NOTE: ANY Coercion To Have You Participate In Mandatory Experiments Is In Breach Of The Nuremberg Code

Israel: Vaccination Is “Moral Duty” – Refuseniks To Be “Left Behind”

So it’s now a ‘moral duty’ to be a human lab rat for a worldwide genetic human  genome experiment?

The Background

This week I received an e-mail from one of our  dear BGB subscribers – he was understandably sad and upset. He has a daughter who lives in Israel – as she is married to her Israeli husband. She is suffering from stage 4 cancer, which as you probably know is very serious indeed. The family had hoped they could meet once more, before her condition may get worse.

Then the Zionist government pronounced their ‘Green Passport’ policy, which came into force at the beginning of this week in Israel. As per usual it’s referred to by a warm cosy and innocent name “The “Green Passport”. What it entails is the complete opposite. It fundamentally forces mandated vaccines on the population, by the back door. If you fail to get one of these ‘passports’ you are denied the freedoms of ordinary citizens. In the case of the person who wrote to me, it could mean that his daughter is stranded in Israel, and possibly her family would be denied access to see her. How very  Nazi like & tyrannical of the Zionist government. This coercion through denial of freedoms is deplorable.

The mRNA Inoculation Is NOT A Vaccine

Before going further. let’s explore why this new mRNA ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine at all. So what is it? It’s a gene altering technique that has NEVER before been used on humans – it is therefore an experiment without informed consent. When it has been experimented in the past, using animals, the outcome was tragic. Most died of cytokine storm responses when later exposed to a similar virus of a similar type in the wild.

Let professor Dolores Cahill explain to you what is involved:

There is much confusion within the public, between experimental treatment with an untested technique and what is normally understood to be a ‘vaccine’. This confusion has been conflated, as the companies who have manufactured the concoction, along with the Cabal controlled governments and especially the media repeatedly refer to it as a vaccine, which it is not. More information here from Dr. David Martin:

Israel’s “Green Passport”

Recent demonstration in Israel against the ‘Green Passport’ system

Israel has rolled out a digital ‘vaccination’ pass that enables citizens to access gyms, swimming pools and hotels. If you cannot prove that you have had the ‘jab’, you’re not getting in.

The vaccine pass has been dubbed “The Green Passport.” The vaccinated can download it through an app run by the health ministry, but it can also be printed out on paper.

As the Green Passport was unveiled, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein declared that;

Getting vaccinated is a moral duty. It is part of our mutual responsibility.” He also said that those who refuse the jab will be “left behind.”

The Israeli Police are on the lookout for Green Passport forgeries. Citizens have been told that attempting to gain entry to a venue with a forgery is a criminal offence.

Do We Now Copy This In The UK?

The UK government is determining whether to follow Israel’s lead. Anti-passport protests in Israel have been sporadic. Most Israelis seem resigned to it all. What of the Irish or the British? Will vaccine passports be the final straw, or will there be a collective sigh and a shrug of the shoulders followed by acquiescence? Time will tell.

If Israeli society wasn’t divided enough, now looms another threat that could add an extra tier. More and more people have started raising concerns over the so-called “Green Passport,” and their concerns are finally starting to receive publicity – no thanks to the mainstream media.

In an article for the business newspaper Globes, Dr. Aviv Segev and Prof. Asa Kasher wrote of the document:

This is not a Green Passport, it is a black hole.”

The duo deemed the document epidemiologically irrelevant, as the incentive is to create a safe space for vaccinated folks, yet this could fall short due to lack of information on the vaccines’ effectiveness and moreover its inability to stifle the spread of the disease. It has been declared that the mRNA injection only lessens symptoms!

A greater concern is that Israel’s growing involvement with our medical data and records is a slippery slope to paternalistic governance. The experts – Dr. Aviv Segev is a psychiatrist, director of the Department of Emergency Psychiatry at the Shalvata Mental Health Center and a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at Tel Aviv University and  Prof. Asa Kasher is a philosopher, professional ethics expert, Israel Prize winner and author of the IDF Code of Ethics, continued:

The Green Passport reflects a paternalistic, archaic policy that is inconsistent with democratic and civic principles in an enlightened state. Society in Israel is divided enough, torn by many years of political struggles. The corona crisis is another social upheaval that threatens our integrity as one society, and the green passport is an abyss, which will deepen the rift in Israeli society,”

Both are members of the Public Emergency Council for the Corona Crisis, they also said:

The Nuremberg Code – as it applies to the Covid vaccines and Covid tests – means we can and must decline these deadly and destructive Covid-19 vaccines. And we must resist the dangerous and completely useless PCR tests administered in the nasal cavity.

