Why Would The BBC Go To Such Lengths To Discredit a Small Film Producer Who Is Spreading The Truth?

It would appear that it’s because more and more people are waking up to the truth and the reality of what is going on around them in the world. The end game appears to be centralised global control by a handful of technocrats (see the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ and ‘New Normal’ on their website) they, along with corrupt politicians, who – in harmony with the technocrats – are all controlled by the Cabal. It has been the stated goal – of this influence in the shadows – from time immemorial. By 2019 their influence, power and financial capability has reached a point where they can augment their master plan, with a joining of private corporate bodies (such as Big Pharma) and NGOs/ Foundations with governments. Money talks, corruption and greed is rife. It’s always the acid test, when searching for answers, to follow the money:


More importantly, technology has reached a point where global surveillance, communication, satellite capability (5G) and the ‘internet of things’ has reached a point where the Cabal and their henchmen can finally spring the trap on a largely unwary, frightened and gullible human population, who are being duped by false information and blatant propaganda, which creates irrational fear, panic and mayhem.

Purpose Of The Jabs

The biggest voice in the Covid scam and resultant ‘vaccines’ – Bill Gates – from a long family line of admitted eugenicists

It’s part of the plan to reduce world population and bring humans in line with transhumanism and artificial intelligence (AI) – that should be obvious by now; with the key function of the mainstream media, run globally by about six corporations (hence the message is in lockstep from all main newsfeed outlets) to spread the lies and make false statements. This is now an open secret that is coming out into the open, thanks to organisations like the World Doctors Alliance and many others. The Cabal’s main weapon is fear, as long as the populace is in fear, they are malleable and controllable. The hoax virus – portrayed as a deadly disease that could kill swathes of people is what the sleeping masses are spoon-fed, with a huge focus on vaccinations, via sources like the BBC. What’s worse, they are using misinformation and outright lies based on pseudo science to carry out this fraudulent exercise. It is the ‘virus’ that has been been used as the catalyst to put all of this New World Order (NWO – their words not ours) attempt into action. It is all a planned strategy to usheras in the NWO  in one devastating leap of change. Isn’t this evident when you look around you with a rational mind?

The next stage, which was carefully planned from the start, are mRNA ‘vaccinations’. Everything perpetrated in the wake of a mysterious virus (masks, social distancing, lockdowns, isolation, the loss of freedoms etc. etc.) was to herd people into mass vaccination programmes – for a disease that kills approx. 0.03% of those who catch it, that’s right, as borne out by official data, on average, 99.97% make a total recovery without any ill effects, with less serious symptoms than the average annual winter virus season. Time to put thinking caps on!

However this rushed mass inoculation programme,  may be their Achilles Heel. As the truths regarding this totally unnecessary treatment is becoming more apparent to the masses. We only have to study the figures of those who have died or been seriously injured in just a few weeks of the ‘vaccination’ roll-out to see what the dangers are. The more the pressures are applied to inoculate 7.8 billion people, the more it becomes a critical necessity for them to rush and push their inoculation programme. They are running out of time in a race to get the lies out –  ahead of the truth. Thankfully, the truth-sayers are  finally edging in front in this war of truth verses evil lies, and the likes of the BBC know it. Their time is limited.

Running Scared

The wheels are fast and increasingly coming off the scam cart. The longer this mass deceit goes on, the more voices are heard from amongst leading doctors, scientists, medical researchers  and the legal profession who are increasingly making their voices heard.

In response the BBC clumsily tried to attack the information in the Oracle Films’ first video. They tried to do that through their ‘investigative’ documentary programme’ – Panorama. In the process they shot themselves in both feet. This second rebuttal video by Oracle Films (bottom of page) has blown them out of the water – disclosing that Prof. Liam Smeeth who was the main commentator on the programme has received hundreds of millions in donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the BBC themselves, who have also received $53,000,000 from the same foundation (all officially documented). Ask yourself what is their incentive, and then ponder over what is our incentive. The result of their panic was their heavily biased, malicious and ridiculous programme. Bear in mind: “He who pays the piper calls the tune” – as the old saying goes.

The state propagandists are losing the battle big style, and they are running scared. Hence this Panorama programme by the state’s official propaganda broadcaster. The BBC’s big push to discredit the real experts, with a bigoted attack via their flagship programme – Panorama. What they didn’t count on was the BBC, and the main programme ‘expert’ (Prof. Liam Smeeth)’s ties with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation being exposed in Oracle Films’ latest “Ask The Experts II” video  production. This is a shattering rebuttal of what the Panorama programme tried to put over to the public, in their role as the government’s official propaganda arm.

The first film featured dozens of medical experts who unveiled the truth behind the inoculation programme. If you would like to see it first, before you catch up with the main video below,  (called ‘Ask The Experts II’)

Latest Film

Below is the full, latest “Ask The Experts II” video. I think the light will get brighter  as you watch it through to the end. Open your mind and ENJOY!


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