If You’re Not Sure About The Actual Facts – You Really Need To Watch This First Video

Sometimes the message needs to be clear, uncomplicated and delivered with a pinch of humour.

Chris Chase is a very clever, astute and well educated and informed young man, but his secret weapon is his delivery of facts in a style that will keep you chuckling and glued to your screen at the same time.

There’s a lot of the Wil l Smiths about him, but more importantly his delivery is spot on from a scientific fact and philosophical point of view. If you didn’t understand things about the mRNA inoculations before,  you will after watching and listening to Chris Chase.


If you still feel confident about trotting down to your local GP surgery to willingly get your ‘jab’ – fine – that is a decision only you can make. But PLEASE make sure that your action is based an INFORMED consent and is not based on your perception of what this inoculation programme is about and not as propagandised by the mainstream media. Get ALL the details, and for heaven’s sake don’t make the stupid mistake of thinking that this is just like all the other previous injections you may have exposed yourself to – like the winter flu vaccine – this is NOT a traditional vaccine like all previous ones.. It is the very first time this technology has been used on humans, and it’s not effective or safe, more importantly it has not been fully trialled or tested, and there is absolutely no data about it’s mid to long term effects. You also need to check out it’s short term adverse effects, which has culminated in horrific deaths.

Ignore The Scientific Data At Your Peril

If you want to ignore the scientific facts and are happy to be a human lab rat – that’s entirely up to you. However you surely don’t want to risk landing up like the poor fellow, in the above video, for a ‘vaccine’ that it is admitted by the manufacturers does not stop the spread or infection – it only lessens the symptoms. Symptoms that are so mild that most infected people under 70 don’t even notice they’ve been infected.

Without ANY intervention 99.97% of people infected recover with no ill effects. Think about that. To me, and the Chris Chases of this world that’s a no brainer surely?

‘Safe & Effective’ – As Your Politicians & The ‘Talking Heads’ On Your TV Tell You?

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