Things We Take For Granted As Facts

Grass is green, the sky is blue, germ theory from the 19th century and the efficacy (the capacity for producing a desired result or effect) of vaccination is fact. Well the first two are correct, as can be proven through the study of the  physics of light – as for the third, it’s slightly more complicated, but still believed as a matter of true fact by nearly all, in fact it’s at the same level as religion, when it comes to belief i.e. unquestionable.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this last eighteen months or so has had it’s benefits. People generally know a lot more about virology than they did at the beginning of this hoax (so called) ‘pandemic’ that never was. Many have unfortunately also been totally confused, either by propaganda and pseudo science to support the actions of authorities, also – it has to be admitted – the correct information that has been brought to their attention, which has shaken many of people’s former belief systems. That is not always a nice experience, for many it causes

Belief Systems

How many people had previously heard of Coronavirus  at the start of 2020? Not many I’ll wager. Now it’s probably the most used word when talking about viral ‘infections’.

2002 Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman is quoted as saying:

For some of our most important beliefs, we have no evidence at all, except that people we love and trust hold these beliefs. Considering how little we know, the confidence we have in our beliefs is preposterous . . . . .”

There comes a point, when we are so trusting in what we have been led to believe as fact that we do not question it any longer. It has in essence past into our psyche and culture. When it comes to germ theory and vaccination, virtually everyone accepts it as a belief that cannot be challenged.

The process of convincing people they’ve been fooled is a gigantic endeavour.

The Wuhan Factor

Wet markets, like this one , are found throughout Asia and sell fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, and meat. Photograph: Anthony Kwan – Getty images.

I personally was no different to most others in my inculcated view of virus transmission. Then the fairy tale story broke about a new SARS CoV-2 virus that had supposedly been discovered, and apparently causes a new disease labelled Covid-19. It seemed feasible – based on my (at the time) below par knowledge of communicable diseases. However it did not sit comfortably when it was suggested that this new virus had crossed the species barrier from bats to humans, via a BAT SOUP that was served to people in a Wuhan wet market. Oh please! Pull the other one and stop insulting people’s intelligence. NEVER has it been proven in laboratory conditions or in the wild, that ‘viruses’ can jump species – despite laboured attempts at proving such a phenomenon. Neither has a whole virus ever been  isolated, purified, identified or had it’s full genome sequenced – including SARS CoV2 (without computer modelling to fill in the gaps in the genetic code) – NEVER.

In fact it is admitted that viruses are not living organisms, in terms of how living organisms are defined. So how could they perform these miraculous feats of attack on host organisms?

Then to add insult to injury, they suggested that the ‘virus’ was first transmitted from one mammal to another by eating bat soup! So the ‘mutant virus’ survived the cooking process by boiling, got swallowed, didn’t get destroyed by the digestive system and then miraculously landed up in the bloodstream and started attacking cells in the body. Have you seen an unicorn lately?

Smelling a Rat

It was at this point that I and many others smelled a rat. My very deep research into this subject since Jan 2020 has confirmed my suspicions 100%. Although I have had a keen interest in medical science since I was a teenager, I had innocently believed what I now know as dodgy ‘germ theory’. It’s only now that I have – through diligent study – realised how shaky and illogical germ theory (fraudulently promoted as a fact by the likes of  Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, Robert Koch) is.

It’s more than 150 years since Louis Pasteur shot to stardom. His promotion of the Germ Theory of disease in the mid 1800’s led that theory to gain prominence, and then dominance, in western medicine – as the preferred way of managing human health. This germ theory was a blessing to the Big Pharma industry and allopathic medicine generally, expertly influenced by the Rockefeller Foundation – that is the biggest influence when it comes to funding and setting the curriculum for medical schools to this day. Their central dogma is “never mind the cause of the disease, just memorise which drug treats the symptom i.e. symptom = pill or potion” no need to look for the cause of the illness – or blame it on the antics of a virus. Also, never mind the extra chemical poisoning that the patient suffers as a result of the ‘medicine’ administered, conveniently labelled as ‘possible side-effects’. Making the human ‘terrain’ even more toxic, with pharmaceutical concoctions.

The Opposing Correct Theory?

During this century and a half time, the pendulum swung so far that all bacteria and so-called ‘viruses’ were seen to be bad and needed to be destroyed – an obviously impossible task, based solely on the science of the mid nineteenth century and even the good and sensible bits further contaminated – primarily – by the likes of the fraudulent plagiarist Pasteur. That pendulum is now on its way back and people are starting to take account of other observations that may counter this outdated 150-year-old view of disease.

