campaign to force shots into arms is doomed.

Enter Senator Rand Paul. The other day, in a hearing, he took Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, to the woodshed, to the cleaners and to school.

Here is the excellent video of Senator and doctor Rand Paul tearing Xavier Becerra to humiliating pieces:

The only problem is that whilst Senator Paul is a great ally to our cause, he still comes at the problem from an awkward angle. He evidently believes the virus exists (thanks probably to his indoctrination at medical school and afterwards as a doctor in the medical field). He argues very effectively that our immune systems are far superior to any man-made concoction that’s pumped into our bodies. He also highlights the absurd logic behind the so-called  ‘vaccination’ programme. However the reality is that no virus has EVER been properly isolated and it’s genome sequenced. There is no SARS Cov-2 virus, the immune system does not work as hypothesised and vaccines have NEVER been successful in fighting any disease by giving the impression that they impart some kind of immunity. They have actually caused more deaths and harm than the diseases they are supposed to protect us from.

However we are grateful for small mercies from the likes of senator Rand Paul – although slightly out of tune, he’s doing a great job of exposing those behind this scam.

Another Angle

Martin Geddes who is also a great ally, comes at the problem from other angles – one is the political dogma angle, and comic book ‘Super Hero’ angle revolving around Donald Trump. Again, it’s evident that Geddes sees what is happening – like all of us do – but everything is rather foggy, because of this ununified direction that so many of us are coming from. This causes confusion for the cause in people’s eyes and weakens our united front against the common enemy. This is exactly what the Cabal want – division and confusion.

Here is an excerpt from Geddes:

We are in the middle of an attempted global genocide attempt and failed neo-communist takeover. The method is unique: the “lockstep” of ubiquitously normalising the ridiculous and immoral via fear propaganda and the slave submission symbolism of face muzzles.

But we have been here before: the Holodomor in Ukraine, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Cultural Revolution… and plenty more. Governments routinely are captured by criminals and psychopaths, and turn on their population, who stand by in disbelief that this could happen to them. Learned helplessness means people assume they have no power to change anything, when all it takes is one person in any group to break the groupthink.

Enough of us have resisted the lockstep brainwashing and social conformity pressure for the bioweapon scheme to have failed in its goal of a global takeover. A critical part of this has been the Trump administration’s exposure of the enemy, and the Q project preparing a significant portion of the population to be the nucleus of resistance. These “anons” cannot be divided or demoralised.

A helpful assistant has spent many hours reading and summarising Covid related articles that I have curated, and locating relevant videos. Click on any title to go through to the article.

This is heavy stuff. Just remember that as a member of the “vaccine” control group you are not obliged to have a miserable genocide. Some of us have only incarnated here for the giggles of observing the absurd tragedy… and to build a parallel society as the failed old one collapses.

The Solution?

Somehow or other we need to find common ground. Universally we are all aware of the hoax and what it’s leading to at an alarming rate of knots. What we don’t have is a common and clear picture of the facts that shape our journey to  the battlefield  – easier said than done unfortunately.

We all have individual parts to play in the freedom ‘army’ that is not so much of a problem. The big problem is arranging the ‘army’ in an unified way. At present we have too many hypothesises to explain the reality of what is happening. Many are totally off the scale and quite frankly some are ludicrous others are based on established misinformation whilst others are the product of fantasy based on science fiction.

The most important thing to do is to stop the suspicion that there are ‘spooks’ behind every tree. We also need to stop the over analysis and the spouting of information without concrete evidence to support statements. Releasing information based on hearsay, or because the content appeals to us personally does untold damage to our credibility in the eyes of those that come across such information. Above all else we need to stop causing division between ourselves, focus on truth, be more trusting of one another and for heavens sake don’t attack each other because other people’s views views are not in line with our own views.

Failing to do that means we fail to stop this genocidal attack on our brothers and sisters worldwide.

BGB ALWAYS makes sure that what is published on this site is based on factual and documented peer reviewed evidence. Anyone who disagrees with the information put out out on here are given a challenge to disprove anything that is published. To date not one challenge has been received. If we do make a mistake we rush to retract or correct anything that is provably erroneous.

It is strongly suggested that any reader who comes across this site adopts the same policy.


until you can verify it with scientific evidence from trusted sources. Deal only in provable facts supported by evidence.

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