Here is a copy of the Nuremberg Code, with a preamble by the British Medical Journal No. 7070:


Our right and ability to decline these procedures and not be discriminated against for doing so, by employers, police or anyone else is outlined clearly in the following section of the Nuremberg Code. Keep this info handy to pull out anytime you need it:

Article 6, section 1:

Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be expressed and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason WITHOUT DISADVANTAGE or prejudice.

Article 6, section 3:

In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.

In Direct Contravention Of The Nuremberg Code

The roll out of this experimental mRNA inoculation programme (for whatever reason) is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code. It is being delivered to the public who do NOT have an INFORMED choice and have not given their INFORMED consent. They are fooled into thinking that they are receiving a normal vaccine against disease. The outcomes are unknown, as there is insufficient data available. This is an experiment on humans on a grand global scale. The concoction injected into them is something they are unaware of, and have been given no detailed information about. It is therefore an illegal and unethical experiment which the Nuremberg Code strictly prohibits. It is a criminal action against humanity.

Ignoring The Lessons From History?

You would expect Israel of all people to have learned the lessons from the holocaust. But here is another area of ignorance amongst the common folk of the earth. Israel is a state that was formed in 1947  NOT by the Jewish nation spread around the globe, but by the ZIONISTS, who have basically hijacked Judaism. Today, most people equate Israel with the Jews, but although many have migrated there from all corners of the earth – they are ruled and controlled by the Zionists, which is a totally different matter altogether, hence the protests by fundamental Jews against this Zionist hijacking. In fact the Jews are treated just as badly as others who dare oppose the Zionists. They have even wangled a situation where anything said about Zionism and the state of Israel is deemed ‘anti Semitic’. This is a nonsense as Zionism and ordinary Jews are extreme opposites.

Sympathy For Jews

I feel particularly sorry for the genuine Jews, almost as much as I do for the deplorable actions of the Zionists towards their neighbours. The Palestinians, whose homeland was stolen and the Zionists continue to encroach on the little they have left to this day. It cannot be summed up in any other words but planned genocide.

The Jews suffered in the concentration camps, partly because of the Zionists ties with the German Nazi state. The Zionists thought nothing of  sacrificing their 6 million ‘brethren’ who suffered and died there, in order to further their age old goals, and now they have the gall to use the Jews as their scapegoats. They rule them and blame them for anything bad that is done by these Zionist Cabal members. The rest of the world follow suite and blame the Jews. Little wonder that Jews protest against the Zionists.

The totally racist, apartheid state of Israel today is comprised primarily of Ashkenazi Jews (who do not descend from the ancient nation of Israel proper but a pseudo Judaic peoples from ancient Khazaria) but who occupy the top rung of the ladder of extreme racism currently prevalent in Israeli society. The Ashkenazis get the pick of the best available jobs, career opportunities and housing. Some considerable way behind these two groups are the Christians and last and certainly least, the Arab population of Israel is left with the metaphorical crumbs from the table. The ‘official’ view of the Israeli hierarchy on Zionist supremacy can be summed-up neatly by this quotation:

Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

Former Israel Prime Minister –  Menachem Begin 

“The Master Race” – now where have we heard that before, along with experimental medical practices on uninformed people that led to the Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg Code?

And the final quote from an equally extreme Zionist:

Do we need to say anymore? The above is out of the mouths of two prominent Zionists. You make of it what you will. To me it sounds like direct quotes from the German Nazi handbook of yesteryear.

Israel – Land of the Rothschilds

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  1. Laurence Howell

    Many researchers have asked the question “how is it that Israel has so much influence in American and World politics?”