Not Everyone Was Taken In By Pasteur & His Supporters

At the time of Pasteur’s promotion of the Germ Theory, he had an intense rivalry with a French research scientist, Prof. Antoine Béchamp, who was the proponent of an alternative theory called the Host Theory or often referred to as the Terrain Theory (what’s the betting that you’ve never heard of Béchamp or his discoveries?). As well as being a leading research scientist of his time Béchamp was also a trained medical doctor, and an expert in microscopy. Antoine Béchamp, before his death in 1908, had an incredible list of scientist appointments at French universities: Examples are: Doctor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy at Montpelier, Professor of Physics and Toxicology at Strasbourg. Unlike Pasteur who was a chemist – who just scraped through his exams to qualify, but he had a huge advantage over Béchamp – he was an expert and relentless self promoter. Unlike Béchamp, who tirelessly worked away quietly and diligently in his laboratory and published nothing, until he could back it up with scientific evidence and the carefully documented observations he made in his lab. Pasteur on the other hand, had the ear of emperor Napoleon III and the The French Académie des Sciences.

Ever since it was created in 1666, the Academy has been resolutely committed to the advancement of science and has advised government authorities in those matters and issues deemed within its remit. It is a double calling that has been reinforced over time, as and when our knowledge-base itself progressed. Pasteur contaminated it though.

Pasteur was also skilled in fraudulent research and plagiarism. On his death bed – when it did not matter anymore he admitted that the Terrain Theory was the correct one, but we don’t get made a party to those lost facts in history.

I wrote a full feature article on this subject some time back on this blog. To view it please:

I also also recommend you read more about Antoine Béchamp in a great article (by Alan Cantwell, M.D., © 2017) and find out about Béchamp’s amazing discovery of what he initially called the ‘little bodies’ that he later named microzymas – that was the key – instead medical science went off on a dead end scientific goose chase or rather a virus chase thanks to Pasteur & Co.!

for Part 1 and for Part 2

So What’s The Difference Between These Two Theories?

Germ Theory proposes that disease is caused by particular micro-organisms (or germs) that are found outside the body and make their way into the body to cause the disease. We have around 380 TRILLION ‘viruses’, (or more likely wrongly labelled exosomes) in our body at any given time. Pasteur and Co. and all virologists since his day believe that ONE germ particle or ‘virus’ accounts for ONE disease out of trillions that can be observed – they float around in the air – as deadly enemies of humankind, floating in the air around us, looking for an opportunity to attack! Does that sound logical to you? The whole concept is as riddled with holes as a colander!

Host Theory (often referred to as Terrain Theory) suggests that disease arises from micro-organisms inside the body and that the internal condition of the body is the primary causal agent. Germ Theory supposes that every disease is associated with a particular micro-organism, while Host Theory believes that micro-organisms become pathogenic as the health of the host organism (human) deteriorates. In this theory, micro-organisms are not the cause of the disease but a symptom of the diseased condition of the body, caused by toxicity; whether by our poor (mostly processed) food intake, contaminated water, polluted air, or as the direct effect of electro magnetic fields and radio frequency radiation. They all have a drastic effect on the ‘terrain’ i.e. the cellular condition of the cells in our body that react to detoxify the agent causing the disease. It is this natural detoxifying process that manifests itself in the outward observable symptoms of disease.

Be Prepared To Be Shaken To The Ground After Viewing This First Video:

A further explanation about exosomes and viruses is given in this video by Sayer Ji:

And confirmation by Dr. Andrew Kaufman that NO new disease causing virus is responsible for this so-called Covid-19 ‘pandemic’:

The Re-jigging  Of Former Beliefs.

It was a sobering experience for me to realise that the very foundation of modern allopathic medicine was premised on a theory that is outdated and goes back to a period when knowledge of virology was so basic and crude; and continually becomes challenged as science progresses. It’s quite an intellectual leap in belief to discover that everything we preach, practice and believe is based on a very shaky ancient theory that was never proven, and there seems to be no concrete evidence to support it to this day.

