The Covid-19 VACCINE – What You Need To Know From The REAL Medical Experts

The Covid-19 VACCINE – What You Need To Know From The REAL Medical Experts

Who Do You REALLY Trust?

You can – if you wish – put your trust in the big global pharmaceutical corporations (with their alarming track record; in the past they have paid out BILLIONS  in litigation case compensation  – for death, damage and injury to vaccinated adults and children); prominent among them is  Pfizer –  the developer of the recently (hurriedly and without proper testing) released and ‘approved’  Covid-19 vaccine in the UK.

Or do you trust  the technocrats who advise the government and who are the paid lackeys of the W.H.O, who in turn are primarily is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (See BGB’s previous post: “Who is Bill Gates“). Or should you listen to neutral medical experts, scientists, academics and lawyers, who have nothing to gain from warning you about the dangers and truths about this hoax pandemic and the vaccine pushed on us by Big Pharma – via our governments.


The video shown below was originally compiled and produced by Oracle Films, a Bristol-based production company, who originally released it as a video called “Ask The Experts (Covid-19 Vaccine)”, it was uploaded to several platforms on December the 7th 2020. This complete version has been reproduced by BGB for safe archiving on a trusted platform that allows free speech. The video which was immediately censored and banned from Facebook and YouTube – has been reproduced by BGB for your permanent reference here. All copyrights belong to the original producers.

The original video, made in collaboration with Fiona Hine, Founder of CoviLeaks, features 33 Doctors, also including some other renowned medical and scientific professionals. Some names you’ll be familiar with and others you won’t – they all urge caution regarding the rushed CV-19 vaccine.

The tens of thousands of doctors, scientists, professors, academics and other professional health care practitioners, who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration can be viewed by clicking on the graphic on the left.

This is not the musings of a handful of medical ‘conspiracy theorists’.

List of Contributors To This Film

The roster of experts include (in order of appearance):

  • Dr Andrew Kaufman,
  • Dr Hilde De Smet,
  • Dr Nils R Fosse,
  • Dr Elizabeth Evans,
  • Dr Mohammad Adil,
  • Dr Vernon Coleman,
  • Prof. Dolores Cahill,
  • Dr R Zac Cox,
  • Dr Anna Forbes,
  • Dr Ralf ER Sundberg,
  • Dr Johan Denis,
  • Dr Daniel Cullum,
  • Moritz von der Borch,
  • Dr Anne Fierlafijn,
  • Dr Tom Cowan,
  • Dr Kevin P. Corbett,
  • Dr Carrie Madej,
  • Dr Barre Lando,
  • Natural Nurse Kate Shemirani,
  • Pharmacist Sandy Lunoe,
  • Licensed Acupuncturist Boris Dragin,
  • Dr Piotr Rubas,
  • Dr Natalia Prego Cancelo,
  • Dr Rashid Buttar,
  • Dr Nour De San,
  • Dr Kelly Brogan,
  • Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis,
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny,
  • Journalist Senta Depuydt,
  • Dr Heiko Santelmann,
  • Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson,
  • Dr Mikael Nordforsa and
  • Dr Elke F. de Klerk

These qualified and and experienced medical voices are posing essential questions and providing answers to those questions by bringing their truthful expertise to bear on this current UK approved (and imminently elsewhere),  controversial vaccine.

Oracle has collated an accessible, sharable collection of alternative viewpoints, and we hope they can continue with their valuable work. When we are force-fed a myth that there is a scientific and medical consensus behind this vaccine and this pandemic – on a minute-by-minute basis, such work exposing the truth has never been more valuable than now.

Oracle Films says of the video:

⁣This video is merely a compilation of doctors, scientists and activist who are offering their opinions. IN NO WAY do the views of any individual contributor to this video represent the views of anyone else shown. To confirm, this video contains a wide variety of views, all of which are exclusive to the individual expressing them.

⁣With the rollout of the you-know-what just around the corner, we ask a worldwide panel of experts the question on everybody’s minds #asktheexperts

This video can be downloaded and re-uploaded on any non-monetised media channels. Please spread it far and wide – the ordinary people that make up the public MUST be made aware of the whole picture, rather than the propaganda pumped out by the the likes of the BBC, who incidentally also receives funding of around £58,000,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to propagate the lies. The B & M G Foundation have billions invested in Big Pharma shares and also powerful government and media lobbying groups. Does that sound healthy to you? Does that sound like the basis for truth telling?

The experts in the video have NOTHING to gain, but a lot to lose, by telling the truth. Some have already had their careers trashed and lost their positions in our NHS and other health service organisations in other countries.

Your Choice

You must decide for yourself, but be sure that you are properly informed, and that you have given CONSENT for what is about to be put in your body. Logic and not groundless fear should be the deciding factor. Once injected there is no going back – what you do – without proper knowledge and informed consent – could affect ALL generations that you later produce, or fail to produce through sterility, whichever may be the case. Be sure to realise that you are making a decision for the yet unborn, and that decision is permanent.

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