    To answer this question we must go back to 1913 and the passing of the Federal Reserve Act 1913. This act, more than any other action that has been taken by the Zionists, has been the cornerstone of financial hegemony for them ever since.

    This led to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank which is owned and controlled by Zionist Interests. The same interests that pursue the Greater Israel Project from which to rule the World.

    The Fed creates US currency for the US government. The standard accountants cry is “out of thin air”. This is not true because the currency is created off the back of a Promissory Note (PN), which is a financial instrument and has the same value as the amount of currency created. These promissory notes are called Treasuries or T-Bills.

    This is the same as the application form you sign when applying for a house loan or car loan or in fact any type of loan. The application form becomes a promissory note when you sign it and it belongs to you.

    This currency is then created and sent to the alleged borrower as a loan. But what happens to your Promissory Note? I hear you say. The bank take the PN and deposit it in another part of the banking system and effectively it is cashed to the value of the loan. The arranging bank treat your PN as a donation to the bank so effectively returning to you your own currency and charging interest at high rates.

    For every £100,000 loan applied for, the bank get in return £1,300,000. If you multiply every loan applied for in the World Wide Banking system by this amount you would run out of digits on your calculator. This currency is then used to buy up politicians, industry, run blackmail operations like Epstein, fund the illegal drug industry and pay for all the wars since world War l.

    Every country in the UN has been subjected to this corruption by the Zionists and their enablers, the Freemasons like Miranda Blair the crossdresser, Bush the Simple, John Kerry, Ken Clarke, Mandy Mandelson, Gordon Brown, Leon Brittan, Harriet Harman, Boris Johnson, Jack Straw, The Biden crime family, Kissinger, the Clinton Crime family, The O Bummers Barrack and Michael, the Windsor’s, Killer Gates, Fauci et all.

    If you want the top job sign in blood and join the peados and Satanists.

    The WHO and GAVI are the latest in a long line of organisations that follow the plan to depopulate the world. It will be up to the ordinary man in the street to rise up and take back control of the governments of the world because waiting for the elites, who feed off the beast, to cut their own throats would be like turkeys looking forward to Christmas.

  2. Big Gee

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Laurence. The scope of people’s understanding of these things is abysmal – it takes so little research, but the people in general remain ignorant of the facts. Ask anyone where money comes from and if they’re honest they’ll probably answer “I don’t know”. Others slightly more clued up will say – it’s the money that people put in banks and then the banks lend it out. A total myth of course. It’s done by sleight of hand, which revolves around loans and bits of paper. That’s why everyone has been encouraged to take out debt. The existing system has reached the end of it’s leash though and the bubble has burst – or put more quaintly – the brown stuff hit the whirly thing back in 1n 2018 – 19. It collapsed, so an excuse was needed for the ‘Great Reset’. So what got the blame? Why the ‘virus’ of course! Neat.

    Ask the majority of people who the Zionists are and pound to a penny they’ll say “The Jews” – another gigantic myth and a lie – but carefully concealed. Another neat bit of misdirection. They thrive on lies and misinformation, and of course the gullible and ignorant support of your average Joe in the street.

  3. Laurence Howell

    The true Matrix of our times is of course the Legal system. This system of control, in all our lives, has done more harm than even the rigged financial system.

    There is no justice in the present legal system. Any case that is presented before the courts is rigorously monitored to ensure that the result always meshes with policy. From an outsiders perspective, the complexity of presenting and running a case is far too daunting and expensive to contemplate.

    I do not believe that the timing of the Crown series is accidental. Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales has a reach even from the grave and the series has done untold damage to the institution of the Monarchy and the chances of Elizabeth’s male heir ever becoming King recede with every passing episode.

    The court system in this country is Her Majesties Courts and Tribunal Service and the operating system for this edifice is the Legal System administered by the Legal Profession and the British Accredited Registry, centred in the City of London Corporation.

    These are the institutions that need to change before any meaningful progress can be made to rejig the country into a more equitable way of life for all the people. The legal system supports all that is bad in this country and around the world. The solicitors know this, the judges know this and the politicians know this but the people do not know this.

    To defeat the enemy he needs to be identified, the start point, is identifying the real enemy of the people. Even Gates and Fauci could not put their plans into operation without the support of the Legal System.

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