In fact this belief that we are ‘possessed’ by something outside, rather than within, being the source of our illnesses (unless we ingest or become the victim of an external toxic source, which is totally feasible). It even has it’s roots in ancient beliefs that evil spirits enter our bodies and then they make us ill whilst trying to kill us. The germ theory is slightly more refined, but the concept is exactly the same. It’s that concept that drives us to believe there are invisible ‘beings’ (viruses and bacteria) that enter our bodies and then attempts to kill us. Unfortunately that belief has become so ingrained that most people will not entertain any other hypothesis. It is also the perfect foil to trigger mass fear and hysteria. The thought of an invisible entity, that randomly floats around and could attack and kill us at any moment is powerful control stuff, that you can use to do what you like with the masses. Who from amongst the uneducated and ignorant public would not succumb to such thoughts of danger.

Then we have the ‘spell’ that relieves us from these contracted ‘spirits’ (viruses) that is administered by modern doctors in the same way that a Witch Doctor exorcises  evil spirits. The modern term for this procedure? Vaccination, which is also a sacred belief, and the gift that keeps on giving to Big Pharma.

This germ theory myth is the grand daddy of the latest myth – that we are being ravaged by a disease pandemic that 99.97% of people fully recover from naturally. It is known to kill approximately 0.03% of people who go down with it, and they are mostly over 80 years of age with previous other co-morbidities. And they want to inject the WHOLE world population with an experimental gene adapting concoction that is currently mowing people down by the thousands and causing even more permanent and serious damage. Now THINK about that! Put away your fear-flight reptile brain reaction and THINK rationally based on hard evidence.

My Own Research

Since the beginning of 2020 I’ve viewed and reproduced literally thousands of videos and my only reading material during this period has been books on the subject of viruses, disease and specifically Covid – having abandoned my usual diet of other subjects that interest me.  I have gone through such a number of books that I need a new bookshelf in my study – the one dedicated to the subject in hand is creaking! I am currently wading through my latest book purchase:

Click on the book cover image to view a purchasing source

This book is the result of ten years constant research specifically into the subject of disease and our understanding of it. Written by Dawn Lester and David Parker. It’s not for the faint hearted reader, both due to it’s contents – which will probably shock, but it’s sheer size as well – at 800 odd pages long, it takes quite some ploughing through! Although thankfully it’s expertly written in a form that makes it understandable to most readers.

The book explains what really makes us ill (it’s not what you may think) and it explains with masses of references, why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong. That’s a shocker in itself, as the germ theory is so firmly rooted in the minds of all allopathic doctors – thanks to their medical school training (monkey see monkey do – with no questions asked).


Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.” – Voltaire.

The conventional approach adopted by most healthcare systems entails the use of chemical ‘medicine’ to treat human disease. The idea encapsulated by the above quote attributed to Voltaire, (the nom de plume of François-Marie Arouet (1694-1778), will no doubt, be regarded by most people as inapplicable to 21st century healthcare, especially the system known as ‘modern’ medicine.

The reason that people would consider this idea to no longer be relevant is likely to be based on the assumption that ‘medical science’ has made significant advances since the 18th century and that 21st century doctors therefore possess a thorough, if not quite complete, knowledge of medicines, diseases and the human body. Unfortunately, however, this would be a mistaken assumption; as this book will demonstrate.

David Parker & Dawn Lester. Click on the image to visit their website.

Please click on the image of David Parker and Dawn Lester on the left to get more information, including interviews they’ve had had with the likes of Dr. Andy Kaufman back in April 2020. Little has changed in the context of the ‘pandemic’, but the main difference now, is that more people are waking up to the reality that germ theory is particularly dodgy. As people investigate, more and become better educated about virology (a bogus field of medicine in my personal opinion, based solely on unproven germ [virus] theory that fits into science like a square peg being driven into a round hole).

Book Salesman?

Lest you get the impression that my mission here is to promote and sell books – it’s not. My mission is to get people to open their eyes to true reality and truth, both are in short supply these days, the majority of the population is asleep and those that dictate to us – their vision of reality – are peddlers of lies and deceit. Also, if those that read this blog and have a few neurons on active duty then it’s hoped their minds are opened.

Here are a few other titles I’ve read or am in the process of reading – you may also benefit from them when doing your own research into the material covered above:

Most of the above books are available on-line at the Book Depository – if not – you’ll have to help Amazon with it’s monopoly and decimation of not only all other private booksellers but every small and medium sized company they can destroy. It is reported that their profits are up by about 30% since the fake pandemic and resulting lockdowns were announced.

The truth is well hidden, but amazingly simple to find when you search for it.

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