What Is IT?

To clarify, we are not talking about an epiphany in the traditional religious sense here, but in the secular context. Here is the Cambridge dictionary definition of the term:

A moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you”

So, is the average ‘Joe’ in the street, (commonly referred to in dialogue during this Covid hoax as ‘Joe Normie’), likely to get up tomorrow morning and miraculously get his/ her epiphany moment on opening their eyes?

A Quick Explanatory Note – You Decide If J.N. Will Have An Epiphany

I was sitting in my car in a supermarket car park this week, watching people come and go to the store, as my beloved was doing our weekly grocery chop inside – whilst I was catching up with my latest book I’m reading. As I had happened to park right by the door, the comings and goings were easy to observe. After an hour or so of this activity of watching the actions of hundreds of people, I noted that just two people entered the store without a mask – my wife being one of them.

It seems I am not the only one to get depressed at viewing these scenes. Let Dave Cullen in this BGB reproduced video explain to you how he also feels about the situation:

What’s Going On This Side Of Paddy’s Pond?

Earlier this week a discussion and a vote on the continued ’emergency powers’ for the next six months was supposed to be held at Westminster. What we saw was a brazen attitude towards these far reaching powers that have taken away our basic rights and freedoms. A bit like a schoolyard bully who has put his foot on someone’s packed lunch and destroyed it, then having a fit of laughter when the victim asks to have it replaced. Even worse, the rest of the school’s ‘pupils’ couldn’t be bothered to get involved.

List Of The Disinterested

Below is a list of 85 MPs that didn’t even bother to vote on this matter, thereby committing us all to a very dark (in more ways than one), painful winter of our discontent. Brace yourselves and get ready for the result of the death jabs starting to fill our cemeteries (see the official numbers already mounting up). Also it appears that a lot more items are disappearing off the shelves – and it’s only October – next we’ll see supply chains break down and a fuel crisis looms all for a hoax pandemic fuelled by fear, continually stoked up by the government and the likes of the BBC.  Note also that the Yellow Card reporting system admits that only between 1 & 10% of injection fatalities and crippling ‘adverse effect’ cases are reported by doctors and hospitals to this government agency. So the real situation could be a hundred times worse than reported :

Click on the above image to view the general letter template page that has been prepared for you. You can change the contents in any way you choose.

Why not write to your MP if they are on the above list, and ask them politely why they did not take part in the vote. Is it not their duty to do such thigs on behalf of their constituents? Especially on such overwhelmingly important subjects.

My own MP (Ben Lake) was one of the culprits (highlighted in the document above). He will be receiving a letter from BGB and it will include the following points:

  • Did you have more pressing matters that needed your attention on the day of the vote?
  • Was this a fence sitting display by you, or do you have no interest in the subject matter that impacts on the welfare and social despair of your constituents?
  • Have you personally done any research into the Covid-19 scandal? Or have you just gone with the flow, just accepting what hand-picked government ‘experts’ have declared and then been repeated by the mainstream media as pure propaganda and lies?
  • Are you happy with the way that the government has short circuited the democratic processes of debate before The House and the holding of government decisions accountable through parliamentary scrutiny by the whole house?

The above are just key points that will be brought to his attention. More points will be included. The letter will in due course be published in our Correspondence Journal for public display.

You should do the same, regardless of where you are in the UK. You can use any  part of our letter for your own correspondence. MPs need to be aware that we are not all like ‘Joe Normie’. Perhaps you could also draw attention to the recent meeting by Boris Johnson with Bill Gates, a person who is orchestrating many of the policies implemented by western governments, regarding injections, despite having absolutely no qualifications in any field of medicine and science.

They Were Having A ‘Larf’ Weren’t They?

In the short video clip below, you can get an insight into how the ‘non vote’ was conducted. To say the scene was an infantile display is an understatement. These are supposed to be grown up adults in positions of ultimate power over us, getting paid a lot of (our) money to do a serious and very responsible job on our behalf – so much for that theory. What is even worse is their general overall attitude towards the work; they obviously don’t take it seriously and many couldn’t even be bothered to take part in the vote that never was. So much for parliamentary scrutiny to protect our democracy:

I don’t know about you, but I got the distinct impression that the whole issue is a joke for them – at our expense – the people who put them there as our servants and not masters. I believe that it was an insult to our intelligence (with the exception of ‘Joe Normie’ who does not seem to display any intelligence so would doubtless not be insulted).

It is evident that these ministers believe that they hold the initiative, control the narrative through corrupt mainstream mass media and can behave with utter impunity – the death and misery of people all around is something that they take so lightly, that they can laugh about it in our faces. Are you happy with that ‘Joe Normie’? Because those of us who take this situation seriously, certainly are not.

What Urgently Needs To Be Done

The first overriding thing is to hold these politicians to account. They need to be prosecuted for malfeasance in public office. Their support for the roll-out of gene therapy experimental injections (without proper informed consent) that are killing and maiming the public should be a matter for an International Criminal Court, for crimes against humanity. Their actions are in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code (1947).

How can we play a part? The extremely simple solution is to exercise the power of ‘NO’.

We write reams of material about this fake pandemic, we talk for hours on end about it, and to be brutally blunt, we constantly moan and whinge. What we should do is just say no to the ludicrous directives issued by the government, Stop complying, stop acquiescing to their demands and simply refuse to co-operate. We also need to ditch the very tools that they use to impose their diktats – smart phones and smart devices – that we have become addicted to. Without ‘apps’ and constant monitoring devices in our pockets and handbags, we would be free of the technological controls that can be implemented by them.

If we did those simple things, this genocidal madness would be over in weeks. However would ‘Joe Normie’ wake up and support such action? The depressing answer is probably not. Nevertheless there is a huge awakening going on – but it’s slow – as witnessed by the people I saw going into the supermarket this week. The good news though is that judging by the way that some were removing their masks – sometimes before they came out of the doors, there are many out there who are just complying due to peer pressure, from the ‘Joe Normies’ around them. So, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope, but not for Joe sadly.

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